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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



I WANTED, X I CITRATE, to serve the Parish Church of m. LlanhebMg, and fhe Chapelry of Carnarvon, the county of Carnarvon—the service at the rrner is in at the latter in English-a iry liberal stipend will be given, as Carnarvon a poptdous Tow* ? the situation is wi ll worthy e af. ri tuy Clergyman. who may be de- a ■ .■ is, apply to the TLev, Mn. Jontes, r i,. v- •»» von i or Mr, r oberts, Deputy ;ar. WANTED TO PURCHASE, < avy part of the Sea Coast of Carnarvon.' shire or «.Merionethshire, I BATHING LODGE, with 30 or 40 acres sl of Land adjoining to it also an Estateof o or three HUNDilD POUNDS per annnm nations to the Lodge, or within a short dis- ice of it. Application to be made to the Printer of this per. ,0_ AGENCY, | Genlleman long resident in London, t>f »- extensive connexions, and mercantile know- 's,(\ with leisure to undertake an Agency for y re,peetal:ie Honse orco!lccrn,as Tron-found- Tron. Brass, Copper, Tin, or Lead Works, or. ler extensive Manufactory, for receiving and j iliug accouats, Commissions, Shipping, or 'king insurances, where the business is con- fide, and to whom it may be an. object to Ve a connexion of the first respectability, capa- not only to give security to any amount, hut advance himself occasionally, or when it may requisire, TWO TO THREE THOUSAND IDNDS; at the same time, he would not wish have that sum constantly locked np iu the cou- rt. Vs none but principals will be treated Win1, lers franked, giving the real name and address, n. G. at Batson's Coffee-house, Cornhill, Kloj), will meet with immediate attention, 'our and secrecy. As the most undeniable re- cces will be given, the same will be expected. ANGLESEY. "i!Ji'- )i!; TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LET.y'jf Notice is hereby Given, ^ilAT the Tolls arising at the several Toll Gates, within (he county of Anglesey, will LET By AUCTION, to the highest bidder, he dwelling-house of Mr. William Gi-i(Titi, I bj the nauie or sign of the Bull' I* < dangefoi, in-the said county, an Thtu tl I day of A(w»» toi, between the. h .'eo o'clock in the forenoon, and four o'clock 'he afternoon, to commence from the 12th of May, then next ensuing, at the same rates 'en o'clock in the forenoon, and four o'clock 'he afternoon, to commence from the 12th of May, then next ensuing, at the same rates hey are at present let for, LInd as are particu- I f' specified on the boards affixed to (he seve- 'foB Houses, which Tolls last year produced following sums, viz. :— I Braint Gate, .= £ 215 () 0 I.langefni Gate, 250 0 0 Uauynghenedle Gate, 215 0 0 Holv Ik ad Gate, 220 0 0 tsive of all incumhrances and ex pences what- atw nillbe respectively Soever happens to be the highest bidder, the same lime give security, with suflici- lire: ies to the satisfaction of the Trustees, he payment of rhe rent agreed for, at such s, and in such proportions as they shall t. W. P. POOLE, Clerk and Treasurer. March, 1810. tOYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE, established by Royal Charter, in the reign King George the First, for houses, ddings, goods, hay, corn, livestock, &c. also the assurance OF LIVES, aliti toy ellailt- A. S N U ITTES ON I.IT ES. HE CORPOH ATION of the Rov \r.-Ex- change Assurance, do hereby give that they have authorized their respec- gents to receive proposals for the assurance ming-stock, at the rate of 2s. percent, per a. t sons whose annual premiums faU due on the are hereby informed, that receipts are ready to he delivered by the company's iand the parties assured 4uesred to apply for the renewal of their 's on or before the 9th of April next, as Ital fifteen days allowed for payment be- lie date of each policy will then expire. SAML, FENN IN G, jun. Secretary. Carnarvonshire. angor J. Roberts. urnarvou J. Wakeman. FltnlslEire. olywell W. Turton. Denbighshire. ithin Williams. rextiaii J. Lati,Coi,d. Cheshire. tester S. Baker. acelesfield W. Budley. W. Tomlinson. )rfhwicii P. Maddocks. ockport. T. Owen. Fire policies will be allowed free of ex- where the annual premiums amount to 6s. ards. This company have invariably made good )y Fire occasioned by Lightning. b 'sals may be had of the