Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

2 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



TO BE LET, j AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, 1 A READY Furnished House, situate in the pleasantesf part of 'he town of Beau- lnaris, facing the sea, with shrubbery in front, 'ConsistIna of two parlours, one drawing room, seven bed rooms, and an excellent nursery, kitchen, pantry, servants hall, laundry, and good 'Cellars, with a large kitchen garden well stocked, 'a six stalled stable with coacts houses; from *en ¡ 10 thirteen acres of good Lanrt close, to the tori* is rflay had if wanted.—For further particulars, app, y to Mr. J Ames HARRIS, Beaumaris. January 25, 1810. CARNARVONSHIRE. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LET. Notice is hereby Given, THAT the Tolls arising; at the Beddgelert -S- Bridge Toll Gate, in Ihe county of Caruar- von, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, At Fhe House of Mr. George Bettiss, known Hie name of the Sportsman inn, in the town of Carnarvon, in fbe county of Carnarvon, on Satur- day the 17th day of February next, at the hour of twelve o'clock at noon of the same day. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time give security with suffioient sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees, tor the paymeet of the rent agreed for, and at such tunes as they shall appoint. Wm. GLYNNE GRIFFITH, Clerk and Treasurer to the Trustees. Carnarvon, 29t/i Jan. 1810. CYMDEITHAS FANGOR, Mawrth 1, 1810. N gymvrraint a bed torri Tai, lladrad, a I Throseddiadati eraill, wedi eu gwneuthur ym Mhlwyfyd I Bangor, Llandegai, a Llanltechid, Jo Swydd Caernarvon, a darfod i'r Troseddwyr fynjch ddiangc rhag cyfiawn Gospedigaeth, Saiil a'i trwy ormod Tynerwch, neu oeisiau digon 0 Arian i ddwyn y cyfryw Ddrwg-weitliredwyr i (lat rhyn Barn y Gyfraith. RHYBUDD YW HWN. Einhod ni, Enwau y rhai sydd yn canlyn, Tri gollOH y PI w Y fydd uchod, wedi yrnrwymo i wneu- tbur ell) gorau lu ag at ddwyn i'r Casp a haedd- al, hob c) t'r w rai a wneiont linrhyw Ladrad ar tin Heiddo, neu a fyddont yn euog o'r Trosedd- j a enwir yma. Ac, fel y gwneiena hyn yu I ni gyttuno talu y cyfryw Wobrau ac j, keunodir rhagllaw, unrhywun a ddalio, neu a ^lo.yn achos o ddal ac o gospi Dyuion euog o r r»seddiadau sydd .yn canlyn :— £ s. d. -Am dorri Ty, 3 3 0 ■Am yspeilio ar ben ffordd fawr, 3 3 0 Am ladralta Cetfyl neu Gaseg. 2 2 0 Am ladralla neu anafu Buwch, Llo, Dalad, neu anifail arall ..I 1 0 Am dorri i, neu ladratta Da, neu UdoHrefn, o unrh-yw Dy allan 0 10 6 A|» dorri Coed, Canghenau, a Planhig- *°'n Coed, buw mewa Cloddia ar j. 'ath troseddiadau 1 1 0 &Oi ladratta neu vvneuthur niwaid i •Fenn, Trol, Aradr neu unrhyw Ger ■Hwsmonaeth arall, 0 10 6 Am ladratta Mochyn neu Aderyn dof, 0 10 6 Am dorri Perltan neu Ardd, 0 10 6 Ali, ladratta Yd, Grawn, Gwellt neu Wair yn tyfu neu wtdi eu casglu ynghyd, Potatws neu Faip, 0 10 6 Aiii dori-i'neii la(iratia l,ti(liert, Cled- rell, Post, neu ullrhcyw Wailhhaiarn perihyn iddo, 0 5 0 Ac am unrhyw Drosedd neu Ladrad na phen- fw ° r ')'aen' y Wohr ag a dybio y rhan j0^f o aelodau'r Gymdeithas yn gymmwys ei PLWYF BANGOR. Y gwir Barebecii,4 Esgob Bangor, Y Parehedig Dean Bangor, Y Parchedig Mr. Jones, Archdeacon, Y Parchedig Mr. Kyffin, Y Parchedig Thomas Ellis, Y Parchedig H. Owen, D. D. Y Parchedig Mr. Rice, *■ Y Parchedig Mr. Williams, Y Parchedig Mr R. Davies, Y Parchedig Mr. N. Owen, Thos. Parry Jones, Esq. John Jones, Esq. Bangor, R. R. Parry Mealey, Esq. Mr. Hall, Admiral Crawley, Treborth, John Roberts, Esq. D. R. Captain Taylor, Mr Hugh Jones, Surgeon, r litil r. Roberts, Surgeon, Dr. Pring, Organist, Mr. Rasbrook, Post. Office, Mr. Jackson, Bangor Ferry, Mr. Coleman, Perfedd-goed, &lr. James Hn frhins, ] ■ftlr. Jones, Bryntirion, Editors of North Wales Gazette. LLANDEGAI. Y Gwir Anrhydeddtis Arglwyddes Pcnrhyn, benjamin Wvatt, Esq. Lime Grove, Mr. Greenfield, Mr, Kdw. Parry, Tyddyncanol, Samuel Worthinglon, and Co. r, W. Williams, Llandegai, r. J. Defford, hir. W. Pierce, Rhose. LLANLLECHID. Parchedig Mr. Roberts, r. Thomas Jones, Farmer. ABER. Parchedig H. W. Jones. 