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Abcrystwl th Town Council.…


Abcrystwl th Town Council. I A meeting of the Town Council was held on IIU-P- day morning at the Council Chamber, K.\wi Hail, when there were present Alderman h P AN ynne (ex- Mayor), in the chair Alderman Peter Jones, Coun- cillors C M Williams J P Thomas, T E Salmon, W Thomas, T J Samuel, K Peake, and J 1 Davies. wi; li Mr A J Hughes (town clerk), and Mr Rees Jones (bor- ough surveyor). LETTER FROM THE MAYOK. The Clerk read the following letter received from the Mayor (Mr H J Jones) Having received a pressing invitation to join the deputation to-morrow (Tuesday; in London, on the matter of theJWelsh in I\i;agonia, am unable to be present to make a statement in re- ference to the deputation which waited upon the Court of Governors of the University of Wales on Saturday last at Shrewsbury. The members ap- pointed by this Council called upon the Principal of this College and Prof Angus to decide upon the line of action which should be taken by us in the matter of influencing the Court to select our town for the installation of H.R.H. the Prince of Wales however, they were of opinion that they should not press the claims of Aberystwyth upon this occasion owing to the first installation having taken place here, and it would be an advantage to the College generally were they and their colleagues to have a free hand on this ocasion, and in consequence of this our prospects were hopeless from the first. I may say the Court, decided to go to a vote on Saturday, but Aberystwyth friends who were members of the Court decided to withdraw their proposal. May I ask the Council to pass a vote of thanks to the Marchioness (D) of Londonderry, Viscountess Parker, Sir Marteine Lloyd, and our worthy member, Mr Vaughan Davies, for the kindly interest and valuable services rendered by them on behalf of the town. The Chairman, who accompanied the deputation, iproposed that the best thanks of the Council be ac- corded to the persons mentioned in the Mayor's com- cmuoication. They were sorry they failed in their •efforts the feeling being against the repetition of the ceremony in the same town. As Cardiffand Swansea withdrew thei" claims, Aberystwyth also had no op- tion but to withdraw, so that the vote could be unanimous. Mr W. Thomas seconded the Chairman's proposition, and thought the services of the Mayor, Alderman Wynne, and the Town Clerk should also be acknow- ledged in the resolution, not only for what they had done, but for the way in which they had done it. The claims of Aberystwyth had not been unduly pressed under the circumstances, and he thought that this action would place them in the good favour of the other towns. The resolution was unanimously carried. BATHING MACHINES. A letter was read from Mr J. V. Lewis, 38, Portland- road, asking the Council to grant him an agreement in regard to the bathing machines on South-terrace. He found that the old machine proprietors were not under the Council's control when they first started, and could not make any agreement, but as he was commencing under their control he would like to have some kind of understanding that he could retain the position for a term of say ten or twelve years, or what they thought was reasonable. He intended laying out a large amount of money on improvements, and he thought of making a kind of slipway, and do away with horses entirely. As to the kind of mach- ine he intended having, he had no particular plan to present to them at the present, but he had heard that there were some forty to be sold at Barmouth. Mr Lewis also asked for the Council's opinion on mixed bathing, his reason for doing so being that while he was in the employ of the late Bill Lewis he had many families coming to him and asking permission to bathe together to learn to swim, but he had to tell them it was not permitted by the Council, the result being that they would all leave, and not enter the water at all. Lewis also asked for the erection of a fresh water tap on the beach, and exemption from the tax on the vans for the first year. Mr J. P. Thomas suggested that inasmuch as Mr Lewis was himself present that he should be inter- viewed by the Council. Alderman Peter Jones proposed that the matter be referred to the General Purposes Committee, as questions bearing on the bye-laws would arise. Mr Peake seconded, and the proposition was agreed to, it being stated that a meeting of the committee would be held the same evening. PEN-YR-ANCROR ROAD. The Clerk read a communication from Mr Vaughan Davies, M.P., Tanybwlch, stating in reply to the application for consent to the diversion of the road on Pen-yr-Anchor that he was sorry he could not com- ply with the request. Mr R. Peake—As usual. A CONDITION OF CONVEYANCE. A letter was read from'Mr J. J. James, solicitor, stating that the freehold of the piece of land in Love- den-road was conveyed to the Corporation on condi- tion that a lease of it was given to Mr John Williams. Mr Williams' interest was now vested in him, and if < draft lease was submitted he would approve of same. The communication was referred to the Finance Committee. CLAIM FOR DAMAGES. A letter was read from Mr Isaac Griffiths, secretary of the Steam Packet Co., enclosing a bill for two guineas in respect of damage sustained by the s.s. Countess of Lisburne on account of the defective state of discharging berth at the harbour. The claim was referred t. the Chairman of the Harbour Committee. LIFEBOAT ROCKETS. A letter was read from Captain Doughton, lion. sec. or the Aberystwyth branch of the Lifeboat Institution, in reply to a letter of Dec 18th complain- ing of the