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Denbighshire i rechold Estates. v- TO BE SOLI) BY AUCTION, the Ta!i)of, in Denbigh, hi the county of Den- bigh, on Saturday the JOth 'Say of March ISiO, *t five .o'clock.iu the afternoon, in one or more [ lots as may be agreed upon, ami subject to CO¡di(ion AhL th =il Messuage or Tenement, called Plas Pan ton, with th>, lauds and premises ('IiDtO C0I)Iait'7;IP Oit. 24P. si- ther I..I "te in the parishes of ilen!s- Ltausannaii, in o>eC(s;;nty of Denbigh, an« now it) the holding of °°bert Roberts. An ,'hnt Messuage or Tenement called Naat y farr"g, wiiii the lan:ls and premises thereunto E?0[IJRINAR5 containing 10A. 2R, 20P, situate in the rib of LJansannaa aforesaid, and now in the "hhng of Thomas Jones. Tr A!J that New Iiicfosure, in the said parish of lIeuUall. containing i 13A. I R. £P. purchased un- Act, Anton farm above mentioned, and now occupied J the said Robt. Roberts and /mother New Jn- ^tosiire, in the saidpansh,oontaining2A. 1 it. 22p. "joining; the said Plas Paufoa farm, and now 1(ld hy Anne Davies. ,e premises arc in a ring-fenoe, and owner to ;L ri,Iit of coiiitxioti on the '■Joining very extensive wastes in Llansamian Pa ii s ij. For further particulars apply to J. C. Wic- Solicitor, Denbigh. Holyhead Association, FOR THE PROSECUTION OF FELONS Iarch 1, 1810. 1/17 HERE AS divers Burglaries, Felonies, J V and Larcenies have been committed in ,"e parish of Holyhead, and its neighbourhood, •" the county of Anglesey, and the offenders have < °° often escaped Justice for want of immediate Jesuit and effectual prosecution. Therefore wc names are hereunto subscribed, in order to Jesuit and effectual prosecution. Therefore we names are hereunto subscribed, in order to ^eviiiit iuid suppress any kind of Felony and ■•arceny, (so far as in us lies), have agreed to fs'Se and maintain a Fund for the prosecution of an such OlFerices as may be committed against ?Ur respective properties. We therefore, the etter to suppress all such offences as aforesaid, o hereby offer the following (towards to she Person or persons who shall tirsi" give such infor- ia{ion, as shall lead to the direovery of the Jhilun property, and apprehension of the respec- .lVe offenders, in the undermentioned cases, 'o be paid on the conviction of such offender by 'he A H'" Sslciaiion, the following Gentlemen, or any of them, are appointed a Committee, (viz.) °'u) Jones, N. M. Goddard, Jared Jackson, H. H.Jones, Esquires, Rev. William Lloyd, Ye 1 ■ David Williams, Thomas Spcncer,. John John Rates, Lewis Owen, Edmund Ro- Cr ts, aud J 01111 Price. REWARDS. s. d. The felonious breaking and entering lIy House 5 5 0 The felonious stealing, killing, maiin- or wounding any Horse, Mare, or e'(Jing» S 3 0 j, ')e like of any Bull, Ox, Cow, Calf, Sheep, Lamb, or Hog, 2 2 0 y, he stealing of any Goose, or other °'lUOS 10 6 £ ny other Grand or Petit Larceny, 110 "Sealing any Gale, Pale, or Rail, or .n}' Tron Work, or other thing belong- "S tnereto; or breaking, cutting-down, I r destroying the same, or any Hedge, or Other Fence, 10 6 Steal i ng, cutting down, breaking, de- J ?, °ying, or damaging any Trees, Sap- Poles, or Underwood, 10 6 Robbing any Orchards or Gardens, r Stealing-, or maliciously pulling up, r destroying auy Turnips, Potatoes, ^rsnips, Carrots, Cabbages, Peas or v e^tlls> growing in any inclosed ground, 10 6 j Stealing any Corn or Grain, Crass or lay, growing or standing in cocks, 1 1 0 For discovering any person trespass- M)y making bye-paths or roads over "y Land or Ground, 10 6 o And for Information against, or apprehension a a»y persons committing any other offences, or Insist, the property of any of the Members, such J^ard as shall be directed by the said Com- Ittee. Mr. ÚEWIS OWEN", Secretary & Treasurer. Messrs. JACKSON & PRICES Solicitors. Lady Stanley N. M. Goddard, Esq. Colin Jones, Esq. Jared .J aeksoll, Esq. IT. H. Esq. Rev. William Lloyd Rev. David William. 