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41 Fit it with such Furniture as suits-according to the fashion and thf> time."—Shakespeare. COOKE BROS., COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS. Warehouse and Bedding FURNITURE J Offices & Show Rooms F actorv— FOR HALL, LIBRARY & DINING FLOOM, WESLEY STREET. UPPER BRIDGE STREET. In Various Woods and all tin most 1 I approved 3tyle& i Overmantels Speci&lly Designed to MdtchFurnitnre. 9-1 ART POTTERY AND 4fETAL WORK. E I BEDROOM" FURNITURE. IRON AND BRASS BEDSTEADS IN ESTIMATES 8PEIN0, HAIR AND WOOL ESTIMATES j»iiMAii!i& MATTRFOT<; Oivtn for Complete House Fui nishing. milA ° ° °" <Bwen tor Complete House Furnishing. Carpets & Hearthrugs. 8ir OUR ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE MAY BE HAD ON APPLICATION, but Visit to the SHOWROOMS is necessary to obtain an idas of thoi LARGE RANGP, OF GOODS which &it. Continually on View. To publish a complete Catalogue is impossible, as the change of novelt-es is constant, aad in many eases the designs are original. Show RoomsWesley Street, Newtown. f58 CHAFF CUTTERS, TURNIP CUTTERS, GRIST MILLS, HORSE GEARS. NEWEST DEIGNS SAFETY LIEVER. WITH UTBST STOP AND MOTION. Easy Strongest K N9- PR|CES REDUCED POR THIS SEASON. TURNER, Implement Depot, NEWTOWN. SCHOLASTIC. HIGH MIDDLE CLASS BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, FOB YOUNG LADIES, CLEVELAND HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. Prir-cipals-The Miesis BELL. The aim of the Principals is to supply at a moderate oost, a sound and superior education, with careful training and home comforts. Prospectuses on application. a329 NEWTOWN GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEAD MASTER— Ernest J. Bunnett, B.A. (Cambridge Mathematical Honours), late Assistant Master at LIVERPOOL COLLEGE, etc. Assisted by a RESIDENT MASTER. BOARDERS assured of a Comfortable Home. For PROSPECTUS and TERMS for Boarders and Day Boye, apply to the HEAD MASTER. PRIVATE LESSONS to Ladies and Gentlemen in Mathematics and Painting. bl62 TRINITY COLLEGE, LONDON, FOR MUSICAL EDUCATION & EXAMINATION. INSTITUTED 1872. THE Next LOCAL EXAMINATION will be held JL IN NEWTOWN. on Saturday, DECEMBER 16th. 1893. Candidates must send in their Names and Feea on or before November 16th, 1893, to the Local Secretary, Mr. J. MACRONE, 21, New Road Terrace, f251 NEWTOWN, Mont. LLANIDLOES GRAMMAR SCHOOL. To be Opened Sept. 1893. HEAD MASTER: W. D. LEWIS EYANS, M.A., London Late Cynddelw Scholar at the University College of Wales, First Clas Honours in English Lan- guage and Literature at B.A.; Second in order of merit on M.A. list. Assisted by Qualified Masters. Pupils prepared for Scholarships at the Welsh University Colleges, London Matriculation, Civil Service, Denominational Colleges, &c., and for Commercial Life. REFERENCES :-Principa.l Edwards, Bala; Prinei. pal Roberts, DrHerford. and Prof. Angus, U.C.W. Revs J. Miles, A. Morris, and LI. Edwards, Aber- ystwyth. NEXT TERM BEGINS SEPT. 5TH. Prospectus, Ac., on application o Headmaster, Woodlands, Lianidloes. rm You must have SOUND BOOTS, or pay a Doctor's bill! IDIOMS3 BOOTS ARE SOUND & RELIABLE. They keep the Feet Warm and Dry and preserve the health. J t j EURY PAIR IS GUARANTEED TO WEAR WELL AND LOOK WELL, AND THEY ARE CHEAP. 4, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. e481 j Selected purveyor of Flour, Oatmeal, and Feeding Stuffs to the Oswestry Ltantyllin, and other Boards of Guardians, and of Horse Provender the Newtown Local Board. THE "AGRICULTURAL OUT-LOOK." BAD TIMES AND HOW TO MEND THEM. FARMERS, DEALERS, AND COTTAGERS CAN OBTAIN Prime Roller Flour and Pure Feeding Stuffs Direct from the Mill And thus cave the middleman's half-crown per sack profit by sending to the Wholesale Corn Stores in the Frolic, near the Parish Church, in isrEWTOwirsr, Open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wholesale Price List for the Current Week. I d. Ibfl. EXTRA PATENT ROLLER FLOUR 31 6 280 PATENT DO. DO. 29 6 BEST F1N £ 27 9 FINE 26 9 BEST SECONDS 25 9 Xo. 2 8SCONOS 23 9 n No. 3 SECONDS 21 9 PRIME YELLOW INDIAN MEAL 12 11 240 PRIMK FLAT COUN 12 9 CRUSHED IDrAN COUN (for Horsed 12 9 SMALL ROUSD COKN 12 6 WHITE KitAKPS 10 9 200 GURGEON^ 7 0 1601 NICE SWBKX Home-made f?"A,N 4 6 100 SPLIT BEAKS v., 13 9 200 CRUSHED « y ff 140 FOWL COQ. (Specially Mixed) 13 6 MO BEST BI"}: MEAL 11 9 PURE ENGLl-fH BARLEY MEAL 13 6 200 An Allowance of 3iL r er sack made off all Orders far 28 Sacks and upwards. Half or Quarter Sacks Weighed up for Cottagers at Wholesale Prices. N B.-If. bnnb art, k pt f r cre,lil- j-uroo»»efl. and to obtain Stuffs at the above wholesale prices tile CASH MUST BR SENT WITH TilE OP>!»F,l! sa,-k- muot be paid for -vith the Goods, and will be allowed for IF RKTUfctNKD IN GOOD CONDITION WITHIN ONE MONTH. SFECXAX, QTTOTATIONS TO LARGE Bu Y-KUS. QUOTATIONS also given for delive-y of 2 < r 4 ton Lote at any local Canal or Railway Station ORDERS FOR. 50 SACK LOTS and upward* Mhou d be ernf by post two days before. Orders by Poet should alwaja tftoccompiluied by BANK DRAFT or CHEQUE, and should be sent Direct to Mr. FREDERICK BATHER Morda Steam and Water Mills, OSWESTRY. Telee-aplk4 A&tirepit-" Ba O'^c-try." AGENT PC-lk-The Alliance Life and Fire Offices," Chairman: Lord Rothschild; Subscribed Oapital, Fhe Itillion Pounds St,r;ine. Theqeotli,-ib Provident Life Assurance," Capital, Seven Million*. —"The Cowkttl Accidental A-*urance Company," Capital, £ 1,000,000: Has Tmid over £ 3,009 000 as eompensatiM I* Aceidents. The Royal Exchango Fire Office," Total fands, 44,40,000. WESTMINSTER HOUSE, WELSHPOOL. PRELIMINARY NOTICE! T. D. EVANS (Formerly with Mr. vVm. Jones, Trade Hall) Begs to announce that he h s laken the abova premises, and will shortly open with an entirely New Stock of high-class DRAPERY GOODS. fl89 Families Supplied Daily. THOMAS REES, BAKER, GBOCER, AND PROVISION MERCHANT, CANAL SHOP. AND ? Market Hall, N.ewtown; BROWN A MALT BflEAD. CURRANT, SULTANA, & SEED CAKES. Tea Puties & ScM Treats Supplitd, ON MODERATE TERMS. HOME-FED HAM & BACON J From Choicest Dairy Fed Pigs. Your Orders Solicited. eOOO FRANK H. SHAYLER, ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR, j WELSHPOOL. SILVER MEDALIST NATIONAL COMPETI IION. 2bt, Serern Street, Welshpool. eS79 MRS PILOT, 13, Bridge Street, Newtown, ill eentinues to give the HIGHEST PRICE that atttt be-obtained tor OLD CLOTHES. aJJ77 NEW SEASON TEAS 1/" r,^r Ih 1/8 per ID. 1/4 2/- THESE BEAUTIFUL PURE TEAS from JL India and Ceylon are the Finest of their respective ki ids they are carefnllv selected and combine the FINEST FLAVOUR with the greatest strength; aid are the Best Ready-money Value ever offered to the public. DELICIOUS HOME-CUBED HAMS & BACON. Prize Medal Danish Butter Colour. CORN, FLOUR, CHEESE, AND EVERY OTHER ARTICLE IN THE TRADE. JOHN SWAIN, THE INDIAN & CEYLON TEA STORES. 23, HIGH STREET. NEWTOWN. f60 Allsopp and Sons' (LIMITED), BURTON ALES AND INVALID STOUT. AGENT- C. MORGAN. Brynhatren, Crescent, NEWTOWN. tatS ..¡ WANTEDS, ETC. REGISTRY OFFICE FOR SERVANTS—Mrs. XVi Rider, 2, Waterloo Piace, Welshpool. e554 WANTED, a respectable young Girl, as NURSE —Apply, L, Bryu Villa, Newtown. f24l WANTED, a Stmng Lad as apprentice to th' Wheelwright Trade.—Apply to D. R. Gethio, Bettws. fl68 WANTED, JAM POTS,aay quantity, land2lbs. Good price given- Apply, Hibbotts's Confoc tionery Works, NewU)«rn. fl78 WHY Send your Lace Curtairs and Feathers ou- of Newtown to be Cleaned and Dyed whe;* you can have them equally as well, or better and cheaper, at Howm's, Eagles Lane, off Market-st. Newtown. Feathers cleaned or dyed and curled in » few hoors. Curtains Cleaned, Gettlemen's Clothe* Cleaned and Pressed equat to nrw. Ladies, Liyh Dresses and Jackets Cleaned an<? Finihed. Havint had 27 years experience in the above.— Work? HOWELL'S, Eagles Lane. Newtown. 410 TO BE LET. TO LET—Front Sitting Room and Bed oom,- 17, New-road, Newtown. f22t LOST, gTRA YED, ETC. STOLEN or Strayed, i-ince April last. a dark brown Mountain PONY, rather light under; ear marks-thutnb notch under left ear, and swallow fork in point of right ear in foal when last seen.— Anyone giving information to John Jones, Cider House, Dolfor, shall be rewarded, and all expprmcs paid. f230 STRAYED to Brook House, Kerry, a cross-bred WETHER. Owner may have the same by Iliv- ing proper description and paying expenses. Unless claimed within 21 days will be sold. f209 STRAYED from Coedpoeth Hill, Mochdre. TWO LAMBS, marked R M on each side, raddled on the neck, shoulder, and loins. Anyone giving infor- motion to R. Morgan will be rewarded. f223 STOLEN OR STRAYED, from the Picton Inn ks Yard, Newtown, laat fair, a light red Hereford COW, white faced, white to top of shoulder, and ? little white over ramt).-Infi)rmation may be given to Police Sergeant Morgan, Newtown. fl64 SALES BY PRIVATE TREATY. EMPTY CASKS—28 and 54 Spirit Casks. aUo Rum Puncheons, for s sle —Apply, Charles B. Williams, Checker's Inn, Montgomery. 1239 R SALE OR HIRE, a Brace of perfectly broken IFOSETTERS.-For price and particulars apply to J. R. Jones, Newtown. tlol FOR SALE—Several Tons of CIDER APPLES. Prvee J62 per Ton.