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7 ABERYSTWYTH Miss ROSIN A DAYIES, the WELL-K.IO-'VN 1."1 evangelist, tviil conduct a series of 111"- ¡, it j¡ at Shiloh Chapel at the end of this m PERSONAL.—lhe Rev J. E. Lloyd, CUIU "T Michael's, was, we are glad to learn, agab. u :U' take up his duties last Sunday afut <> indisposition. =!TBMPERANCH.-6n Thursday ev niiu uvx; — February 13th-the Rev Canon Hicks of Ian- chester, and others will speak on fmpemiu-" :<> Shiloh Chapel. The opportunity of Canm Hicks should not be missed. PRESBYTERIAN DEBATING SC)Cl:TY. Ti)(- weekly meeting of the Bath-streer Debating Society was held on Wednesday evening in last week, the Rev A. Wynne Thomas printing. The subject of the debate was" W'>men s the openers being Mr Miles. U.C W.. and Mr Tuwyn Williams, U.C.W. An interesting disc followed.. SHILOH LITERARY SOCIETY.—A meeting ot this -society was held on Wednesday evening week, when an address was was given by Mr Richard Jones. William-street, on the late Rev Robert Davies, ot Llanwyddelan; one of the pioneers of social and Teligious reform in Montgomeryshire in the early part of last century. The chair was taken by the Bev T. E. Roberts, pastor, and there was a good attendance. TEMPERANCE SOCIETY.—The weekly meeting of the Church of England Temperance Society was held on Friday last, when Mr Peter Williams, Rose- -dene, North-road, occupied the chair. The programme was as follows Short speech by the Rev Ambrose Jones diiett, Mr land Mrs Panchen; solo, Mr Stanley Jones, South-terrace; recitation, Miss Rowland Jones, Queen's-road; solo. Mrs Panchen, Laura-place; reading, Mr Rea Richards, Heart of Oak House. YOUNG BARBARIANS were never more welcome than now. and the town's thanks are due to Miss Thomas, 29. North-parade, for a fine copy of the new book bearing this title which she has gener- ously placed on the shelves of the Free Library. Ian Maclaren, the author (to wit, the Rev James Watson, D.D., of Setton Park Presbyterian Church, Liverpool) knows boys and their ways. and these are well portrayed in the profusely-illustrated pages of this volume. which is sure to be eagerly sought after by young Aberystwyth, who will have to take tarns about for its loan. STEAM POWER FROM SPENT TAN.—Mr Evan Hugh James, of Smithfield Tannery, has recently Sirchased an apparatus for burning the spent tan om the tan pits. The apparatus is really a water tube boiler with a specially constructed furnace. The tan is placed into a hopper on the front o' the boiler; it is then let down on to an inclined grate where the tan is dried. After- wards it is let down into the fur- nace and burnt, thus generating steam in the boiler, which will drive all the machinery on the premises. On Thursday last a successful trial wa;t obtained. A fire was lit with a little coke, the wet tan was theo placed in the hopper, and 122 lbs of steam was raised in forty minutes. The boiler will give 25 horse-power with a fuel that is practically useless. The plant was made by Messrs Babcock &: Wilcox, Ltd.. of London and Glasgow. OBITUARY.—We regret to have to announce the death of Mr Wm Edwards, of Tygwyn, Risca. and father of our esteemed fellow-townsman, Mr T. H. Edwards, of the Prudential Insurance Company. Mr Edwards often visited Aberystwyth, wbere^ he was well known and had many friends and acquaint- ances. Although about 75 years of age, the, deceased had always enjoyed the best of health, and possessed a remarkable vigour considering his advanced age. He leaves five children to mourn their loss-four sons and one daughter. Two of the sons are schoolmasters, Mr W. G. Edwards, of Waunfawr Schools, Risca, and Mr S. D. Edwards, of Cross Keys Schools, Mon.; another son, the Rev J, Rhys Edwards, B.A., is in Holy Orders at Milford Haven, and the other, as already stated, is Mr T. H. Edwards of this town. The daughter is the wife of Mr H. D. Smith, the cashier of the Risca Collieries, at whose residence the death took place; the deceased having lived with his daughter since the death of his wife about five years ago. He was a faithful member of the Baptist denomination, being the senior deacon of his church for many years; and about two years ago his services in connection With Sunday school work for over fifty years were recognised by the presentation of a medal. The interment will be made at the family vault, Mountain Ash, on Friday, February 7th. THE PARISH REGISTER Society, engaged in publishing the oldest registers of Shropshire, under the presidency of Lord Windsor, held its annual meeting on Monday last in the Shire Hall, Shrews- bury. Sir Offley