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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



SALES BY AUCTION. Messrs. Morris, Marshall & Poole THE GAER SALE. This Day (Tuesday). 365 REGISTERED KERRY-HILL SHEEP QI-7 PEDIGREE HEREFORD & OTHER O I CATTLE, 20 FASHIONABLY-BRED SHIRES. AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS AND MACHINERY. Sale commence with Implements at 10-30 prompt. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, (376) Auctioneers. LLANDLNAM HALL, One mile from Moat Lane and Caersws Stations. IMPORTANT SALE OF AGRICULTURAL STOCK MESSRS. MORRIS MARSHALL & POOLE are instructed by the Executors of the late Mr James Hamer, to Sell by Auction, without I reserve, on the premises as above, on Thursday Next, March 25th, The whole of the Valuable Live and Dead Farming c-I Stock, comprising a ;• ound and Healthy Flock of 142 KERRY HILf. & CROSS-BRED SHEEP, The Pure-bred Herd of 57 HEREFORD CATTLE, including 18 Cows and Heifers with ttfeir Calves or in Calf, 8 Barren Heifers, 20 Store Bullocks and Hei- fers, and the Pedigree Stock Bull 'Rainbow' 25688. 8 SHIRE HORSES AND COLTS, including 4 Powerful Geldings, a Prize-winning Mare, and 3 Promising colts; Smart HACK MARE, in foal to Likely Bird." AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS & FARM TOOLS. Sale to commence with Implements at 11. Lun- I cheon at 12 o'clock. Catalogues from the Auctioneers, Chirbury. CAERSWS STOCK SALES. Friday Kext. March 26th. 1.20 FAT and STORE CATTLE, including grand Bunches of 2-year-old Bullocks. *10 COWS AND CALVES. fAT and STORE SHEEP, PIGS, and CALVES. Further Entries solicited up to time of Sale. Sale at 12-30 prompt. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, Auctioneers. Newtown Office: Bear Hotel (347) LOWER MOUNT, LLANDYSSIL. One gile from Montgomery. 3Ø • G-&AND CROSS-BRED SHEElV ,J- 14 HEREFORD CATTLE, including a FAT BULLOCKS AND 4 YOUNG COWS with their Calves or due to Calve in April. CART HORSES, COLTS, & PONIES, including a Team of 3 POWERFUL YOUNG HORSES. very Servicable Collection of Farm Implements. "trap, Harness, Gears, and 10 Tons Hay and Straw, to go off. To be Sold by Auction by MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, On Saturday Next, March 27th, By order of Mr. John Davies, who is retiring. Catalogues from the Auctioneers, Chirbury. (348) KERRY, MONTGOMERYSHIRE. PERIODICAL STOCK SALES. ESSRS. MORRIS. MARSHALL & POOLE will hold their second Sale On Monday Next, March 29th, 'hen they will Submit for competition upwards of CATTLE, principally strong Home- bred Store Bullocks and Barrens; a number of Fat Animals, and 20 Cows and Calves and In-calveis. FAT AND STORE SHEEP. Farther entries solicited. Sale at 12-30. Newtown office: Bear Hotel. (172) SPECIAL SALE OF PRIZE POULTRY. Tuesday Next, March 30th (Newtown Fair). ATESSRS. MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE •lXL will Sell by Auction in the Horse Market, 13 COUPLES OF FOWLS, Buff Orpingtons, Plymouth Rocks, Black Rocks, White Wyandottes. 6 Cockerels, all 1908; 12 bullets, '08; 8 Hens, '07; all the leading strains. Also several Fowl Pens, &c. MONTGOMERY STOCK SALES. Next Sale, Thursday, April 1st. Early entries Solicited. (349) MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE. LLANBADARN-FYNYDD. THE ANNUAL STORE STOCK SALE Will be held On Friday, April 23rd. Early Entries Solicited MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE, (309) Auctioneers. In addition to the foregoing, MESSRS MORRIS, MARSHALL & POOLE Beg to announce the following IMPORTANT FIXTURES. THE THRESHOLDS, LEEBOTWOOD.