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The Emperor of Austria has…


The Emperor of Austria has published, the following GENERA L O R D E R. I have put an end to the war, in order to restore to my people the blessings of peace, and no longer to expose their prosperity to the for- woe of uncertain events. You have shewn your fidelity and your unshaken attachment in the midst of every danger, and thus hare you drawn closer, and made still more indissoluble, the !ies which biacJ the sovereign to the happines of his lople, In my army, upon whose achieve- ments I shall ever reflect with hearfelt gratitude, I recognize the supporters of my throne, and the protectors and guarantees oftlie future tran- quility of my snhjcets. In the three last san- guinary engagements, they acquired the esteem and admiration of the whole world. Your innu- nieiabie proofs of inflexible fidelity and attach- ment to my person, give you the strongest claims upon my affection they i.,i-c to you the surest pledges of my gratitude. The means of promoting your prosperity, and distinguishing you, shall accordingly he the nost important object of my future cares. To reward the services of every individual, accord- ing to the wish of iuy heart, whilst the hap- piness of an is equally dear to me, is at this moment impossible, But, in the mean time, my army shall receive the highest proofs of gratitude and satisfaction which, under existing circumstances, it is possible for me to give. Besides the promotions that have already takeu place, and the gratuities distributed to the ¡ 4. r 1 IhYZ ordered a niuahei" of Crosses of the Order of idaria Theresa, and gold and silver medals of distinction, together with particular presents, to be distributed in each of uiy armies, i have also appointed a Chapter of the Order (0 be held, and nominated Commissioners for dis- posing of the medals, in the presence of whom every individual, who is conscious of merit from distinguished acts of bravery, may assert his claim. One and all shall experience impartial justice. I confidently expect that they will continue to cherish the same spirit of discipline, ever allied with true valoui- the same patriotism and har- mony with their feilow citizens, which have hitherto animated them that their justly earned consciousness of their own worth and dignity shall not be impaired; and that one and all of their; Commanders shaH zealously Oo-operate with me in maintaining that spirit of order and internal regulation, which can alone secure to us a permaneut peace and the esteem of our neigh- bours. tSigned) FRANCIS,"



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