Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



&■ THE CAMBRIA, Of Carnarvon, W,A. ROWI,AND ITASTRR, IS now in the Thames, and will begin to load immediately for Carnarvon and ports S(|.)aceut. Any Gentleman having goods 10 ship, Idjacent. Any Gentleman having goods 10 ship, 'Will do well to their immediate orders; j¡he wiiiijie at Pickle-herring Wharf. RICHARD BRASSEY, J DRUGGIST, OIL$CQLOURMA STBEBT, hEGS leave lo acquaint-his friends and the public, that he has laid in a large and choice "ock of every article in the above branches-, and by jni unremitting' attention, aii<l a. prompt i tXcclltionof all orders he may he favoured with, to merit a continuance of their patronage and SUPport. N. B. formerly apprentice to Mr. II. Lloyd, Ch<is!er. Qttta5 (3 I R E-i 21-N iDLIFE .s.5ttt.t(lttt Œ-011tprt1tr OF LONDON. -='o_ PERSONS who have assured at this Officc are rcpucsted to take notice, that Folicies eXPiring at 1 Lady-Dav lasr, should he re- newe<l at that period, or whin fifteen d«y% there- after. PERSONS desirous of cncreasirg the amount of r Assurances in consequence of the increased Price of building materials, are informed, that no .lrh!ltional expence of Policies is incurred at this Office., The following are among the. Advantages derived m effecting amirances at this Office, viz. That Rent is paid incase of Fire, nit hout any additional Premium. That Farming Stock is assured, without an average Clause, at 2s. per Cent. per Annum. That Damage by Lightning is mllde good. That Policies arc issued, and Endorsements and Surveys made free of expence to the assured. Printed Proposals may be had, on application the Office in London, or to the following ASents in the country, By order of the Board, HENRY DliSBORO VGU, Trio. Secretary. AGENTS. Mr. JOHN HASBRO OK. ^RNARVON, ROBT. ROBERTS, Esq. jj^Umaris, JOHN JONES, Esq. Bulkely Place. J*°'ywell, Mr. Joins PRICK. J°lyhead, GRIFFITH WILLIAMS, Esq. *armnear Abergele, EDW ARD O E.D F t EI-D Esq s*estry, Mr. EDWARD EDWARDS. ^heapside, London, March 1 it 1810. p4IUable Farming Stock, Household Goods,' JFurniture, &<c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, DY Mr. RICUAJlD JONES, On Monday the 7th day of May, IS10. TpHE LITE and DEAD STOCK, upon the FARM, late in the occupation of Mrs. ROBERTS, late of Pendre, at Cae Maes Lodwig, ^r Bangor, in the county of Carnarvon com- Ing, 4 valuable mures and geldings, 1 excel- milch cows, 4 heifers, 3 one ami two year ditto., stoie pigs, 3 carls, 4 ploughs, 3 har- .°*s, a roller, and geering for 3 horses, winnow- 1*8 machine, sieves, riddles, rakes, pitchforks, .a<lders, and a general assortment of farming "J1 (dements, a barrel churn, and all sorts of dairy Is, ;trid a quantity of hay and corn. 4l*o on Tuesday, the 8lh day of May, and until the whole are Sold. ft»^he va'uable household furniture nnd effects j^'he said Mrs. ROBERTS, at her late dwelling- af Peiidre aforesaid comprizing, maho- double chests of drawers, with scrutoire, ""P,at,s, chest of drawers, dininsr.caro, pembroke "Iressins: tables, washhand s'ands, four post J,, .'plt bedsteads, with chin' coftou, moreen, Coi furniture, good feather beds, blankets, Olititeri)anes, gftss, pici- iiid s-,viii, lool(- a sofa, mahogany and other chairs h chintz and cotton covers, Brussels, Kidder- ster, and other carpets, an excellent eight a dressers, with drawers and shelves,and br.Ur'efy of culinary articles in'pewter, copper, ^Ss»a»d til), and brewing requisites &o. which tJ1 he more particularly described in catalogues, jj;it,may be had after the 20th of April, at the f^rar Office, Bangor; Mr. Jackson's Bangor- Sportsman, Carnarvon; Bull's-head Inn, ;'tilliaris and the Harp Inn, Conway. tf>„ "e Sale to begin each morning, precisely at U Q clock. LSO TO BE LET, and Entered upon on the 12th day of May next. All that Messuage, or Dwelling-house, Gar- Premises, late in the possession of the feet K rs* ROBERTS; comprizing, 1 parlour IS *^ali ("eef' 