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ABERYSTWYTH A TR\DE-MK\"V BALL will be hold on \\e<lnes- SOIiCi.w v — „ h„.i ha.d his arm aiupui.aU;<.l £ £ » Wood pSoDing .supervening re-vaccination ^Sf r;uDX3Dud friends will be glad to learn, with- ^TH^lSsss'o! the Rev Penllyn Jones the well T r.;ril., u G W., is causing much anxiety known lioiAriau L It is hop-d that amOBg^ •;>y«rend gentleman may be restored ZG hiT^-rO- health, and able to again discharge fcS« insrortart duties. (""hof AB THB POST OFFICE Master ana yu, Clerk aVe both about to be appointed for these SSrtant positions in Aberystwyth, it is needless ta sat that the keenest interest is being evinced by SP JubS as to the gentlemen to be chosen to fill Se vacant places. One fact is plainly seen, and that is the absolute necessity of. a. know o p W-rish ana i^n^nsn on lue vt vu TBSB PLANTING is now being extensively c oat ia St Michaels Churchyard, where, under the direction of Hie Churchwardens, numerous conifers *nd other stiflib* are being tastefully arranged y should not and become a permanent source of beauty in this spot, which has been, and not inantlv. termed the College Close. 'f'- "BUILDING is BEING briskly carried on y Th^mi on the extensive site of his new house in Uanbadarn-road. The land is rapidly £ ea o £ all the old and overgrown trees bushesu a hedges which have afforded splendid material for JSrSiSri. with which the grounding heights Iwwe been 30 brilliantly illuminated this week. I ta t behoped that although"h'{fr waahed cottages have been demolished, that Mr Thomas will not suppress the old place name o Llangawsai. ,r -r,^ i. well GOING ABROAD.—ur J. V "-P known as the genial representative of Mess tfcean, & Co., of London, is about to leave for South Africa to take up an appointment to travel. H aaila by the Kinfauns Castle on February 22nt W hoDes to reach East London, which he is making hie headquarters, about March 18th. Mr Roberts isa of the 8. David Club, and belongs to the Auervsiwyth Lodge of Freemasons, meeting last Thursday he received the good of his masonic brethren upon his departure. We also wish him bon voyage and much success in the new country to which he is going. He will probably meet many Cardiganshire people in South Africa. fiAAtViall fiy- COUNTY SCHOOL.—mere OEUIG tare with the school team on Saturday last, the boys of the Aberystwyth County School organised a naner-chase, meeting at the school. B G. Owen and E. Rhys Thomas were the appomted hares. and ?Se district selected was Clarach and Wallog. The wer. dirided into two pack. -innim* the captain of the seniors i R. Jones, and up the cliff towards Wallog. Here the main mad was trained, and the route home was via Nant- I I cellan Fawr, Llangorwen Church, Gwm Woods, ana Penglaise. It was an excellent run, everybody cettTns home in exceedingly good time. There waaa very good attendance, there beingmaddition to the boys. two of the masters, Mr Thomas and Mr Pearce, and some former pupils. The unanimous tastimony of all was that it was splendid sport, wbiçh should he repeated at the very earliest jfDDortunity. tl.„ 'I O Q/r.—The ordinary weeKiy timbers of the Ystwyth Lodge .f Good Templar was held at the Progress Hall, Ml^:st.rhefchief TPridav evening. In the absence of the Cbiet T^moL (Mr D. M. Jones), Mr David Evans, 40, Qreen-street, presided. The following was rendered, and was greatly enjoyed by all ■resent —Pianoforte solo, Miss Jones; recitation, ^Dychweliad John," Mr Thomas Jones; so o, "Merch y Melinydd," Miss Lizzie Williams dia- -Iogue, "_John-Jones y Cymedrolwr," Misses M. Price, _L. u V and A. M. Thomas, iiianoaaarn adroddai i.y Nhad," Miss L M. Jones; and a. song by trie Lodge Choir. A prize was also giv en for the best impromptu speech on the subject Light. ± ?J Morgan, U.C.W., and Mr E. J. Evans, U C.W., were appointed adjudicators. Six competed, and Se prfze was awarded to Mr David Davies. Mr Enoch Williams and Miss Nesta Hughes were appointed to arrange a programme for the next meeting. SOCIAL EVENING.