present mode of summoning the lifeboat i crew. The letter, he said, was considered by the Lifeboat Committee at their last meeting, but as the same system was in vogue in 300 lifeboat stations along the coast of the United Kindom, with regard to rocket signals, they could not see their way to interfere. Mr J. P. Thomas proposed that the matter be referred to the Public Works Committee. He did not think they should take this answer as final. He thought it was a question the ratepayers should have a voice in. Mr R. Peake seconded, and the resolution was agreed to. BAY WINDOWS. A letter was read from Mr James Charles, Grove Cottage, Llanbadarn, complaining of the charge of 2s 6d made by the Council for bay windows on all free holders. He was a lease holder, and held a lease from Sir Pryse Pryse (laughter) and further he had paid improvement rate for a great number of years. The writer added as a postscript—" My name is James, and not John Charles, and living at the above address" (renewed laughter.) THE CORPORATION SEAL. The Town Clerk read a communication from the Rev Geo. Eyre Evans, Chairman of the Public Library Committee, who had been asked by the Finance Com- mittee to kindly look up the particulars of the old seal of the Corporation, and its change to the one in present use. Mr Evans stated that the fine seal used in one of the mayoralties of the late Job Sheldon, in 1811, was that of the lion of the noble house of Gogerddan that it was changed in 1875, under the mayoralty of the late Philip Williams for the one since used, that the old seal was said to have then been defaced and placed as a curiosity in the U.C. W. museum, where it perished in the disastrous fire of 1885, as no such seal was now in the custody of the I Curator. Mr Evans entered fully into the heraldic bearings of the question, what were the tinctures of the old seal, and how it probably came to be adopted by the Court Leet. Mr Evans further suggested that the desire to revert to the use of the old seal was one highly to be commended in this important Coronation year. Mr R. Pease thought the letter a very good and interesting one. The Clerk said it would be sent to the Finance Committee for consideration. The Chairman said it was under the consideration of the Finance Committee already. Alderman Peter Jones thought they should place on record their thanks to Mr Evans for the trouble lie had taken in the matter, and the thoroughness with which he had gone into it. It had entailed a vast amount of work on his part, and he thought it was an advantage that they had that information. The least they could, therefore, do under the circum- stances was to accord him their heartiest thanks for the very excellent report he had presented on the subject. Mr R. Peake seconded, and the proposition was unanimously agreed to. Alderman Peter Jones added that the present seal was not a very satisfactory one. It would be well to have a seal not so unwieldy as the present one, for documentary purposes. BREACH OF BYE-LAWS. The Clerk reported upon the breach of the building bye-laws by Mr T. W. Powell, grocer. He had received a copy of the bye-laws from the Borough Surveyor, and he had informed Mr Powell that he was clearly of opinion that he had committed a breach of the same by allowing the two houses in Mill-street to be occupied before they had been certified as fit for humam habitation by the surveyor. He had received a letter from Mr Powell that morning, who said he had most distinctly told the occupiers that :they were not to dwell there until he had obtained the certifinate. They had taken the liberty without his knowledge, and he asked the Council to overlook the matter this time, especially as he had had so much worry and loss in connection with the property lately. The Clerk further read the surveyor's report detailing the various sanitary and other requirements to be carried out before the houses could be occupied, a copy of which had been sent to Mr Powell. Mr W. Thomas said Mr Powell told him weeks ago that the tenants went there against his wish. Mr Salmon thought it was a very serious matter that tenants should take occupation of premises with- out the authority of the owner, and especially seeing the buildings had been on fire. The Insurance Com- pany would not pay the insurance money for the simple reason that the partitions were of match boards. The matter was referi40 to the Public Works Com- mittee. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. Alderman Peter Jones presented the report of this 'Committee. It recommended that the application of Mr D. J. Hughes to give him a guarantee that the shed At the rear of his premises in Cambrian-street should be allowed to remain standing for fifteen years be no accepted Dr T. D. Harries having asked that tilt main d« ns should be at once laid along Penparke road to enable hiro to drain the new houses in course of erection into Fe,dUe, the Committee recommended that a drain be iiiidt-, and tliat, the borough surveyor be instructed to invite tenders for catting and re- iilliiig tiie trenches. As a result of Mr W R. Hall's complaint to the Local Government Board of the state of Victoria-terrace, the Surveyor had been instructed to remedy any cause of complaint after the high ti.:es in March. The application of Messrs Pethick Bros to be allowed to cart away the stones aiong the proposed new fence, at points to be agreed upon by the Surveyor, it was recommended should be granted.—In reply to Mr Salmon, Alderman Peter Jones said a letter had been received from Mr Szhiuiper, the engineer, as to the alleged interference with the river embankment, which would be con- sidered at t lie next meeting of the Committee.