1 '1'"° 15 feet by 10| feet, 1 Jlo aU ditto, and a servants-hall on the ground 8to or, 4, excellent lodging rooms, and a large there-room on the fifst floor, 4 good rooms on Second floor, with a good kitchen, hrew- cellars, dairy, granary, coach-house, **Cei|8* an^ otlier convenient, buildings, a most garden, well stocked with fruit and trees, with a summer-house &c. ^iSft °Se who may he inclined to take these Pre- datJj, n?ay on an early-application he accommo- V With an excellent farm near Bangor. r. »?r- ftfurther particulars apply at the Office of ^0r°BSRTS' Attprney »«d Notary Public, I A LEY FOR YOUNG CATTLE, AT GT.DDD&ITII, Near Conway Ferry, Frtffe the 12tli May, to the 10th of Oct. 1810. £ s. i). 3 year old Heifer or Bullock 2 IS 9 5 year old ditto. 2 0 0 1 year old ditto. I 13 0 The CATTLE to be booked at Gloddaith until the III) of May; the Money to be paid when taken away.—APPLJ to Mr. GEORGE BAUCOCK, at TO K i; SO 1.1) BY AUCTION, ( WITHOUT RESE NPE) TIV Mil. IIROSTER, FflHE LIBRA BY, collection of ANCIENT JL and MODERN ENGRAVINGS, DRAW INGS, by Glover and the most, eminent, artists, PAJNTiNG, PH fLOSOPHICAL A PP.YK A- &e of the late Rev. JAMES WINFIELD, at his late dwelling-house, Northgate-street, Chester, on the 23d ef April-, and oil the follow- ing. days. To those who were acquainted with the taste and spirit of the late much respected Proprietor of this collection, we need not. expatiate on its merit; and to men of sciellce who knew him lIot, have ouly to refer to rhe catalogue, which will SOOIl be published, price one shiiiiiv, kt Mr. Broster's, Chester; Mr. Millers, AIbeinarie-st. London; Mr. Williams's, printseller, Oxford; Mr. YVinshmleyV Liverpool; Mr. Ford's, Man- chester; Mr. Eddf>wes"s, S.Jop; Mr. Pain:'er's, Wrexham ,Mr. J'rice's, Os-.ves»ry North Wales naze.tte om,.p. Ba»r<.r; Mr. Roberts's Carnar- von Mr. Roden's Denbigh and 1\1r.. Carncs's, Holywell. w_ TAXEPR" 1 .1- THE -imEivRR GIC;EHAL win aitend on t-lie days, atid at the places following; for the purpose of receiving the Laad, alld As- sesed Taxes, for the last half- Year-of itiu!), due on the 5th April LS10, and all out standing Ar- rears of Land, Assessed aad Pro.per!y Taxes, for the Year lb08 and la09. Counties. { Llangefni-, Mvty$Sd. 6 d> Llanerchymedd, ditto2l!h Sf 25tn. (Collway, Ajiril 7(h, r< jLlanystwmdy, May Iftth. Cwwrwn. I9lh. 'arnarvon, ditto 2lsf. f Lhmrwst, April 'Sftth. ] Abergele, ditto 28Ui. | Denbigh, ditto oOth. Deubigh. Ruthin, Slay 1st. Vvrexiiam, ditto 5'!i and Tth, Oswestry, tiitto fifti. j Uansrollen, ditto lO'h. tDwyr.'d, ditto I I Ill. fSr. Asaph, May '2d. Flint. ^i°!>we!1' ?f!' jMoid, ditto ^Ui. (Overton, ditto Sih. r. Bala, May J21 h. ) Oolgelly, ditto 14th. Merioneth. Ta!. y Hvn, ditto tath. | Barmouih, ditto Ki. h. ii it), Tregarnedd.—March 27ih, 1810. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the SporfsriTcm Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, on Saturday the SIst day of April 1810, be- tween the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the after- noon, subject to such cOlldil ions as shall be then produced, unless disposed of in the mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be given riTUlAT MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and Jt LANDS, with the APPURTENANCES,' situate lying and being in the parish of LlanrtSg-, in he county of Carnarvon, commonly called and known by (he name of TyikV\n'rhUUiig, now in the of Edward Williams, as tenant at will. This farm adjoins those valuable commons and sheep walk called Euosiug and ('eindu, upon which ihe tenant his an right, and when the same are divided under a late inelosure Act, considerable allotments will be attached to the al)o"e tenement. All those three dwelling-houses and large gar- dens,.situate in southern Penraili in the town of Carnarvon, now in the occupation of Jane J ones, Griffith Owen, and William Oweu, as knauts at will. The gardens are in a pleasant south