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l *qs%3S=SS=9===S5SSSS=3= £ = F WANTED TO PURCHASE, any part of the Sea Coast of Carnarvon- ihire or Merionethshire, shire or Merionethshire, A BATHiNG LODGE, with 30 or 40 acres of Land adjoining to it; also an Estate of '*0 or three HUNDRD POUNDS per anntim .ntiguous to the Lodge, or within a short dis- 4uce of it. Application to be made to-theJRriater of this »l»er. Notice of Sale. MR. BROSTER, respectfully informs the Public, that Hit! very extensive LIBRARY, tAINTINGS, PRINTS, BUSTS, STATUES, and phi- %°Sop,ucAL APPARATUS, of the late Rev. JAS. ^JNfield, will be SOLD BY AUCTION, in .course of the Next Month, of which previous °t,pe will he given in this paper, and Catalogues be ready for delivery before f-e sale. The kn OWN TASTB and CLASSICAL KNOW- I Je°GG of that much respected Clergyman, ren- lecr 11 uuneceS £ itry t0 expatiate upon this col- TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, M»e Bull's Head Inn, in the town of Llan- fn' 'n "ie county °f Anglesey, on Friday the «0t'U Jay of April 1810, between the hours of and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to lucl) conditions as shall he then produced, Unless disposed of in the mean time hy private CQntract, of which due notice will be given ON II: UN 01 V wED MO IETY OF Air. that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, with the APPURTENANCES tl belongll1g, situate lying and being in 1(i Parish of Llangrisf iolus, in the county of An- commonly called and known by the name el h Penrhose Issaf, now in the occupation of H ugb Roberts. or further particulars apply to, Mr. EVANS, ■^ttoruey, Carnarvon. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. WHEREAS Jane Jones and Catherine a Jones, both of Carnarvon, Druggists th ^'roccrs> have by Indenture assigned over e e,r Estate and Effects to a Trustee, for the j^'al benefit of such of I he Creditors of the said toalt Jones and Catherine Jones, as shall signify yie said Trustee or his Solicitor, their con- jJV to accept the benefit of the trusts of the said f Venture, and execute the same on or before e 1st day of June next. Notice is hereby Given, lat the said Indenture of Assignment is left at g ^office of Mr. Givnne Griffith, in Carnarvon, si lei or to t e saiti Trustee, for the perusal and j'Siature of such of the creditors of the said Jane °nes, and Catherine Jones, as may-think proper <> accept the provision thereby made for them "hin the time aforesaid. Carnarvon, 2Qlh March, 1810. I TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, 4t the Sportsman Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, Saturday the 21st day of April I81G, be- tween the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the after- noon, subject to such conditions as shall be Jhen produced, unless disposed of in the mean ''TOe private contract, of which due notice *'11 be given :— I^Hat MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and SA LANDS, with the APPURTENANCES,; uate lying arid being in the parish of Llanrug, k 'he counly of Carnarvon, commonly called and I flown by the name of Tyddyn'rhiddig, now in ^^occupatioE of Edward Williams, as tenant at .1\ This farm adjoins those valuable commons and ,eel> walk called Rhosifig and Cetndu, upon '•h the tenant has an unlimitted right, and ,"fn the same are divided under a late Inclosure considerable allotments will be attached to the above tenement. j All those three dwelling-houses and large gar- rPUs, situate in southern Penrallt in the town of ■arnarvon, now in the occupation of Jane Jones, ^f'ffith Owen, and William Owen, as tenants at gardens are in a pleasant south aspect, k^0" which 16 or 18 good dwelling-houses may ^••ilt and set to great advantage. |> *nd all that dwelling-house, situate in northern |,et-talit in the said town of Carnarvon, now in Vp^fityOationof Henry Charles, mariner. J^.Urtber particulars may be had, by applying "Mr, EVANS'S Office, Carnarvon. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of Elias Evans, at Bangar Quay, 00 Saturday the 7ttt day of April next, at four clockin the afternoon, subject to such con- ditions as shall he then produced ALL ifeat MESSUAGE, STABLE YARD, PASSAGE,, and PREMISES, situate and ft,e'ng in the Town of Bangor, in the County of Carnarvon, adjoining a certain house called the c;r°wn, now in the occupation of Mr.. James ru,ching and William Griffith, shoemaker, eon- "lilig in front 18 feet, and running backward feet or thereabouts, Also an that GARDEN-PLOT, Piece or ;Irc.el of Land, situate and being in L6n y popty, J,n the Town of Bangor aforesaid, containing in r°»t and along Lon y popty aforesaid, 29 feet ?! hereabouts, running in depth backward)!, feet or thereabouts, now in the occupation of Anomas Griffith, joiner. And also acompact FARM, with a Dwelling- £ Use and Outbuildings, called Tyn y lone, in Paris!) of Llanlleched, i« the said County of thrarvon, most advantageously situate within t?ree miles of the Town of Bangor, and adjoining -Ve Turnpike-road in leading from Bangor to ^Qn»ny, consisting of 17 A. OR. Oj?, or there- j °«*s, of excellent arable, meadow, and pasture now or late in the occupation of Wili'Uini 'js and other?. "he respective Tenants will shew the Prerai- ,s; and further particulars may he had onappli- to Mr. RG8S*TS, AUoruef and Notary Uangor, Valuable Freehold Estate in Flintshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, The latter end of May, or the beginning of June next: IN LOTS. AVery Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, ./TL containing upwards hundred and fifty acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, ¡ divided into several compact farms, with con- venient buildings, let to respectable tenants, and capable of great improvement; under several of the lots, there are seams of coal, one of which is j now working to great advantage. Also one third of the royalty of lead ore and coal, under several thousand acres of land, within the said parish of Mold, in which are included the valuable mines ofLlynypundû and Peny fron, and the Nant Mawr coal work. The estate is situate in the parish and vale of Mold, within the distance of 12 miles of the city of Chester, and the town of Wrexham, 9 miles from the town of Ruthin, and 6 from the port of Flint, and the whole of the property lies con- venient for lime. Particulars will be ready for delivery in the course of the month and in the mean time, any further information may be obtained at Mr. WYNNE'S office in Mold. Mold, I March 6, 1810. S CARNARVONSHIRE. RHOSHIPVVVAUN INCLOSURE. I the undersigned, the Commissioner ap- pointed by an Act of Parliament patscd in the 42d year of the reign of his present Majesty, entitled, "an Act for dividing, allotting, and inclosing, a tract of com mom and waste lands, called Rhoshirwaun, situate in the several parishes of Aberdaron, Llanfaclrhys, and Bryucroes, in the county of Carnarvon." Do hereby give Notice, that the next public meeting for pnt ting the said Act into execution, will be held at the house of Mr. Dkvji) Ricc, known by the name of the Crown and Anchor inn, in the town of Pwllheli in the said counly of Carnarvon, on Wednesday the 25th day of April next, telien and ithere all such person and persons as have already purchased any part of the said, common and waste, lands, and whose contracts have not been forfeited and declared null and void, are requested to conte prepared to pay their respective purchaseTitoneg* Ai,d it being provided by the said Act, that the expences of obtaining and pa,sing. the sana; and all other incidental charges and expence-> wl af- MMive.r, for or by reason of, or preparatory t,j:t\ divjtling and inclosing of the said common and waste lands, aad of carrying the said Act into compleai. execution, shall be paid by sale of any part of the lands so to he inclosed the following additional portions of the said common, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of the said JNIr, DAVID RICE, on Wednesday-the wild 25thiiay of April next,, at the hour of 2 o afternoon oft he same day, subject to such conditions as shall he then and there produced: A. R. P. LOT t. A portion of the said common cotitainitig 8 3 10 2. ditto. i2 3 3 3. ditto.23 o 25 4. ditto 6 1 25 5. ditto );1 1 16 ft, ditto ] 7 1 14 %"ditto 77 3 8? ditto with 6 iucroachinents.. 