Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

3 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



v- HEREAS, a HARK BAY MAHE. v T about four'een hands high, was left at "loel y don Ferry House, in the r-otinty of An- fifesey, on Thursday the ht day of December last. and hath heelt In the s-able there e*er*iuce, Without being claimed or paid Cor, Notice is hereby Gires, .tthat in case the owner of the said Siore do th not »?tlle an'l pay tire expencts of fceeitfhe her at y tjon aforesaid, she will be sold'hy Auction f Mod y ilon Ferry, on Friday the 23rl day of '•oh instant, at the hour of eleven in the fore- °"i to defray such expences and costs of eafe. March 9 th, 1810. ) ARMY CONTRACTS. r, Comm.hta.ry in Chiefs Office, Great George Street, London, 6th Plarch 1810. T^OTLCK IS HEREBY GITEN to all per-. ftm So,»s desirous of Contracting to supply the ttowinj,. Articles for the Use of the Army, vi; I B&RAD, OVIS, FOrtAGE, viz. ^ajesty's To hisWajesfy's Oats hay and <l"d forces in cavalry in straw, to his Cantonments, Cantollments Majesty's Quarters. and and quarters, cavalry in barracks in in the under- barracks, in Ulhler- menfi- mentioned the under- 0n<j<l counties coan'ics, and mentioned a»(l islands: islands: counties in South Britain. Allemey Anglcsea Berks sea Bedford Cornwall g dord ])cvon Berwick Dorset j> *'ek li recon Essex Bucks Hants (induing f\ *s Cambridge the Isle of 8'Mbridpe -Cardigan Wight) yrdijr;)„ Cannanhctl Kent" J11"];) rt hen Carnarvon Lancaster jr;fr"arvotl Chester Middlesex 'tester Cornwall Norfolk 0rnw;in (mclu-Ciimberlaiid Northampton f,1- Scill}) Denbigh Nottingham j. 'lerlaud Derby Somerset j 'e,| ),gh Devon Suffolk %y Dorset Surry jjev,i Durham Sussex rj 'r^'t Kssex Warwick "ana Flint. Wilts Glamorgan York. r|Mt flioster ("organ Hants '"s-er Hereford JUein1Cy Hertford i,an,s Hunts tpeford Isleof Wight j^^ttlord Kent And in the sere- j .11 s Lancaster counties in e o" Man Leicester JtortkBritaiu. V'e of Wight Lincoln j^fsey Merioneth re»t Middlesex ^'1'icaster Momuou'h I Vaster Montgomery ^co'n Norfolk Uotieth Northampton j. Jdlesex Northumberland ^niouth Nottingham j; "^oniery Oxford No t!'k Pembroke A» also Forage v r,huinpfon Radnor to all horses 2^ ^iinberlandRuiland kept for his Q 'l,"Shain Sulop Majesty's ser- <>rd Somerset vice in the 1s- k e Stafford land of, jjdd"or Suffolk -"tland Surry ^P Sussex Jersey, g"erset Warwick c Afford Westmoreland Wilts sUr'y Worcester Sf'nx. y.i-k. !:«rwick ^estoioreland 5". Worcester 2°rk. ''d in the seve- :I counties in "orth Britain. t '1'ht the deliveries are to commence ÐI1 and the 25ih day of April next; the proposals in '•ins, sealed up and marked, Tender for army Pp'ies, will be received at this Office on or %in k5 Th,,rsda> the 5,h day of April (hut none »e received after twelve o'clock on that day,) > if sent by post, the postage must be paid. Co?r°prosa!s mllst he made separately for each •nty an,| island, except for the counties com- £ ls'nff North and South Wales, all of which r*u«t be included in one Tender, as also must the 'e\'eraI counties in North Britain and each pro- *T°sal must have the letrer which is annexed to .n& Tender properly filled up, by two persons of |K0w'1 property engaging to become bound with ? Person tendering in the amount stated in the U "ifed particulars for the due performance of (Ile C()ntract. and no proposal will be noticed e £ 'ess made on a printed Tender, and the prices ^Pressed in words at length, nor unless the par- (.es> or some person on their behalf, attend on # following day to know the decision thereon d should it so happen that during the conti- <(,a'.lce °f the contract, no troops should be ofa,'°ned or supplied in the county, theexpences v contract and bond, paid in the first instance c* 'he Contractor, to be refunded to him by the oQltnissary in chief. aD^rt«eulars of the contracts may be had upon PPhcation at this office, between the hours of j^v8n and five at the Office of Deputy Com- ^jssary General Lindesay, Edinburgh! at the •e'^e0f Assistant Commissary Luscombe, Guern- » and at the Office of Assistant Commissary lIUlaresq, Jersey. otl"-As Some very material alterations have been aae in the Bread, Oat, and Forage Tenders, "14"11 persons as may be desirous of tendering to ^PP'y the fame, must apply for the proper jpar- ?ct/«rs, Valuable Freehold Estate in F¡;nMtire)1 TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, The latter end of May, or the beginning of June next: IN IIOTS. AVery Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, -CjL containing upwards of twelve hundred and fifty acres of