Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

10 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

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ftaty feetk HOBD'S THIATBX.—The "season" at the above place of amusement terminated on Monday last, in many respects to the gratification of the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, the exciting attractions of the entertainmenti4 given having in some instances been the means of leading a few of the visitors into serious difficulties:; and we regret to find by the poliee reports that the means of payment have not always been obtained honestly. We attribute no kind of blame to the managers of the theatre, the company bearing a highly respectable name; but pandering to the vitiated tastes of the uneducated must, as it has already done, injure the too easy morals of the majority of the class who patronise lach exhibitions. THB II }lAYOB'S SUHDAY."—The Mayor, T. Andrew, Esq., and the Corporation attended Divine service at St. David's charch on Sunday morning last, when collections were made on behalf of the Church of England schools of the town. The Rev. David Howells, of Cardiff, preached at both morning and evening servioes, and the collections amounted to AID. The Rev. E. Thomas, of Skewen, officiated ae Lantwit in the afternoon. COBCIRT AW MELIICCBYTHAU.— On Saturday last a concert was given at the Bethel Chapel under the patronage of Messrs. P. Charles, D. Davies, J. B. Davies, J. Williams, Griffith Williams, and David Thomas (G. W. R.), the proceeds of which were to be devoted to the liquidation of the chapel debt. The attendanee was very encouraging, and the con- oert in every particular proved a decided success. We append the programme Glee-" Karch of the Men of Harlech" (J. Barnbg) Dulais Choir. Hanoforte Solo Ap Rhys Bong-" ne ifrst sweet day I met thee" [Farmer) Mr. Charles James. Song—"Yderyn pur" (J. Thomas, Pencerdd Gwalia) Miss Selina Jenkins. Daet-HJohn a lane" [Aktto Dda) Eos Cynlais and Miss R. Williams. Bang-" England's golden days" (J. W. Spohr) loan Dulais. ganig-l' The bloom is on the rye (Sir H. R. Bishop) Ap Rhys. glee-" Alr doa o flaen gwyntoedd" (J. Parry, Pencerdd America) Dulais Choir. Pianoforte Solo Ap Rhys Bong—" Sweet Nightingale Miss B. Williams 8oag—"The Bngbshman"(John Blockley) Ap Bhys Glee-" Y GwanvTn 11 (D. Emlyn Evans) Dulais Choir gazg-11 Morsh, the pride of Kildare" [Parry) Mr. Charles James. Bong—"Village fair" [Bobert Guylott) Eos Cynlais €Hee—" Y BOS" [Alaxo Ddu) Dulais Choir Finale—" God Save the Queen." Oar opinion of the tnlented performers has been so lately before oar readers that we have only to add that no laarels were lost on this occasion. The Dulais choir, as usual, excelled themselves, and the sole performers were both warmly and deservedly appreciated by those present. LAW ^XAHIVATIOK.—We are given to understand that Mr. D. B. Turberville, of the office of Howel: Cuthbertson, Esq., the respected coroner for the western division of this county, has just passed a suecessful law examination. Tiffm LATJI N. B. YATTGHAK, ESQ.—The will of the above gentleman was proved in London on the 28th ult., and the personality of property in the United Kingdom was sworn under £ 60,000. We are glad to learn that he has bequeathed the handsome sum of £500 to the funds of the Swansea Infirmary. SPECIAL COKSTABLBS.—Messrs. William May, Samuel Hunkin, George Madge, Samuel Trick, James Allford, George Spackman, Job Fregard, and William Richards were sworn in as special constables on Mon- day last. The singular part of the selection is that they are nearly all butchers! TUB STATUTB FAIB.—The November hiring fair was held on Wednesday last, when the number of male and female servants seeking engagements far ex- ceeded the usual attendance on similar occasions. A few horses were shewn by the Corporation field, but very little dealing took place. The cattle market was poorly stocked with fat cattle and sheep, and sales- men complained generally of she little business done. In the general market no change from last week's quotations took place, but the supply of all seasonable produce appeared to be far in excess of the demand. Poultry and game were more reasonable in figure than usual. OBDEB OF SERVICES AT ST. DAVID'S CHURCH.- Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity, November 22, Morning Voluntary, Quintetto (Palestrina); Venite and Gloria (Elvey) Te Deum (Mercer); Jubilate (Purcell); Kyrie, No. 4; Hymns, 105,205; Volun- tary, Allegro (J. West). Evening: Voluntary, Selection (Flotow) Gloria (Bennett); Magnificat (Dr. Fry) Nunc Dimittis (Moiak) Hymns, 82 (St. Cuthbert), 241 (Austria), 193; concluding Volun- tary, Impromptu (Anon). St. DAVID" Cuujacia.-It will please hundreds of our readers to be informed that a very necessary work has been this week commenced within the above building. It is the close examination of the whole edifice with the view of stopping the draughts that so seriously affect the comfort of the worship- pers, and probaWy prevent the attendance of many. An expensive apparatus for heating has been used every winter, but hitherto with a very limited amount of success. We understand that the roof will now be made air-proof by the introduction of slips of timber where any openings or crevices are found. The casements of the windows are carefully secured for the winter months. HOBSBKBBPBUS BEWABEI-Numerous attempts at housebreaking have taken place in this neighbour- hood lately-in some instances we regret to learn with success—an entry having been forced into one establishment, and the place thoroughly ransacked. On Monday a grocer's shop was broken into in Queen-street, and a cheese stolen; other attempts have been made, judging from appearances, at the back entrances of several houses, and it therefore behoves householders to see to their fastenings," in order, if possible, to baffle the burglars, should a visit be paid. SHOCKING ACCIDEHT.—A serious accident, which is likely to terminate fatally, occurred on Monday at Briton Ferry to the mate of a vessel lying by the landing stage. It appears that one of the men had plaoed a ladder against the stage leading to the vessel, which the mate attempted to ascend while doing so the heel of the ladder slipped, and the mate fell with a frightful crash to the ground, fracturing his skull and otherwise injuring his body. All that medical skill could do was at once carried out, but his injuries almost preclude the possibility of his recovery. CosCIBT AT GLys-NIIATIf. Mr. T. Hopkins, assisted by three other eminent artistes from Swansea, gave a grand concert on Monday evening at the National School-rooms. In consequence of insufficient publication of the entertainment there were only about 150 people present, which is to be regretted, as the performances were quite a treat to those who attended. The singing and pianoforte playing were so much admired and appreciated that almost every piece was honored by an encore." Subjoined is the nrnmmme:— Introduction (pianoforte) Mr. C. Cooke Song-" Rocked in the cradle of the deep" (Weiss) .Mr. M. Gallagan. Song-" Walking in the eve" .Mr. Crapper Song-" Lochnigar" [Byron) Mr. T. Hopkins Song-" Somebody's child" Mr. Crapper Song-" Shake of the hand" .Mr. T. Hopkins Song—" Old sexton" {Russell) Mr. M. Gallagan Song—"Beautiful Nell" Mr. Crapper Selection (Lucrezia Borgia) .Mr. C. Cooke Song—" Will-o-the-wisp (Wei*.?) Mr. T. Hopkins Song—"Man-of-war" [Herr Ivon) Mr. M. Gallagan Song—"Tin pot band" Mr. Crapper Finale—"God save the Queen." Undoubtedly if these gentlemen will give us another evening's entertainment they will be blessed with a well-filled house, and thereby remunerated for their valuable and interesting services.

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