—Farm- ing Stock and Household Furniture, by order of Mr William Jones, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, MARCH 24th. NEW INN, MIDDLETOWN.—Stock and Fur- I niture, by order of Mr John Everall, on THURSDAY NEXT, MARCH 25th. NEWCASTLE COURT CLUN.—Household Furniture and Outdoor Effects, by order of the Executors of the late Mr James Lewis, on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31st. LLWYNYBRAIN, CAERSWS.—Farming Stock, by order of MeaBrs J. and R. Phillips, on THURSDAY, APRIL 22nd. QkIG HOUSE, ABERMULE—By order of Mr W. B. Morris, on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28th Head Offioel-Chirbur1, Shropshire. Newtown Office-Bear Hotel. (378) SALES BY AUCTION. Messrs P. Wilson-Jones & Davis. PEIKINS, CARNO. IMPORTANT SALE OF FARMING STOCK. IT/TESSRS. P. WILSON-JONES & DAVIS LVI have received instructions from Mr E. Hughes, who is leaving, to Sell by Auction, as above,on Thursday, March 25th, The Whole of the LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, Viz.: 28 HIGHLY-BRED HEREFORD CATTLE, 4 GRAND CART HORSES, YOUNG SOW & 10 PIGS, the AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, 5 cwt. of Seed Potatoes, Dairy Vessels, Gears, &o., and a portion of Household Furniture. Luncheon on Table at 12-30. Sale at 1-30 p.m. CAERSWS STOCK SALE. On Friday, March 26th. USUAL ENTRY OF FAT & STORE STOCK. Sale at 11 a.m. Entries further solicited. (343) GREEN MEADOWS, LLANBADARN. SALE OF FARMING STOCK. MESSRS. P. WILSON-JONES & DAVIS have received instructions from Mr Evan George, to Sell by Auction, On Friday, March 26th, 13 WELL-BRED CATTLE, 26 HARDY SHEEP, 2 HORSES, 2 STORE PIGS, Implements, Dairy Utensils, Gears, &c. Sale at 1-30 prompt. (342) CAEWERN, CORRIS. SALE OF FARMING STOCK. MESSRS. P. WILSON-JONES & DAVIS -H-t- have received instructions from Mr Hugh Edwards to Sell by Auction, On Saturday, March 27th, the Whole of his Valuable FARMING STOCK. MESSRS P. WILSON-JONES & DAVIS beg to announce the following Important Spring Sales :—. LLANBRYNMAIR STOCK SALE-Monday, March 29th. NEWTOWN STOCK SALES—Monday and Tuesday, March 29th and 30th. IMPORTANT SALE df Freehold Farms and Residences, at the Bear Hotel, on Tuesday, March 30th. TYMAWR, MANAFON Farming Stock by order of Mr Evans, in the middle of April. ABERNT-NT, GARTH.MYL-BY order of Mr Black, on Thursday, April 15th. ftp. ■<•>»"! P > ■•»».». I" \r" Other sales are in the course of arrangement and will be announced as the dates are fixed. HEAD OFFICE: High-street, Newtown. NOTICE TO FARMERS. We have now a Stock of Seed Oats Viz.. BLACK TARTARIAN, CANADIAN BANNER, EXCELSIOR, ABONDANCE, PIONEER, POTATO, GARTON'S CLUSTER, STORM KING, AND WAVEELEY. Barley, Peas, &c. DAVID EVANS, 13 & 14, SEVERN STREET, NEWTOWN, N. Wales. (Agent for Austin & McAslam, Seed Merchants, Glasgow. P.S.—Compare Prices before booking your orders with other seedsmen. SPRING HAS COME. A Special Show The Newest of the New Season's Goods NOW ON VIEW. MILLINERY, LADIES' SKIRTS, BLOUSES, &o. THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN GLOVES, TIES, SCARVES' &c. Fashionable, but not expensive. MRS. H. H. EVANS, CROWN SHOP, High-street, NEWTOWN. TO FARMERS. ANDREW BREESE (SUCCESSOR TO MORGAN & SONS), THE CROSS. NEWTOWN, DESIRES TO DRAW SPECIAL ATTENTION TO HIS VARIED STOCK OF Home-grown Bed Clovers, Cow Grass and other Clovers, Bye Grasses & Mixed Natural Grasses for Permanent Pasture, WHICH HE IS PREPARED TO OFFER AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. A SPECIAL MIXTURE OF CLOVERS AND GRASSES is strongly recommended. It kas given great satisfaction for some years past. and comes at & very low figure, (266) I SALES BY AUCTION. Messrs. Cooke Bros. and Roberts. gW On Thursday Next, March 25th. CAERHOWELL, MOCHDRE. 