'Mr. Thomas Spencer Mrs. Vickers Mr. William Jones, grocer Mr. John Jones, druggist Mrs. Mary Parry Mr. Lewis Owen Mr. John Price Mr. John Anwyl Mr. Robert Roberts Mr. William Williams Mr. Griffith Owen Mr. Edward Roberts Mr. Benjamin Nott r. William Owen r. John Bates 1 Mr. Edmund Roberta Mr. John Braillard Mr John Gething Mr. John Ellis Mr. W;liam Walthew •Mr Richard Jones, jun.. |Vlr Richard Jones, sen. ibfV*e Annual Meeting will be held on the 1st day 1vhLV*rC?' Mrs. Parry's, King's Head, e! e.verj Member is re- f TO BE LET, AM) ENTERED UPON IM 'M D I A T E I. V, AREA DY Furnished House, situate in the pleasantcst part of the town of Beau- .t-'î.. the pleasantcst part of the town of Beau- maris, fating the sea, with shrubbery in. fronl, consisting of two parlours, one drawing room, ) seven bed rooms, and an excellent nursery, kitchen, servants ban, laundry, aud cellars, with a large kitchen gaulen wr-li stocked, a six stalled stable with, coach houses front ten to thirteen acres of goo:! Land rfose to the'town i may he had ir wantcd.-¡: p:lic¡;L¡r,j, apply to Mr.J.IMKS ILvaiUb, Beaumaris. I January 25, 1810. The Original Navy Coffee House, J rA NEWCASTLE-STREET, STRAND l.ONDOX. ELIZABETH MALTKICE, WIDOW OF the late GRIFFITH MAURICE, proprietor of the above popular, much frequented, and long- established HOTEL, has carried on the business since the death of her late Husband, the great and extensive patronage which she has received in that interval from her numerous friends and the public, has determined her to continue it, and encouraged her to make new and extra- ordinary exertions for Plihiic favonr; for this I purpose every possible improvement is makif), in fhe illternal management and accommodations of the House, and no expense nor pains will be spared, to render it pleasant and advantageous to those who frequent, it, whether single, or in partie.s, as cascai visitors, or as inmates. I'ho ',Vities is lai-ge, an(] or the I)est qualify, the premises are extensive, and besides the other superior accommodation*, contain a large Dining Koom, peculiarly adapted to large Dinner Parties, the whole is under the immediate superiuteiidance and management of Mrs. Mau- rice. Mrs. Maurice returns thanks fl,l' tl, favors conferred on her late husband, and so liberally continued to her since his death. CYMDEITHAS FANGOR, Maicri/i 1, 1S10. srym-naint a bod torn Tai, lhdr;u.\ a H Throseddiadau eraill, wedi eu gwueuth,|r ym Mhlwyfydd Bangor, Llandegai, a hlftnlU-ciuti yn Swydd Í:iaernal'v()/I, II darrod i'r Tro,etldw) ¡' yn fynycii ddiangc rhag cyliawn (iospedigaeth., nail! a'i trwy ormod Tynerwch, neu o eisian digou o Arian i ddwyn y cyfryw Ddrwg-wcithredivyr i ddcroyn BanI y Gyfraith. R H Y f 1U D D Y W IIW N. Ein bod ni, Enwau y rhai sydd yncanlyn, Tri- colion y S'lwyfydd udiod. wedi ymrwymo i v/neu- thur ein gorau iu agat tidwyc i> Cosp ;« haedtl- ant, boh cyfryw i,ai a art ein Heiddo, ueu.a fyddont yn euog o"r Trosedd- iadau a enwir yma. Ac, fel y gwnelen^ hyu yn well, i ni gyttuno talu y cyfryw Wobra.u aC a bennodir rhagllaw, i unrhy w un a ddalio, neu a fyddo yn achos o ddal ac o gospi Dynion euog o r Troseddiadau sydd yn canl) ii M-, A. d. A m dorri Ty 3 3 0 Am yspeilio ar benffordd fa.wr, 3 'i 0 Am Iadraffa Celfyl neu Ga.seg, 2 2 0 Am ladratta neu anafn Buwcii, Llô, Da fad, neu an i fail a rail 1 1 0 Am dorri i, neu ladratfa Da, neu Ddortrefn, o unrhy w I)y