—Apply Mr Langford, Chirbniy, Shropshire. f250. BEBIRS GENUINE HOME-MADE is A.XT SA G-ES Made daily From the Finest Homo-fed Pork. Pressed Tongue, Brawn, Pork Pies. 45, BROAD STREET, NEWTOWN. f2412 ESTABLISHED 1880. 28 A 29, Crown-Street, lNewtown, N. Wales. WILLIAM TRANCED, TIN PLATE FWORKER, BELL-HANGER,'GAS FITTER ETC. Every description of Dairy Ve-F-ele kept in Stook or Made to Order. e443 ALFRED SLIM, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT. WELSH POOL. Agent for Messrs SALT & Co.'s, TRTTEXAN, HANBORT & Co.'s BURTON ALES LONDON & DUBLIN STOUT, Ac., &c. ALE Supplied in any Sized Cask1. AND DELIVERED FREE. Good Sound HARVEST BEER at Sd. per Gall. d47 G. C. GITTINS BEGS to announoe that he has always ready for de- livery a Larce Stock of COFFIN BOARDS (English Oak). FELLOES of all Sizes. And WHEELWRIGHT'S MATERIAL of all Description G. C. G. has alilo some Capital WELSH PONIES, Trained for Riding and Driving, for Sale. Particulars and Prices on application. ADDKEss-G. C. GITTINS, Brithdir Saw Mills, BERRIEW, Mont. Kailway Station: Montgomery. e36 THE WORKMAN'S WATCH The Guinea Watch. 91 1 C A Good Sound Article. The Two Guinea Watch P.2 2 0 Patent Lever, Strong and Durable. The Three Guinea Watch P.3 3 0 Patent Lever, in Strong Silver Cases. f.;iitj The adove are all Warranted for One Two &ad Throe Years respectively. GOLD WEDDING RINGS. FORD, WATCHMAKEE, JEWELLER, &c NEWTOWN. a7<* _0- Mourning Orders RECEIVE SPECIAL & PHOtfPT ATTENTION AT HENRY MORGAN'S, CROWN SHOP. NEWTOWN. f PUBLIC NOTICES. THE Liverpool & London & Globe INSURANCE COMPANY, ESTABLISHED 1836. Total Invested Funds. £ 8,263,943- FIRE- LIFE— ENDOWMENTS— OR ANNUITIES. For the Quinquennium ended 31st December, 1888, the large Rever- sionary Bonus OI 35/- per cent, peranmin* was again declarod on Sums Assured under the Par" 'icipating Tables of thu Prospectus, and provioos was mizefor Intermediate Bonuses daripgr the preset Quinquennium, EXPENSES MODERATE. BONUSES LAEGJrI HEAD OFFICES: 1, DALE STREET, LIVEItPOOL.-7. CORNHILI* LONDON. Âgents-POWELL & GRANT, Lard Agents, Llanidloe* A. J. MOKEUS, Trad-i Hall, do. W. P. PHILLIPS, 19, Broad St, Newtown* NORWICH UNION FIRE INSURANCE SOCIETY, ESTABLISHED 1797. Head Office-Surrey Street, Norwich. 50, Fleet Street, E.C. 10, King William Street. 195. Piocadily, W., and 1, Victoria Street, S.W. THE RATES of this Society are ezooedftljf moderate, and the Insured are free from all liability. This Office is distinguished for PROMPT ANØ LIBERAL SETTLEMENT OF CLAIMS, f9,750,000 having been already paid for Losses by Fire. TOTAL AMOUNT INSURED EXCEEDS 9300,000,000. Losses caused by Lightning or Gas covered. Agents in all the Principal Towns, from whom Pr"- pectuBGB and Information as to the mode of effeetiaff Insurances may be obtained, viz. LOCAL AGENTS— NZWTOWN-MESIBRS. WILLIAMS, GiTTir? AW TAYLOR. MR. REK8 RICKARDS. MACHYNLLETH-MR. ABRAHAM JONBS. MONTGOMBITT-MRS. S. GOUGH. WELSHPOOL-MR. CHAS. T. MORRIS. LLANERPYL—Mr EDWD. THOMAS. LLANIDLOEs-Mr. RJTCHARD GEORGE, jmtr. LLANFYLLIN—MR. WILLIAM JONES. ABERGAVENNY—MESSRS. HANCOCK & JOIEENEOW. MR. W. G. BOWEN. MAJOR J. O. CARNKGY. MR. AUTWUR