'rb irack Members are requested to meet at Mr. tlsoo' s' Bangor Ferry, on Thursday the 1st fC% uext. 7 Dinner CARNARVONSHIRE. I RHOSHIRWAUN INCLOSURE. 1 '§' The undersigned, the i Dinni'irner àp- Íil, pointed by an Act of passed in the 42d year of the reign of hi's NIai etitiiied, 11 An Act for dividmg; allot ling, and in- closing, a tract of common an 1 Witsfcj¡.,nrls,ín the several parishes of -y,s, and Bryo(;roes, in tl,.e Cc-; Do hereby give notice* 1 That a meeting will be held at the house of Mr. David Rice, known by the name of the Crown and Anchor Inn, in the town of Pwllheli, in the said county of Carnarvon, on Wednesday the 21st day of February instant, between (he hours of eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and one o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, for the purpose of further carrying the said act into execution. Dated this 1st day of February, 1810. BENJ. WY ATT. Commissioner. BUCKLEY FiREBRICK MANUFACTORY, NEAR MOLD, FLINTSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. BROSTER, At Mr. FOEPEL'S, Commercial Tavern, Chester, on Saturday the 24th day of February at four o'clock, The Interest in an unexpired Lease of thirteen years. rip HE BUCKLEY FIRE BRICK KILNS, JL situate nine Miles from Chester, with a right of rai! road to the river Dee, late in the possession of ROBERT BERKS, Esq. deceased, together with 25 acres of Clay Land; three cot- tages for workmen, a commodious counting house with two ,ioms above, a stable and workshop,— The annual rent for the clay land £60. and for the cottages £40. At the termination of the pre- sent lease, it may he renewed for a further lease of TWENTY-ONfc YEA It S, upon paying £ {{) per anuum additional rent on the clay. The advantages of this concern are numerous ,iiiioii-,st others—the connections in the trade are of the first respectability in England, North and South Wales, and capable of being rendered much more extensive—the average profits of the last three years have amounted to upwards per annum, independent of the estate, and by erecting a steam Engine to grind the clay, a con- siderable ex pence might be saved; Colleries nearly adjoining the clay M e*cei''et>t and apparently inexhaustible, in' short to a spirited man it is a most desirable undertaking. There are nine kilns, three clay mills, three sheds with flues under to dry the "articles in wei seasons—a large assortment of molds, barrows, &c. which are to be taken by the purchaser at a fair valuation. The business is still carried on., and fur- ther parriculars, apply to Mr. BROSTER, Chester, or Mr. HOLMES, the Clerk of the works, who will j shew the premises. Carnarvonshire Timber. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Sportsman Inn, in the tofcn of Carnarvon, on Saturday the -171h day of February next, between the hours of four and six in the after- noon, subject to conditions then to be pro- duced, either in the following or such other Lots as shall then be agreed upon, unless pre- viously disposed of, of which due notice will be given :— LOT I. SIX Hundred and forty-six Trees numbered C7 with Paint, and eighteen Cyphers Growing on Peny hryn Farm, in the Parish of LSandtvreg, in the holding of Mr. EVAN GARNOKS. LOT n. Two hundred and twenty-seven Ash Trees, seventy-one Alders, three Willows, one Syca- more, tive Birch, and two Cherry Trees, growiiK- on the same