aspect, upon which 16 or 18 good dwelling-houses may be built and set to great advantage. And all that dwelling-house, situate in northern Penrailt in the said town of Carnarvon, now in the occupation of Henry Charles, mariner. Further particulars may he had, by applying at Mr. EY A N S'S Office, Carnarvon. HEALTH PRESERVED WITHOUT QUACKERY. IMPORTANT ADVICE TO BOTD SEXES. THIS Day was published, nealy printed in i2mo. price 4s. sewed, a GENUINE GU I DE TO H EA LTH. or Practical Essays on the preservation of health, with the most effec- tual means of preventing and curing diseases; also strictures on regimen, and the MAN AGEMENT OF INVALIDS. WITH PARTICULAR ADVICE TO WOMEN IN CHILD-BED, and the FOOD BEST ADAPTED FOR INFANTS, To which are added, Observations on Intempe- rance, and various Excesses-Their extraordinary influence on the humall fraiiie with suggestions to counteract their baneful effects written in a brief, bnt clear and comprehensive manner ByT. F. CRT) RCHI LL, M. D. Professor of Midwifery, in London, author of- the Practical Family Physician, Medical Re- membrancer, Sçc. Sic, Loudon printed for B, Croshy and Co. Stati- oners' Court, Paternoster-Row; and sold by Roberts, Carnarvon; Griffith, Tenby; Jenkins, Swansea, and by all Booksellers, Stationers, and Newsmen, willt a good allowance for exporta- tion. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, lu Black Boy Street, in the Town of Carnarvon, on Thursday, the 26th day of April, J810, Good Household Furniture, CONSISTING OF BEDSTEADS, feather beds, and bedding, 3 mahogany and other tables, chairs, sofas, carpets, mahogany and oak book-cases, chest of drawers, cupboards, kitchen utensils, yad several other articles. The sale will begin at 10 n the fore- noon, ar!d be continued on the rollowlug days stitil the whole are sold. A Catalogue may be seen at Mr. Evans's office Carnarvon. CAll. SA RVON. TO BE LET, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, rpWO commodious inodern-buili nWEI-L. L\ G-HOVSES, situate ill High-Street and Church-Street, in the town of Carnarvon. The House in High-Street consists of a capital entrance, a dining-parlour, and drawing-room, nearly ( feet. hy 17 a breakfast-parlour 17 feet by 16, a bed-room of the gallIC size, with a dress- ing-room attached, an-J two other bed-rooms on the first floor; five other bed-rooms in the attic story, with suitable garrets an excellent, kitchen, a housekeeper's room, and other suitable offices. The House in "Church-Street contains a large breakfast-parlour, dining-parlour, and tea-room, ( with a. racess) also two lodging-rooms on the same story with the tea-room, four excellent bed- rooms in the attic storv, capital garrets, and a commodious kiicheu. There are ¡¡IICOI1JlIIO.()od vaults under each of the ljw«iiiug-hv>uses, and each of the Tenants way be accommodated with three acres of capital Land, contiguous to the town of Carnarvon. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. li. It. WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. (ONI? PROPERTY.) ANGLESEY. TURNP IKE TOIJS TO BE LET. Noti'ce is hereby Given, qnHAT the Tolls .arising at the several Toll Ji. Gates, the county of Anglesey, will be LET H V AUCTION, to she highest bidder, at the dwelling-house of Mr. William Griffith, known b_v the -name or sign of the Bull's Head, in Uang¿;flli, ill the said county, on Thursday the *iVh tUi y of prd nt" X f 1 fee; ^een "hours p-f eleven o'clock in the forenoon, and tour o'clock in the af'crnoon, to commence rrOlIl the 12th day of May, then next ensuing, at the sallie rates as they ii-e at pres-rn! let for, and as are particu- larly specified on the boards affixed to ihe seve- ral Toll 'Honsen, which Tolls last year produced the followins: sums, viz. :— Braint Gate ^21.5 0 0 Llangefni Gate, 2.50 0 0 Llanynghenedle Gate, 2i,5 0 0 Holjhcad Gate, a20 0 0 exclusive of all incumbrances and expences what- soever, at. which sums ihej will be