DEVONPORT. MR. HY. MILLARS. BALA-MR. R. L. JONES. Norwich, 30th Sept., 1893. f The Scottish Provident Institution, (ESTABLISHED 1837). Head Office 6, ST ANDREW SQUARE, EDINBURGH. AT THE 55TH ANNUAL MEETING, Results reported for the year 18.92:- New Assurances completed 1,936 for £ 1,260,758 New Premiums (JB28 897 by Single Payment) 69, Total Premiums of the Year £ 607,759 Total Income, including interest £ 950 480 The Cluims, inclu^iiicr Bonus Adaitir)nti Fully two-thirds oj the., amount oj Claim* wan in rnrpect of Puliciæ" which lia(i,pai-ti(-tl)cited i« Surplus, the. Bonus Additions on these tiveruying nearly 50 ptr Ctlll. oj t46 Original Assurances. The Funds at end of ye»r amounted to £ 8 126.37S Their increase in the year %as A'324,946 MUTUAL ASSURANCE WITH MODERATE PREMIUMS. THE PREMIUMS are so moderate that an Aeeur- ance of £ 1,200 or XI,250 may generally be pe<*urecl from the first for the yearly payment which usually would be charged (with profits) for £ 1,000, the, difference being equivalent to an immediate aadi certain Bonm of 20 to 25 per cent. THE WHOLE PROFITS no to the poiicy.h idem on a system at once safe and equitable-iio share being given to tiiose by whose death there is a /•». THE SURPLUS at last Invostigalioii (1687) WI. £ 1,051,035, which, after one-third, was divided amonot 9,384 Policies entitled to participate. First additiona (with tew execiptiojip) tanged from 18 to 34 per ceni., according to aire and class. Other Polioies were increased in all 50 to 80 per cent. a" upwards. Example of Premiums for .£100 at Death (witk Profits). AGE NEXT 30* 35 40t j 45 < 50 BIRTHDAY. j j Duriug Life £ 2 1 6 £ 2 0 10 £ 2 M S) £ 3 • 1 f 21 Payment.* 15 I'.t 0 £ 7 JL.'i 17 f *A man of 30 may thu.* secure .21,000 at deatb by the yearly payment of X20 los., which wmli percr- ally elsewhere asfure (with prufitp) £ 800 omy. Or he m-y g-lenre £ 1,000 by twenty-one yearly p-TtneirtB of £ 27 13a. Ad.-bei,ey thus Jrcc of payment ajtir tnjt 50U fAt 40 the Premium ceasing at 60 is, for el,000, £ 33 14s. 2d.-about. the same as most office* require during the wholi- of life. To Profepsious I Mtn ajtd others, whose income is dependent on heaith, tile limited pnynj'nt ryst'ra is especially recommc^ded. Arrangements as fo Surrtndeis, Non-forfei<urt^ Loans on Policies, Early Payment of C'a Dir, rroe Itesidence, etc., are specially liberal. Reports with full information may be bad on ppph- cation. Agent in Weli-hpool: Mr C. SHUKER, Havelock House. LIVERPOOL BRANCH: 25, CASTLE-STREET. District Inspector of Agents: WM. H. WALLACE, Local Secretary FRANCIS M. WALFORD. t262 FISH FISH: FISH DAILY DIRECT FROM THE BEST FISHING STATIONS. MARGARINE, equal to Butter, VOR 14 Pound Cool, 9s. 9d.; 7 Pound Cool, 5e. Carziage Paid to any Station. HIGHEST PRICES GIVEN FOR RABBITS AND ALL GAME. EVANS, GAME DEALER SEVERN STREET, NEWTOWN. e2 ALPACA, LIGHT TWEED AN» FLANNEL TENNIS JACKETS. QRRCKETING & T ENNIS TROusEux TENNIS SHIRTS. Good Assortment of Sizes and Ptices. HENIY MORGAN CROWN SHOP, NEWTOWN.

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