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---Cardiganshire StanUing…


Cardiganshire StanUing Joint Committee. A ouarterlv meeting of this committee was held at the Town Hall. Lampeter, on Thursday morning last, the chairman Mr D'J Williams, Tregaron, occupier! the chair. There were also present Messrs'W Inglis Jtmes, Derry Ormonrl Morgan Evans, OakfortlCCapt Bray, Davies, and the Rev T R Davies, LlanddewL-orefi, Edward Jones, Talybont; J M Howell. Aberayron; Evaa-.Richawhv lJeduwcb Mr H -C Fr-*ti- (clevk) t and Mr Howell Evans (chief constable), THE POLICE FOKCBT.; The clerk said he had received a certificate respectir^ ti»e «#«ency of the-poliee'fore?? the past twelve montbs, from the Hpscte,Q £ id £ JUSTICE'S CLERK. _U ek safd thaC a letter had been received from the Home Department with reference to the basis-upon, which .justice's -"clerk sbonid. b fead- .It only applied iri case a salary was tb be Altered. The clerk further pointed nut that the clerks were tjsnally paid o^fehe average of the line;? received. DFCRNVEYAXCE OF PRISONERS. £ le Clerk said that a letter had been received from the PriftflK Commissioners suggesting that instead of payfp the exacti' price of'conveying prisoners that an average price be fixed from all points. They would writeagain on the matter. SHEEP WORRYING. V A circular letter from the Board of Agriculture was rea^wjS^gSfA «| tfee metliC^Ptifa^ng with the worryiug c)f,,tj, tliey pointed out that a gmst deal could be done towards rnuiMmis- ing this evil under esisting powers by co-operation between the police ar4d local author; tiu^— Jhq| Chief Constable pointed Out that ,since UseTa*? order, the police had only slaughfered one dolt. The instructions were very VIii(Qe, and he ishmdd- like to have the pwsr t s';<thera. It was a very dij^cote £ > to f:ud out tiie. oarners of the dogs. MJ J.?!. Hom'B purpose 1 ibat trie m.iiter be left in Hf reply TO the Kov T. 11. Davies, the Chief Con- stable said hejeferred to the shooting ot dogs t|ia £ worried*ah(fep <miy:ari<! not citttc. ;• <■•• • Mr Morgaft Evans :> Is it-noi a fapt that these sort of dogs traveller fzk-from hotafc to do snch mischief, "and that they do it-near-their homes. He seconded the proposition. àpt Bray said h&fcnev of a fargk-;T who saw a dog worrying ..his-slieep.; The farmer sent his servant for a g-Itn He slrot the dog, and he bad to pay tor it there and then, although the dog did not kill any sheep. The Clerk said he doubted whether individuals could do 60. FINANCE. In the absence of Mr D C Roberts, chairman of the Finance Committee, Mr Edward Jones moved the adoption of the report of. the committee which r^copitnepdedxthe payment of the. bills for the last% £ ^ner, viz, for tiie northera- division* £ 77 IfisMktamd for tive sou' heyvi ditaion £ 40 13g 4d"- Th« committee found ttfat the sum of £ 8S0 would be required i'oc 'police espwis^. dming^ th«-ensuing-; quarter, and recomniended ibat a reqs&tietr -be made upon the Council for that amount. BraV seconded this porliOft of the report winch was carried. The committee considered th# question o? sal- aries to poiici^afficers employed as assistant re- lieving otfioer^fijtbey foiiiKt that the Inspector at Cardigan io< ive«t SA and an additional Er fbrin- specting common lodging houses the sergeants at Aberayron and Laxipeter received £4 eacp. and the committee recommended that the rackikql:$ be allowed to retain the sums so paid to them. Mr Hyer said that at the present time ser- geants "were paid for acting as assistant relieving officers-relieving tramps, &c, cbiefly-amt for in- specting lodging house. The salary for this work was kept by the police: and after this it was agreed tnkt it should be paid to the superannuation fund. Mr J M Howell proposed that the sergeants be allowed these sums, the atuourt; of trolible and worry was very considerable; and be contended that they were fairly entitled to these sums. In reply to the chairman the Chief Constable said that when the Inspector visited Tregaron he found that there was only one man there-a ser- geant, and the Inspector therefore thought that one man could not very well do his ordinary duty and this extra work, Of course, should the post now become vacant at Tregaron, the sergeant could apply for it, as they were two there now. Mr Inglia Jones seconded and this was carried. THE CHIEF CONSTABLE'S REPORT. The Chief Constable subyiitttd his annual re- port, which showed that the present state of the force was as follows: One chief constable, onw deputy chief constable, one superintendent, one inspector, five sergeants, and 32 constables. The total number of persons proceeded against during the year was 1,131, which was a decrease of 70, as compared with the corresponding year of 1900. There were 55 cases of larceny and other indict- able offences committed during the year, and 53 detected and prosecuted for committing the same. There were 72 informations sent to the Coroner, and 42 inquests held. On the 4th October last be re- moved P.C. John Jenkins (No 23) from New Quay to Aberystwyth, and P.C. Daniel L. Davies (No 34) from Aberystwyth to Tregaron. About 7.45 on the 4th nit, when Mr David Griffiths, of Brynhyfryd, Llangranog, was returning from a blacksmith's shop he was waylaid and attacked in the most brutal manner. He was stabbed, cleaved, and otherwise abused in a most shameful manner and left on the road in an unconcious state. He, however, soon came to himself and with difficulty succeeded in getting home, which fortunately was only about fifty yards away from where he was attacked.. A mcdical man was sent for and his wounds were afterwards attended to, but his life was for some time in a precarious State. As he was attacked from behind, and the night being dark, Mr Griffiths was not in a posi- tion to give any description of his assailant and the- Police in consequence experienced considerable trouble in finding out the offender. With persis- tent energy and cautiousness Police Constables David Jones, No. 28, and David James, No. 