—The annual social evening ot the Christian Endeavour Society of Shiloh was held last Monday evening in the :schoolroom oi: the •hapel. A fairly large number of the bocietys, members were gathered together, and a very pleas- S,t evening was spent, Refreshments were served ,out during an interval between the two parts of the programme. A special feature of the programme was"the competitions, which were greatly enjoyed. The programme wasPianoforte solo. Miss Nancy riumpurevs (encored); recitation, Mr Ebenezer Thomas; song, Miss Edith Owen competition, « Directing a total stranger in Aberystwyth from •ne part of the town to another. Prize awarded to Master Teddy Evans. Violin solo, Mr D. C. Rowe; song, Miss Mollie Owen; recitation, Mr David Dav es song, Miss Nesta Morgan (encored), recitation. Miss Charles (encored); competition, Impromptu Speech, prize |awarded to Miss Sophia Evans song, Miss L. M. Jones. The meeting ter- minated by the singing of Ebenezer (TOn y Botel) bv the audience, led by Miss L. M. Jones. The accompanists were Miss Una Morgan and Miss Nancy Humphreys. Mr Richard Jones, William- street, presided. SUDDBN DEATM.-Apainfully sudden oeatntooic place on Thursday morning,last at Alderman Peter Jones' slate works, Cambrian-place. One of the workmen, Mr Robert Roberts, of Custom Honse- street who has been in Alderman Jones employ for about' twentv-seven years, came to work at six o'clock on the morning named, apparently in his asual health. About seven o'clock be was taken suddenly ill. and expired within a few minutes in the arms of a fellow^orkman. Dr M J. Morgan was summoned, who pronounced life extinct, death keino- probably due to heart disease. Deceased, who" was dfty-one years of age, leaves a widow two sons, and a daughter to mourn their 'loss. The funeral took place on Tuesday at the cemetery, the officiating minister being the Rev Job Miles, of whose church Mr Roberts was an active member. Two beautiful wreaths were laid on the coffin, one from deceased s fellow-workmen, and the other from his Sunday School class. T"\ -T _——- SPECIAL SESSIOs.-The Mayor (Mr N J uones,, Alderman C M Williams, and Mr George Davies at the Police Station, on Friday afternoon, to w an application made by Mr Stanley Gnffith JoneR (instruded by Mr A J Hughes), on behall of i? T un Morcan, J.P.. the Larches, for an eject- iJlnt order against Edward Edwards, of North- te-alley, Northgate-street. Mr T J Samuel ap- S^red for Edwards. The application has been Wore the magistrates on four or five previous oc- ILions and on the 31st January it was adjourned hat the magistrates might consult an mdepend- so that tn & h jy, the notice to quit was ent solicit c]erk'g office. After a lengthy prepared at the u magistrates decided argument on both s.des tn g c0„,idered they could not Mke an orae^ the notice to quit invaiia. J •lied for a special case to be stated to tne ni a Stoartfand the Bench granted the same upon the t .,nt ontprinET into recognizances for £ 20. ^mRKl -A See was held at the Buarth Hall JSay evening, the Mayor (Mr R J Jones) wresiding The hall was crowded and the promo- ,njree have good reason to feel satisfied 2ith the result. The programme was as follows: t with the resm Drake Brockman son^ r^^ hvp DollV Grav," Mr J E Hughes (encored); l dS Messrs J H Evans and W Davies (encored) v aaet, Mes Misses L Goldsworthy and Con- P hnmorous sketch, Miwes gherat0H;D j Davies, Sf? I™» fsong! Siss Nesta Morgan «leo- ? Zn by Macnamara Band, conduc ed by Mr J ¥ Sdwards U.C.W., (encored); concluding wih a r jsawartu, RnT.nd Cox. performed by Mr J f CWleDMrep V Thomas and Miss A M Green. Se selection by the band caused immense amuse- ment asdid also the performance of the farce ^j wSkSTK- Sheraton, MTS Silvanas Edwards, B ]^| JJ'1^ liams, Mrs Hughes, Sefton House Mrs and Miss Stephenson, Miss Cole, Miss Vaughan, the Misse, Jones, 16, Marine-terrace; Mrs Jenkin J°^s. -Jt-s Fear, Lurline House, Miss Thorpe, Miss A M Green, and Miss A Evans. A I-CITIZBX." WRITES: That there are too many public houses in the town is a fact well- tnown, and needs no emphasis, for even those en- jraeed in the Trade have admitted it on more than iCte occasion. Seeing that Liverpool and other Tan?e towns which are moving with the times, are making a determined and earnest effort to reduce Jri number of oublic houses, by refusing a renewal licences whenever an opportunity offers, on ^vw^rasions as the lapsing of leases and the sale StemSeTandit is devoutly hoped that Aberyst- OI f the same example. Recent actions ^th H, of law have made it abundantly clear that in courts o from year to year> an(j tfaat licences are tgly expect to have a licence no one can ^unateiy premise?