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TO THE ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF BRECON AND TOWN OF LLYWEL. GENTLEMEN, HAYING at length completed a careful and minute Canvass, it lias now become my pleasing duty to thank you most cordially for the reception you have given me. When I last had the honor of addressing you, I ventured to anticipate such a result; but I have now the unqualified grati- fication of adding that the majority in my favor will be of so triumphant a character as to convince me that since I have been your Representative in Parliament my humble and consistent services have been recognized and appreciated by you. Under these circumstances, one remaining hope, I had not hastily cherished, has (I regret to say) all but departed, namely,—with the honest belief of so decided a majority in my favor,—that the peace and tranquillity of the Town would not be disturbed or further interfered with. However, to remove any doubt from the minds of my opponents, I now request your early attendance at the poll, in order speedily to ensure that victory, of which I reasonably entertain not even the slight- est anxiety or doubt. Again thanking you for your kindness, I remain, Gentlemen, Your much obliged and obedient Servant, HOWEL GWYN. Buckingham House, Brecon, Nov, 6, 1868. [1160 PENNOYRE ESTATE, BRECKNOCKSHIRE. ME. WM. ANTHONY BOWLER re- spectfully announces that 17 out of the 24 lots were sold by Auction on Thursday last. The un- dermentioned lots were not sold, and may now be treated for by PRIVATE CONTRACT, viz. LOT 9.—A FREEHOLD ESTATE in the parish of BATTLE, containing 58a. Or. 22, and producing d688 per annum. LOT 14.—A FREEHOLD ESTATE in BATTLE, containing 9a. lr. 34p., of the annual value of X28. LOT 16.—A FREEHOLD and TITHE-FREE ESTATE in BATTLE, containing 17a. 3r. 21p., pro- ducing about X20 14s. per annum. LOT 17.—FREEHOLD and TITHE-FREE LAND in BATTLE, at present unoccupied, containing 75a. lr. 14p. LOT 18.—A FREEHOLD ESTATE in BATTLE, called GLANYDWR and TIRBACH, containing 175a. 3r. 34p., producing without the woods and heath land (comprising together about 65 acres) Y,70 per annum, LOT 19.—A FREEHOLD FARM in BATTLE, called BATTLE UCHA, containing 113a. 2r. 22p., pro- ducing (without the heath land, which comprises about 23 acres) 268 per annum. LOT 24.-The IMPROPRIATE RENT CHARGE of the parish of MEBTHIB CYNOG, commuted at X410 per annum, with the next and every alternate subsequent presentation to the Vicarage of the same parish, worth S90 per annum with i esidence. Application for price to be made to Mr. W. A. BOWLER, Land and Timber Surveyor, Valuer, Es- tate Agent and Auctioneer, 7, Whitehall Place, London. Dated November 5tb, 1868. F1156 PENNOYRE ESTATE, BRECKNOCKSHIRE. BATTLE FAWR AND COED-Y-GENIJ. MR. WM. ANTHONY BOWLER an- nounces that the above valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY in the Parish of Battle, containing 382a. 2r. 22p., and producing (without the Woods, Plantations, and Heath Land, comprising about 146 acres) 9250 per annum, and also the IMPROPRIATE TITHE RENT-CHARGE of the Parish of Battle, commuted at £135 per annum, with the ADVOW- SON of the same Parish, worth P,70 per annum,— was Not Sold at the Auction on Thursday last, and is now open to Treaty by PRIVATE CONTRACT. Terms and Conditions of Sale may be had of Mr. W. A. BOWLEE, 7, Whitehall Place, London. 5th November, 1868. [1157 TOWN OF NEATH. FOR SALE, BY PRIVATE TREATY, FIRST-CLASS GROCERY BUSI- NESS in the principal street in Neath, doing A FIRST-CLASS GROCERY BUSI- one of the best and largest Family Trades in the Town. Stock can be reduced to a low figure. Fix- tures and Utensils at Valuation. The Premises are in every sense well-adapted for the business, their position most desirable, and are held at a fair rental. Satisfactory reasons can be given why the pro- prietor sells. Apply to Messrs. LEWIS BROTHERS, The Mart, Neath. [1150 NEATH UNION. TO CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS, AND OTHERS. NOTICE is hereby given that the Guar- dians of the Neath Union are prepared to receive TENDERS from persons desirous of CON- TRACTING for the following WORKS, viz. CONTRACT No. I.-For the ERECTION of NEW WASH-HOUSE, LAUNDRY, &c., including pulling down the present Wash-house, Coalhouse, and other Buildings. CONTRACT No. 2.—For carrying out certain Works in the ERECTION of STAIRCASES, &c., in the alteration of the different Wards. CONTRACT No. 3.—For LAYING DOWN PIPE DRAINS and the construction of other Works required in the drainage of the Workhouse. Plans and Specifications of the proposed Works may be seen, and further particulars obtained, at the Office of Mr. ALFRED BRYANT CAMPION, Neath, the Surveyor to the Board, any day between the hours of Ten and Four, on and after Wednesday, the 4th November, 1868. Sealed Tenders must be sent to me for one or more of the said Contracts, endorsed" Tender for ——————— on or before the 16th November, 1868. The Guardians do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. By order of the Board, HOWEL CUTHBERTSON, Clerk. Union Office, Water-street, Neath, 23rd October, 1868. [1140 ECLECTIC MEDICINES ONLY WILL CURE. Just published, free for two stamps, A GUIDE TO THE CURE OE NER- VOUSNESS, by HENRY SMITH, M.D., of the University of Jena, author of the "Volunteer's Manual," &c. A new Medical Work on the wonderful power of Eclectic or Concentrated Medicines for the Cure of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, Lowness of Spirits, Indigestion, Want of Energy, and Prema- ture Decline, with Instructions for perfect Restora- tion to Health and Vigour without the painful Shocks of Galvanism or the use of Electric Belts, &c. The WARNING VOICE is Illustrated with many Cases and Testimonials, Gives Advice and Rules for the Cure of all diseases by the use of the new Eclectic Remedies. Dr. SMITH invites all who have tried the falsely- called remedy, Galvanism or Electricity, to send a stamped-directed envelope for his new Pamphlet, which will be sent by return of post. CONSULT A LONDON PHYSICIAN BY LETTER, WITHOUT FEE.—Dr. SMITH will, for the benefit of Nervous Sufferers, on receiving a description of their Case, send his written opinion, with advice and directions for the most successful treatment and cure. Address, Dr. SMITH, 8, Burton-crescent, London, W.C. [521 TO BE LET, comfortable and. convenient Furnished APARTMENTS, within three minutes' walk of the Neath and Brecon Station.— Enquire of Mrs. THOMAS, Post Office, Brecon. [1158 AGENTLEMAN, or LADY and GEN- A TLEMAN, can be accommodated with com- fortable APARTMENTS in one of the pleasantest parts of Brecon. Terms moderate.—Address (by letter only) X Y Z, Brecon County Times Office. [1159

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