Wakeman, Bart., Mr R.L Kenyon. and others referred to the importance of the step now being taken in publishing many of the oldest non-parochial registers in the county, under the editorship of the Rev George Eyre Evans, who was present at the meeting. Special facilities have been granted by the Registrar General for the copying of registers in Somerset House by Mr Kvanswho has already transcribed and seen through the press the earliest Presbyterian, Independent, and Baptist records of Shrewsbury, Whitchurch, Oswestry, and other border towns. To these will be added a Quaker register. The Yen Archdeacon Thomas alluded to the great importance of the Welsh names and places which appear in these early registers. NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY.—The annual general meeting of the above society was held at the Lion Royal Hotel on Monday afternoon, Mr Lewis Pryse, Aberllolwyn, in the chair.—Mr W B Powell, Nanteos, was re-elected president, and Messrs Vanghan Davies, M.P., J Francis, The Mayor, C M Williams, J Gibson, David Davies (Llandinam), and D M Davies were re- elected vice-presidents Mr J R Rees, N. & S. W. Bank, treasurer and Messrs R Killin Jenkins and L Pryse secretaries. The Working Committee was also re-appointed, with the addition of Messrs Thomas Griffiths, W Matthews, Major Bonsall, and Lewis Williams, Abermaide.—Balance sheets for the year 1901 were submitted by the Secretary, which showed that there was a balance of P.65 12s 5d at the bank to the credit of the Society.—In the matter of selecting a date for the holding of this year's show there was considerable discussion, the difficulty lying in choosing a date that would bene- fit the Society financially, but which, nevertheless, would not clash with a date on which any other society in adjoining counties had chosen to bold its show, Two dates were eventually brought before the meeting, Mr J M Williams advocating the third week in September, and Mr Robert Roberts the first week, he being seconded by Mr R D Williams. —The Chairman said that, looking at it from a financial point of view, he was in favour of the latter date, and no other show would clash with it. -On being put to the meeting, it was found that 17 voted for the third week in September, and 14 for the first week. It was therefore decided to hold the show in the third week in September, the Com- mittee to choose the day.-A motion, which was not on the agenda, was brought forward by Mr Roberts, to the effect that local classes this year be extended to the radius of the old Agricultural Society. Last year's radius was the Union of Aberystwyth, while the old Agricultural Society included the parish of Machynlleth.—Mr Gibson, although in sympathy with Mr Roberts' motion, strongly deprecated passing lightly a resolution which went to the very foundation of the Society. Mr C M Williams rose to a point of order, and said that as no notice had been given of the resolution, it was advisable to adjourn the matter to another meeting, and this was carried. NORTH CARDIGANSHIRE COB SOCIETY. A meeting of the above society was held at the Lion Hotel on Monday.—Mr Lewis Pryse, Aberllolwyn, was voted to the chair.—Mr Rufus Williams, the secretary of tht Society, stated that there was a balance of iP36 12s 8d from last year, which would be considerably augmented when all subscriptions were paid up,-It was unanimously decided to hold the Annual Show on the 7th April. -It was stated that there would be difficulty this year in fixing apon a field in which to hold the show, a part of the field used last year having been utilised by the Rheidol Railway. The Smithfield was not avail- able, as the Corporation would not sanction a public road being used for such a purpose.—Mr Rufus Williams was of opinion that the matter should be adjourned until some of the Corporation officials could be interviewel.-It was eventually decided that the Chairman, with Mr Rufus Williams and Mr R D Williams inspect the field used last year and report.—Major Bonsall was elected president for the year. and Mr Lewis Pryse was elected chair- man of committee. The following were elected ▼ice-presidents;—Messrs J Richards, Cefnhendre; Powell, Nanteos; R D Williams, J M Williams, Brynbwl; E Richards, Penuwch; Isaac Jones, Llwynpiod; and Davies, Glanrafon. Mr J E James was re-elected treasurer, and Messrs E Richards and Rufus Williams secretaries.—It was resolved that Mr Arthur Evans, Bronwylfa. Wrexham, be judge for the year, and failing him, Mr Furber, Wellington; Mr Buckley, Penyfaig; and Mr Hickling, Nottingham.—Mr Evan Richards pro- posed that the amount of the prize for the best cob be £ 25.