_ u ia thig sold or transfe Grey's eyes, and srave rise to fact that opened Earl Orey y Pnblx House thenew movement knownaa^e Trust. ^bervstwyth will do all they can to perance at Abery Uc houses h, t e town b^opn^- thl wanting of transfers whenever an japgortiuaity arises. PAXTON SOCIETY.—An interesting PAPe p Planting and Seed Sowing was read by Mr P wSl ams head gardener of the Queens Hot Gai^lells', at a meeting of the Paxton Society held at the College on Wednesday evening in la- W<1UDIC\H CLUB—Mr David Samuel, M.A., master of the County School. psti>rr address to the members ot he Radial u-i tu?, Wordsworth on Friday evening Th> address was an intellectual treat, and was | ifel, appreciated. Mr D C Roberts, occupted the [ Mv\»r •, n .f it, CYCIIVG CI.UB BALL.—The annual Dau ui ti. Cvcling Club was held on Wednesday evening in rit we^k at the New Market Hall, when the at- tendance numbered about 60. Councillor Uak J made an efficient M.C.. and dancing was continued z;1 till the small hours of the following morning. INSTALLATION OF THE PmNCR-The claims.of Aberystwyth to have the ceremony of installing H.R.H. The Prince of Wales as Chance lor o! the L- ,-L.onIYY'\ f.Jra \u:O' & ir«rCo« wait n^on the Court of Governors at its next sesssion at ^rews- hurv on the I5th insfe., and in addition to this the Mayor has circularised each member the Court • Abfirvstwvth. SCH00L*B0ABD.-The monthly meeting of the School Board was held on Tuesday evening, when there were present Mr W Thomas (chairman), Prof Edwards Mrs Griffiths, Venerable Archdeacon Protheroe, and the officials.—A letter was read from the Board of Education recognising Miss Tones of the Infants' Departmeut, as an assistant, teacher under Article 51 b.-A communication was read from the Federation of School Boards of Wales and Monmouthshire asking the Board to support the principles laid down in a inamfesto dealing with educational proposals of the Gove™ ment. These proposals were to the effect that there should be one local educational authori y having under its control both grades of edu^lon -primary and secondary (including techmcal)- Lt- +I"\n in areas of reasonable ana suuaoie sue, uu, large^or yet too small; that such authority should be directly elected for the purpose of education alone, and that all schools maintained wholly or in oart out of public funds (imperial or local) should be direc' ly under the control of the local educa- tional authority. The Federation urged that every School Board should offer the most strenuous op- position to any Bill dealing with education not based on the foregoing principles. The Federa I tion also urged that all schools and training colleges receiving assistance from imperial or local funds Lfcmild be freed from all religious teste.—Prof. Edwards suggested that the Clerk reply stating that the Board took an active interest in education and was awaiting the Government^EduwiUon BiU. —Archdeacon Protheroe said he did not think they should pledge themselves to what was suggested in I the manifesto without further consideration, be- cause there was a great deal of controversial matter in it. They should wait until theyknew what the Govemmede proposals were and then they could discuss them.—The Chairman wished to have the matter placed on the agenda ofthe next meeting for consideration, It was the duty of every Board to make its views known to the Government even t.i« Bill was introduced—The Chairman's \.)1;JLV&V suggestion was accepted, and the matter will De placed on the agenda of the next meeting for con- sideration.—The questioa Of ^heaprKiintmentofa medical officer to examine school children with,the view of preventing infectious diseases wss dis- cussed.