Farai, ° LOT III. Three hundred and fifty-one Oak Trees num- bered with Paint, and four Cyphers growing on a Farm called Taly Sarn, in the said Parish of Llandwrog, in the holding of Mr. GRIFFITH THOMAS. LOT IV. One hundred and sixty-seven Ash, twenty-six Sycamore, eight Birch and EJm, numhered as before, and growing on Taly Saru aforesaid. LOT V. Four hundred and fifty-one Oak, numbered with Paint, one hntidred and twenty-five Cyphers, two Ash, and eight Sycamores, growing on Cae Cadu, and Cae'r Llanarch, being part of a Farm called Tal drwst, in the Parish of Hanlltyfni, in the holding of ROBERT WILLIAMS. LOT VI. Five Oaks growing on Tyny pwll, in the said Parish of Llanllyfni, in the holding of WILLIÀr THOMAS MORGAN; thirty-seven Oak Trees, two Ash, and five Sycamore, growing on Dol Evan 1 arm, in the said last mentioned Parish in the holding of WILLIAM GRIFFITH; and sixty-ihiee Oaks, ten Ash, and two Sycamore, gsowing on Pant du Farm, in the Parish of Llanlljfni aforesaid, in he holding of HENRY HUGHES. The' Farms upon which the Timber grow, all lie oneach side of the road, from the town of Carnarvon to Drws y Coed, and within five miles of the navigable river Foryd, the Oak Trees in general are of good size, and fit for the use of the Farmer, the Ship Carpenter, or House Builder, the Ash appear sound, and the whole are situate very convenient for carriage The respective tenants will shew the Timber, and further particulars maybe had on application to Messrs. POOLE, Attornies at Carnarvon, or at their Office at JPencraig, in Anglesey, To Owners Bs Keepers of Ilorscs. rflHE Publishers of CLATEirS EVERY A MAN HIS OWN FARRIER, embrace the earliest opportunity of informing them, that the Twentieth Edition is this day published, neatly printed on superfine paper. The-extraordinary demand for this celebrated publication, is the surest, criterion of its real utility. The true description disorden, and the invaluable recipes for tÎieir cure. The method of preparing and compounding the various medicines, and the tiseful i-etiiarlis on ap- plying them, has been tried, approved, and met with unexampled success throughout the United .Kingdom. There is no doubt but the present large im- pression will soon be disposed of, therefore pur- chasers are particularly recommended to apply early. Price 6s. extra Boards. Sold wholesale by Crosby and Co. Stationers' Court, Ludgate-street, sold by Griffith, Tenby Jenkins, Swansea, Roberls,Carnarvon,and retail- ed by every Bookseller, Stationer, and Newsman. Pri/s Owen lJark" to Let. TO BE LET, TO THE RIGH'EBT BIDDER, AND LITTERED ON I MM P i) I ATEL Y, Ott Wednesday next, February 21st.. at four o'clock in the afternoon,, iu the foilowing or slIch other Lots as may be then agreed on L01' L A GRASS PARK called Park y x5L Meillion, part of Prys Owen Tesse- irent situate within about a Mile of LlaD- arehymed, Anglesea, containing 35 acres of Land of the first quality. LOT 2. PARK Y BRYNAU- part in grass and part in stubble, the stubble part well limed the last year, and may be ploughed this year for a cron. LOT 3. PARK. ElRION, containing 22 acres or thereabouts, LOT 4. PARK Y LLYN, -containing 20 acres. LOT a. PARK FFYNNO.V WEN, containing 19 acres, The above Parks are fenced with Stone Walls, and ail of them well supplied with water. Apply to Mr. PRiTCif AED, Llwydiart Esgob, Anglesea. llEALTH PRESERVED- WITHOUT IMPORTANT ADVICE TO ROTH SEXES. THIS Day was j i; ioli-d, >i ,i!! v printed in J2mo. price 4s. GENUINE GUI DE TO fl' f i t H, k.i f" tiital 'issays on the preservation ot health, wins the most effec- tual means ot pieventn-.g and ctinng diseases; also strictures on regimen, and the MANAGEMENT OF INVALIDS. WITH PARTICULAR ADVICE TO WOMEN IN C1 LD-BED, and the FOOD BEST ADAPTED FOR