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The George, Handle Poole, Maftlcr, from Liverpool, for Duhlirr, làdell with coals foun- dered off Holyhead, in a gale ofwiud on Wed- nesday se'nnight, crew saved. -A dinner was given or. Mouday ,tbe 12; just, at tbe HIlle Boil Holywell, by the offi- cers. of the. late corps of Volunteers establish- ed in that town, to their Captaiti Comman dant, David Pcnnant" Esq. of Downing; when he was preiemed, id the name of the corps, by John Ejoyd, Esq. senior Lieute- nant, with a most valuable and beautiful piece of plate, accompanied by a very neat address. Captain Pennant returned bis thanks in a style truly elegant and classical On one side of the ClI p the arms of the Pennants are beautifully executed in reliefs and ou the other Hie following inscription—- The officers, non-commissioned officers, '« and privates, of the Loyal iloiyvreSi Yolur,- eel- Infantry, do unanimously present THIS CUP fo CAFI'. !'E\r\n', as a sma IIles- limony of Iheir hí;iJ f's:eem and re¡:a;d f.r his g:eatlem;u¡l} conduct, during the period itwelve years) he commanded that corps; y I and also as a pledge, that should Govern- m en I call such force again into action, the said corps will be ready to enrol themselves under his coixiiiiaiid.-tioly well, 8th Sept. I b09." Cupt. Shorlland of the Junon, lost an arm, and ieceived a sevei'e w<>i.iud in Ihe lcr, i.n the late action in the West ladies, in .which that vcsSo;1 was captured by two French fri- gates. o it appears, from official returns laid before the Commons in Ihe course ot the Inquiry, that after Jthe departure of the Expedition to the Scheldt, the force which remained in the United Kingdom and the islands iu the Chan- siel, wa/i, in the whole, including Militia, 110,660; viz. ior Great Britain add the Islands. 10,519 cavalry, 26,182 infantry, IS,539 militia; for Ireland, 4154 cavalry, infantry, and 20,629 militia. At a mceting of lhe (om missioners of tbe Assessed Taxes, held in the city of Hereford, on the 9th iisst. a surcharge was confirmed on the evidence of the Assessor of the ward, against Mr. James Hawkins, Principal Inspec- toi of Taxes in that county, for not entering in the Tax Papers, a sporting dog, his own tity for 11) property, and not paying duty for Ihe same. fhere arc this year six Sundays in Epipha- ny; a circumstance which has only occurred once during the last forty-six years.—-The moveable feasts, the terms of Easter and Tri- nity, and the Summer Assizes, will all be late in proportion: this is owing to the Pascal full moons tailing this year on the latest pos- sible day-v viz. Wednesday, the ISlh of April. Mr. Alexander Trotter, formerly of the Navy Pay Oifcce, was a purchaser of fen lands io Lincolnshire, at thcsale at Boston Iasl week, to the amount of 30,0001. 631 acres of the East fen sold lor 20,9101. being at the rate of 421. 8s. pec acre and 698 acres of the West fen produced 47,1901. averaging" 677. 3s. pcr acrc,



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--Thursday, February 22.

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