different Agents. ranees 011 Lives, being found to he ad van- to persons having offices, employments, or other incomes, oil the lives of themselves or others:—Tables of s, for such Assurances, and for the Granf- ludies on Lives, may be had of the said And, for the greater convenience of the I've determined to extend ,eial agreement,) the assurance oa lives to ot 75 years. J TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, I At the Ball's Head Inn, in t-he town of Llan- ii) the county of Anglesey, on Friday the 20th day of April 1S10, between the hours of the afternoon, subject to I such conditions as fhall be then produced,- unless disposed of in the nicftti tin., Hy private conti-ar-t, of which due notice win. ^iv^»n: i DIVIDED MO I ET V OF ALL lhat MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, with the APPURTENANCES thereunto belonging, situate lying and being in the parish of Llangristiolus, in the countyof An- glesey, commonly called and known by the name o C Penrhose Issar, no w ill the oeCu patiou of Hugh Roberts. For further particulars apply to, Mr. EVANS, Attorney, Carnarvon. NOTICE TO CREDITORS. WHEREAS Jane Jones Eiifl Calherine Jones, both of Carnarvon, Druggists and Grocers, have by. Indenture assigned over tlieir Estate and Effects to a Trustee, for the equal benefit of such of.the Creditors of the said Jane Jones and Catherine Jones, as shall signify- to the said Trusten or his Solicitor, their con- sent to accept the benefit of the trusts of the said Indenture, and execute the same the ht day of June next. Not&e is hereby Given, That fhe said Indenture of Assignment is left at -nt the office of Mr. Glynne Carnarvon, Solicitor to the said Trustee, for the perusal and signature of sarih of the creditors of the said Jane Jones, and Catherine Jones, as may think proper to accept the provision thereby made for them within the time aforesaid. Carnavon, 20th March, 1810. -m_ minim jrrjvES: SUN .RAISIN I TENT MALAGA. SHERRY FRONTiNlAC CALCAV E1,L A. ORANGE RED CURRANT LEMON WHITE CURRANTS RASPRERflY BIRCH COWSLIP ¡ MUSCATELL ELDER GINGER FOREIGN SPIRITS. COGNAC BRANDY I Old JAMAICA RUM HOLLAND'S GENEVA BRITISH SPIRITS. BRANDY and MAJDSfONh ilhS}Trk.. TO R. EDWARDS, BRIDGE-STREET, Chester. FO R GOUT, RfJ BUM ATI SM, NKKVOUS COMPLAINTS, INDIGESTION, &c. Oxletfs Concentrated Essence fif Jamalca Gingcr. THIS useful Medicine ss reco mm ended h* several eminent. Medical men., and is in constant use with many Persons of the burliest rank and respectability. ltreJievcs and shortens the duration of Fits of the Gout, confinin- them t > the extremities and mitigating (he i;aroxVsms it removes those unpleasant symptoms arising trom weakness of the Stomach aurl Bowels, flatulency, Indigestion, and Oppression after eating.; la Nervous Complaints it warms and invigorates the Stomach, creates Appetite, and assists Digestion, and thereby strengthens the whole system.. I)y the Inventor and Proprietor, bamuel Oxley, His Majesty's Ch) mist, and soul by Hudson and Company, 27, Haymarkef, London; sold also hy Broster Bangor. II.. Lloyd, Beaumaris, and Williams, Carnarvon and others throughout the United Kingdom in bottles, at 10s 6d—4s 6-al¡j 2s 9d each. Ob- serVe each label is signed" Sa For Families*, Merchants, Captains of Ships, Officers and Gentlemen travelling, Taverns, &c SPYRING & MARSDEN's PVHS tBMOJf ACID, So MUCH ADMIRED FOR PUNCH, LEMON- ADE, NEGUS, SHRUB, JELLIES, SAUCES And every Purpose in Cookery, THIS valuable Acid is extremely conveni- ent, as it suits every domestic purpose where the Lemon is necessary prevents troupe; is perfectly dry and portable possesses ail the grateful flavour of the Fruit and retains its vir- tues in every climate :—the approbation it has re- ceived from many Eminent Practitioners is a suf- ficient proof of its puie and wholesome proper- ties. For Balls and Assemblies it is particularly de- sirable as Lemonade, Negus, &c. may be made ill' the most easy, pleasant, and expeditious manner. dflr Spyring & Maksoen beg Purchasers to be particular and observe their names on the rapper and Bottle, or they may be disappoint- ed in not obtaining the Genuine; as there are some persons about, the country selling an article under the same name, though totally different, and