aiian 0 10 6 Am dorri Coed, Canghenau, a Planhig. ion Coed, buw •niewn Cloddia ar fath troseddiadau 1 I 0 Am ladratfa jieu wneuthur niwaid i Fenn, Trol, Arat'r neu unrhyw Ger Hwsmonae'h arall, 0 i<> 6 Am ladratta Mochj fi neu AderyJl 0 10 6 Am dorri Perlian neu Ardd, G iO 6 A in lad rat ta Y d, Grawn, Gwelit neu Watr yn tyfu neu wedi eu casglu ynghyd, Potatws neu Faip, 0 10 6 Am dorri neu ladratta Llidiert, Cled- ren, Post, lieu unrhyw Wailh haiarn yn perthyn iddo, 0 5 0 Ac am nnrhyw Droscdd neu Ladrad na phen- nodwyd o'r blaen, y fath Wobrag a dybioy rhan f'wyai o aelodau'r Gymdeithas yn gymmwys ei roddi. PLWYF BANGOR. Y gwir Barchedig Esgob Bangor, Y Parchedig Dean Bangor, Y Parchedig Mr. Jones, Archdeacon, Y Parchedig Mr. Kyffin, Y Parchedig Thomas Ellis, Y Parchedig H. Owen, D. D. Y Parchedig Mr. Rice, Y Parchedig Mr. Williams, Y Parchedig Mr. R. Davies, Y Parchedig Mr. N. Owen, Thos. Parry Jones, Esq. John Jones, Esq. Bangor, I R. R. Parry Mealey, Esq. Mr. Hall, j Admiral Crawley, Treborih, John Roberts, Esq. D. R. Captain Taylor, Mr. Hugh Jones, Surgeon, Mr. Roberts,;Surgeqn, Dr. Pring, Organist, Mr. Rasbrook, Post Office, Mr. Jackson, Baugor Ferry, Mr. Coleman, Perfedd-goed, Mr. James Hutchins, Mr. Jones, Bryntirion, Editors of North Wales Gazette. LLANDEGAI. Y Gwir Anrhydeddus Arglwyddes Pearhya, Benjamin Wyatt, Esq*. Lime Grove, Mr. Greenfield, Mr. Edw. Parry, Tyddynoanol, Samuel Worthiwgfon, and Co. Mr. W. Williams, Llandegai. Mr. J. Defford, Mr. W. Pierce, Rhose. LLANLLECHID. Y Parchedig Mr. Roberts, Mi. ihoaias Jonts, ABER. Y Parchedig II. W. Jones. The Members are requested to meet at Mr. Jackson's, Baugor Ferry, on Thursday the 1st q £ MsiUli I Freehold .Estates, in Wales. A-i t f f" .) ,oj T!) BE SOLD 15 Y AUC' ON' A I:Iti, ;ri tfie.towii IN' Tl'f >S; COXINT Y O E'' M t'V: i« N SJTII. Annual rent. £ a. ti. i.oT i. a x ESTATE called -) J:II- fanney, in the p.>. -if Q Q in tne ocs.upaiioii o) JOH-N' V AUG 11 A N' 3 t-OT 2. Bonyraer and (Jvvynvgu/e, in ) the parish of 40 0 0 occupation of ROBT. JONES, j i.OT 3. Penypinner, in the said parish 5 of Pennal, in the occupation of > 18 0 0 -ell Simon THOMAS ) I.OT 2, and 3. Are within a mile and an half of tl)e town of ,,I, -Icliyl,llt,tli. IN THE COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY. I.OT 4. Tynyrwttra, Rhosciliwch, and") Felix Turner, in the parish oiQ j^ Trefeylwys, in the occupation^ NICHOEAS BEN NET ) LOT 5. White Lion, and Unyseynnin, "j in town parish of J Maehynlleih, the farni in the 90 0 0 occupation of Cirnrnixc j j Lewis, widow j N. B A Fee Farm rent of 6s.-8d., is payable to the owner of this csrate. '.ox '3. A house in the t-'wu of Mac(i-) ynlleth, in the occupation g q 0 I.UMLICY, & Lewis ) CARJJIGAX. LOT T. Elwyncrwn, in the parish of') LlaOiihaniiel, in the oecupa- > 9 0 0 t i o u o f Jon » T H omas ) On several of the lots there arc coppices of thriving youns: Oak, which will in time become very valuable. The estates are let at very moJerat.e rents, and are capable of great improvement. Tlie respeoiivc tenants'will shew the premises. For further particulars, enquire of the Rev. i v I of Messrs. G«AIIA>t, KIXWER uEY, and Th.LE, Lincolns Inn, London. (One Property.) "p- C YMDEITHAS .J .i J. Be .J ,I .1 1.í}1>. A sefydheydyn Nhref licanmares er cosp-i Troseddieyr. X o -ic t » i in yn iLn:r ise;): d'V Y )tJ an¡Y!1l..ídi;()sp, mae'r Gwyr a hpl/wir is(d vie(ii CY(ftlilo i i-oi at-itri tit a,, it a pob math o I;idra«( a direidi hyd eithaf eu gallu. I'r perwyl hyK'ny, mae'r Boneddigion can!yno!, r.c-u rhyw dri o honynf, i reoli pob achosion perthvnol i'r Gy.mdeithas, (h. y.) Y uiaer a'r Baiii.l am yr amse.