—The Clerk read communications be naa received frem other School Boards on the su^lec^ —The Chairman said he did not think this Board was ripe enough at present to move in this matter. -Prof Edwards was strongly of opinion that some steps should be taken whereby medical examina- tions ofltbe children could be carried out from time to time.—The question wasdeferred for the present. -The application of the teraale teacners tor an in- crease in their salaries to such an amount as would covet their superannuation premium was acceded to,-The following is the percentage of attendance duriuz January Board School— Boys, 96 7, girls, 85-7; infants, 95"l under five, 88*9. National School—Boys, 95 5; girls, 92 3; infants, 8 under five, 70-0. Penparke School, 82-0. PRESENTATION.—A presentation was made to P.C. David D. Davies at the Police Station on Monday, February IOih, before a large company of constables of the county. The presentation con- sisted of a marble clock, with a silver inscription, and a silver-mounted Conger walking stick Supt. Phillips first spoke, and said he was sure that all of them would agree that the presents were very beautiful- They all bad to taste the bitter with the sweet; but the sweet was generally uppermost., "T- .I- ri. -i- fpl t. and so it was tnat day. uuuuu happy that dav with his old comrades, who had] subscribed towards the present with greatpleasure and liberality. For the long term of thirty-two vears Mr Davies had oeen with them,and hat. done his duty conscientiously and truthfully. In his opinion one of the greatest things necessary for a police constable was to be truthful. He wished Mr Davies to feel that'he weuld be received with open arms whenever he visited them. On the other hand he felt that it was not pleasant to part with their' comrade. He hoped Mr Davies would live long to carry the stick with him, and to enjoy his pension. He supposed the stick wo«W last for many years. As to the clock, Supt Phillips said it would remind him of the passing time as well as the time he had spent in the force. Of course, it Y- L_1: would last longer than the SUCK. in ..auuiug oresents over, Supt Phillips said he had grea. I easure in doing so, and wished Mr Davies every prosperity and along lite.-Sergaant Phillip sa.d he bad nothing to add to what had been said; but was sorry that Mr Davies was leaving. They bad worked together harmoniously for many years. He had ome to this stage of life but had not yet found a partner (laughter). He hoped he would soon find a suitable partner. Another constabla bore testimonv to the way in which Mr Davies had done his duty" He wished him a long life to enjoy his pension, aud hoped that Mr Davies would soon take unto himself a wife, which would add to his com- fort.-Sergeant Jones remarked that he had not known Mr Davies for long, but he could testify to the way in which Mr Davies had done his duty.- ,2'n'J'1IJ'rr1,, P C. Thomas next spoue, ana saia uc Y""J 5' to be present on this occasion, but he felt very sorry that Mr Davies was leaving them, as he bad met him here and there during many years, and always found him a friend. He was not a bard, but he could not resist the temptation to compose a few lines for the occasion, which Mr Thomas then read. P C Thomas Thomas endorsed what had been previously said about Mr Davies, and remarked that be had always been ready to give a helping hand whenever necessary. Mr Thomas also read some verses which he had composed. Mr Davies, the recipient of the present, said that he was not much of a speaker, as they well knew. He was very proud to hear such speeches as had been given, in fact, they had said too much about one ining, c that of taking a wife. He did not know where to borrow words to thank them enough for what they bad given him that day. They must have given liberally before they could get the presents. He did not think be had an enemy among them (no, no), and he had always been glad to see any of them.