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TO THE ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF BRECON AND TOWN OF LLYWEL. GENTLEMEN, ALLOW me very cordially to thank you J'A- for having a second time elected me your Representative in Parliament, and it is indeed a source of the deepest gratification to find that my services during the past two years have thus been so satisfactorily rewarded. Many questions of great and lasting importance will shortly engage the attention of the new Par- liament, and I shall be prepared to give my inde- pendent support to measures alone, which, in my judgment, will prove most conducive to the continued prosperity of the nation at large, provided those measures will not in any way prejudicially affect your local interests. Again thanking you for your kindness, I remain, Gentlemen, Your most obliged And grateful Servant, HOWEL GWYN. Dyffiryn, Neath, November 25th, 1868. [1182 TO THE LIBERAL ELECTORS OF THE BOROUGH OF BRECON AND TOWN OF LLYWEL. GENTLEMEN, I BEG- to thank the large majority of Liberal Electors who promised me their votes during my canvass. At a very early stage of the contest I saw it was to be one of the screw" and the purse, and this fact determined me more than anything else to retire and leave the field to the two competitors. I am convinced if a thorough sound Liberal candi- date of fixed principles had been brought forward at the proper time, supported by the whole Liberal party, not even the persuasive arguments of the Man in the Moon" could have prevented his being returned triumphantly. Let us, however, in the future, organise and educate our party, so that we may neither have to apply the spur" to our candidate—be under the pressure of the "screw"—nor the influence of the money-bags. In all probability the Electors will shortly have the protection of the Ballot, and I hereby renew the pledge already given to many of my friends, to contest the next Election for Brecon against all comers, when the Electors are left to their own free choice and selection. Yours, ever faithfully, ALFRED A. WALTON. Brecon, Nov. 30th, 1868. [1190 BRECONSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. AN ADJOURNED SPECIAL MEETING of the Subscribers of the above Society will be held at the SWAN HOTEL, BRECON, on SATURDAY, the 19th of DECEMBER, 1868, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, when the business relating to the subjoined resolution will be proceeded with:— That there be paid to a Secretary for his general services Y,10 yearly, and that there be also paid for collecting the subscriptions a poundage of Is. on the amount actually received, which sum is to cover all expenses of collection; and that an advertisement to this effect be inserted in the BRECON COUNTY TIMES," and that Candidates for the employment be requested to send in their applications, addressed to the President, Swan Hotel, Brecon, not later than noon of Saturday, the 19th December." C. ALEXANDER WOOD, PRESIDENT. Swan Hotel, Brecon, November 21st, 1868. [1186 NEATH UNION. PERSONS desirous of CONTRACTING with the Board of Guardians for supplying the whole or any of the under-mentioned Articles, to be delivered at the Union Workhouse Neath, at such times and in such quantities as the Board shall direct, are requested to send to me, at my Office (free of expense), Sealed Tenders, directed "To the Clerk of the Neath Union," before Ten o'clock a.m. of TUESDAY the 15th day of DECEMBER last., viz.:— Bread, at per lb. Flour, at per sack. Beef (fore-quarters, hind-quarters), at per lb. Ox Heads, at per each. Shin Bones of Beef, at per each. Mutton, at per lb. Raw SuS^ Tea? Mustard, Pepper, Starch, Blue, So^u Fresh and Salt Butter, Treacle, Cheese, Candles, and Tobacco, at per lb. Best'Yellow Soapf East India Rice, Oatmeal, Salt, and Potatoes, at per cwt. Best House Coal, at per ton. Milk (to be delivered daily), at per gallon. Skim Milk, at per gallon. Ale and Porter in Bottles; Brandy and Wine, at per quart, &c. Coffins and