2 miles from the Village. MESSRS. COOKE BROS. & ROBERTS are instructed by the trustee of the Estate of Mr Walter Kirkham, to sell by auction, upon the premises as above, the whole of the Live and Dead Farming Stock, including 3 HEREFORD CATTLE, viz.: Cow close to calving, a 2-year-old Heifer in calf, Yearling Bull; also, 17 CROSS-BRED SHEEP, viz.: 6 Ewes with their lambs, 4 Theave Hogs, Yearling Ram; A very useful HALF-BRED MARE, aged; A Young Sow, Poultry, etc.; also, A collection of Agricultural Implements, and a quantity of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. Sale to commence punctually at 2 p.m. Saturday, March 27th. LLANIDLOES MONTHLY STOCK SALES, Of FAT AND STORE CATTLE SHEEP AND PIGS. At 10-30 Sharp. (324) OW Tuesday, March 30th. AUCTION MART, NEWTOWN. SALE OF DOG CARTS, CARRIAGES, SETS OF HARNESS, FURNITURE & EFFECTS. At 1-30 p.m. (371) ga5- Thursday, April 1st. TYNYSHETTIN, TREGYNON, 1 mile from Village, ? mile from New Mills, and 7 miles from Newtown. MESSRS COOKE BROS. AND ROBERTS .lYl- are favoured with instructions from Mr David Griffiths, who is retiring, to sell by Auction upon the Premises the whole of his VALUABLE LIVE AND DEAD FARMING STOCK, com- prising :— 90 HARDY KERRY HILL SHEEP. 40 GRAND HEREFORD CATTLE. 9 POWERFUL CART HORSES AND COBS. 2 Strong Gilts, 2 dozen Head of Poultry. Grain, etc., viz-16 Bags of Wheat, 20 Bags of Oats, 2 Bags of Barley, 1 ton of potatoes. A large collection of Agricultural Implements Gears, etc., a portion of the Household Furniture, Dairy Vessels, Home Cured Hams and Bacon. Luncheon at 11 o'clock. Sale at 12 o'clock prompt Catalogues from the Auctioneers. (325) Vr Tuesday. April 6th. GLANDULAS, LLANIDLOES. ATTRACTIVE SALE OF AGRICULTURAL STOCK. MESSRS COOKE BROS. AND ROBERTS ij'L are instructed by Richard Owen, Esq., who is relinquishing farming, to sell by auction as above, the whole of the VALUABLE FARMING STOCK, comprising:- 137 HEALTHY KERRY HILL SHEEP. 40 PURE-BRED HEREFORD CATTLE. 3 VALUABLE SHIRE HORSES. 4 Store Pigs, 100 Head of Poultry, Carriages, a large assortment of Modern Implements, etc. Luncheon at 11 o'clock. Sale at 12 o'clock prompt Catalogues from the Auctioneers. (326) USsT Wednesday, April 7th. GLANDULES, LLANIDLOES. INTERESTING SALE OF ANTIQUE AND MODERN FURNITURE. (327) &ST Wednesday, April 14th. PUBLIC ROOMS, LLANIDLOES. IMPORTANT SALE OF HIGH CLASS FUR- NITURE RARE OLD OAK PIECES. A Collection of Valuable Old Pewters, Lustres, China, Sheffield Plate, Pictures.—Removed from a County Residence. (328) Cooke Bros. and Roberts' Fixtures. March 25th—Caerhowell, Mochdre, Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock. March 27th-Llanidloes Special Sale of Fat and Store Cattle and Horses. March 30th—Newtown Auction Mart. Sale of Dog Carts, Carriages, etc. March 31st Troedyrhiew, Dinas Mawddwy. Live and Dead Farming Stock, and Household Furniture and Effects, April lat-Tynysbettin, Tregynon, Important Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock. April 3rd.