- y byddent yn eu swyddi, Sir Robert Williams, Joh.'i jJodychari Sparrow, cJohn Williams, a Rowland Wi^iams. I bob achwynwr a rod do V vvybodaeth {''nghylch rhyw ladrad neu ddrygau eraill ac a fyddo'n ddigonol er cyhnddoV trose(i1 ^WJ;r•—I b(;b cyfi yiV achwynwr y mae'r Boneddigi>« dyweded.;g >" ymrwymo i dalu gwohr trwy law v Trysorwr .-Jolih Jones Gwr o Gyfraith, Rating Rov", yn y moa1 canlynol do. S. D. Am yspeilio ar ben y ifoTdd fawr nt;n dorri ty yn y Nos •> J Torrf r.v yn y dvdd Lladratia, lJ¡¡ùd"anafn, neu i'riwo ^ciiy I nengaseg 0 Lladratta, Uadd, neu friwo tarw, eidion, hiiwch, anner 110, dafad, oen, lieu fochyn 2 ,2 (I I ^■adratta adar doSion 1 1 0. La(a LJidiardau, pyst, neu haiarn yn per.}'! iddynt, neu dorrir unrhyw, (,Iaiv(ld neti wal l 1 0 Ll<¡¡iratta rl"'YW Cl<1do, J:a un bYlm, ,u o fawr ai o fychan ljris. I 1 0 Ladratfa, torri neu ddifetha coed lieu citliiii 0 Torri perllennau riel -1 neu ladratta neu ddiwreiddio'n ddlreudus, neu ddifetIJamaip, pottattw'S ileit • bys yn tyfu niewn lie cau 1 0 Yr ydvs yn dymuno ar bii,"I'h, Y byddo r Gymdeithas yu eu dyled,. ddanion e'1 eyfrifon i. John Jones y Trysorwr ddeng iiiwn.'xS o'r hyu leiaf o Viieli y dydd cyntaf o Sio Mavvrth, a chyf- arfod ddeg o'r gloch y hore y dydd hwnnvv' ..V" y Bwl yn Nhref Beaumares, He bydd j'r I gvfrifon gaei eu holi—Fe £ jll pob aclcd o J Gymdeitlias fod yn brcsennol y pryd hynny— Pwy by nnag sy'n chwennych -byd yn iiii o'i, Gym- deithas,. aed at y Trysowr—D. S. Ni chymmerir dim llai o gyuuorOiwy na 10s. 8. 1IIiII' B ea um a r is Ass o cia I in n, FOR Tli E PROSECUTION of F ELONS. WHEREAS several Felonies, Larcenies, and Depredations of various kinds, have been committed in and about the Neighbour- hood of Beaumaris, and the Offenders have almost always escaped Justice for want of im- mediate and effectual Prosecution. Therefore the several Persons whose names are hereunto suhscrihed, associating themselves together in order to prevent and suppress every kind of Felony and Larceny (as far as in them lie) have agreed to raise and maintain a fund lor the Pro- secution. of (hem. And for managing the affairs of this Association, the following Gentlemen or, any three of them are appointed a Committee, (viz.) The Mayor and for the time being, Sir Robert Iolin Sparrow, John Williams, and Rowland Williams, Esquires. Ar;d the said Committee do hereby offer the following Rewards to any Person or Pursers, who shall give such Information in the as shall lead to the recovery of the Property stolefs, and the apprehension of tn t Offenders in the undermentioned Cases, to b I-Mia 011 tlie CoaviQtioa of such Offenders,by John | ,"n:s, of row, Attorney at Law, Trea- surer, in the following manner; y robbery, or the feloniously Ire-iking or entering into any house in the night time 5 5 0 The like in iti e (iiy time 3 3 0 The feloniously stealing, killing, maim- hir. or wounding any horse, mare, or geiding 5 5 0 The like of any bull, ox, caw, steer, heifer, calf, sheep, lamb, or hog, 2 2 0 Thestealing of any poultry 110 Auy grand or petty Larceny 1 1 0 Stealing any gate, pole, or rail, or any I iron-work, or other thing belonging thereio, or breaking, cutting down, or destroying (he same, or any hedge or other fence. 