—Mr R D Williams said, that as no prize was given last year, and as there was more money in hand this year, they could afford to give much more, so that they could secure good cobs, and he proposed that the prize be £50, This was carried on being put to the meeting.—It was resolved, on the motion of Mr R D Williams, that the height of the cobs for this year's show be from 14-2 hands to 16 hands, instead of from 14-2 hands to 15-2 as last year.—Mr R D Williams asked that a veterinary surgeon for the show-day be appointed in his stead, he being unwilling to accept the office.—Mr E Richards proposed chat Mr Richard Jones, Towyn, be appointed, but it was ultimately resolved to appoint Mr Watchom, F.R.C.V.S.—It was decided to compel all who entered their shire horses to sign an agreement that in the event of a competitor winning a prize, his horse should travel the district. Soc-.Ai.Mr J. A. Pease, U.C.W., delivered an 1 iws'ru :ivc address on Socialism at the Radical Club oilVri av evening. There was a large attendance. rk.—The death occurred on Friday last at 8, Cv* .il'ryn Buildings, Aberystwyth, of John Eciwi.ids. boatman. Deceased was 45 years of was a member of Shiloh Chapel. The f unerai t > >k place on Tuesday, the Rev T E Roberts offiria i; Deceased leaves a wife and three ohildiniourn their loss. MONTHLY FAIR.—There was a large stock of store cattle at the monthly fair held on Monday, this beiiu: due to the scarcity of fodder. Pn £ es were wi v low. Yearlings sold from £ 4 10s to £ 6, and wo-vear-olds from £ 7 to £ 10. Fat cattle were very scarce. Cows with calves sold faiily well at £ 10 to £ 14- There was a small show of horses. A few cobs .hanged hands at prices varying between LZO and £25. No cart horses were shown. RECHABITISM.—Mr Daniel Thomas, draper, who has acted as secretary to the Ystwyth Tent for the past fourteen vars, has severed his connection owing to pressure of work. The Tent have unanimously re- solved to place on record their appreciation of his services in the past, adding that the success of the Teat is mostly due to his unflinching efforts. Mr J"lm Faith Morgan, South Road, has been elected to succeed Mr Thomas. ANNUAL Dil;NER.-The annual dinner of jthe Chrysanthemum. Horticultural, and Paxton K nd- red Societies, was held at the Lion Hotel, on Tuesday evening. The chair was taken by Mr R J Jones (Mayor), and the vice-chair by Mr T W Powell, Little DarKgate-street. The loyal toasts were submitted by the Mayor, who also submitted the toast of The town and trade of Aberystwyth," which was responded to by Mr T W Powell and Councillors T E Salmon, and R Peake. Mr T W Powell submitted the toast of The Kindred Societies," and Messsrs, Veary, Colville, H Shera- ton, J Austen, and G H Hollier, responded. An enjoyable evening was spent. OBITUARY.—fhe death of Miss Elizabeth Ann Michael, aged 34 years, daughter of the late Mr Wm Michael, took place at Penrhyn Cottage, Stanley-road, Aberystwyth, on Friday last, after a long illness lasting six months. She had been a faithful member of the Welsh Wesleyan Church for many years, and held the office of caretaker of Buarth Hall since it was built. The interment took place at the Aberystwyth cemetery on Tuesday. A large number of wreaths were sent from friends of the deceased. The funeral was a very large one. Deceased leaves two brothers and two sisters with whom much sympathy is felt. HARPISTS AT WORK.—The harp plays a prominent part every year in the Reception of the Celtic Society of the College. This year the Society was most, for- tunate in securing the services of Eos y Berth and Ap Eos v Berth at the Reception in the Examination Hall of the College on Wednesday evening, January 29th. Eos and Ap are two old hands of the Bethesda quarries. Four items had been placed over the name of Eos y Berth on the programme for the evening, but owing to the continual applause of a delighted audience he more than doubled that number, so that bv the time the meeting was over he had sung over 500 lines of Welsh poetry to the accompaniment of the harp. He sang penniUion extracts from Goronwy Owen, Dewi Wyn's ode to Elusengarwch and Eben Fardd's Dinystr Jerusalem-" A selection on the harp was also given by Ap Eos y Berth. His rendering of "Ton y Botel and St Bride's was highly appreciated. He hardly touched the strings, and the mnsic fell upon the ear as if borne by the breeze of a summer's eve, Those who were present at the Reception will long retain the sweetest memories of the visit of Eos y iBerth and Ap Eos y Berth. SHOCKING DFATH.