—Brighton House, Newtown. House- hold Furniture and Effects. April 6th—Glandulas, Llanidloes. Attractive Sale of High-class Live and Dead Farming Stock. April 7th—Glandulas, Llanidloes, Interesting Sale of the Antique and Modern Furniture. April 8th—Aberdovey. Attractive Sale of House- hold Furniture and Effects. April 14th-Barmouth. Superior Household Furniture and Effects, at Tanybryn. April 15th-MelÏn-y-gloch, Aberhafesp. Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock, and Household Furniture. In April Llanidloes. A Valuable Freehold Estate of 1,000 acres. In April — Newtown. A Valuable Residential Estate. April—Aberdovey, Sale of High-class Furniture. April—Criccieth, Important Sale of Freehold Properties. Chief Offices: High-street, Newtown, and Old Post Offices Chambers, Aberystwyth. Eagle Brewery, Newtown. TO FARMERS AND OTHERS S. POWELL, BREWER, MALTSTER, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. SPECIALLY HOME BREWED HARVEST ALES 8d., 10d. & Is. per Gall. Made from the Choioeet Malt and Hope. DUBLIN and other STOUTS in all Se Casks. l Agent for Weløhpool-PABRT, Victoria Vaults C SALES BY AUCTION. Sales by Mr. W. Story. Tuesday, April 6th—Sale at Dolgead Ucha, Llan- fair, of Farm Stock, by order of Mr Thomas Jones. Thursday, April 8th-Sale at Moelddolwen of Agricultural Implements, Dairy Vessels, Household Furniture, by ordei of Mrs Jones. Tuesday, April 13th—Sale at Fivneithin, Llatsfair, of Cattle, Out-door Effects, and Household Furniture, by order of Mr Edward Jones. Middle of A> ril — Sale at Bontnewjdd, Meifod, of Agricultural Implements, Dairy Vessels and Household Furniture, by order of Mr W. Roberts. Other Sales in course of arrangement. Apply for Catalogues to Mr W. Story, Auctioneer and Valuer, Llanfair, Mont. (000) NEWBRIDGE FARM, MEIFOD. MR. W. STORY has been favoured with in- structions by Mr Wm. Roberts, who is re- tiring from farming, to Sell by Auction as above, On Friday, March 26th, the whole of the Valuable Farm Stock. comprising 7 VALUABLE CART HORSES & COBS, 37 GRAND HEREFORD CATTLE, 97 Strong and Healthy KERRY & CROSS- BRED SHEEP, 11 STORE PIGS. A splenditl assortment of Moderu AGRICUL- TURAL IMPLEMENTS, Harness, Horse Gear- ing, several Bags of Wheat, Scotch Triumphs and American Rose Potatoes. Luncheon at 11 o'clock. Sale to commence at 12. MOELDDOLWEN, LLANERFYL. MR. W. STORY has been favoured with in- structions by Mrs. Jones, who has relin- quished the farm, to sell by auction as above, On Thursday, April 1st, the whole of the Magnificent Farm Stock, com- prising A HERD OF 61 WELSH CATTLE, 9 VALUABLE CART HORSF-S & COBS, 17 MOUNTAIN PONtES, 4 STORE PIGS; A Grand Selection of Modern AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS. ¡ Luncheon at 10-30 o'clock. Sale toi commence at 12. (307) r Mr. Edgar Hickman. DOLARDDYN RAW 4 Miles from Welshpool and 5 imnfaW walk from Castle-Caereinion Station on ti34 Welshpool and Llanfair Railway. >" MR. EDGAR HICKMAN has |p0n instructed by Mr Llewelyn Woodfiai# -to Sell by Auction, on the premises as aboy On Wednesday Next, JF-jjrfcjfc 24th, 02 >■?& £ > ;.EEAY AND CLOVER, and 15 TONS OF OAT STRAW, In Lots to Suit Purchasers (to go off). Sale to commence at 2 o'clock prompt. Further particulars from the Auctioneer, Welshpool. (362) Frank Lloyd and Sons. 40 GUINEAS PRIZES. 750 HORSES. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. FRANK LLOYD & SONS' NEXT GREAT SALES, April 27th, 28th, & 29th. Enter early to secure best positions. Entries close Monday, April 19th. (361) WELSHPOOL GRAMMAR SCHOOL. I PREPARATIONS for the University Locals, i Jt- Preceptors, Public Schools, Shorthand Certificate, and Civil Service Examinations. OVER 100 PASSES during the last five years in the above Examinations. Thirty Shorthand Certificates gained since 1893. CAMBRIDGE LOCALS. ALL PASSED. HONOURS. RESIDENT MASTER, UNIVERSITY GRADUATE. Cambridge Local Examination Class now forming Comfortable Home for Boarders. Moderate Terms i87 T. F. HILES, Head Master. V, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, ABERYSTWYTH (One of the Constituent Colleges of the University of Wales). President: The Right Hon. Lord Rendel. Principal: T. F.Roberta, M.A. (Oxon) LL.D. (Vict) STUDENTS are prepared for Degrees in Arts, ks Science (including the applied Science of Agriculture), Law and Music. Sessional Com- position Fee, .£10, with additional Laboratory Fees for Science Students. Registration Fee, .£1. Men Students reside in Registered Lodgings in the town, or at the Men's Hostel. Warden: Prof. J.W. Marshall, M.A. Women Students reside in the Alexandra Hall of Residence for Women. Warden: Miss E. A. Fewings. For full particulars respecting the General Arts and Science Departments, the Law, Agriculture, and Day Training Departments, the Department for the Training of Secondary Teachers, and the Hostels, apply to J. H. DAVIES, M.A., Registrar. ACCIDENTS OF ALL KINDS, Sickness, Employers' Liability, Burglary & Fidelity Guarantee Risks Insured Agains by the .C3L -s- RAILWAY PASSENGERS ASSURANCE CO., CAPITAL (fully subscribed), £ 1,000,000. Claims Paid— £ 5,600,000. 64, CORNHILL, LONDON. A. VIAN, Secretary. AGENTS AT Aberystwyth-Mr E. J. DAVIES, 23, North Parade. NewtoWB-Mr J. EDWARDS, Cambrian Railway* Welshpocl-Mr T. PRYCE, Cambrian Railway- ,H.ISCELLA WANTS. r-, SAFE N D. "Pure English Yeast." NEW HOPS, 10d., is., & is. 3d. FAMILY FLOUR at Millers' Prices. BIBBY'S CREAM EQUIVALENT AND ALL FEEDING STUFFS. ,Also, AYRES' BROS KEKOING STUFFS. All at Manuf,.ct,ur. prices. DAVID EVANS, THE PEOPLE'S SEEDSViAN, NEWTOWN. For Scale of Advertisement Charges Fee Page 6. ARCHITECT.—Fallow t thn Royal Institute A has vacancy for a wt-li-n iucated Youth as Pupil; premium required A p p,y, Box 358, Office of this paper. WANTED—A Good General; age about 30.— Apply, Mrs Morris, Chirbury, Shropshire. BOOT REPAIRER for all round work; must be steady man,— Appiy, Brown and Co., Bridge-street, Newtown. (356) WANTED, about 40 tons of well-harvested Meadow Hay, delivered in lots as required at Llandinam Station. Free from tops and bottoms, and trussed —Tenders and samples to be sent to John Courtenay Llandinam Hall Stables, Llandinam (364) WANTED, Reliable Man as Cowman for 25th March, cottage rent free references required.—Apply David Jones, Nyodd, Hendidley, Newtown. (264) WANTED. Apprentices to the Millinery.— Applications to Miss Downing, Broad- street, Newtown. (224) FORMS OF NOTICE by Domestic Servants and other Employees One Penny each.— No. 19, Broad-street, Newtown. TXTORKMAN wanted, 25th Marc i or later, W understand farm work and stock. House and garden close.—J t.-kes, Cwmygaist, Llan- bister Road, Radnorshire (305) WA1;TED, a Milliner.-Apply: Williams, VV Old Post Office, Llanbrynmair. (316) WANTED, an Improver in the Grocery and Flour Trade—Apply: Williams, Old Post Office, Llanbrynmair. (317) WANTED—Purchase or Rent. Large size TV Warehouse and Yard, central part of NewtowD, from August 1st, 1909.-Foxall and Co., 1 Oil Stores, Welshpool. (333) BOOK DEBTS Purchased, any quantity, large lists preferred. Cash down, no waiting.