INFANTS, To which are added, Observations on Intempe- rance, and various Excesses—Their extraordinary; influence on the human frame with suggestions to counteract, their b:u!et':d effects written ill a brief, but clear and .comprehensive manner ByT. F. CHURCHILL, M. D. Professor of Midwifery, in London, author of- the Practical Family Physician, Medical Re- membrancer, Sjc. &c. London; printed for B, Crosby and Co. Stati- oners' Court, Paternoster-Row and sold,'by ) Roberts, Carnarvon; Griffith, Tenby; Jenkins, Swansea, and by all Booksellers, Stationers, and Newsuieu, with a good allowance for exporta- tion. Freehold TL s e s, in Wales. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Unicorn Inn, in the town of Machynlleth, on Saturday the 24th (lay of February," 1810. IN THE COUUTY OE MERIONETH. Annual rent. s. d. LOT P ESTATE called Ton-) JrJL fanney, in the Parish off P Olynn, in the occupation of Mr.r J JOHN VAUGHAN ) LOT 2. Bonyraer and Cwynygule, in the parish of Permal. in the> 40 0 0 occupation of ROBT. JONES. ) LOT 3. Peuypinner, in (he said parish) of Pennal, in the occupation or 18 0 0 SIMON THOMAS.Y LOT 2, and 3. Are within a, wile and an half of the (own of Machynlleth. IN THE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. LOT 4. Tynyrwttra, Rhosciliwch, and") Felix Turner, in the parish off 73 10 0 Trefeylwys, in the occupation( r NICHOLAS BENNET. j LOT 5. White Lion, and Unyseynnin, in the town iizid parish of Machynlleth, the farm in the 90 0 0 occupation of CATHERINE LEWIS, widow. J N B. A Fee Farm rent of 6s. 3d., is payable to the owner of this estate. LOT 6. A house in the town of Mach-) ynHeth, in the occupation ofQ Q -ROBERT LUMLEY, & JOHNT 0 0 LEWIS .) LL, wis CARDIGAN. LOT 7. Llwyncrwn, in the parish Of Llaofihangel, in the occ.upa-> 9 0 0 tiofl of JOHN THOMAS ) On several of the lots there are coppices of thriving young Oak, which will ia time become very valuable. The estates are let at very moderate rents, and are capable of g-reatimprovcment. The respective tenants will shew the premises. For further particulars, enquire of the Rev. Eobert. DAYIES, Towyn, near Machynlleth and of KINDKRLEV, pd Do VILLSJ Lineoins Inn, London. (0n$Property,} Rhycldlan Slate Yard. A SLATE YARD is now opened at the PORT of RHYDDLAN, where a constant supply of Roofing Slates from the Penrhyn Quar- ries will he kept and sold for ready money only. Apply to Mr. WYATT, Mount, St. Asaph or to JOHN JONES, Rhyddlan Bridge. Denbighshire Freehold Estates. V TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Talbot, in Denbigh, in the county of Den- bigh, on Saturday the 10th day of March 1810, at five o'clock in the afternoon, in one or more lots as may be agreed upon, and subject to conditions ALL that Messuage or Tenement, called PSas Panton, with the lands and premises thereunto belonging, con raining 1 12 A. OR. 24p. si- ttiat.e in the parishes of Henllan and Llansannan, in the county of Denbigh, and now in the holding of Robert Roberts. All that Messuage or Tenement called Nant y garreg, with the lands and pretnises thereunto belonging* containing IDA. 2n. 20P. situate in the parish of Llansannan aforesaid, and now in the holding of Thomas Jones. All that New Inclosure, in the said parish of Henllan, containing I 13A. 1 R. 2P. purchased un- der the Henllan Inclosure Act, adjoining P!as Panton farm above mentioned, and now occupied by the said Robt. ftoberts: and another New In- closure, in the said parish, containing 2A. I R. 22P. adjoining the said Plas Panton fariii, and now held by Anne Davies, The above premises are in a and entitie the owner to a right of common on the adjoining very extensive wastes in Llansannan parish. For further particulars apply to J. C. WIL- LIAMS, Solicitor, Denbigh.