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Towyn and Aberdove y Urban District Council. The monthly meeting of this Council was held on Friday at the Council Chambers, Towyn, there being present Mr. John Rob- erts (chairman), presiding; Messrs W Jones Hughes, Gwilym Williams, Daniel Edwards, A Tomlin8, W Rowlands, J D Latimer, Henry Evans, J Geufronydd J^nes, Mere- dith Jones, R Pugh, and John Rees, with Mr R Barnett (clerk), Mr. R P Morgan (surveyor) and Mr. Edward Williams (in- spector.) Aberdovey Slaughterhouse. Mr. Lewis Edwards, butcher, 13, New- street, Aberdovey, wrote stating that in compliance with instructions of the Council he caused the drain of the slaughter- house to be examined and the cesspool to be cleaned out. The slaughter house was also thoroughly washed with lime from top to bottom. He had mentioned it to several Aberdovey members, and it was suggested thev should visit the house and see what was really required to be done to comply with the bye-laws.—Mr. W. Rowlands proposed 1 iiat proceedings be taken unless the notice \ras complied with.—Mr. W. Jones Hughes suggested that twenty-eight days' notice be given him to carry out the notice.—Mr. John Rees said they compelled others to keep to the bye-laws, so they should do the same here.—It was decided that the time allowed him to carry out the notice be ex- tended by twenty-eight days. A Disclaimer. Mr. H. W. Steele, Talyarth Hall, wrote stating that according to the report of the previous Council in a contemporary-which presumed was correct—it was stated that a iad was allowed to sleep under a stair in a limited space without light or air." A statement of that kind made public was calculated to injure his character, and he, therefore, challenged the Inspector to nrove his words or publicly acknowledge his error. Failing this, as the Council were practically responsible for the publication of such false information, he regretted he should have to institute a case for libel against it. Mr. Steele appended the c, actual facts," which stated there were two windows three feet by two feet. giving light and air ingress, and GOO cubic teet oi air. The total air space available was over 2,300 cubic feet, no par- tition enclosing the staircase from the back kitchen.—The Medical jpliicer read the In- spector's report, which stated there was no light exccept that coming through the back kitchen window." At the time of the In- spectors visit there was only one window, but another had been put. up by the time he (Dr. Lloyd) went there.—Mr. J. D Latimer lie believed Mr. Steele was a kr.vver, but he did not seem to appreciate the fact that any statement from the Inspector to themselves was exempt from any liability or a libel action, granted that they were acting in the public interest. If the paper had mis-reported it, then any action would be against that paper. He proposed that the Clerk write stating that the Council did not hold itself responsible for the newspaper reports, that the Inspector's report was open to his inspection, and that the Council hop- ed Mr. Steele would see his way to modify the conditions prevailing.—Mr. A. Tomlins seconded.—Mr. W. Jones Hughes proposed th >t p-fv»«VMsng> be taken under the section if the repairs were not seen to.—Mr J. D. Latimer withorew his p:oposition. in favour of this, which was una:-imousiy agreed to. Ahe-dovey Telephone Poles. ) The Superintendent F'-g'/u-er of +1.('. Port OJice Te4 phone, Nortii District, .'■vrotc on Dece n'oer 21th that the matte of the c"ect:>n of pelfs t A'-ordovoy v*o».:lr* re- e"j,. attention.—The C'erk -M th(, "»1° it"-r T 1 tJie C»r J. T\ Lntimor: I 'h.rk +' ov have get you tM-e. I Dysynni Gas House A letter was read from the Dysynni Gas Company Limited, stating it was time they settled something about the tenancy of the Aberdovey Gas Works cottages They had people who were willing to take thein. but tit)ay were waiting the decision of the Coun- cil before doing anything.—Mr. J. D. Lati- MEF proposed that the Council do IK\I take the buildings as a mortuary. He thought it was not fair to place it just below newly built property.—Mr. Daniel Edwards said he did not think of Mr. Morgan's house when I he brought on the report. It was a matter, lie flcaid, for the whole district, not only one ward.—The question, as affecting ToWyn, was left to that committee. Carting of Refuse. Mr. C. S. Dennis wrote stating his atten- tion had been drawn to ttIe fact that refuse was being deposited by employees of 'the Council on land belonging to the Cambrian Railways (Sotopahy. He was not aware that permission -k&A. -been-obtained but he would be very pleased to give the matter favour- able'Consideration on receiving a formal ap- plication to that effect.—It was decided to take no action in the matter. I Inspectors Report. The Inspector (Mr. Edward Williams) re- ported that he found the drains in connect- ion with Vicarage4ane houses blocked up. They irem-aeared out on the agent's atten- tion being, drawn to it.—The occupier of White Hall, Towyn, had Been in the habit of leaving ashes at the back of the house, which caused the drains to block up, and was a source of nuisance. Instructions had been given to discontinue Me-practice. The, cesspool of Gwyndy, Bryncriig, he found overflowing into a field close by, and the tenant 'had promised to remedy it. Two cottages owned by the Talyllyn Railway Company at Rhydyronen were without eavestroughs.