Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

8 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

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Sl" David's Day.—On thc anHiversar of our tutelar Samt un Thursday last, a splendid din- ner was provided at Bangor Ferry for the en- tertainment of the members of "the Bangor Association. The company was numerous, mirth and harmony presided, several loyal and appropriate toasls were drank, and at a late hour the company separated, all highly pleas- ed and gratified. Our communications upon the fioriu grass have excited gome degree of sc-eptism upon the truth of our correspondents statement hut with gralitude to him for his favor, we can assure our readers that specimens have been procured and received at Mr. Brosler's, Chester, and which are forwarded 10 lhis office, which have satisfied every one who inspected them of the consequence of the dis- covery made by Dr. Richardson.—We look to ils introduction into this country with a pleas- ing; hope that our most barren spots will bear the verdure of Ihe best cultivated grounds, (We are happy to hear thai Mr. Parry's selec- tion of Welsh Melodies, is highly praised by amateurs, and that he has been voted a medal* ■by the Gwyneddigion Sociely, lor supporting the dignity of the Ancient British Juslr. A very simple method has been discovered of preserving the air pure in large halls, the- atres, hospitals, &c. 'fhe apparatus, for this purpose, is a common lamp, made according to Argand's construction, suspended from Ihe roof of the ball, and kept burning under a funnel, the tube of which rises above the roof without, and is furnished with a fcntdalor. Dr.VanMarnm, the inventor, for his first experiment, tilled his large hdJOratory with, t the smoke of shavings; a few minutes after he iighted his lamp, the whole of the smoke had disappeared, and the air was perfectly purified. A match of twenty guineas was made on Wednesday week, between two horse dea- lers, on their return from .\orihalSertoli fair at Harewood Bridge, their hacks h run from thence to Leeds, a distance of nine miles, which was performed in 26 minutes, and 12 seconds; each rode (lIÎ his own back; the oatchwaswonby half a length, byMr. Wat- kinson, of Mobberley in Cheshire, beating Mr. lsaar tetley, Leeds.—K ever was so well a contested race run. We have heard of a dreadful murder in the neighbourhood of Wrexham, on Friday iasl, Inll are sorry to say we callnot give the ptU tictitai-s cori-ecliv.-We liane been told, that the foreman of a lime-work received about live pounds to pay the otner workmen, and that a black-smith (now in cuslody ) tvay-laid nim, and so severely wounded him, as io cause his death (lit the Monday following.—Tim numbers of the notes were known, and the delinquent waslottnd ou! by changing theui for > new hat, shoes, &c. in Wrexham tbe day following;. I The following said fo be a certain preves« tive against the loss oi poultry and Ian■ by "•foxes Mix-equal quantities of fa", -train oil, and black hrimstnnc; dress the laiill) soon as pos- sible with as much as will lie On aOnalf-crown of this ointment.— By touching the places ,iere poultry are kept with this mixture., they will be equally secure i atite swelled by eating lover.—An eggshell full of I ar, immediately u1 dov- u the creat ure's throat, has proed a sate certain cure in. sevrai ins!, and is found to allay the swelling in a few minute*.

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