Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon







BOARDS OF GUARDIANS. FORUEN. WtDNESDAY.—Preaent: Mr W. Pryce, vice-chair* man, presiding, the Rev L. J. Lee, tx-officio, Rev J. Sawer, Leighton, Messrs E. R. Owen, Berriew, W. E. Jones, Chirbury, John Davi-s, Llandyssil, Francie Langford, Montgomery, J. Pryce Jones, Welshpool, KJward Hughes, Rhos, and John Powell, Worthen* with Mr C. b. Pryce, clerk. fcTATISTICS, The Matter reported that the number of inmates is the bouse was first week 103, against 94 the corres- ponding week last year; second week 101, against 91. Tramps relieved during the past fortnight, 149. The following amounts were expended in out-relief- Montgomery, per Mr R. Tomley, tl2 13 to æ per- sons Welshpool, per Mr J. Fortune, XIO 2s lOd to 71 recipients i and Worthen, per Mr J. Oliver, iP 138 8d to 67 wople. THE SCHOOL The Rev Mr Vize (chaplain) atte uded the Board, ijL respect to an application from the Board asking if the managers of Forden school could find accommodatioB tor the Union children. The rev. gentleman stated that he was sorry there was a great difficulty in the ,way of failing in with the guardians" request. At present there was accommodation for 108 scholars, ,and there was an average attendauce of 98, and therefore, if the guardians sent more than 17 obil- dren it was clear that the managers would have to build. The parishioners at the present state of affairs did not feel inclined to put their bands in their pockets. Besides, if the Union chil. dren came to the school there would be mace teaching pewer required, as at present there was only the schoolmaster, his wife, and a pupil teacher and the second was said t, be suffering in health owing to hard work. The Chairman said under the circumstances it woiid be best for the Board to take steps to get ft new governess to teach the children.—Agreed. TlD COAL STRIKE. The Clerk reported that Mr Downes (Master) had handed to him a letter sent by Mr Williams, coal contractor, to the effect that he could not supply coal at contract prices on account of the strike, and in a later letter Mr Williams said he thought the Master was very much at fault in not getting, a stock in before the strike occurred, and the coal could then have been easily supplied. The present price he had to pay for coal was 14Lj lOd, which was 2s 6d more than contract price, and he asked the Boaru to meet him halfway. The Chairman This appeals to our charity; Mr Hughes: We have got none. This is- not a charitable institution (laughter.) The Chairman We have no reason to let him off. Mr Hughes Not a bit. Mr ORell: It is very hard lines, and we ought t& meet him. The Chairman: There are two sides to the ques- tion. If the coal had gone down in price would he have given us anything.? Mr Hughes Never a farthing. Rev L J. Lee asked if the auditor would pass any item for allowance. The Chairman I agnee that the Master should have laid in a larger itoek. Mr Huglie, We have never deviated from a con- traet, and wry should we for this man. There is a principle involved. It is a begging letter. Mr Owen said the contractor could not get coal. Mr Hughes If he cunnot, we can't help him. Mr Lee Tne oontraetor has made a bad "spec," and he wants us to help him to pay for it.—It was ultimately decided to obtain the coal according to the condition of the contract, i.e., in default of de- livery in due time by the contractor, the Master niaj purchase the coil, and debit the contractor with the additional cost. TENDERS. The remainder of the time was occupied in examin- ing the tenders sent in, and the acceptance of same. MACHYNLLETH,—WEDNESDAY. Present: Messrs Edward Haghes, Abetfrydlsn, (chnirman); John Rees, Towyn, (vice-chairman); Ellis hughes, Cemmes; Richard Owen, Issygarreg; Thomas Evans, Darowen; Edward Morgan. Lianbryu- mair; Wm. Parry, Pennal; John Rowlands, solicitor, au d, Richard Ei;is, Machynlleth and William Jones Aberd jvey; Mr D. Evans, clerk, and D. Morgan an- sistant cledr. 8TATMTIC6. Oat-relief administered during the past fortnight, Machynlleth district, per Mr J<.tm Jones, t23 Sa 1 to 100 paupers. Darowen district per Mr D. Howell, X44 Is 8d to 163 paupers. Prnnal district, per Mr W. Jones, t29 3 10d to 97 paupers. Number in the house, 42, last year, corresponding period, 34. Vag- rants relieved during past fortnight 51, last year 39. ESTIMATES. The clerk presented an estimate of expenditure of .he Union for the current half year.—Mr John Rowlands consider the estimate a satisfactory one. There was a reduction in the expenses and as farmers complained of the rates being high, be trusted the Guardians would lay the fact of reduction before their respective vestries. A previous half years estimate was .£14 Os 6d, but the present was only £ 12 0s0d.—Mr Edward Morgan did aut think nc- rancy could never be reduced.