—The report was adopted. Steam Rolling; The Legal Committee had "considered ten- ders from five firms for steam rolling, and it was resolved to accept the tender of the Oxfordshire Steam Ploughing Company, at 2s. 3d. per hour for a 14 ton roller. Towyn Affairs. The Towyn Committee inspected the site of reservoir and leet at Braichjzrhiw, and the Surveyor was instructed frd njake a cul- vert for Nant Esgeiria to oross the highway It was resolved not to ffttrbhase a destructor at present, and Mr E. Jones, wheelwrights' tender of £ 5 10s., for handcart for fire hose was accepted. The Surveyor, in his, state- ments reported that macadam was being carted in readiness for the steam roller. It would not be advisable to roll the streets where the trench for the water pipes had been made, except where absolutely nces-! sai7j until next season, when the ground would be thoroughly consolidated.—The re- port was adopted, Aberdovey Ward. The report of the Aberdovey committee i showed that the members unanimously re- solved that it be placed on record their high appreciation of the good qualities of the late Mr. John Richard, and that their most sincere sympathy be expressed with the family in their great logs. Mr. W. Owen was appointed to represent Aberdovey on the Board of Managers of the non-provid- ed schools. The Surveyor added his sym- pathy to that of the members with the family of the late John Richard. Workmen of his stamp could not be too highly appre- ciated; he had met very few that could do almost everything he put his hand to. It ^as. a heavy loss to lose such au honest, straightforward workman.—Report adopted. Rural Roads. Surveyor reported that an offer by • rurkby to cart a truck load of Tonfanau macadam free to cover a very bad portion of the highway between the village and his house had been accepted. Mr. D. Williams Glanymorfa, did all the carting free for the improvement to Glanymorfa and Mr. Pugh, Cynfal, was cart- ing a truck load of stones to the Erw- goch and Kilpark-road free. The Tanyooed improvement had been commenced, and the men had nearly finished the work ia hand on Ynys and Penmaen-road, the carting for which was being done free by Mr. Rees. fc*>me of the hedges were being attended to. oome of the roads in the rural ward should be rolled, now that they were able to hire the roller so much cheaper. It was resolved that the stuff raised from the channels be offered first to the owner or tenant "of the land adjoining, provided they carted it away free of cost, failing that that the Surveyor G carted away. It was resolved to ask Mr. Wynne to oomplete the work o £ ex- cavating on the side of the highway at Pen- tre Uchaf, after which the Council would put the road in order., Nantbach Footbridge. Mr. W. Jones Hughefl enquired of the Surveyor whether the footbridge over Nant- bach had been put up.—The Surveyor: I have been too busy this last month, but will have it done soon. Financial. The report of the Finance Committee showed that the receipts during the month had brought the balance up to R443 8s. 2d. The payments that day amounted to £188 10s. 2d. leaving a balance of £ 254 18s. ThA balance on the Braichyrhiw loan was R35 12s. 9d. Towyn water works, 9468 lis.; total balance at the bank R759 Is. 9d Footpaths Petition. A petition, signed by several Aberdovey residents, was received, bringing to the Council's notice the footpath leading from Trefri point to the foreshore.—It was re- ferred to the Footpath Committee, which meets on Friday next. House to House Inspection. The Medical Officer presented a report of the house to house inspection of the lower A supplementary report would have to be presented owing to the fact that the Council had no drain testing apparatus.—It was decided to purchase the apparatus. Re-appointments. The Chairman gave notice that at the next meeting he would move that the Medi- cal Officer be re-appointed.—With reference to the re-appointment of the Inspector of Nuisances, Mr. Williams wrote stating that he saw on the agenda that his re-appoint- ment would be considered, and he therefore, took the liberty of asking their confidence by re-appointing him. He also asked that the question of his salary should be re-considered which, with the exception of a small incre- ment nine-years ago, had remained the same for the last eighteen years.—Mr. A. Tomlins proposed that the salary be increas- ed by £ 10.—Mr. Daniel Edwards proposed and Mr. G. Williams seconded, and it was agreed that the question be referred to the three committees. Non-provided Schools Management. On the motion of Mr. G. W. Williams, seconded by Mr. A. Tomlins, it was decided that the Rev. W. D. Evans, Congregational 1 minister, be the representative of the Council on the Board of Managers of the Aberdovey non-pfj^vided school—Mr. Daniel Edwards proposed that the appointment of a repre- sentative for the Towyn district be left to the Towyn Colhmittee, with power to act, and this was agrqed to. y < j Disiirfeq,t^ Apparu us The next item was to cojnsiider a motion by Mr. W. ^Jon^.Hughes thai? the Council purchase a distltt&Usg al^aratus.—It was stated that the oost of disinfecting during the past three years for the whole district wad £ ?; exebffcive "of candles, wb&h oost &. e4chs-Mr. J. D. EatiAep prop<»e3, a*M^Mr:' Geufroa Jones seconded, that a committee be appointed to go into the matter.—Mr. R. Pugh: What about. the paper of the rooms.—Mr: W. Rowlands: You leave that to mo {loud. laughter).—On the motion of Mr. Henry Evans, seconded by Mr. John Rees, it was decided to leave the matter for the present. Bye-Laws. It was decided to adopt bye-laws with re- spect to tents, vans, etc., and also with re- spect to providing constant means of flush- ing for waterctoeetB.





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