arable, meadow, and Pasitue land, divided into several compact farms, «vith con- venient buildings, let to resfiectable teeants, end capable of great improveuieut; under several of the lots, there are seams of coal, one of which is now working to great advantage. Also one third of the royalty of lead ore and coal, under several thousand acres of land, within the said parish or Mold, in whichare included the valuable mines of Llynypanduand Peny fron,and the Nant Mawr coal work. The estate is situate in the parish and vale of Mold,wilhin the distance of 12 miles of the city of Chester, and the town of Wrexham, 9 miles from the town of Ruthin, and 6 from the port of Flint, and the whole of the property lies con- venient for lime. Particulars will he ready for delivery in the course of the month and in the mean time, any further information may be obtained at Mr. WYNNE'S office in Mold. Mold, > March H, 1810. j I CAllNA RFONSMRE. RHOSHIHWAUX INCLOSURE. I the Jindersigned, the Commissioner ap- pointed by an Act of Parliament passed in the <12d year of the reign of his present Majesty, entitled, "an Act for dividing, allotting, and inclosing, a tract of commons and waste lands, called Rhoshirwaun, situate in the several parishes of Aberdaron, Llanfaclrhys, and Bryncroes, in the county of Carnarvon." Do hereby give Notice, that the next public meeting for putting the said Act into execution, will he held at the house of Mr. DAVID RICE, known by the name of the Crown and Anchor inn, in the town of Pwllheli in the said counly of Carnarvon, on Wednesday- the 25th Aaj of April next, when and inhere all such person and persons as have already purchased any part of the said common and toasts kinds, and whose contracts have not been forfeited and declared null and moid, are requested to come prepared to pay their respective put-chase money. And it being provided by the said Act, that the cxpences of obtaining and passing the same and itncther incidental charges and expences what- soever, for or by reason of, or preparatory to the dividing and inclosing of the said common and waste lands, and of carrying the said Act into compleat execution, shall be paid by sale of any part of the lands so to he inclosed the following additional portions of the said common, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of the said Mr. DAvio RICE, on Wednesday the said 25th day of April next, at the hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced t A. R. P. LOT I • A portion of the said common containing. g 3 10 12 3 3 3. ditto. 23 0 23 4. ditto. 26 I 25 5-rtitto 14 1 16 6. ditto ) 7 I 14 7. ditto. 77 3 I .9. ditto with 6 iticroacbmetits.. C)S 3 30 The firqtlltevel) lots commence at Pant l ali near Rhyd lias Gate, and extend in a direct line or) the South iii(te along the intended new road, till it joiUii the road leading from Brvacroes to Aberdaron. y Lot eight is situate on the cast side of the road leading from 8ryncroes to A berdarorit, and ad- joins the properties of Sir Robert Williams Vaughau, bart. and Richard Edwards, Esq. A. R. P. LOT 9. A portion of the said common containing. 4 0 26 10. ditto. 8 2 3 These lots adjoin Toekyn Morgrig, on the south east side of the road, leading from Bryncroes to Aberdaron, and on the easterly side the intended new toad from Meillionydd, to join the said road from Bryncroes to Aberdaron. A. R. P. 11. A portion of the said com- mon, with one incroach- ment, containing 12 2 13 12. do. with 4 do. do. 13 1 16 13. do. with 1 do. do. 13 0 2 14. do. with 2 do, do. 10 2 6 15. do. with 4 do. do. 17 3 6 16. do. with 2 do. do. 75 0 27 11. do. with 1 do. do. 14 3 o 18. do. wiih 2 do. do. 60 .3 38 19. do. with I do. do. 5 3 31 20. do. with 2 do. do. IT 0 Is 21. do. with I do. do. 10 0 35 22. do. with 1 do. do. 24 0 28 2. do. with 2 do. do. 32 S 80 24. do. with 4 do. do. 9 0 16 25. do do. <94 2 19 The last mentioned lots are bounded on the south west by Bryn hynog, the property of R. Edwards, Esq. ou the westerly side hy Tair Gwraig, the property of the said R. Edwards, on the northerly side by Caera, the property of Mr. Ellis Roberts, and on the easterly side, by the properties of the Hon. Mrs. Finch, Sir Robt. Willialnes Vauglian, bart. and others, and are divided by the road leading from Bodgaea to Porth Colmon. Dated this Gth day of Match, J S 10. 