— The clock was supplied by Mr W. R. Jones, Great Darkeate-street, and bore the following inscription, Presented to P.C. David D. Davies, 16, by the Cardiganshire Constabulary on his retirement from the force, Dec. 11th, 1901. i PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. The annual general meeting of the Aberystwyth sub-branch of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was held on Friday after- noon last at the Town Hall. Mrs M E Phillips (president), occupied the chair, and there were al.o present Mrs T F Roberts, Mrs Isaac Griffiths, Miss Owen Mrs Geddes Smith, Mrs Protheroe, Miss Watson, Miss Trdbsbaw (hon see and treasurer) Ven Archdeacon Protheroe, Mrs Robert Ellis, and Mr WH Colby. The officers tor tne ensumg followsPresident, Mrs M E Phillips; vice- presidents, Mrs Isaac Griffiths Mrs'Morgan (Nant- ceirio) Mrs E James, aad Mrs Geddes Smith patrons the Countess of Lisburne, Mr Vaughan Davie* M P Capt G W Cosens, Bronpadarn; Mr and Mrs Principal Roberts, Mrs John Irancis, Wallog and Mrs Darlington; executive committee, xj T A Ppnrv Alderman C M Williams, Mr W H ?• vr Palmer Miss Owen, Mr J R Rees, Sr0l5'^U MrS*t Ellis, Mrs Salter, Mrs Ainsworth Davis hon sec and treasurer Miss Trub- ShThe S°Sec"ta^ presented her annual report, which was as follows: which was as follows: thO Tbe committee has to reyum j year 1901 the total amount of money collected was £ 37 12s 8d. The number of subscribers and donors was 73 and there were besides, 55 collectors of was /o, an \.f~Vr.r and Corporation of Aber y™ wyt'h'^kindly gave a subscription of £ 5 6s which has bee'a great to the branch. The balance sheet shows that the total receipts for 1901 were £ 3717s 5d w „ eludes a balance in the bank of 4s 9d, and the total payments were £ 32 17s 10d, leaving a balance of £ 4 19s 7d. Three committee meetings were beld in 1901 Inspector Easdown came to ^bery orXht weeks, and during his stay did excellent and efficient work. His report follows, and will sneak for itself. The Chief Constable and Sergt Phillips ave most courteous and prompt attenaon to an ^complaints brought before their notice and the police generally throughout the year did good work for the cause. A prize of 10s was offered to owner of the best cared-for donkey, that been working during the season. This was awarded in October to Mrs Jones, Llanbadarn. The report was adopted. The inspector (Mr Eesdown)i n his report stated hat he took up residence at Aberystwjth on ti Srt. jSt fi"'shed « the 7t!' Se!>,c™ber: There had been a large increase in tbe convlc|!°^ during the season, namely 22 Several had baen taken against poultry dealers for overcrowding poultry in small boxo*. In one case 16 large fowls were conveyed in a box 2 teet m Inlth bv 15 inches wide. Three case, of "cruelly hobbling sheep were Pr°secul^ by him previous to his taking 1 "I"1nn, residence in Aberystwyth resulting n —r The donkeys on the Marine-terrace had ^een closely watched Poultry dealers premises bad been ire quenrty visited several ha,? been cautioned as to the fitting surroundings m which fowiS Public and private abattoirs had Wen visited. The picture traffic had been closely watched In one case which was prosecuted t horse had been driven until it was dead beat, and the driver was actually plying for hire,^ stopped On one market day he counted the number ot pas sengers carried bf each vehicle, the average^num ber drawn by one horse attached to ^ense carriages in the borough being six, and in vehicles I ,o;;¡a thp boronch nine. UUl.I.U\o The question of securing aii inspector's series for next season was discussed.—Mr Robe said the plan of having an ^spector resident in the town for a period had been attended with good satisfactory results. Whether they would be able to get one again would depend upon the ;a™°Jnt subscriptions received. It was stated tha parent Society sent down a resident inspector fo the summer months upon reciving a subscriptioni o ZZO.-Various suggestions were ruade the one most favourably received being that of an after noon entertainment or cafe chantant, «tner in Apnl or May next—The question was referred to the Executive Committee for consideration it being confidently felt that with the proceeds of Re enter tainmentand the member s subscriptions, which are now due, the required amount would be forth coming.


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