inferior, and have imitated their Label and Directions to deceive the Public. Wholesale Venders may be supplied by Letter, with a reicrencc, or by their Agents in London. Prepared by them only, at No. 163, Borough, London; and sold by JONES, Bangor, WILLIAMS, Carnarvon, BECK & SEDSTOCK., Shrewsbury, EVA,S & THOMAS, Chester, HUGHES, Pwllheli. Price 2s. 6d. per Bottle, or Seven in One, for 15,-tQ be had at lUoit Druggists and Libraries. l i Valuable Freehold Estate in Flintshire. I ] TO BE SOU) BY AUCTION, The latter cad of May, or the of June I next. I IN LOTS. 4 VetT "nlnsM;? FREE HOLT;?. EST4TE, J. containing upwards 0* twelve hundred and fifty acres of arable, meadow, aad pasture, tend, divided into several eonipact forms, with con- venient buildings, lei to respectable tenaats, and to capable of great improvement; under several of the 1015, there are seauis of coal, one of which is now working to great advantage. Also one third of the royalty of lead ore and .oi-c a coal, under several thousand acres of land, within 1 the said parish of Mobs, in whichare included the valuable mi«es of Llynjpandu and Peny iron, and the Natil Mawr coal work. I The estate is situate in the parish and vale of Mold, within fhe distance of i'i miles of the city of Chester, utid the town of Wrexham* 9 miles from the town of Ruthin, and 6 from fbtiport of from the town of Ruthin, and 6 from fbtiport of I1 lint, and the whole of the property lies con- venient for Particulars will be ready for delivery in the course of the month and in the mean time, any I further information may be obtained at Mr. Wynne's office in Mold. I Mold, ) March 0, !.S?0. | CA R N A Ii rONSHl'i E. I E HOSHIEWA UN 1NCLOSURE. I the undersigned, the Commissioner ap- pointed by an Act of Parliament passed in the year of the reign of his present Majesty, entitled, "at! Act for dividing, allotting, and inclosing, a tract of coramom and waste lands, called Rhoshirwaun, situate in the several parishes of Aberdaron, Llanfaclrhys, and BrvBcrees, in the county of Carnarvon." no herein/ give JS"oliee, that the next public meeting for puttieg the said Act into execution, will he held at the house of Mr. David Rick, known by the name of the Crown and Anchor inn, in the town of Pwllheli in the said counly or C¡lIïl;H'O!l, m! VV"ednc',day the 25th dUJ of A pril next, when and where all such penon 'son-it as have already purchased any part tf d common and waste lands, and whose contract, 'e not been forfeited and decllneiÍ null and void, ore requested to come prepared to pay their respective p'urchase money. And it v <u • >vidt*d hy the said Act., that the V 1 1 >H' la'mg and passing the same and i > nf •! chugec a'- I exrcn.'p, it t< i'' Hi". < r ,i, i, ii i-'g ol t.v Ku t; i omp;ea' cu i'Mi.,1, s1 j'i he j,u,i by ■ >fasv part of the lands so to be inclosed the following additional portions of the said common, WILL BE SOLD BY AUCTION, I At the house of the said Mr..David Rice, on I Wednesday the said 25th day of April next, at the hour of 2 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, subject to such conditions -as shall be thC.{;J and there produced A. R. P. LOT I. A portion of fhe said common containing. g .1 10 2. dlt to. 12 3 3 I ".ditto 23 0 :5 4. ditto. 28 1 25 6. ditto, 17 1 i4 5. ditto 14 1 16 I 7 3 1 8. ditt0 wirh S incroacbmcnts.. 88 3 30 The first seven lots commence at p»„t jj near RhYl1 lias Gile, iii(I extend in a direct line on the south side along the intesided r>ew road, till it joins the road leading from Bryaeroes to Aberdaron. I Lot eight is situate on the cast side'of the, leading from Brynernes to Aberdarow, and ail- joins or Vaughan, bar I. and Richard Edwards, Esq. A. R. P. LOT 9. A portion of (he said common containing 4 0 26 10. ditto.. 8 2 3 These lots adjoin Toc-kyn Morgrig, on the south cast side of the" road, leading from Bryncroes to Aberdaron, and on the easterly side the intended new road from Meillionydd, to joia the said road from Bryucrocs to Aberdaron. A. fl. P. 11. A portion of the said com- mon, with one incroach- ment,containing. 12 2 12. do. with 4 do. do. 13 I 15 13. do. with 1 do. do, 13 0 2 14. do. with 2 do. do. 10 2 6 15, do. with 4 do. do. 17 3 0 HI. do. wiih 2 do. do. 75 0 27 17. (io. with I do. do. 11 3 0 18. do, with 2 do. do. 3 33 19. do. with) do. do. 5 3 37 SO. do. with 2 do. do,. 