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.. CARDIGAN.---,


CARDIGAN. WE understand that- a marriage L. been arranged between Mr Godfrey Prott non, of Trewern, and Miss Lewes, second t, "er:oi Colonel Lewes, Llysnewydd. "SEA FLOWER."—A meeting of "Sea Flower" shareholders was held at ihe G iMhall, C< •••n t:i" si-.jrnin-j:, .*ir '>.iv:e»\ Stanley: .uairmun of' biivno;• .-tiling. An adverse balance was reported It," t 'tJosell ihaL Mr D. Ivor Lvans should be app-.ii. .i riag- dir^ctm* Uis to 'ie;' the profit made.—Messrs Thomas Morris an > i iiomas Griffiths, retiring directors, .were re- t i, and 3ir D GAS CO:JPAXY, —A meeting of the l lers of the Gas Company was ,1 it the Guildhall, ■,r Lewis Evans A :livi-len'l of five [n>v f n. was declared. The retiring, .'I.-s-i- W E James, Arthur Cliugher (lfayor), a:i David Davies, solicitor, wen: re-elected, an< 1 i Nicholas was re-elected auditor. SUSPECTED CbS:" OF RAmUS. A considerable amount of e^eitemem :1,,1 alarm has been experienced in the town ..nd neigh- bourhood during the past few days, a suit of various reports circulated regarding the nt be- haviour of a foxhound puppy bitch, which was being reared for the Tivy-ide kennels 1, r DIvor Evans at the Nptpool Farm On Tui'-d-y of last last week the animal appears to have siio vr, serious signs of restlessness, it having attacked ot^er dogs, and also molested childit-n. On the tallowing morning (Wednesday) the case became decidedly more serious, several dogs having been nit ten, and it is reported that a labourer on the fariu was at- tacked by the dog, but fortunately escaped a bite on the arm by the jacket giving way while the teeth caught it. The kennels were communicated with, and it was decided to destroy • he animal. A search was made for the missing animal by the police and others armed with sticks, aI, lie dog was eventually traced to the Net pool, ari-i immed- iately shot by Drill-Instructor Sergeant IVarnley, the bitch before death actually turning round and biting its own leg. The Board of Agriculture were acquainted of the incident, and as a result Lieut- Col. E. H. St. L. Clarke, one of the inspectors, visited Cardigan on Thursday, and investigated the case. Mr G. Clayton Jones, veterinary surgeon, Newcastle-Emlyn, was also engaged on the case, and after making a careful post mortem examina- tion he declared that he found no traces of rabies. The skull, however, was forwarded to the Board of Agriculture for examination. Some of the dogs supposed to have been bitten by the hound have already been destroyed, while owners of other animals suspected of having met with a similar fate have received notice to keep them in., A council meeting wa, held 011 Thursday morning, when Mr D. Ivor Evans, ir. alluding to the matter, said that the huntsman had been down, and expressed an opinion that the conduct of the dog might have been caused by a bone in the bowels.! Mr Evans described the dog as a very quiet and affectionate animal. Another foxhound puppy bitch was shot at Netpo,)l Farm on Saturday last on account of its having shown grave symptoms of rabies. Mr J. Clayton Jones, Newca-tle-Emlyn, visited Cardigan on Sunday, and having made a post mortem examination, retained fhi; head, which he conveyed back with him to Newcastle-Emlyn.

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