Shrouds for persons above 11 years of age, at per each. Coffins and Shrouds for persons under that age, to be delivered within three miles of the Town of Neath, at per each. Samples of such Articles as will admit of it will be required, and any Articles supplied not corresponding with and equal to the Samples will be returned. The Contract to commence on the 25th day ot DECEMBER instant, and to continue to the 25th day of MARCH next. Security for the due performance ot the Contracts be required. he 1 HOWEL CDTHBERTSOB, Clerk. Union Offices, Water-street, q Neath, 1st December, 1868. [1188 FOR SALE, FIFTY TONS of well-barvested HAY. Apply to J. A. F. SNEAD, Esq., Bank, Brecon. [1114 HIGH STREET, BRECON. T-T HUGHES, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, JLJLO and NEWS AGENT, begs respectfully to announce that he has now added the BOOKBIND- ING BRANCH to his Business, and is prepared to bind books in every variety of Style or Pattern on the premises. Periodicals placed in publishers' covers. School Books and Libraries neatly repaired. All orders will be promptly attended to. [897 ESTABLISHED UPWARDS OF 30 YEARS. DENTAL SURGERY. MR. EDWARD KING ±TjL attends Monthly- BUILTH: The last Monday, at LION HOTEL. LLANDOVERY: On Saturday after the secon Wednesday, at KING'S HEAD HOTEL, from 11 to 2. Artificial Teeth fixed, from one to a complete set. Teeth stopped. Loose Teeth fastened, and Children's Teeth regulated. Residence—BULWARK, BRECON. [897 JAMES GRAFF, Practical FURRIER, CATTLE STREET, NEATH. Furs cleaned, altered, and repaired. The only Furrier in Wales. [1185 WHEATLEY KIRK, & EDWARD HOARE, CIVIL and MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, ENGINEERING VALUERS, AUCTIONEERS, ARBITRATORS and SURVEYORS. Plant and Machinery of every description for Sale. MANCHESTER, and 1, VICTORIA STREEX, MERTHYR TYDFIL. [1097 THE PLANTING SEASON. Hardy, Regularly Transplanted, and therefore well-rooted TREES AND PLANTS. JAMES DICKSON' & SONS beg to draw special attention to their exceedingly large and good STOCK of FOREST TREES, Fruit Trees, Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, Evergreens, Coniferae, together with all other Trees and Plants, the whole in fine healthy condition for safe removal. Price Lists post free on application. NEWTON NURSERIES, CHESTER. Also at LLANDILO, SOUTH WALES; and NEWTOWN, NORTH WALES. [1191 TO DEALERS IN SPIRITS (Wholesale and Retail). SPIRIT STOCIFIBOOKS, as required by Act of Parliament, are kept in stock at the BRECON COUNTY TIMES" OFFICE, BRECON, Price 2s. 6d. each by post for 32 stamps. [1072 IMPORTANT. IF you want to BORROW MONEY at a cheap rate, go to Mr. W. WILLIAMS, 16, Dock-street, Newport, Mon., and Insure your Life, and he will guarantee that, with approved personal security, you can have any sum from £50 to X2,000, for 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, repayable by fixed half-yearly or quarterly instalments. Office hours: 10 to 5. [174 IMPORTANT NOTICE. A MOST FAVOURABLE OPPOR- TUNITY, by which a sum of £ 20,000 can be obtained on the small outlay of XI only, by a bona- fideHKoney Transaction, established and guaranteed by Government. For Prospectus containing full particulars (which will be sent gratis), apply by letter, address J. A. RINCK, 14, Duke Street, Adelphi, London, W.C. [1149 THE NEW ENDORSING PRESS jJL Inks itself and gives a Distinct Impression.- Price (including Die), ONE GUINEA. No place of business should be without it. A specimen may be seen, or an impression from it sent by post, on application at the BRECON COUNTY TIMES" OFFICE. TO RIFLE VOLUNTEER CORPS. TARGET SCORING CARDS, conve- JL niently arranged for five shots at three distances, ruled and printed on stout Card, as used by the 1st Brecknockshire Corps, may be had at the "BREOON COUNTY TIMES" Office, Brecon. Price Is. per dozen a single dozen Is. 6d. Postage 2d. epr dozen extra. JUST PUBLISHED, THE Second Edition of "GWLADYS WILLIAMS, -an ENGLISH DRAMA bearing upon Wales. London: T. T. LEMARE, 1, Ivy Lane. Paternoster Row. J It deals with Characters in the County of Car- marthen, and with scenes recently enacted there. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. The reader need not be told that throughout this little Drama there is no false feeling-no base hero dragging his T ,lenSth through scores of pages—provoking what next v ana what next V till the patient reader loses himself by a lortunate hiatus, or a skip' of some forty or fifty pages. No, 2.1 h^r n°vel high life, or low life, improbable or com- ™ e> it is a combination of those characters and fnvwnirt one that needs but be seen to be enjoyed by 'the forward child-understanding.'Nottingham Review. some tonlittle book we have taken UP for vn"^Md6aSos^Ts^ y^grifenydd esmwyth a rhwydd, ac ^bCidd^-F^^Sf a theithi anhebgor notel G00? BEHOLD INVESTMENT and GOOD TITHE FOR £ 430—to pay 7 per cent, -Two new HOUSES, of eight rooins each, with Gardens, and Pumps mdoors, In the improving town of Rhayader, where houses are never EMNTV Annlv to W. NOKEIS, Esq., Rhayader. P Y TO be LET.—A WHARF^^to^Canal Bank, with STABLES, GRANARY, and SHEDS, in CHABLES-STREET, WATTON.—Apply TO Mr. JOHN PROTHERO. [987 T To INNKEEPERS.—TO be LET, JL with immediate possession, an old-established DOUBLE-LICENSED HOUSE, with convenient Stables, situate in Llanvaes, in the Town of Brecon, known by the name of the NEw GREYHOUND," with a large Garden, and about an Acre of Meadow Land. The Household Furniture, Fixtures, Brewing Utensils, Stock-in-Trade, &c., may be taken by valuation. For further particulars apply to Mr. JOHN PROBERT, Auctioneer, Watton, Brecon, or to the Landlord, on the premises. [1098 ¡¡r. -c-'=-=:u.1r.=:4;'¡O:õi"i¡;;i:¡'=.¡! BEN JAM I N THE GROCER, JLP HIGH STREET, BRECON &" J* J" FIRST-CLASS THRASHING M ACHINESJ^WINNO WING MACHINES, CHAFF CUTTERS, AND PULPERS, With every description of AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY, adapted for Steam, Horse, or Manual Labour. AT VERY REDUCED PRICES. N.B.- Carriage paid, by Rail, Twenty Miles from Works of Makers. TIT HODGES & w RIGHT, BRECON. [1062 BRISTOL PACKET COMPANY. JOHN PROTHERO Respectfully informs the inhabitants of the town of Brecon and neighbourhood that he has just taken to the old-established and well-conducted CARRYING BUSINESS of the late Mr. W. THOMAS, and that all goods intended for conveyance by his Boats, which will arrive in Brecon from Newport every other day, will receive his prompt attention. All goods to be conveyed by PROTHERO's BOATS-from London, "per Great Western and South Wales Railway, Newport,"—from Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and the North of England, per London and North Western Railway" to Newport,—thence "per PROTHERO'S BOATS"—and all goods from Bristol, 'per Burton's Bristol Packet." GOODS CARRIED and DELIVERED WITE GARE and at MODERATE CHARGES. No more complaints of delay in delivering gOOdS!-PROThERO'S BOATS will await the arrival of the Packets at Newport, and be despatched with promptness to Brecon three times a week. Brecon, 1st Oct., 1863. [17 THE BRECON COUNTY TIMES" PRESENTATION ALMANACK. ADVERTISERS who desire to secure space for their Announcements in this A EXCELLENT MEDIUM FOR ADVERTISEMENTS are requested to apply at the Office, without delay, for Terms, &e. [1194 THE BRECON COUNTY TIMES, —- NEATH GAZETTE, And Advertiser for the Counties of BRECON, GLAMORGAN, RADNOR, CARMARTHEN, CARDIGAN, MONTGOMERY, HEREFORD, and MONMOUTH. Published on Friday afternoons, for Saturdays; price (unstamped), 2d. This Paper, which comprises Eight Pages-Forty-eight Columns-has not only established itself as the COUNTY PAPER -FOP. BRECONSHIRE, But has acquired also such an extensive sale in the adjoining Counties, that (with two exceptions) it now enjoys the LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHED IN SOUTH WALES In the important town of Neath its circulation exceeds by six times that of ALL OTHER LOCAL WEEKLY PAPERS COMBINED! From these facts it will readily be seen that