17 0 18 21. do. with 1 do. do. HI Ü 25 22. di), willi I do. do. 240 2H. do, with 2 do. do. 32 3 30 24. do. with 4 do. do. 29 0 10 2;). (h do. 24 2 19 The last mentioned lots are bounded on. the I south west by Bryn hynog, the property of R. Edwards, Esq. on the westerly side hy Tair Gwraíg, the property of the said R. Echvards, on the northerly side by Caera, the property of Mr. Ellis Roberts, and on (he easterly side, b the properties of the Hon. Mrs. Finch, Sir Ho' Williames Vaughan, barf, and others, and divided by the road leading from Bodgaea POi tll Colmon. Doled this 6tllllay of Jiarch, 18 10. 5 BEN. WYATT, Commissioner, For further particulars respecting the sal apply to the Commissioner, at his residence Lime Grove, near Bangor; at the Office of TV Glynne Griffith, Solicitor, Carnarvon; to Mr. O wer., Land Surveyor, Llanenghenedle, Anglese and at the place of sale, where plans of tl different allotments are left for inspection. -0 TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL Hint CAPITAL FAKM, situate, lyinsr and being in the Parish of Llanllechid, in the county of (Jarnarvoii, called by the name of 1 alyllynogwan, containing about 1461 acres, now in .the ocoe'pa< ion of Mon :s Jones, a;ui Jane Howell, as tenants at will. And all that, valuable farm situate lying and. being, in the said parish of Llanllechid, called by the name of Talywaun, containing about 632 acres, with ORe half of Og-wan Pool, which is well supplied with tIre best Trout in North Wales,now in the occupatioa of Evans, as tenant at win. The above Farms lie contiguous to t'he new post road, leading from Holyhead to Shrews- bury, and within a few miles of the new inn, at Cape 1 Cerrig, about twelve miles from the market ■ town of Bangor, and nine miles of Llanrwst. The land is capable of great, improvement at a small exjjeuce; owing to the great travelling upon the new road, land near Capel Cerrig is very much increased in value; these farms are well worth the attention of persons who are inclined to spe- culate in real property; anew inn may be con- veniently built upon one of them: an additional inn near Capel Cerrig will answer well. Further particulars may be had, by applying to Me..J. EYANS, Attorney, Carnarvon. Sale of Farming Stock BY AUCTION. Mr. Pexsotnt informs the Public, that he shall sell by Auction, at Erhistock Hall near Over- ton, in the county of Denbigh, OIL Wednesday April Ilifi, ISIO. ALL the truly valuable LIVE STOCK, implements in husbandry and dairy utensils, the property of J oiin, Evans, Esq. of Erbistock Han <lforesaid. Which consists of between twenty and thirty heads of fine useful dairy cows, a number of calving heifers, a capital three year 0.1c1 hig-h bred bull, seven extremely handsome young draught horses and geeriti, two very g-ood wag- gons, one cart, one tumbrel, plows, barrows, &c. ¡ which will he sold without the least reserve, as A!r. Evans has set the Farm. Catalogues are ready for deli very, and may be had at the Feathers A Ellesmere; Cross Green, Overton; and from Mr, Pchsom, Wrcxham. I 1 2 3, t to. ( This Jniisrllssment ein not continued.) wiii S A H ) ON* TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, FfglWO commodious modern-built DWELL- Ji. ING-HOUSES, situate in High-Street and Church-Street, in the town of Carnarvon. The House in High-Street consists of a capital entrance, a dining-parlour, and drawing-room, Ready 20 feet by 17; a breakfast-parlour 17 feet I by 16, a bed-room of the same size, with a dress- ing-room attached, and two other bed-rooms on the fli-sil i-lve other bed-rooms in the attic story, with suitahle garrets; an excellent kitchen, t housekeeper's room, and other suitable offices. The House in Church-Street. contains a large breakfast-parlour, dining-parlour, and tea-room, (with a recess) also two lodging-rooms on (he same story with the tea-rosm, four excellent bed- rooms in the attic story, capital garrets, and a commodious kitchen. are,ood vanbs under each of the Dwelling-houses^and each of the Tenants may be accommodated with three acres of capital Land, contiguous to the town of Carnarvon. For further pamcvilars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. H. R. Williams, Solicitor, Carnarvon. (ONTi: PROPERTY.) ■ • "j NEW PLAN, WITH AL & SUPERIOR ADY ANT AGES. STATE LOTTERY To be Drawn the. Slh of JUNE, 1810. THE CONTRACTOR begs leave to call the attention of the Public to the under- mentioned Scheme, containing, besides its No- velty, several grand Features and superior Bene- fits, which, it is conceived, will fully merit their approbation, and a fiord a chance to adventurers never given m any other Lottery. SCHEME. 