— W Jackson 26, Corporation-st., Manchester. (314) LOST, from Cefn Farm, Berriew, about a fort- night ago, 2 Yearling Kerry Hill Theaves, pitch-marked R. G. on both shoulder blades, long tail.—Information to Gethin, Berriew. (302) SALES BY PRIVATE TREATY. GOVERNESS CAR for Sale; complete with lampm ar>d cimmms; fPQod eoiKBtiofi.—* Apply, Humphreys, Wheelwright Abarmule. 360 IpOR SALE a few tons of Prime Meadow Hay well harvested.—Apply: D. Morgan, Pines, Newtown. (372) IMPORTANT NOTICE.—Owing to the owner J. of the Property requiring possession of our Stores on Mav 1st. the whole of the Stock of Goods, etc, will be sold at less than cost price to slive the expense of removal to Welshpool.— Foxall and Co., Old Church-street, Newtown. TO BE SOLD, by Private Treaty, about Sixty Tons of well-harvested meadow Hay.—Apply, P. Wilson-Jones & Davis, Newtown. (299) TO BE SOLD by private treaty, 49, Long Bridge-street, Newtown. All that freehold well situated House and Shop, comprising shop, sitting room, kitchens, cellars, 4 bedrooms, and usual out offices.-Full particulars apply: P. Wilson Jones and Davis, Estate Agents, Newtown GENUINFi Edison Gem Phonograph, small horn, concert trumpet, patent connection, nickel-plated stand, 35 Edison records complete, good as new; X2 10s quick.—1, Park Place, Welshpool. (570) BILLIARDS—For Sale, best Slate Billiard Table for fitting, on dining table, with all accessories; in excellent condition.—For par- ticulars apply to Box 57, Express" Office, Newtown. NDERTAKERS' and Carriage Proprietors LJ Modern Stock for disposal, no reasonable offer refused Hearses, Cars, Coaches, Landaus, Brakes, Hansoms-Catalogues, Mars ton's, 24, Bradford-street, Birmingham. (293) ALLPAPERS from ljd. per Roll. Any Quantity (large or small) supplied at Wholesale Prices. Our Stock exceeds 250,000 Rolls of all Classes. Write for Pattern and say what class you require.—(Dept. 284), Th Barnett Wallpaper Co., Ltd., Manchester. (66) '] COSTU MES, I c COATS, • DRESSES, j CHILDREN'S GARMENTS, BLOUSES, CORSETS, UNDERCLOTHING, DRESS FABRICS, HOUSEHOLD LINENS. MOURNING ORDERS—a Speciality. FIRST-CLASS DRESSMAKING ON THE PREMISES. fgr PATTERNS in the Newest Designs and Colours-Now Ready. R. & S. MORGAN, SHORT BRIDGE, NEWTOWN. PROPERTIED ro LET fT^O BE LET, M-iy lsr, Bank Cottage, Gas- JL street; also, i v Warehouse Rooms in Market-stri,et.-Api-) vT rg..n, Pines, Newtown r |10 LET, a bit- Dwelling-house in X Gas-street.—Apply Manager, Gasworks, Newtown. (645) TO LET, excel'er,- i'hr>-e-stall Stable (with small Coach-hou; Cached. -Apply at the Music Salon, New! -11 (523 DETACHED Co" 8 r,ooms, gardens and 1) pasture, at Lj,, Butt Monumental Workz JS'i«wN,v*n. (377)' TO LET, No. 1$, Pier Villas, Towyn, 2 Sitting Rooms, Dining R- oiu, Kitchen, 6 Bedrooms, &c., reDt moderate. Apply J. Edwards, Bryn- ifynon, Machynlleth. (270) TO LET, in centre f Nt-wtown, a commodious House and Shop, suitable for grocery business.—Apply: Box No. 294, "Express" Office, Newtown. TO LET, from 25th M*rch, a Field on Kerry- road, now in th<- occupation of the represent- atives of the late Mr Oat id Owen.—Apply, William Watkins, solicitor, NewtowD. (329) TO LET, Brynhyfrjd, Newtown, with Garden and Orchard, with immediate possession," rent £ 25 per annura-Apply, Cooke Bros. and Roberts. (322) BUSINESS Premises to Let at Newtcwn, with or without stock of China, Glass and Hardware. Rent, X26 Nine years' lease if required. Fixtures optional—Apply Morley Park, Newtown. (296) TO LET—33, Park-street, Newtown contain- ing Double-frontnd Shop, Kitchen and Scullery; Sitting Tt,,ow. 3 Bedroems, and 2 Attics; a Good Cellar in base; also Lock-up Yard.