it commends itself to the Public as one of the BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUMS IN THE PRINCIPALITY. Advertisements are charged according to a very moderate uniform scale, copies of which may be obtained, free by post, on application. Copies of the Paper are supplied to Subscribers from the Chief Office, or any of the numerous Agencies, on the following terms :— If paid in advance. Credit. Delivered by Messenger, per quarter 2s. 2d 2s. 6d. By Post 3s. 3d. 3s. 6d! GENERAL PRINTING Is executed at the office of this Paper, NEATLY, EXPEDITIOUSLY, and CORRECTLY, the possession of NEW and MODERN TYPE and IMPROVED MACHINERY (driven by Hydraulic Power), enabling the Proprietors to offer the Public advantages in these respects, as well as in regard to price, such as have hitherto been unattainable in this district. to FINE and COLOR PRINTING executed in the best style of Typographic Art. Proofs by return of post when required. Carriage of Parcels prepaid to any Station on the Main Lines running from Brecon; Estimates furnished for any class of work, upon application, by post or otherwise PRINTING OFFICES,—CHURCH STREET, BRECON. [1068 WILLIAM FARR, PRINTER, AND PUBLISHER OF THE" BREOON JOURNAL BEGS. to inform his Friends and the Public generally that he has disposed A3 of his NEWSPAPER and GENERAL PRINTING BUSINESS to the" BRECON COUNTY TIMES" PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY, in whose favour he respectfully solicits a continuance of the support so kindly extended to him during the past 17 years. THE "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" PRINTING AND PUBLISHING COMPANY, IN referring to the above announcement, beg to solicit, on their own behalf, the _)L. support of the inhabitants generally of the extensive district over which their business operations extend. The incorporation of Mr. Farr's Paper with their own renders the" BREOON COUNTY TIMES" THE ONLY NEWSPAPER NOW PUBLISHED IN THE COUNTY OF BRECON, whilst, with regard to General Printing, they feel assured that but few Country Offices can give to their Customers the advantages they are enabled to offer, in style, expedition, correctness, and moderate charges. "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" Printing Offices, Church Street, Brecon. [1067 "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" OFFICE, BRECON. BOOKBINDING AT LONDON PRICES. NEWSPAPERS, k The Illustrated News," Illustrated Times," Punch," Tomahawk," Fun," Cottage Gardener," &c., bound in London Cloth Covers, or strongly Half-bound in Roan at the same price j or Half-bound in Calf at a small additional charge. PERIODICALS. Cornhill Magazine," Temple Bar," London Society," "St. Paul' "Belgravia," Tinslev's Magazine," Chambers's Journal," Sunday Magazine," Good Words," Cassell's numerous publications, and all other periodicals, neatly and appropriately bound at very Moderate Charges. MUSIC Neatly Half-bound in Roan or Calf. PORTFOLIOS For holding Music, Prints, Drawings, Maps, &c., made to order. FAMILY BIBLES, And other Devotional Works, handsomely bound in Morocco, with Gilt Edges, Tooled Sides, and Backs. LAW BINDING. The "Law Journal Reports" arranged and bound in Volumes, as per Publishers' instructions, or in any other method which may be preferred. Circuit and Law Binding of every description. ACCOUNT BOOKS Of every kind ruled to pattern, and bound in the most durable manner. N.B.