—It had been decided to draw the attention of the engineer of the Vale of Rheidol Light Railway Co. to Uîl llecessÜy or drairâng College Fielù. The Committee recommended that permission be granted Mr Lewis Hopkins to erect bay windows to his premises in Cambrian-street, the projection not to exceed fifteen inches.—Mr Salmon wished to know why one end of Cambrian-street was treated differ- ently to the other. The Council had refused to allow bay windows in the other end of the street.—Alder- man Peter Jones said the traffic was not great in this part of the street —Mr Salmon And there are pro- jecting steps there already. The Committee recommended that the application of Messrs M. H. Jones and T. li. Owen for permission to erect bay windows to their respective premises in Gray's Inn-road be refused.—Alderman Jones said in this case the width of the footway was only three feet, and the road was also very narrow. The committee had instructed the surveyor to pre- pare plans and estimates of proposed urinals and ob- tain such other information as might be useful as soon as plan of a house. to be erected by Mr Harry Hughes in Buarth-street and a plan sub- mitted by Mr W II Williams of the alteration of 12, Corporation-street, were recommended for approval. All the foreg-iing recommendations were adopted. GAS ENGINE ANNOYANCE. The Borough Surveyor had reported to the Finance Committee that certain alterations had been carried out to the gas engine at the Foundry, which had ob- viated the cause of complaint. The Borough Survey- or was, however, instructed to see Mr Green as to the necessity of carrying one of the steam pipes in con- nection with the engine in a different direction to what it is at present. Mr J P Thomas asked if the cause of the complaint had teen entirely »emoved. Was there any vibration still felt ? Aid Peter Jones said Mr Green was doing all he could to remove the trouble, and he thought they could well leave the matter to him. Mr J T Davies said he had seen Mr Warrmgton, who expressed himself quite satisfied with what had been done. Mr Salmon said he considered the improvements did away with all cause of complaint. It was decided that the matter be left to the sur- veyor, who would see that the committee's recom- mendation was carried out. FINANCE COMMITTSB. The Finance Committee recommended payment of bills amounting to 4394 3s lid and these were ap- proved of. Mr C. M. Williams proposed the adoption of a fur- ther recommendation of the same committee that the salary of the Medical Officer of Health be increased to iE80 per annum as and from September, 1902, and that the sum of £7 7s, being the amount paid by him fot registering the weather reports, be refunded. Mr C M Williams said in future the sanitary in- spector would take the meteorological reports on the castle, and would supply the same to the medical officer. Alderman Peter Jones seconded the recommenda- tion, which was agreed to. On the recommendation of the Finance Committee, it was also agreed that Mrs Rea's application for a certificate of her compliance with the terms given for the renewal of the property in Portland-street and Corporation-street be granted, and that the Town Clerk be directed to call the attention of the Aberystwyth Electric Lighting Company to the nuisance arising from the emission of black smoke from the chimney of their works in Mill-street. A further recommendation was that robes be provided for the use of the Town Council, and that the Finance Committee select patterns and obtain estimates of the cost of the same and report thereon. —This was agreed to. The Finance Committee having visited and in- spected the building sites situate in Smithfield-road between the premises of the Vale of Rheidol Light Railway Company and the dwelling house occupied by Mr Evan Jones, ironmonger, and having a frontage of 116 feet and a depth of 90 feet, recom- mended that the same be advertised to be let on lease by public auction in five lots of 18ft frontage each and one, viz., the site adjoining the entrance to the Railway Company's land with frontage of 26 feet, and that it be referred to this Committee with power to act, to fix the reserve price and to take all steps necessary for the holding of the auction, and that instructions be given to the Town Clerk to take all necessary steps to recover possession of the sheds and premises in Smithfield-road now in the occupa- tion of Mr Edward Jenkins, builder; also that the remaining four building sites in Rlieidol-terrace be disposed of at the same auction. The recommendations were adopted by the Council. TOWN COUNCIL ALTERATIONS. On the proposition of Alderman Peter Jones, seconded by Mr J. P. Thomas, a resolution was passed instructing the Town Clerk to apply to the Local Government Board for their consent to a loan not exceeding £1,020, for the provision by the Town Council as the Library Authority under the Public Libraries Act, of an art room in the Town Hall for the use of the School Board, also that an application be made to the Local Government Board for an order investing the Town Council with the powers of a Parish Council to enable the Town Council to carry out the necessary alterations and additions to the Town Hall, so as to include the necessary accommo- dation and provision for holding meetings, concerts, &c. NOTICE OF MOTION. Mr T. J. Samuel gave notice that at the next meeting he would move that the Borough Accountant prepare a list of all accounts outstanding due to the Corporation on the 1st January, 1900, and present same to the following Finance Committee.





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