5 BEN. WYATT, Commissioner. For further particulars respecting the sale, apply to the Commissioner, at his residence at Lime Grove, near Bangor; at the Office of Mr. Glynne Griffith, Solicitor, Carnarvon; to Mr. R. ower., Land Surveyor, Llanehghenedle, Anglesey; and at the place of sale, > where plans of the different alletoitsU are left for inspeition. WANTED TO PURCHASE, On any part of the Sea Coast of Carnarvon- shire or Merionethshire, A BATHING LODGE, withSO or 40 acres of Land adjoining to it; also an Kstateof two or three HUNDRD POUNDS Iterarmuftl contiguous to the Lodge, or within a short dis- tance of it. Application to belUadè to the Priotcr of this paper. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL that. CAPITA!. FARM, situate, lying: and being in the Parish of Llanllechid, in the county of Carnarvon, called by the name of Talyllynogwan, confaiiiiiigul)out 1461 acres, now in the occupation of Morris Jones, and Jane Howell, as tenants at will. And all that valuable farm situate lying and being, in the said parish of Uaulleehki, called by the name of Talywaun, containing about 652 acres, now in the occupation of Owen Evans, as tenant at will. j The above Farms tie contiguous to the new post road, leading from Holyhead to Shrews- btiry, and witlitiz,,i few ciiiies or the new inn, at Cupel Cerrig, about twelve miles from the market town of Bangor, and nine miles of LI inrwsr. The land is capable of gi-ea-t improvement a-t a small expence ) owing to the great {ravelling upon the new road, luutl near Capel Cerrig is very much increased in valUlr; these farms are well worth the attention of persons who are inclined to spe- culate in real property; a new inn may be con- veniently built upon one of them: an additional inn near Capel Cerrig will answer well. Further particulars may he had, by applying to Mr. J. EVANS, Attorney, Carnarvon. Sale of Farming Stock BY AUCTION. Mr. pE?iso?f informs the Public, that he shall sell by Auction, at Erhislllck Hall near Over- ton, in the-county of Denbigh, ou Wednesday April 11th, 1S10. ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK, j'N. implements in husbandry and dairy utensils, the property of Jons EVAiB, Estj. of Erbistock Hall aforesaid. Which consists of between twenty and thirty heads of fine useful dairy cow;, a number or calving heifers, a capital three year old high bred hull, seven extremely handsome, young draught horses and gee ring, (wo very good wag- gons, one cart, olle 'iumbrcf, plows, harrows, &c. which Dc-srshl -.riitt )))t t Uc leas* 'ire»erv«, as Mr EVAN. has set the Farm. Catalogues, will be prepared ready for delivery within fourteen day: of the Sale, and may be had at the Feathers tun, Chester; ilridgewater Arms, Eliesmere; Croits Keys, Oswestry; Bowling! Green, Overton; and from Mr. Penson, Wrexham, Wrexham, Feb. 25, isto. CARNARVON. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IFTSBIMATELT, Til WO commodious modern-built DWELL- I ING-HOUsES, situate 111 High-Street and Church-Street, in I he town of Carnarvon. The House in High-Street.consists of a capital entrance, a dining-parlour, and drawing-room, nearly 2U feet by 17 a breakfast-parlour 17 feet by 16, a bed-room of the same size, wUhadress- ing-rooin attached, and two other bed-rooms on the first Boor; five other bed-rooms in thc attic story, with suitable garrets: an excellent kitchen, a housekeeper's room, and other suitable offices. The House in Church-Street contains « large breakfast-parlour, dining-parlour, and tea-mom, (with a recess) also two lodging-rooms on the same story wi) It the tea-room, four excellent bed. rooms in the a'tic story, capital garrets, and a commodious kitchen. There are IlIlCOllHnon good vaults under each of the Dwelling-houses, and each of the Tenants iray be accommodated with three acres of capital Land, contiguous to the town of Carnarvon. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. H. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. (ONR PROFRERTT.) TIMBER. TO SE SOLD BY ÁUCTION. IN TWO LOTS, At Penybont in Yspytty in tlie-cotinty of Car- narvon, on Monday the 26th day of March 1810, at four in the afternoon. LOT 209 Oak Trees, 5 Cyphers. 23 Asli. 5 Elm, I Cypher. 5 Mountain Ash. 1 Birch. Growing upon Bwlchymaeft farm, in the parish of Penmachno in the said county, in the holding of Jourl WILLUJlfS. LOT 2. I IS Oak Trees, I Cypher. Growing itpon Penrhyn Canal in the said parish, in the holding of ROBERT JONBS. The above Lots arc scribe numbered, and are in general of large dimensions, well adapted for Ship-building, of great length, sound and clear. of scantling sufricient for Vesltels of large burden, at beams, planks, iC. and to a good road. LOT I, is distant from the port of Trefria about seven miles, and LOT 2, about nine. The respective tenants wall shew the TIMBER, and for particulars apply to DATIB Tynycoed, aear feiuua^ao,


LONDON. Monday, March 18.