—The Materials for Binding, especially the Roan, Calf, Morocco, Cloth, and Marble Papers, have been selected with care from the large Stock of an etninent London Firm, and are of the choicest manufacture. The work being executed entirely on the premises one profit only is charged at the "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" OFFICE. [1069 THE "BRECON COUNTY TIMES" RAILWAY TIME TABLE. THIS convenient TIME TABLE for the Pocket (with alterations for DEC 1868,) may be obtained at the Agencies of the BRECON COUNTY TIMES, and at the various Railway Stations in the district. PRICE ONE HALFPENNY. [1070 THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. NOTICE OF ADJUDICATION AND FIRST MEETING OF CREDITORS. WILLIAM LAWRENCE BANKS, of Ponty wal Hall, in the Parish of Bronllys, in the County of Brecon, Esquire, having been adjudged Bankrupt under a Petition for Adjudi- cation of Bankruptcy, filed in Her Majesty's Court of Bankruptcy for the Bristol District, at Bristol, on the 27th day of November, 1868, is hereby required to surrender himself to the Honourable Montague Wilde, the Registrar of the said Court, at the firstjjmeeting of Creditors, to be held before the said Registrar on the Sixteenth day of DECEM- BER next, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon pre- cisely, at the said Court. ALFRED JOHN ACRAMAN, Esquire, of 19, Saint Augustine's Place, Bristol, is the Official Assignee, and Messrs TILLEARD, SON, GODDEN, and HOLME, of No. 34, Old Jewry, London, and Messrs. CLARKE and SONS, of Bristol, are the Solicitors actieg in the Bankruptcy. [1189 THE BANKRUPTCY ACT, 1861. ENRY LLEWELLYN, late of Bryn- JLJL mawr, in the Parish of Llanelly, in the County of Brecon; afterwards of Llandovery, in the County of Carmarthen; afterwards of George- town, Tredegar, in the Parish of Aberystruth, in the County of Monmouth; and now of John-street, Watton, in the Town of Brecon, in the County of Brecon, Druggist and Veterinary Surgeon, having been adjudged Bankrupt on the 26th day of Novem- ber, 1868, is hereby required to surrender himself to Stephen Bowen Evans, Esq., the Registrar of the County Court of Brecknockshire, holden at Breck- nock, at the first meeting of Creditors, to be held on the 15th day of December, 1868, at Two o'clock in the afternoon precisely, at the Registrar's Chambers, County Court Office, Lion-street, Brecon. GEORGE SYDNEY DAVIES, Esq., of Crickhowell, is the Solicitor acting in the Bankruptcy. At the meeting the Registrar will receive the proofs of the debts of the Creditors, and the Cre- ditors may choose an Assignee, or Assignees, of the Bankrupt's estate and effects. All persons having in their possession any of the effects of the said Bankrupt must deliver them to the Registrar, and all debts due to the Bankrupt must be paid to the Registrar. STEPHEN BOWEN EVANS, Registrar, and now performing the duties of 1195] High Bailiff of the said Court. In the County Court of Brecknockshire holden at Crickhowell. IN the Matter of JOHN PARRY, of B Ty Philip Cwmbannw, in the Parish of Llan- beder, in the County of Brecon, junior, Farmer, Sheep-dealer, and Labourer, adjudged Bankrupt on the 15th day of October, 1868, An Order of Discharge will be delivered to the Bankrupt after the expiration of Thirty Days from this date, unless an Appeal be duly entered against the judgment of the Court, and notice thereof be given to the Court. Dated the 2nd day of December, 1868. E. J. C. DAVIES, 1196] Registrar. 1." H E 0 H A M P I O N JL LIVER AND STOMACH PILLS. These Pills are compounded from the recipe of one of the most eminent physicians of the present day (who, from purely philanthropic motives-knowing their excellent properties from experience—has been induced to give the benefit of them to the public at large). They are prepared by an able and experi- enced chemist, and are acknowledged, by the faculty, to be the most valuable medicine for all disorders of the stomach and derangements of the liver ever prepared. It is a well-known fact that most of the diseases incident to the human race arise from a disordered stomach, and an irregular state of the bowels, and for want of a suitable remedy, taken in time, thousands of (at first) simple maladies become serious illnesses To guard against this great evil, and to preserve the blessings of health, these pills are confidently and earnestly recommended. They act generally on the constitution, cleanse the blood of all impurities; regulate the secretions, aad give tone to the stomach; correct the morbid con- dition of the IWer, regulate the bowels, and, by, removing