respectively put. up. Whoever happens to be the highest bidder, must at the same time give security, with suffici- ent sureties to the satisfaction or the Trustees, for the payment, of the rent agreed at such limes, and in such proportions as ihey shall direct. Vi. P. POOLE, Clerk aaJ Treasurer. Pcncraig, 29th March, 1810. ■ROYAL EXCHANGE ASSURANCE, First. established by Royal Charter, in the reign of King George the First, for assuring houses, buildings, goods, hay,corn, live,stock, &c. also for tile. ASSURANCE OF LIVES, aud for grant- ing AJ\XUITIES ON LIVES. rjplIE CORPORATION of the ROVAL-EX- § CHANGE ASSURANCE, do hereby give notice, that they have authorixcrithcir respec- tive to receive proposals for the assurance of farming-stock, at the rate of 2s. percent, per annum. Persons whose annual premiums fall due on the 25th iiist. are hereby informed, that receipts are now ready to he delivered hy the company's agents under-ment ioned. and the parties assured are requested to apply for the renewal of their policies on or hefore the 9th of April next, as the usual fifteen days allowed for payment be- yond the date or each policy will then expire. SAML, FENNiNG, jun. Secretary, Carnarvonshire. Bangor J. Roberts. Cai-tiarvou J. Walicliiatj. Flintshire. Holywell W. Turton. Denbighshire. Ruthin. R. Williams. Wrexham J. Langford. Cheshire. Ches!er S. Baker. Macclesfield W. Buckley. Kanlwich W. Tomlinson. Not,tilwicti P. Maddocks. Stockport. T. Owen. N. B. Fire policies will be allowed free of ex- pence, where the annual premiums amount to 6s. or upwards. This company have invariably made good losses by Fire occasioned by Lightning. Proposals may be had of the different Agents. Assurances on Lives, being found to he advan- tageous to persons having offices, employments, estates, or other incomes, determinable on the life or lives of themselves or others:—Tahles of the rates, for such Assurances, and for the Grant- ing Annuities on Lives, may be had of the said Agents. And, for the greater convenience of the public, the company have determined to extend (by special agreement,) the assurance on lives to the age ol 7a /ears. Vtillable Freehold Estatc in FUntshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, The latter end. of May, or the beginning of June next: IN LOTS. A Very Valuable FREEHOLD ESTATE, containing upwards of twelve hundred and tifty,acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, divided into several compact farms, with con- venient buildings, let to respectable tenants, and of great improve went; under several of the lots, there are seams of coal, one of which is now working to great advantage. Als!o one third of the royally of lead ore and coal, under several thousandacres of land, within the said parish of Mold, in whichare included the valuable mines of Llynypandu aud PenJ fron,aud the Nant Mawr coal work. The estate is situate in the parish and vale of Mold, within the distance of 12 miles of the city of Chester, and the town of Wrexham, 9 miles from the town of Ruthin, and 6 from the port of Flint, and the whole of the property lies con- venient for lime. Particulars will be ready for delivery in the course of the month and in the mean time, any further information may be obtaiived at Mr. WYNNE'S office in Mold. Mold, ) March 1810.5 CARNARVONSHIRE. RHOSHIRWAUN INCLOSURE. I the undersigned, the Commissioner ap- a pointed by an Act of Parliament passed in the J2d year oft he reign of his present Majesty, entitled, an Act for dividing, allotting, and inclosing, a tract of commom and waste lauds, called Rhoshirwaun, situate in the several parishes of Aberdaron, Llanfaclrhys, and Bryncroes, in the county of Carnarvon." Do hereby give Notice, that the next public meeting for putting the said Act into execution, will he held at the house of Mr. DAVIO RICH, known by the name of the Crown and Anchor inn, in the town of Pwllheli in the said county of Carnarvon, on Wednesday the 25th dajf