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Victims to Complexion.


Victims to Complexion. SOME FOOLISH YOUNG LADIES. If a private committee could sit daily in our large cities and take evidence of the foolish and harmful habits practised by many young ladies in the belief that they will thereby produce and maintain clear complexions, some startling evidence could be obtained. Not only are cosmetics used in excess but various harmful preparations and substances are taken in great quantity; and a lady doctor has recently stated that the eating of starch is largely practised by a number of young ladies. Those who contract this dangerous habit, are led to do so because they overlook altogether the fact that the complexion is a matter which the liver and digestive organs govern by keeping the blood pure, or else by loading it with impurities. A preparation like Chas Forde's Bile Beans will do more for young ladies towards producing a clear and healthy complexion than can be effected by any other known substance. This is because Bile Beans purify the blood, stimulate the digestive system, and correct the liver. While producing a clear and attractive complexion they also end such common ailments of women as headache, nausea and anasmia; they promote a vigorous circulation; and this in turn gives briskness, vivacity, and energy. Their use is followed by good health and that infallible proof of it-a beautiful and attractive complexion. All chemists will supply them at one and three halfpence or two and nine. The Bile Bean Manufacturing Co. will send you a free sample of Bile Beans if you forward this coupon to their Cen- tral Distributing Depot, free Sample Coupon. Greek St., Leeds (Yorks.). ——— along with full name snd jBlle Beans* address and a penny stamp WeUh Gazette 27/2/02 to pay return postage. 1


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