all impediments,, restore elasticity and vigour to the whole frame. Sold in ooxes (with directions for use) Is. lid. and 7i d. each (a saving by taking the larger size). Sold Wholesale by Messrs. Barclay and Son, London, and Retail by all Medicine Vendors. AGENT FOR BRECON:—MR. MORRIS, CHEMIST. ESTABLISHED NEARLY 40 YEARS. JO S LIN S Squill and Ipecacuanha LOZENGES for Coughs, Asthma, and incipient Consumption. JOSLIN'S Squill and Ipecacuanha LOZENGES are invaluable to public speakers and singers. JOSLIN'S Squill and Ipecacuanha LOZENGES have a pleasant taste. JOSLIN'S Squill and Ipecacuanha LOZENGES are recommended by the faculty. Sold in Bottles at Is. ltd. and 2s. 9d., and Tins at 4s. 6d. and lis, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors. Wholesale by Messrs. BARCLAY, SANGER, SUTTON, and EDWARDS, London, and by J. L. DAVIES, CHEMIST, HAY. Agents at Hereford—Messrs. F. & A. MERRICK Cheltenham—Mr. GIBBON and Mr. SMITH, Chemists' High-street. Brecon Aberdare— Mr. J. JONES, Stamp-Office. Merthyr-Mr. THOS. STEPHENS, 113, High-street. Neath-Mr. W. HIBBERT, Chemist. [71 j^AYE'S AVOR^DELLS' FILLS^ This invaluable Medicine, which has been known throughout the UNITED KINGDOM for nearly half a century, and recognised by all who have tried it to be the BEST PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD, is admirably adapted to supply a great want-that of a remedy always at hand, easy of application, and eertain in its results. Its timely aid prevents, and its assistance cures, all Diseases, however caused; and where these Pills are persevered with DOCTORS' BILLS ARE TJNKNOWN. Being a purely vegetable preparation, they may be taken at any time by either sex without fear of danger. Acting upon the bowels mildly, yet effect. ually, by their fine tonic, aromatic, and aperient properties, they remove all oppressive accumu- lations, regulate the secretions of the liver and bowels, strengthen the stomach, and purify the blood. Prepared solely by JOHN KATE, Esq., of Prospect Hall, Woodford, Essex. Sold by all Chemists and other Dealers in Patent Medicines, at Is. lid., 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. Wholesale Depot, 22, Bread-street, London. [425 LOST, at Brecon Fair, on the 17th instant, a NEW YELLOW LEATHER BAG, containing Two 25 Notes and about PA ill Gold. Whoever will deliver ap the above, and its contents, to Mr. W. PIUCD, New Inn, Talgarth, will receive XI Reward. rneo SUPERINTENDING AGENTS of first-class position required for this District (if with a Fire Insurance connexion preferred) for a Business which will not clash or interfere with any existing Agency or other engagements.-Apply to W. H. HODGES, Secretary and Manager, Commercial Indemnity Corporation Limited, Cowper's Court, Cornhill, London. [1197 WANTED, a good Plain COOK.- T T Apply (by letter), naming references, to "D," County Times Office, Brecon. £ ] 168 THE STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. CONSTITUTED BY SPECIAL ACTS OF PABLXAXBNT. ESTABLISHED 18%. DIVISION OF PROFITS. The EIGHTH DIVISION of the COMPANY'S PROFITS is appointed to be made at 15th November, 1870, and all Policies now effected will participate. The FUND to be DIVIDED will be the Profits which have arisen since the 15th November, 1865. The COMPANY'S BUSINESS YEAR will Close on 15th November, 1868, and in order to secure the advantage of this year's entry to the Profit Scheme, Proposals should be lodged as soon as possible. THE STANDARD is one of the oldest and most extensive insti- tutions in the United Kingdom for the Assurance of lives. It was established in 1825, and its progress has been most successful. Its Accumulated Funds, invested chiefly in Mortgages on the security of Land, now amount to Foot Millions Sterling, and its Income exceeds 9700,000 per annum. FUBTHEB INFORMATIOX can be obtained by application to the Secretaries of the Company in London, jkk&btagh, and Dublin, or at any of the Agencies which have been established in every town ef importance throughout the kingdom. COLONIAL AND FOREIGN ASSURANCES ranted on the Lives of Persons proceeding Abroad. Branch Offices and Agencies in India and all the British Colonies, where Pre- miums can be received and Claims settled. T o vT) n v i 82, IvING w 11 iTJAM STREET, E.C., AS9 JJUJSJJVJS | 3> PALL MALL EAST, S.W. EDINBURGH.. 