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Á MACHYNLLETH. j REVIVAL SERVICES.—The Rev J. Price Roberts, I Liverpool, conduct,ed revival services every evening I last week from Monday till Friday at the Wesleyan Chapel. The congregation each evening comprised many members of other denominations. I APPOINTMENT.—Mr L. Jones William?, eldest son of Mr D. Davies Williams, who passed tke Civil Service examination for Assistants of Excise in May last, this week received a notification from the Inland Revenue officials to present himself at Liver- pool. Mr Williams left Machynlleth on Wednesday to enter upon his duties. He carried with him the heartiest good wishes of a host of friends. C,YMREIGYDDION. --T lie members of this society met on Wednesday evening in last week at the Town Hall to hear an address from the well-known bard, Rev J. Cadvan Davies, on Barnwyr Cymreig i Grjmru (Welsh Judges for Wales). Mr J. Row- lands (president of the Society) occupied the chair. The rev. gentleman's remarks were timely and appropriate. He spoke with a strong conviction of the justice of his country's claim for judges who anderstood its language, at the same time treating the subject with a mind free from any petty bias. His main argument was summed up in the de- claration that Welsh witnesses when called upon to give evidence in courts of justice were unable to understand questions put to them and, consequently, could not answer them. The services of intepreters did not by any means remove the difficulty, and the lecturer gave several amusing instances of the errors of interpreters when endeavouring to trans- late a witness's words and meaning from one language to the other. The address gave rise to an interesting discussion, and "Cadvan" was after- wards warmly thanked for the rich treat he had provided. NURSING LECTURES.—The first of the series of lectures on sick nursing was given on Tuesday evening at the Town Hall, by Miss Draper, (lecturess to the National Health Society). Miss Draper lectures under the auspices of the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, and has been engaged by the Montgomeryshire Technical In- struction Committee. The lectures are open to men and women, and so far have been splendidly attended. The subject of the lecture on Tuesday evening was "The Sick Room," followed by a practical demonstration of changing sheets and §iav&ng sheet while patient is ;in bed. On Wed- nesday Miss Draper lectured on Observation and eare of the sick," with a practical demonstration of changing sheets and nightshirt. The remarks of the jecturess were intently followed, and that the fctfruction imparted by her will be followed by beneficial results there can be no doubt. The remainder of the lectures will be as follows:— Friday, January 31st, Fevers and fever nursing Monday, February 3rd, How to make a good poultice"; Thursday, February 6th, Chest com- plaints"; Friday, February 7th, "Food for the aick." The secretarial duties are in the hands of Mr Richard Rees, Paris House, who was mainly Shstrumental in securing the services of Miss Draper to deliver the lectures. DEATHS.—On Tuesday in last week the death took place of Mr James Williams, Doll-street, at the ripe age of seventy-two years. The funeral took place on Friday at the Cemetery, the Rev J. D. Jones, Wesleyan minister (of whose church deceased had been a faithful member), and the Rev W. S. Jones officiating.-Mr John Jones, Cwan- durkey Farm, near Machynlleth, passed away on Friday evening last, after a short illness, at the age Of seventy-nine years. Four daughters and one son are left to mourn their loss. The remains were interred at the cemetery on Tuesday, the Rev E. Wnion Evans being the officiating minister.—Much sympathy is expressed with Mr Richard Breese, Tanllan, in the death of his son, John, which took place at the early age of twenty-eight years on Sunday last. Deceased had had the misfortune to lose one of his arms owing to an accident, and for some time had been an inmate of the Londonderry Cottage Hospital. The funeral will take place at Aberhosan on Friday. A SERIOUS CHARGE.—On Thursday last John Parry, aged 20 years, described as a Wesleyan lay agent, was arrested by the police on a charge of indecently assaulting a nine-year-old daughter of Robert Lumley, quarryman, residing at Commins Coch, and placed in custody at Machynlleth Police Station. To those aware of recent proceedings, the arrest did not come as a surprise. The prisoner, Who is of respectable parentage, is a native of Pen- maenmawr. In September last he came to reside At Commins Coch, where he was to spend his period Of probation previous to entering the Wesleyan ministry. The offence is alleged to have been com- mitted on Christmas Eve. The little girl is the youngest child of a family of five, and the story came to the ears of her parents through the child's brother repeating what had been told him by his lister Jenny. The case has already been investi- gated by the Quarterly Meeting of the Wesleyan denomination, with the result that prisoner was dismissed from his post. The police then took the matter up, and applied for a warrant, which was issued. Prisoner was brought before Mr Richard Bees on Friday evening, and was then remanded in custody until the following Tuesday. On Tues- day be was again brought before Messrs T. W. Bonsall. and Richard Rees, when a large number of the general public were present. Prisoner seemed quite unaffected by his position, and gave a smile of recognition to some friends in court. The Clerk (Mr David Evans) said he had received a letter from Messrs Lloyd George and George, solicitors (who had been instructed to defend the accused), asking that the case be further remanded until Saturday next. The police offered no objection, and a further remand was granted until Saturday next at eleven o'clock. Prisoner's father and uncle Were present, and they applied for bail. The Bench granted prisoner bail in the sum of Z50 for himself and two sureties of £25 each, and these were forth- coming. Mr Bonsall remarked that the case was a aerious one as far as the boy was concerned, and he Was glad to find the father and uncle present. SHOOTING COMPETITION. The weekly competition took place at the range on Saturday last, the winners of the spoons being Sergeant Sadleir and Corporal Leek. The scores were as follows:— D (MACHYNLLETH) CO. 200 500 600 T'tl. H'cap Sergt-Instructor Wilson 34 24 10 68 18 Sergt SadIeir 26 27 23 76 12 Corpl Leek 23 28 14 65 10 Private Pearce 28 23 7 58 12 Sergt D. P. Jones 23 8 8 39 0 Private Cule 22 2 13 37 0 Private Harries 16 25 5 46 2 Corpl Hughes 28 27 6 61 12 E (ABERYSTWYTH COLLEGE) COMPANY. Sergt Piddock 18 26 0 44 2 Private Burry 24 25 11 60 12 Oorpl Thompson 20 20 18 58 6 Cyclist Phillips 17 28 24 69 18


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