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IN PARLIAMENT.—SESSION, 1869. HEREFORD, HAY, AND BRECON RAILWAY. (Renewal of Debentures, Conversion of Debenture and other Debts into Debenture Stock Variation of Priorities of Debenture holders; Running powers over a portion of the Mid- Wales Rail- ways, over the Neath and Brecon Railway, and over the Railways of the Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railways Company Working and Traffic Agreements with the London and North- Western, the Great Western, and the Midland Railway Companies Proposed Railway at Here- es,- ford; Additional Land at Hereford Amendment of Acts, g-c.) NOTICE is hereby given that Appli- cation is intended to be made to Parliament in the ensuing Session by "The Hereford, Hay, and Brecon Railway Company," in this Notice called "the Company," for leave to bring in a Bill for all or any of the following purposes (that is to say):— (1) To provide for, and require the renewal of, the Mortgages and Bonds of the Company, for a period to be fixed in the Bill, or the conversion of the Debenture debt into a fixed Debenture Stock of one or several classes, and to authorise the issue for such purpose, and for the interest due on such Debenture debt of a permanent or redeemable Debenture Stock of one or several classes, and ranking in such order as the Bill may prescribe. (2) To enable the Company to raise an additional sum of money by the issue of Debenture Stock or by Shares, and to attach to the Shares so to be raised any preferential dividend or other advantag with or without power to redeem the same, (3) To cancel all or any shares or stock of or in the capital of the Company, whether ordinary or preferential, which may have been created but not issued or forfeited, upon which the amount thereof has not been paid. (4) To enable trustees, executors, guardians, and persons having a limited interest, to consent to any arrangements made under the powers of the Bill and to take and accept Debenture Stock of the Company in lieu of existing Mortgages and Bonds and the interest thereon. (5) To confer upon the Company or any other Company or person working or using the railways of the Company powers to use with their own engines, carriages, and servants, the portion of the Mid-Wales Railway to be defined in^the Bill, the Neath and Brecon Railway, and the railways of the Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway Com- pany, and so much of the Rhymney Railway and of such other railways as the Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway Company have power to run over or use, together with all stations, sidings, points, watering places, signals, booking offices, approaches, wharves, works, and conveniences upon or connected with ihe portions of railway to be used as aforesaid; and the Bill will vary the tolls autho- rized to be taken for the use of the said several undertakings, and will for the purposes aforesaid alter the provisions of the several Acts relating to the Companies owning the said undertakings. (6) To enable the Company to enter into agree- ments with the London and North Western Railway Company, the Great Western Railway Company, and the Midland Railway Company, or any or either of them, for, or with respect to the running over, maintenance, working, and use and management by any or either of the contracting Companies of the railway of the Company and the stations, works, and conveniences connected therewith, the supply and employment by the contracting Companies of rolling or working stock, machinery, officers and servants, for any of the purposes of any such con- tract or agreement, the interchange, accommoda- tion, conveyance, and delivery of the traffic coming from, or destined for, the respective undertakings of the contracting Companies the levying, fixing, col. lection, division, and apportionment of the tolls, rates, charges, receipts, and revenues, levied, taken, or arising from such traffic; the sums or considera- tion to be paid by either of the contracting com- panies to the other of them, on account of the matters to which the contract or agreement relates, and for determination of any disputes or differences between such contracting Companies by arbitration, and to provide for the appointment of a joint com- mittee, and to confer upon such committee all neces- sary powers to regulate their proceedings; to sanction and confirm any contract or agreement already made, or which, prior to the passing of the Act, may be made between the Company and all or any of the other Companies before-named, with reference to the matters aforesaid, or any of them, and the Bill will incorporate parts 2 and 3 of the Companies' Clauses Act, 1863, r. 1 ting respectively to additioT al capital and to debenture stock, and part 3 of the Railways' Clauses Act, 1863, relating to working agreements. (7) To authorise the Company to make and main- tain the following railway with all necessary works and conveniences connected therewith, viz :— A railway to be called The Hereford Junction," commencing in the parish of Holmer, in the said city of Hereford, by a junction with the railway of the Company, at or near a point on the railway where tLe same crosses by a bridge the Eign brook, being a distance from the plat- form at Barton Station of 900 yards or there- abouts, measured in the direction of Brecon and terminating in the said parish of Holmer by a junction with the Newport and Abergavenny and Hereford line of the Great Western Rail, way Company, at or near the bridge at Wide. marsh, in the said city of Hereford, which carries the turnpike road to Leominster over the said last-mentioned line, and which railway will be wholly situate in the parishes of Holmer and All Saint's, in the said city of Hereford. (8) To authorise the Company to purchase by compulsion, or agreement, in the parishes aforesaid, lands and houses for the purpose of such intended railway and works, or any of them, and for the improvement of their Station accommndation at Hereford, and to levy tolis, rates, and duties in respect of such railway and works, and to apply the funds of the Company, or money now authorised to be raised, or which may be authorised to be raised by the Bill, to the purposes of any such railways, works, and objects. (9) The Bill will vary or extinguish all rights and privileges which will interfere with 'its objects, and will confer other rights and privileges. And it will alter, repeal, amend, and enlarge some of the powers and ptovisions of the following Acts (local and personal), viz The Hereford, Hay, and Brecon Railway Acts, viz., 1859. 1860 (2 Acts), 1862, and 1863 the Brecon and Merthyr Railway Act, 1867; the Brecon and Merthyr Railway Arrangement Act, 1868, and any other Acts relating to the Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway Company the 8th and 9th Vict., cap. 36, and any other Acts relating to the London and North Western Railway Company and 5th and 6th Wm. 4th., cap. 107, and 26th and 27th Vict., cap 113, and any other Acts relating to the Great Western Railway Com- pany; and the 7th and 8th Vict., caps. 18 and 59, and any other Acts relating to the Midland Railway Company and will alter tolls, rates and duties, and vary and extinguish exemptions from tolls, rates, and duties. On or before the 30th day of November instant a map, plan, and section, describing the direction, lines, and levels of the intended railway and works, and the lands, houses, and property which will or may be taken for the purposes of the Bill, with a book of reference thereto, containing the names of the actual or reputed owners, lessees, or occupiers of such lands, houses, and property and a copy of this notice, as published in the London Gazette, will be deposited for public inspection with the Clerk of the Peace for the County of Hereford, at his office at Hereford and on or before the same day a copy of the said plan, section, and book of reference and a copy of this notice will be deposited with the Parish Clerks of Holmer and All Saints at their respective residences. Printed copies of the intended Bill will, on or before the 23rd day of December next, be deposited in the Private Bill Office of the House of Commons. Dated this 10th day of November, 1868. TILLEARD, SON, GODDEN, & HOLME 34, Old Jewry, London, Solicitors for the Bill. DYSON & CO., 24, Parliament-street, Westminster, 1161] Parliamentary Agents.