4 of £ 20,000 are ^80,000 4 5,000 .12 1,000 20 20 44 An he br -Ir -r TO RE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the King's Head Inn, in the Town of Car* narvon, ou Saturday, the 21 st day of April, 1810, between tVie hours of 4 and 6 o'clock irt fhe afternoon, subject to sivh conditions as s!ia!l be kiiilos, t) r il)t the time ir/ ur;vat-j contract, of <vh;ch due notice wi îf be A TERM of 12 years, under a Lease from the Corpora-Son of Carnarvon, upon th^t Capital Farm called or known by the naRC of Cibbin Mawr, containing 26Acres or thereabouts of good arable and pas!(¡re Land, situated ill t; parish o f I.Id I,-)eE I i I less than a of (he town of Carnarvon, There is u new built house on fhe said farm, a stable, cow-bouse, ba.11, and o'her convenieneies the whole of the Ian is in -high state of cultiva- tion, wirh a most excellent garden, in a pleasant sotitti don, the Isle of Aug.esea, the Bay of Can<aivon, and the river Meuai. For further particulars apply to, Mr. ROBT, JONES, King's Head, Carnarvon. TURNPIKE TOLLS TO BE LET. Aoltcft is hereby z,,z, rrITAT the TOLLS arisins; at the se> Toll Gates, known -by »he nn>ti->v of r Coed Gates, in the county -ol Canvrson \v |« f, BE LET BY AUCTION, (Ik at fhe house of David Rice, Li i j of the C1 own and Anchor, m >•■-■ r, ■ t|- heli, in the conn-y of Carnarvon. ,• • ;i- the 11th day of April next., between 11 and 4,o'clock in flu* af'i i ot 1 ;;8 produced last VIZ. d Ui,lbriyspytiy Gate and n () 6 0 0 Tyddyn y Coed. 6 0 Above the ex pence of collecting Hie a;, and wdlbe put lip at those slims I(specli.dy. Whoever happens to be. the best. bidJer, nmst at the same lime give security with sulicietP sure- ties fo fhe satisfaction of the Trustees forth'1 a v- ment of the Rent agreed for, and at such times as they shall direct. JOHN EL LI 3, Clerk and Treasurer to the Trustees. March 24, lb 10. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, A t the Spùr'sman Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, ■on Saturday the 2lvt day of April 1810. be' r noou, nui'jeci to such conditions as shill; be then produced, mifess disposed of i» die mean lime hy private contract, of whieh due notice will be given flfltlAT MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and JL LANDS, «•••; h the A PPURT}.;N A NCIS, situate lying and being in the parish of Llanrug, in the county of Carnarvon, commonly called unit known by the name of Tyddyn rhiddig, now in the occupation of Edward Williams, as tenant at will. This farm adjoins those valuable common- and sheep walk called Rhosrug and Cefndu, upon which she. tenant has an unlimited right, -.ikI when the same are divided under a late inc'tosnre Act, considerable allotments will be attached to the above tenement. Ail those three dwelling-houses and la ire war- dens, situate in southern Penralit in the kU^of Carnarvon, now in the occupation of Jane J vr s Griffith Owen, and William Owell, as teuan.'s at will. Tlve gardens are in a pleasant south asp.-vf, upon which 16 or 13 good dwelling-houses may be buiit and set to great advantage." And ail that dwelling-bouse, situate in northern Penraiit in the said town of Carnarvon, now in the occupation of Henry Charles, mariner. Further particulars may be had. by auuiyij at Mr. EVANS-S OiBce, Carnarvon. J Coutely Residence near Denbigh% KOKTi! WALES. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY Mr. THOS. EDWARDS, At Swan, in Denbigh, on Sat»r<?;)v -r-v day of April 1810, between 5 and 6 ihe atternoou, is the Allowing or such o;her Lo<V as msy be a-reed upon, and sulyect to condiI tions:— I.OT I. rWH AT much admired dwelling-, in eot Jt tage style, called Brook House, sin the pa"isll,of within a Of town of the road to Rs;thin la'e"«' occupied by the Rev. E, Thelwal, Cierk.. by Ambrose rrice, Esq,. I,'