68 3 4(L. The first seven lotg commence at Pant Pali near Rhyd Has Gate, and extend in a direct line on the south side along the intended new road, till it joins the road leading from Bryucroes to Aberdaron. Lot eight is situate on the east side of the road leading from Bryucroes to Aberdaron, and ad- joins the proueitipt. of Sir Robert Williams Vaughau, bart. and Richard Edwards, Esq. A. R. P. LoT 9. A portion of the said common containing 4 0 26 10. ditto. 8 2 3 These lots adjoin Tockyn Morgrig, on the south east side of the road, leading from Bryucroes to Aberdaron, and on the easterly side the intended new road from Meillionydd, to join the said road from Bryucroes to Aberdaron. A. R. P. 11. A portion of the said com- mon, with one incroach- nient, containing. 12 2 13 12. do. with 4 do. do. 13 I L5 13. do. with 1 do. 2 14. do. with 2 do. do. 10 2 6 15. do. with 4 do. do. 17 3 6 1ft. do. with 2 do. do. 75 0 27 IT. do. with 1 dot do. 14 3 0 18. do. with 2 do. do. 69 3 38 19. do. with 1 do. do. 5 3 37 20. do. with 2 do. do. IT 0 18 21. do. with 1 do. do. 10 0 35 22. do. with 1 do. do. 24 0 28 23. do. with 2 do. do. 32 3 80 24. do. with 4 do. do. 29 0 16 25. do do. 24 2 19 The last mentioned lots are bounded on the south west by Bryn hynog, the property of R. Edwards, Esq. on the westerly side by Tair Gwraig* the property of the said R.Edwards, on the northerly side by Caera, the property of Mr. Ellis Roberts,, and on the easterly side, by the properties of the Hon. Mrs, Finch, Sir Robt. Williames Vanghan, bart. and others, and are divided by the road leading from Boilgaea to Porth Colmon. liated this 6It day ol March, 1810. BEN. WYATT, Commissioner. For further particulars respecting the sale, apply to, the Commissioner, at his residence at Lime Grove, uearBangor; at the Office of Mr. Glynne Griffith, Solicitor, Carnarvon; to Mr. R. Owen, Land Surveyor, Llariengliciie(lic, Anglesey; amj at-the place of sale, where plans of the different allotments arc left fpr infection. I TO BE SOLD BY PRIV lTE CONTRACT. ALL that CAPITAL FARM, situate, lying- and being in the Parish of Llanllechid, in the county of Carnarvon, called by the name of TalyUynogwan, containinabout 1461 acres, now in Ihè. occupation of Morris Jones, and Jane Howell, as tenants at will. And all that valuable farm situate lying and bei ng, in the said parish of Llanllechid, called by the name of Talywaun, containing about 652 acres, with one half of Ogwan Pool, which is well supplied with the best Trout in North Wales,now in the occupation of Owen Evans, as tenant at will. The above Farms lie contiguous to the new post road, leading from Holyhead to Shrews- bury, and within a few miles of the new inn, at Capel Cerrig, about twelve miles from the market town of Bangor, and nine miles of Llanrwst. The land is capable pf great improvement at a small expence owing to the great travelling upon the new road, land near Cipet Cerrig is very much increased in value; these farms are well worth the attention of persons who are inclined to spe- culate in real property a new inn may be con- veniently built upon one of them: an additional inn near Capel Cerrig will answer well Further particulars may be had, by applying to Mr. J. EVANS, Attorney, Carnarvon. Sale of Stock BY AUCTION. Mr. PEKSOTT informs the Public, that he shaH sell by Auction, at Erhtsiock Hall near Over- ton, in the county of Denbigh, on Wednesday April llth, 1810. ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK, implements in husbandry and dairy utensils, the property of Jon-i EVANS, Esq. of Erbistock Hall aforesaid. Which consists of between twenty and thirty heads of tine useful dairy cows, a number of calving heifers, a capita.) three year old high bred bull, seven extremely handsome young draught horses and geering, two very good wag- gons, one cart, one tumbrel, plows, harrows, &c. which will be sold -without the least reserve, as Mr. EVANS has set the Farm. Catalogues, will be prepared ready for delivery within fourteen days of the Sale, and may be had at the Feathers Inn, Chester; liridgevrater Anns, Kllesmere; Cross Keys Oswestry; Bowling Green, Overton; and from Mr. Pen son, Wrexham. fV rex ham, Feb. 25, 1810. CARS .f RJ'QN. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, rjWO commodious modern-built DWi'LL- .JL ING-HOUSES, situate in High-Street and Church-Street, in the town of Carnarvon. The House in High-Street consists of a capital entrance, a dining-parlour, and drawing-room, nearly 20 feet by 17; a break, fas,I)arloiit I7 feet by 16, a bed-room of the same size, with a dress- ing-room attached, and two other bed-rooms on the first floor five other bed-rooins in the attic story, with suitable gai-i-ets an excellent kitchen, a housekeeper's room, and other suitable offices. The House in Church-Street contains a large breakfast-parlour, dining-parlour, and tea-room, (with a racess) also two lodging-rooms on the same story with the tea-room, four excellent bed- rooms in tlw attic story, capital garrets, and a commodious kitchen. There are uncommon good vaults under each of the Dwelling-houses, and each of the Tenants may be accommodatedWith three acres of capital Laud, contiguous to the town of Carnarvon. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. n. R. WILLIAM*, Solicitor, Carnarvon. (ONE PROPERTY.) NEW PLAN, WITH ADDITIONAL & SUPERIOR ADVANTAGES. STATE LOTTERY To be Drawn the 8th of JUNE, 1810. CONTRACTOR begs leave to call; JL the attention of the Public to the under- mentioned Scheme, containing, besides its No- velty, several grand Features and superior Bene- fits, which, it is conceived, will fully merit their approbation, and afford a chance to adventurers never given in any other Lottery, SCHEME. 4 of J £ 20,000 are £ Sn,000 4 5,000 20,000 12 1,000 12,000 20 500 10,000 20 100 2,000 44 50 2,200 36 900 4,860 1.5 72,900 And to the first drawn Prize above X 15, (not being one Of the undar-mentioned Numbers) will be given in addition to the above Money Prizes, if the said fortunate Number is of the Letter A, 100 Tickets comprised in No. 1,251 to 1,275 B, 100 ditto comprised in 3,001 to 3,025 C, 100 ditto comprised in 4,751 to 4,775 D, 100 ditto comprised in 2,501 to 2,525 With all the Prizes they may contain; upon this plan it is evident that one Ticket may gain > £ 100,000. In withdrawing so many Tickets from the quantity usually on Sale,Xalthough for the pur- pose of forming them into Four such distinguish- ed Prizes, possessing Chances hitherto unknown) the Contractor is hot insensible to the objections that may be started by those who could not pro- cure Tickets at the close of the lust Lottery,—1 he can only anticipate such Objections by an- nouncing that Tickets and Shares will be promptly distributed to every Lottery Office in the United fCingdera, j BOARD ASD LODGING. W ANTED, in a small genteel family V V (not dissenters) a Clergyman's will be preferred, in the town of Bangor, or the vicinity, for a Gentleman of respectability. Referrences will he expected and given. Terms to he tor. warded, addressed to Mr. G. Gray's Inn Coffee- House, London, which will he duly attended to. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LETL Notice is hereby Given, FT1HAT the TOLLS arising at the several JL Toll Gates, known by the names of LUdiart- ysjiytty, Crickieth, Penygroes, and Tyddyn-y Coed Gates, in the county of Carnarvon, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best bidder, at the house o f D A v i D R ic c, known by the name of the Crown and Anchor, in the Town of Pwll- heli, in the county of Carnarvon, on Wednesday the 11th day of April next, between the hours of 11 and 4 o'clock in the afternoon; which Tolls produced laiit year, viz. £ s. d, Llidiartyspytty Gate and Crickieth 105 0 0 Pen y Grocs. 64 0 0 Tyddyn y Coed. 6 6 0 Above the expence of collecting them, and will be put up at those sums respectively. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time give security with sufficient sure- ties to the satisfaction of the Trustees for the pay- ment of the Rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. JOHN ELLIS, Clerk and Treasurer to the Trustees. March 24, 1810.