—For particulars apply to J. Jones, Coal Merchant, Canal House. (253) SMALL HOLDING —To he Let from Lady-day 8 1909, Camlas Hill T^nem^nt, Llanllugan, I about 9 miles from Newtown, comprising Cottage, Outbuildings, and about 35 Acres of Hill Land. —Apply to E. H. Morris & Son, Land Agents, Chirbury, Shropshire. (367) TO LET from 1st May next, Nos. 3 and 4, 'BRYNLLYS,' Newtown two very healthily situated modern residences, on high ground close to Newtown, with Sout hern aspect. Each house contains 2 Reception Rooms, Kitchen, Pantry, Scullery, 4 Bedrooms and Bathroom, together with usual Offices. Protty Shrubbery, Lawn & Kitchen Garden. Rant, X25 —For particulars apply to Powell & Jarvis, Newtown. (448) GARDENS. GARDENS to be Let in Bryn-street and on Llanfair-road, some with immediate posses- sion, others on the 25th March next.—Apply to Bennett Rowlands, Land and House Agent. Newtown. (176) TO LET IN NEWTOWN. COMMODIOUS Lock-up Shop (in High-street), adjoining Market Hall. Convenient Build- ings and Pasture Fields suitable for Milk-walk. Warehouse in Weir- street. -For particulars apply to Powell and Jarvis, Solicitors, Newtown. SEEDS, PLANTS, &c. SOW IS -ff B TTSTR—W — YOUR SEEDS AND PLANTS, ITS IMPORTANT That you should see about planting at once to get the full benefit. I shall be pleased to supply with the very best procurable Gradus Pea (1st earley). 7d per pint; Duke of Albany Pea (2nd earley), 7d pint; Gladstone Pea (late), 7d pint. Bunyard's Exhibition Broad Bean (green and white), 4d pint; Canadian Wonder (dwarf bean) 6d pint; Ne Plus Ultra Runner Bean, 7d pint; The Czar Runner Bean, 8d pint. Carter's Perfection Beet, 3d and 6d per packet; Sutton's Crimson Globe, Id, 2d and 3d per packet; Broccoli Snows Winter White, 2d and 3d packet; Brussels Sprouts (The Wroxton). 2d and 3d per packet. Cabbage: Enfield Market, Flower of Spring, Daniel's Defiance, &c., 2d & 3d. Carrot: Altringham, Intermediate, St. Valerys and Carter's Earley Market, 4d ounce. Cauliflower: Eclipse and Autumn Giant, 2d and 3d. Cress, Lettuce, Mustard, Parsley, Radish, Parsnips in Id packets. Onion: Ailea Craig, 6d and Is packet; Rousham Park Hero, 6d per ounce; Bedfordshire Champion, 4d ounce; Silver Skin (for pickling), 4d per ounce. Turnip Dobbie's Model, Orange Jelly, and Carter's Jersey Lily, Id per packet. Vegetable Marrow (mixed), Id per packet.—All Orders to the Value of 1/6 Carriage Paid. SWEET PEAS. King Edward VII, Dcrothy Eckford, Black Knight, Dainty, Countess Spencer, Etta Dyke, Lord Nelson, Lady Grisel Hamilton, Helen Lewis, Hon. Mrs E. Kenyon, Helen Pierce, Henry Eckford.—I will send the above Twelve Giant Exhibition Sweet Peas for 1/6, delivered to your door, or half above quantity delivered for 10id. WALLFLOWERS. I have some thousands of theae beautiful plants for disposal at the following prices: Mixed, trans- planted last autumn (good strong plants, not long, weaklv plants), 9d for Twelve, 1/6 for Thirty-six, 41- per Hundred. Sage Plants Id per root; Thyme Plants, 2d per dozen. Pansies: White, Blue, Yellow and other varieties, Id. each. CABBAGE PLANTS. Enfield Market, 1/- 100; Flower of Spring, 1/- 100; Webbs' Emperor 1/- 100. All transplanted last autumn. Special quotations for 500 and upwards. Delivered, carriage paid, for 1/2 any one variety selected