-Intelligence reached Aber- ystwyth last week of the death ef Mr Morgan Davies, 2, Rbeidol-place, and brother of Mr John Davies, Pembroke House, Queen's-road. Deceased met his death under shocking circumstances. His vessel, the s.s. County Clare, which he joined three weeks ago, when she was at Aberystwyth Harbour, had gone to Liscannor., West Clare, Ireland. In leaving that pert for Lancaster, Davies was en- gaged wiuding a slack cable on the steam winch when he lost control of the winch and was carried over several times. One of his arms was terribly mangled, the broken bone protruding through the torn flesh. The captain signalled for the coast- guard boat to have the injured man taken ashore, but there was such a very heavy sea that it was found impossible to approach the vessel's side. Davies succumbed to his injuries while on board, and the steamer put into Galway, where the re- mains were sent ashore. Deceased, who was 38 years of age, leaves a widow and two children, with whom much sympathy is felt. BIBLE SOCIETY.—The annual meetings of the local auxiliaries of the British and Foreign Bible Society were held on Tuesday. In the afternoon, Dr Cynddylan Jones, organising secretary, Cardiff. addressed the members of the College auxiliary, the chair being taken by Professor Angus, in the absence of the president, Principal Roberts. A meeting in connection with the Aberystwyth aux- iliary was held at Tabernacle Schoolroom at 6 30., the Rev Thomas Williams, B.A., presiding. This meeting was addressed by DrCynddylan Jones and the Rev T E Roberts, M.A. A public meeting was held in the evening at Tabernacle Chapel, Professor E Anwyl presiding. The secretary (Rev T E Roberts) presented the annual report. This showed the amount sent up to London last year was P.164 19s 9d. but this year they would be able to transmit Z177 10s 9d.—Mr David Samuel, M.A., proposed, and Mr John Evans, solicitor, seconded, the adoption of the report, which was agreed to unanimously.—The Rev Wm Jones is the president for the ensuing year, and Mr Humphrey Meredith has accepted the co-secretaryship with the Rev T E Roberts.—An interesting address was delivered by Dr Cynddylan Jones on the work of the Society. COMPETITIVE MEETING.—The annual compet- itive meating in connection with the Baker-street Independent Sunday Schools was held on Thurs- day evening last. This proved the:most successful of any yet held, the competitions being keener, and the attendance much larger. The Rev Job Miles (pastor) presided, and Mr John Davies acted as conductor. The following were the adjudicators:—Music, Mr J T Rees, Mus Bac., Bow Street; essays, Mr D Jones, C.M., Talybont; poetry. Mr Evan Evans; recitations, &c., Messrs N H Thomas, B.A., County School, and E Jones, B.A., U.C.W. Miss Miles and Miss Nesta Hughes were the accompanists. The following is a list of the awards:—Impromptu speech, "Dream," Mr J E Harries; unpunctuated reading, Mr Griffith Stanley Morgan; translation (English to Welsh), Mr David Davies; best handwriting (for girls under 21), Miss Mary Evans, Broniarth; essay, "Jacob," Master Nelson essay (for girls), "Ruth," Miss Hughes, Alexandra Hall; recitation (for children under 12), Myfanwy Williams recitation (for children under 16), Master Meredith; recita- tion, "Gwron y Conemaugb," Mr James Edwards, Llanafan solo." O Sanctaidd Ddyddanydd (for girls under 14), Gwladys Williams, Clalybeate- street; solo, "Dy fendith nefol Dad" (for boys under 14). T W P Jones, Penmaesglas-road; children's duett, "Nis rhoddwn fyny'r Beibl," Ed- gar and Gwladys Williams; soprano solo, "Bwthyn yr amddifad," Miss M W Parry; tenor solo, Y Cardotyn," Mr E Tomley Evans bass solo from "Teyrnasoedd y Ddaear," Mr Jack James, Pen- parke; duett (tenor and bass), "Arwyr Cymru Fu," Messrs J Jenkins and J A Jenkins; quartette, "God is a Spirit," Mr J A Jenkins and party. Two parties competed on the part song for mixed voices, "Jerusalem fy nghartref gwiw," conducted by Mr John Evans and Mr R D Williams, respec- tively. The prize was awarded to the lattec. Two parties conducted by Mr J Harries and Mr D Rich- ards, also competed in the male voice competition, the test piece being "Awn i ben y Wyddfa fawr The prize was awarded to that conducted by Mr Richards. The secreterial duties were again in the able hands of Mr JamesJones,Trefechan, and were carried out in a very satisfactory manner. COUNTY SCHOOL GOVERNORS. A meeting of the County School Governors was held on Monday evening at the Town Hall, when there were present the Rev T Levi (chairman), Mrs Griffiths, Miss Roberts, Miss Jones. Archdeacon Protheroe, Prof, Genese, Aid C. M. Williams, Mr R J Jones (Mayor). Messrs Richard Richards, George Davis, and J P Thomas, with Mr Samuel (head- master), Miss Ewart (senior mistress), ano Mr Jno Evans (clerk).