3 & 5, GEORGE STREET, HEAD OFFICE. DUBLIN. 66, UPPER SACKVILLE STREET. AGENTS:— BRECON. JOHN EVANS, Post-Offlee. NEATH & BRITON FERRY.C. OLD, Provincial Banking Corporation. [lift NORWICH UNION FIRE INSURANCE OFFICE, INSTITUTED 1821. CAPITAL £ 550,000. DIRECTORS: CHAS. EVANS, Esq., Chancellor of the Diocese of Nowich, President. EDWARD STEWART, Esq., Vice-President. George Durant, Esq. Robert J. Harvey Harvey, Esq., M.P. Henry S. Paterson, Esq. Henry Brown, Esq. Wales Christopher Hotson, Esq. Charles Edward Tack, Esq. Donald Dalrvmple, Esq., M.D. Wm. Robert Clarke, Esq. George Edward Simpson, Esq. Colonel James Coekburn. Secretary-Sir SAMUEL BIGNOLD, Knight, Surrey Street. Norwich. THE RATES of this SOCIETY are the same as at other Offices, whilst periodical returns are made to the parties insared. In proof of the public confidence in the Principles and con- duct of this Establishment, it will suffice to state that the total business now exceeds 980,000,000. A BONUS of nearly 50 PEB CBHT. on current Premiums will be paid to Insurers (whether losses have been incurred on their Policies or not) at MICHAELMAS and CHRISTMAS, 1868, and LADY-DAY and MIDSUMMER, 1869. More than.;C39%430 have been previously paid in Bonuses. Insurers whose Premiums are due at Michael. mas are reminded that payment should be made within Fifteen days of that date. AGENTS FOB THE COUMT* BRECON. MR. JOHN EVANS. RAY MR. CHARLES GRIFFITHS. (1093 LONDON NEWSPAPERS Posted by Morning and Evening Mails with undemting regularity. A liberal Discount allowed for payment in advance, or a reference to a London Banker or Agent. Magazines and Stationery forwarded Carriage Free for a 20s. order.—Apply to W. ALEXANDER (late BROOKS), 24, Old Cavendish St., London, W. Established 1760. A List of Newspapers forwarded for one stamp. FllM PARSONS, FLETCHER, AND co/s, INDIAN KICE STAKCH. (TRADE MARK, AN ELEPHANT.) This excellent STARCH, introduced by PABSONS, FLETCHER, and Co., has met with a success unparal- leled in the annals of the Starch Trade, and is known as the ELEPHANT STARCH. Ladies should insist on their Laundresses using this Starch, which, being manufactured by an improved process, is much purer, and consequently more glossy, requires no boiling, and is ENTIRELY FBEB RASV inis DESTROYING EFFECTS TO THE LIKE* so common in other Starches now in use. 22, BREAD STBEET, LOVDOIT. Sold in Packets of lIb., ilb., and lib., and in 41b. BENJAMIN THE GROCER AND BENJAMIN AND COMPANY, BRECON, And all respectable Grocers. (338 ECLECTIC MEDICINES ONLY WILL CURE. Just published, free for two stamps, A GUIDE TO THE CURE OF NER* VOUSNESS, by HENBY SMITH, M.D., of the University of Jena, author of the Volunteer's Manual," &c. A new Medical Work on the wonderful power of Eclectic or Concentrated Medicines for the Cure of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility, Lowness of Spirits, Indigestion, Want of Energy, and Prema- ture Decline, with Instructions for perfect Restora- tion to Health and Vigour without the painful Stwdfei of Galvanism or the use of Electric Belts, &c. WARNING VOICE is Illustrated with many and Testimonials, Gives Advice and Rules Cure of all diseases by the use of the new EfitaSfe Remedies. Dr. SMITH invites all who have tried the falselp- called remedy, Galvanism or Electricity, to send a stamped-directed envelope for his new PAnqAde4 which will be sent by return of post. CONSULT A LONDON PHYSICIAN BY LETTER, WITHOUT FEE.—Dr. SKITS wil4 for the benefit of Nervous Sufferers, on ring a description of their Case, send his writiten opinion, with advice and directions for the most successful treatment and cure. Address. Dr. SMITH, 8, Burton-orescent, London, W.C. [1187