per 100. SEED POTATOES. Sharp's Express, 141b s 1/6 Triumph 141bs 1/3 Duke of York, 14lbsl/6 British Queen, 14lbs 1/3 Early Rose 14lbs 1/6 Up-to-date 14lbs 1/. Factor, Dobbie's 14lbs 1/3 Special quotations for 1 cwt and upwards (the above are for on rail at Kerry only. SILCOCK'S CALF MEAL. Delivered to any Station at 12/6 cwt, 5 cwt. lots 12/- cwt. All Calf Raisers should give this Meal a Trial. Send for my CATALOGUE of Garden and Farm Seeds. ADDRESS F. WATKINS, Seedsman, Florist and Plant Grower, KERRY, and Kerry Station. MONTG. P.S.-F. Watkins attends Newtown Market Every Tuesday and Saturday. NOTICE. WE HAVE TAKEN OVER THE BUSINESS, OF BACON AND PROVISION MERCHANTS, which was carried on by the late Mr Thomas Humphreys in the Markets of NEWTOWN and WELSHPOOL, Whitchurch and Wrexham and shall be known as HUMPHREYS BROS., FBAXK HTTXFHKXYS, WALTXB UMPHMTS. GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. MONTGOME RYSHIRE INFIRMARY. NEW BUILDING. A PUBLIC EXHIBITION OF THE PLANS Sent in by the various Architects in competition will be held at the VICTORIA HALL, NEWTOWN On Friday, March 26th, From 7 to 9 p.m. (369 NEWTOWN SILVER BAND. DON'T FORGET THE GREAT RUMMAGE SALE AND SALE OF FANCY GOODS, &c., in the PUBLIC HALL, NEWTOWN, On Saturday Next, March 27 th. An Up-to-Date Programme of VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC. Come and Spend a Pleasant Afternoon. Refreshments at Moderate Charges. Doors Open at 2-30. Admission—Twopence. DANCING IN THE EVENING FROM 8 to 10. Music by the Cedewen Quadrille Band. Admission—Sixpence. (000) NEWTOWN FAIR. Monday, March 2 9, to Saturday following P. COLLIN'S GRAND ATTRACTIONS DIRECT FROM THE LONDON EXHIBITIONS. THE NEW WONSERLAND, The World's Greatest Cinematograph Show, with its Beautiful ELECTRIC ORCHESTRION, A Treat for Lovers of Good Music. COLLIN'S RACING MOTOR CARS, American Cake Walk, Jumping Horses. Numerous Side Shows and Popular AMUSEMENTS. All Beautifully Illuminated by ELECTRIC FLAME LAMPS. And Please Don't Forget this will be THE GRANDEST PLEASURE FAIR Ever Held in Newtown. DON'T BORROW IN YOUR OWN TOWN. Where you and the Lender are known. Don't pay 2s 6d in the £ interest (for a week ?) The B. F. C. being expressly established and registered pursuant to Act of Parliament cannot, and do not, advertise bogus rates. PRIVATE ADVANCES, X10 to X5,000, without sureties, publicity, or delay. No Loan Office routine. Interest and Repayments lowest in England. JBIO Loan 12s monthly I j £ 5C Loan 48s monthly X20 „ £ 1 „ j £ 100 „ £ 5 Other amounts proportionately. Distance no object, as Cash can be brought to your house. PROSPECTUS FREE on stating amount required. BRITISH FINANCE CO., 82, Market-street, Manchester. NEW SPRING MILLINERY AT MISS DOWNINGr'S, 28. Broad-street, NEWTOWN. rHE CHEAPEST AND BEST MANURE IS BILSTON SLAG. ONE QUALITY-THE BEST. COAL ro St it all Customers, Wholesale to any Station Cannook, North Stafford, Hanwood, and North Wales Coals always kept in stock. Dealer in Lime, Superphosphate Kainit and Moss Litter. DAVID HAMER, WHOLESALE & RETAIL COAL MERCHANT, Railway Whart, NEWTOWN. NEW IDEAS IN HATS & CAPS. Have You Seen Them? A little better— A Shade Smarter than anything you have seen. WATCH OUR WINDOWS. THEY WHISTLE THEMSELVES. C. T. GRIFFITHS & SON, TAILORS AND HATTERS, Bradford House, Broad Street, NEWTOWN. lirONTGOMERYSHIRE WORTHIES: By IM- the late Mr Richard Williams, F.R.Hist S. Offered at Subscriber's Pricc. 3/6: Postage, 4d Exprem Oiffce, Newtown