1 t 0 Stealing,cutting down, or breaking-any trees, saplings, poles, or underwood, or furze, commonly called g<;r;e 110 Robbing any orchard or Garden, or maliciously pulling up or destroying any turnips, potatoes, parsnip", Car- ro!, cabhag-es, or peas, growing in any inclosed ground. I 0 All Persons having any demand on the above Society, are desired to send their accounts to the I Treasurer, at least, ten days before the 1st of March, and to attend the Committee at en o'clock in the morning of that day, as the Bull's [lead fan, in Beaumaris, when the same shall be examined, and any of the Subscribers may attend. Any person wishing to become a Subscriber, will apply to (fee Treasurer. N. B. Not less (ban IOs. Cil. to be received. SU BSCRIBERS NAMES. Lord Viscount Buikeley Sir Robert W illiams Major Sparrow J. 1). Lewis William Price William Williams William Edwards William Hushes Griffith Roberts Richard Lewis Maurice Lewis' Itiehard Griffith William Sparrow Robert Hughes, Plas Lianyoed Rowland Williams Thomas Jones, Summer-Hill Richard Jones J. Hugh Lloyd James Harris John Lloyd John •Williams Hugh Hughes Robert Allen Henry Rowlands oliii Joii(,s,.itiiiior N. R. A Meeting of ine Society will he held at the Bull's Head Stun, Beaumaris, on Thursday the 1st of March next:. W. WILLIAMS, Chairman. MAURICE LEWIS, Dep-.ify. JOHN JONES, Secretary & Treasurer. Beaumaris, Feb. 12, 1809. Capital Timber. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the House of JOHN" ROBERTS, called, Peny- bont, in Lianysfindwy, 011 Saturday, the 3d day of March next, between the hours of two and four in the afternoon, in the following Lots, marked and numbered — T,OT J. So ASH, ].Q SYCAMORE, 6 ALDERS, and 1 ASPEN. LOT 2. O 15 SYCAMORE, 9 ALDER, aod ,iN/ A o i li, IN. LOT 3. û; ASH, 5 SYCAMORE, and I ASPEN. LOT 4. 57 OAi, and 6 CYPHERS. Ali stamhng upon the Demesne of Tynewydd. in jhe parish If Llanystindwy, in the county of Carnarvon. ,The above Timber, are within half a Mile of the navigable River DW YFOR, and are well worth the at.tentio« of Ship-builders. — EVAN I ELLIS, of Henfelin, will shew the same, and give furl her particulars. RUCKLEYPIRa JllUCK I NEA It MOLD, Fl'I:I's,InnEr TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, IVY MR. BftOSTEIt, 1 At Mr. 1"0 E I' LIS, Commercial Tavern, Chester, 011 Saturday the 24fh day of February at four o'clock, Tha Itilei-est, in an unexpired Lease of thirteen yean, r I" III: IUTCKLEY FIRE BRICK KILNS, it., situate wine Miles Irani Chester, wirh a I right; of rail to die river Dee, late in (he possession of ROBERT BERKS, KAQ..u-ceased,' I together with 25 acres of Clay Land; three cot- tages for workmen, a commodious counting house with two rooms aliove-, a stable and workshop.— The annual rent for the clay land -P-(iO. aud-for II the cottages £ 40. At the teri-ii ilia i of the pre- sent lease, it may he renewed for a further lease of TWENTY-ONE YEARS, upon paying per t amium addiiional rent on the clay. The advantages of this concern are numerous —amongst others—the. connections in the trade I are of tiie first respectability in England, North and South Wales, and capahle or being rendered „ much more extensive—the average profits of the last three years have amounted to upwards of^'600 per annum, independent of the estate,- and by- erecting a steam to grind the clay, a. con- c,icc be saved; Colkries nearly adjoining the works; the clay > 0* e'lent and apparently inexhaustible, in sho> i. to a spirited man it is a most dfesirabie under? II There arc nine kilns, three clay mslia, three sheds with fines under to dry the articles in we' seasons—a large assortment of molds, barrowg, &c. which are to be fakci) by (he purchaser at a t t'a;r valuation. The business is still carried on, and fur- ther particulars, apply to !*>r, '{doyi-Hit, Chester,. or Mr. Homuks, fh«i Cierii of Uie works, who will shew tiie premises. I j Rhyddlan Slate Yard. A SLATE YARD is now opened at Ihe PORT of RHYDDLAN, »h >'e a constant supply of Roofing Slates from the renrhj u Quar- ries will he kept a id sold for readv -olle, Apply to Mr. WyATT, Mount, St. Asaoii or to Jon\' ,fp'ES, Rhytldlan Brirle.