of April next, ichen and ichere all such person and persons as have already purchased stnij part of the, said common ivoste lands, and whose contract* huoe rwl. been forfeited and. declared null and are requested to come prepared to pay their respective purcitascmoncy. Aud it being provided hy the said Act, that the expences of obtaining and passing the same and all other incidental charges and expences what- soever. for or by reason of, or preparatory to the dividing and inclosing of the said common an,d was,te lands and of carrying the sai^ into compieat execution, shaft'he paid by sale of any part o.f the lands so to he inclosed "he following additional portions of the said common, W ILL TIE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of the said Mr. DAVID RrcE, on Wednesday of April next, at the hour of 52 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, suhject to such conditions as slitil be then and there produced: A. R. P. LOT I. A portion of the said common containing.. 8 3 10 2. ditto 12 3 S 3. ditto 23 0 25 4. ditto 26 1 25 5. ditto 14 1 IJ; 6. ditto IT 1 t4 I. d i f I o 77 3 1 8. ditto with 6 incroachme.nfs.. 68 3 30 The first seven lots commence at Pant Fali near Rhyd lias Gate, and extend in a direct line on the south side along the intended new road, till it joins the road leading frum Bryneroes to Aberdaron. Lot eight is situate en the cast side of the road leading from Bryncroes to Aberdaroii, and ad- joins the properties of Sir Robert Williams Vaughaii, hart, and Richard Edwards, Esq. A. It. P. LOT 9. A portion of the said common containing 4 0 26 10. ditto. 8 2 3 Tht'se lots adjoin Tockyn Morgrig, on the south cast side of the road, leading from Bryncroes to Aberdaron, and on the easterly side the intended new road from Meillionydd, to join the said road from Bryncroes to Aberdaron. A. R. P. 11. A portion of the said com- mon, with OHeincreach- menf, containing 12 2 13 12. do. with 4 do. do. 13 1 15 13. do. with 1 do. dp. 13 0 2 l-L do. with 2 do, do. 10 2 6 15. do. with (do. do. t7 3 6 16. do. with 2 do. do. 75 0 27 17. do. with I do. do. 14 3 0 18. do.* with 2 do. do. 63 3 ItS 19. do. with t do. do. 5 3 37 20. do. with 2 do. do. 17 0 18 21. do. with I do. do. 10 0 35 22. do. with 1 do. do. 24 0 28 23. do. with 2 do. do. 32 3 30 24. do. with 4 do. do. 29 0 16 25. do do. 24 2 19 ']I ii eiiit mentioned lots are hounded on the south west by Bryn hynog, the property of ft. Edwards, Esq. oil the westerly side hy Tair Gwraig, the property of the said R. Edwards, on the northerly side by Caera, the property of Mr. Ellis Roberts, and on the easterly side, by the properties of the Hon. Mrs, Finch, Sir Robt. Williames Vaughan, barf, and others, and are divided hy the road leading from Bodgaea to Porth Col moo. Dated this §th day of) March, 1810. BEN. WYATT, Commissioner. For further particulars respecting; the sale, apply to the Commissioner, at his residence at Lime Grove, near Bangor; at the Office of Mr Glyune Griffith, Solicitor, Carnarvon; to Mr. R. () vell- L,,iid Surveyor, Llanenghenedle, Anglesey; and at the place of sale, where plans of the different allotments are left for inspection. f WANTED TO PURCHASE, OR any part of the Sea Coast of Carnarvon- shire or Merionethshire, A BATHING LODGE, with 30 or 40 acres of Land adjoii; ng to it; also an Est ate of two or three KUNORD POUNDS per adnuas contiguous to the Lodge, or within a short dis- tance of it. Application to be made to the Priater of this paper. WANTED, A CURATE, to serve the Parish Church of Llanbeblig, and the Chapelry of Carnarvon, in the county of Carnarvon—the service at the former is in Welsh, at the latter in Eiigli-,h-a very liberal stipend will be given; as Carnarvon is a populous Town the situation is well worthy the attention of any Clergyman, who may be de- sirous of keeping a School. For particulars, apply to the Rev. Mr. JONES, Vicar of Carnarvon or Mr. ROBEUTS, Deputy Registrar, Bangor. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Bull's Head Inn, in the town of Llan- gefni, in the couotyof Anglesey, on Friday the 20th day of April 1810, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall he (hen produced, unless disposed of in the mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be given ONE UNDIVIDED MOIETV OF ALL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, with the APPURTENANCES thereunto belonging, situate lying and beinj in the parish of LlangrisfioJus, in the county of An- glesey, commonly called and known hy the name of Penrhose Issaf, uow in the occupation of Hugh Roberts. For further particulars apply to, Mr. EVANS, Attorney, Carnarvon. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the King's Head Inn, in the Town of Car* narvon, on Saturday, the 21st day of April, 1810, between tMe hours of 4 and 6 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall he then produced, unless disposed of in the mean time hy private contract, of which due notice will be giveu- r A TERM of 12 years, under a Lease frortj the Corporation of Carnarvon, upon that Capital Farm called or known by the naire of Cibbin Mawr, containing 26Acrcs or thereabouts of good arable and pasture Land, situated in the parish of and within lfj than a mil. of the town of •■ariiU'v^u, "r^efc is a i;i-w house on fh-*Hid 8min, stable, cow-house, barn, and other conveniences the whole of the land is in high state of cultiva- tion, with a most excellent garden, in a pleasant south aspellt, commands a beautiful view of Snow- don, the Isle of Anglesea, the Bay of Carnarvon, and the river Menai. For further particulars apply to, Mr. ROBT. JONES, King's Head, Carnarvon. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. ALL that CAPITAL FARM, siluale, lylnf and being in the Parish of Llanllechid, in the county of Carnarvon, called by the name of Talyllynogwan, containíngahoui i461 acres, now in the occupation of Morris Jones, and Jane Howell, as tenants at will. And all that valuable farm situate lying and being, in the said parish of Llanllechid, called hy the name of Talywaun, containing about 651, acres, with one hulf of Ogwan Pool, which is well supplied with the best Trotitiii North Wales,uow in the occupation of Owen Evans, as tenant at will. The above Farms lie contiguous to the new post road, leading from Holyhead to Shrews- bury, and within a few miles of the new inn, at Capel Cerrig, about twelve miles from the- market town of Bangor, and nine miles of Llanrwsr. The land is capable of great improvement at a small expence owing to the great travelling upon the new road, lanrt near Capel Cerrig is very milch increased in value; these farms are well worth the attention of persons who are inclined to spe- culate in real property; anew inn may be con- veniently built upon one of them: an "additional inn near Capel Cerrig will answer weit Further particulars may be had, by applying to Mr. J. EVANS, Attorney, Carnarvon. t> Richardson, Goodluck, Co. RECOMMEND to the notice of the Public the NEW STATE LOTTERY, which is all to he drawn on the 8th of JUNE NEXT.— This Lottery is on an Improved Plait-ilic Scheme contains 4 Prizes of s £ 20,000 12 1,100 20 100 i Priies of cz,oco 20 500 44 50 &e. &e. &e. 5,000 Prizes, 5,000 Numbers, Four Tickets of every Number, and FOUR EXTHA PRIZFS of 100 WHOLE TICKETS each. By this im- proved mode of adventure A single Ticket may gain ^100,000 An Half £ 50,000 A Quarter. 25,000 An Eighth.= £ 12,500 A Sixteenth. 6,230 Tickets and Shares are on Sale by THOMAS ROBERTS, Caiwron, JOHN KING, Ironmonger, Neath, JAMES GRIFFITH, Haverfordwest, For Richardson, Goodluck, and Co. Bank Build- ings, Cornhill, and facing the Gatt" ot the King's Mews, Charing Cros?, Loudon, the only Office that ever Sold in Shares, Two Prizes of ^€30.GQ0 And who Sold and Shared in the last Lottery, Two Prizes of £20,,000 3,184 B 3,724 I.) EU.000 Also 999 D. ( £ 1,003—2952 B. £ 1,000—2.436 C,