—Payments were recommended by the Finance Committee amounting to £63 8s Id, and these were passed.—It was agreed that Miss Thomas' salary be increased to £90 a year, :to run from the commencemsnt of the present term.—A re-arrangement of the rates and taxes, as between the headmaster and the Governors was made. A further grant of 17s 6d was also made toward the expenses of the last Christmas entertainment.— The headmaster made application to give a similar entertainment this term, a charge being made for admission, and this was granted.—The cookery instructress (Miss Bertha Jones) having made a re- quisition for a number of cooking utensils, &c, it was decided that these be allowed.—Applications for bursaries were considered, and it was decided that the following be granted John Davies, Llan- badarn. E2; Lizzie Watkins, Railway-terrace, Z3 6s 8d. It was decided that one-half of the bur- saries be paid this term, and the remaining half at the commencement of next term.—xhe headmaster was requested to present soon after the commence- ment of every session a statement showing the dis- tribution of the school work between the several members of the teaching staff -The 'outstanding debt, in respect to the building fund of the school, gave rise to a lengthy discussion, and various methods were suggestad for raising the required amount. Eventually, the headmaster and the clerk to make an effort to collect the sum (abovt £350) required to make ap the sum of R.2,400, which has to be provided by the Aberystwyth School disrrict, otherwise than out of money de- rived from the general fund.—In reply to a com- munication read at the previous meeting-, the Clerk was directed to inform the Board of Education I f the present debt on the school buildings, and ty state that the managers hoped to be soon in a posi- tion to provide new chemical and phyeical labora- tories, a kitchen, and a laundry.—It was resolved that the time for holding the ordinary meetings be changed from the first Monday to the first Tues day in every month ar 7.30 p.m. PETTY SESSIONS. The weekly Petty Sessions were held at the Town Hall on Wednesday, Februaay 5th, before Messrs R. J. Jones (mayor), in the chair, John Morgan, J. Watkins, W. J. Watkins, and Alderman Peter Jones. ADULTERATED MILK. Catherine Lloyd, Newry House, Aberystwyth, was charged by Sergeant Phillips -with selling adulterated milk.—Sergeant Phillips deposed that about 8-30 p.m. on January 8tb, he saw Wm. Lloyd, son of the de- fendant, at the top of Smithfield on his round. He asked for a pint of milk for which he paid lid. He then told Mr Lloyd it was to be sent to the Public Analyst, He divided the milk into three parts: gave one to Superintendant Phillips, one to Wm. Lloyd, and kept one himself.—Superintendant Phillips said that he sent the bottle of milk received from Sergeant Phillips to the Public Analyst.—The Clerk (Mr Hugh Hughes), read a letter received by Superintendant Phillips from Dr Arthur Brooke, public analyst, which stated that the milk contained 3 £ per cent of added ■water, and that thirteen per cent of the milk fat was abstracted. Wm. Lloyd, who represented Catherine Llovd, said that on the 8th ult., Sergeant Phillips asked him for a pint of milk. He told Sergeant | Phillips that he could not certify to the purity of the milk as it was bought. He bought milk from three parties. There was a previous conviction against the defendant in 1893.-The Bench imposed a fine of 5s and costs. SURETY. .The cases against the three boys named George Roberts, David John Jones, and Jenkin David Davies, who were charged at the last Petty Sessions with assaulting Catherine Mary Morgans, Rallt, Aber- ystwyth, and ordered to produce satisfactory sureties for their good conduct for the next six monihs, were dismissed, they having obtained the necessary sureties. OCCASIONAL LICENSE. An occasional license was granted to Mr Rufus Williams, Lion Royal Hotel, for the night of the Cycling Club Dance. EXTENSION OR TIME. Mr Rufus Williams, also applied and was granted extensions of time for Friday, February 7th, and also for Saturday, February 8th, on the occasion of the College Volunteers' Dance. WITHDRAWN. The application for a separation and maintenance order by Elizabeth A. Burgess, 10, Penglaise-terrace, Aberystwyth, against her husband, Henry Burgess, of the same address, was withdrawn, owing to the case having been satisfactorily arranged out of court.





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