26, succeeded in obtaining a clue and eventually in ar- resting a young man named John Jones for the offence. Police Constable David Davies, No. 16, having resigned his appointment as a Police pon- stable, ceased to be on the strength of this Force on the 14th, and after a service of 31 years 11 months and 14 days at the age of 57 years and six months. Under Section I. of the Act 53 and 54 Vic., C. 45, and the scale of pension adopted by this County, he was now entitled to a retiring allowance of P.50 13s lOd per annum, being two- thirds of his annual pay (£76 0* lOd) and he re- commended that he be granted that pension. On the 14th he removed P.C's. Evan Lewis, No. 37, from Aberystwyth to Lampeter, and Evan Wil- liams, No. 1, from Lampeter to Llanddewi Brefi. On the same date be appointe4 John Jones, of Nantcwnlle, as a Constable in this force vice P.C. David Davies, No. 16. resigned. As some four or five Constables of this Force who were made first class under the old scales of pay would have to re- main nearly four years longer in the Force than the others before the new scale of pay could confer upon them any advantage, he begged to apply that the words two, four, and fifteen years in the first class," as contained in the last scale, be substituted by the words eight, ten, and fifteen years in the Force." The time had again come for supplying the Constables with uniforms, and he would there- fore be glad to have permission to advertise for tenders in the usual manner. Asm the contract should be given out before the next meeting h hoped they would appoint a Committee with power to open and accept tenders as had always been done in previous years. He visited all the Police Stations during the Quarter andfound everything satisfactory. Eight Occasional Licenses and Four Extensions of Time were granted during the Quarter as shown by the return which he submitted that day. On the motion of Mr Morgan Evans and seconded by Mr David Davies, the resignation of P C. David Davies, 16, was accepted, and the Chief Constable's recommendation was agreed to. With regard to the substitution of the pay for first class constables, the Chief Constable pointed out that there were four or five constables who bad to remain eleven years before they get a first class. They bad to remain two years in that class before they would get an increase. Under the new scale they would only have to spend four years longer, and therefore they would be under more disadvantage. Mr Morgan Evans agreed that the old members would be under a disadvantage. Mr Howell hoped that there would be no re- currence of this scale, and that it would be the last. Mr Morgan Evans suggested that the matter be deferred for three months to the committee to revise the scale altogether, so as to apply to all cases, and the scale ought then, he said, to be taken into con- sideration in future. Not only these mentioned by the Chief Constable, but also those worthy to be promoted. Mr Howell seconded, and this was agreed to. The whole of the Chief Constable's report was then adopted. DANGEROUS WEAPONS. Mr Morgan Evans said there was a custom in the country which was a very bad one, viz, the using of firearms on the highway. Firearms were very often used by youths at rejo-cings and wed- dings. Not very long ago he was actually in danger from such weapons, and he thought that it should be taken into consideration in order to put an end to this bad practice. It was, he thought, a most dangerous custom. Individuals did not like to interfere, and he should be glad if the police were to take action, x The Chief Constable said that he had already done so, and he would take the matter in hand.. Mr said that, since he had last spoken to the Chief Constable on the subject, the matter was brought forward by the Abèrnyron magistrates, who'quite-agreed with him that it -was bad The Chief Constable said that he wenld'-lo alt he could to mitigate the nuisance. Mr J. jr. Howell said that constables knew ot rpioicin^s beforehand, .and also knew the persons. who vijbuld most likely attend with gons for such. purpose. The constable could prevent them m a more amicable manner by asking them not iO uo so than by summoning them. Mr Morgan Evans-Evn the presence of the constable would do a great deal. OCCASIONAL LICENSES. 3Ir J. M. Howell said'that loosing back otfcta pariod of two years he found that the average. licences granted was 41, but laet quarter it was only 12. He wished to know wfeat accounted for that. It was very extiao^- inary that it should d^pdown just to one-nalr. The Chief Constable-Some of the applications Wire refused. Mr Morgan Evans said that at Abei.-avr.on. tacY_ d they coulk to pua stop to it. •, | J i 7 CnocaR's LICENSES. :| J? 3 IThe next .business consider the rcssoiu' ion pissed by "'the Standing Joint'Committee ofFlint • shire" that this committee'do petition Parliament to abolish Grocer's Licenses, or, as an alternative, ithfat power be given to the Justices of the Peace to -refuse or suppress the same where they think proper and necessary, and that sych Lioansesroe placed under the control and supervision of the existing Licensing Authority.' ;The Clerk said that he also received another gcislrcular them Northampton which only adopted fhalfot that resolution, viz., that power b<J gitfen to the Justices of the Peace to refuse or suppress "the same where thev think proper and necessary, aijd that such Licenses be placed under the control and supervision of the existing Licensing Authority." »Mr Morgan Evans moved that the same resolu- tion as passed at Ncrthaaipton be adopted by this committee.. ■ < The Rev T. E. Davies, seconded and this waft agreed to. r fII 0 z I In reply to a question Mr Morgan Evans said ttat they "could not refuse a license. They were granted aceordine^tQ the population of thfe /listrict, and also according to the rateable vall .ie as demanded by the Act. I( This was all the business, and the committee rtse. I


Cardigan Town Council.




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