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LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH. On Thursday morning a meeting of this Board was held at the Town-hall, P. Bright, Esq., presiding. There were also present Councillors J. Davie3 (ex- Mayor), W. de Winton, John Prothero, John Jones, H. C. Rich, and A. A. Walton. NEW MEMBERS. Messrs. J. Davies, H. C. Rich, and John Jones, the recently elected members of the Board, qualified in the usual manner, and took their seats, Mr. Cobb was prevented by indisposition from attending. The Mayor then read the following REPORT Oil FINANCE Co MITTEE. BOROUGH ACCOUNT.—The following bills were examined and found correct, and are recommended to the Council for payment:— £ s. d. Superintendent Lee, bills, &o., for quarter ending' 1st November, 1868 19 18 5 Mr. James Hall, poor rates 0 10 2 J5 Making burgess list. 2 0 0 John James, ditto 1 10 0 A. George, for repairs to Town-hall. j 5 „ to Police station 116 J. E. Nott, for Crier's bell 0 11 6 E. G. Jones, hall-keeper « « Midland Counties Herald, for advertising 0 b 9 Market Company, for rent of engine shed 6 6 0 JC35128 On this account your committee have to report the payment to the credit of the Council of the sum of F,210, less income tax, by the Markets Company, being the amount due up to June last; also the whole of the borough rate due by the parish of St. John's, excepting a few shillings, and £70 by the parish of St. Mary's. There will remain in the treasurer s hands, after payment of the bills enumerated above, the sum of F.179, and there is still due of borough rate from St. Mary's about £102, making the total assets £ 281. BOARD OF HEALTH ACCOUNT.—The balance in hand on this account this day is £ 319 16s. Id. The committee recommend the oavment of the following bills, viz:- ;e s. d. Mr. Lee, salary as inspector of nuisances. 2 10 0 Wm. Evans, a quarter's salary, and stamps for the year 6 0 0 Bills per Mr. Kirk for sundries, including the drainage of Mill-street. 19 18 3 Annual amount due to water-works account 100 0 0 JE12883 After payment of which the sum of £ 191 7s. 9d. will remain to the credit of the Board, and there is uncollected about £ 45; total assets £ 236 7s. 9d. OLD WATER ACCOUNT.—The balance in treasurer's hands 'Dil this account is £235 15s. 6d., which will be increased, by Payment of the annual sum of £ 100 from district rate, to £ 253 15s, 6(j Against this there is now due the interest on old water debentures, amounting to about £ 183, which when paid will leave the sum of £ 170 15s. 6d.. ;E s. d. NEW WATER ACCOUNT ■—On this account the bal- ance is against the Board to the extent of 557 15 4 Which will be further increased by the amount of the following bills, which are recommended for payment, viz Income tax previously omitted £1 0 0 MrD. Isaac, for smith's work 015 5 „ A. George, for cement 0 9 g W. Evans, salary as collector g 0 0 Messrs. Hodges and Wright, for smith's 8 0 0 work 1 10 9 Edward Williams, Esq., bill for costs 5 10 10 Mr. Kirk, for sundries 40 11 3 —————- 57 17 9 Total £H1513 1 it is to be borne in mind that the amount 01 the debenture held by Messrs. Wilkins & Ce.elooo, has not been placed to the credit of the Board with the treasurer, or the balance would have shewn in favour of the Board to the amount of jE385, after payment of the bills now recommended. There is also a very large sum due for fittings, &c. The committee are not in a position to state at this time the amount of liabilities, but trust shortly to be able to report fully on this subject. P. BRIGHT, Mayor and Chairman. The Mayor said he was of opinion that the pros- perous state of the finances of the borough-he thought he could call them prosperous on the whole- was due in a great measure to the exertions and activity of the collector, of whom he could not speak » too high terms. He had collected altogether X2,719, of which zel 590 was during the present year. And when a man did his duty so efficiently that in November there Was only £ 45 uncollected, he thought they ought to encourage him by expressing their opinion of his attention. (Hear, hear.) It was his duty, as chairman of the committee to move the adoption of the report, and the recommendation of the committee that the bills be paid. The ex-Mayor seconded the motion, remarking that the only thing which did not satisfy him was the amount due for water fittings. It was a large sum, and such as he thought the attention of the Board should be directed to. The Mayor £ 541 has been received for fittings. The speaker then said there was another matter" which he thought was irregular, and that was an application by Mr. Thomas Davies for payment of a bill for opening the drains and putting in services to the water-works. The bill amounted to X13 Is. 3d., a cheque for J20 having already been received. He did not recollect the circumstances further than that at the time the bill was brought in there was a great discrepancy in the measurements of Mr. Davies and the engineer. Mr. W. de Winton The bill was not certified by our surveyor. The Mayor No. The ex-Mayor: It is a question which ought to be referred to the committee. The Mavor We ought to have a certificate from some one about it. Mr. Prothero As this was not included in Mr. Davies's contract, I think Mr. Kirk should go with Mr. Davies and measure it. The Mayor I think the whole has been done by Mr. Isaac Davies. I believe there is something due to Mr. Davies, but the question is as to the amount. Some further conversation took place upon the point, but the bill not having been certified it could not be paid, and Mr. Davies was told it must be left for the present. A POLLING PLACE AT TRECASTLE. The Mayor said, in reference to a matter brought before the Council at one of its meetings, and discussed-that of having a polling place at Tre- castle-the law required that there should be one, and, therefore, this would be done. He mentioned it now that there might be no misapprehension on the point. SHORTNESS OF WATER IN BAILEYGLAES. The Mayor brought before the notice of the Board a letter he had received', signed by several persons living in Baileyglaes, who complained of the loss of the well there. It had been thought advis- able to stop it up, and the pump there was out of repair. He thought the complaint of the pump was groundless. Springs were dry everywhere, but he believed the water in the pump would be greater than ever. He thought, however, that they should take steps to insist on the owners putting in a water supply. It was a dreadful thing that 500 or 600 persons should be dependent on a single pump for their supply of water. Mr. Walton understood that their surveyor was to take immediate steps to have water put into every house, and then the poor people would have a plenti- ful supply at a cheap rate. The Major said he would move that the attention of the surveyor be called to the matter, with a view to steps being taken to provide water for the upper* part of the town. Mr. Walton seconded the motion, which was carried. There was no other business before the meeting, which was then adjourned to Monday, the 9th instant.