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following Allotments of the…


following Allotments of the said Commit* the parish (1f LlanfU(I}d, \VI LL B!■; SOLD BY AUCTION, ( At tlie said Golden Lion Inn, in Dolgclly, °n (lfl; said '29th day of May inst. between the ■ of 4 and 6 O'clock in, the afternoon of that-' (j subject to such conditions as shall be the[1 there produced :— I" j Lor 1. A'junotion of the (;,aid com- moil in the said of cfy Llanelltyd, contain ing 7. 0 I i.r>+2. Ditto 50 0 (' I)ittr, ditto. 12 0 I i 1.OT 4. Ditto ditto- 50 f Lot 1st. Lies between ttie high road lC|r from Dolgclly to Maentwrog and Mown' river, and about SO yards of-' the sard Lof, '•) north end'.joins Berth lwvd-> itif? property ot Oakeley, Esq. aud'at the south end ab<J(l .j, yards joins Gelli Gemlym, the property o1' Rev. Richard Narniey. Lot 2d. Adjoins the said high road on Vioimdetl on the-north, by a tenement caJled 1 (lc mawr, and on the south by another caLlud f, llwyfog, the peoperties of G. Howel Vs"p .q- l-^sq. and on the west by Cue Gwernog, <'lt* perty of'Mr. Wifiiam Jones, of Cae Gwern'V n, Lot 3d. Adjoins the high road leading |)V polgelly to !!anno.nih, bounded on. the- c^'n the proiierty of W m. Oakeley, Es.q,. calK'' of y celviu and on the south by the prope' Edward Corbet, Es(|, called Maes y. Garne'1 '(i,4 Lot 4tli- Adjoins the said high road* ?J° ,-fy« on ths- siouth by Cae gwyn and Hafodt >' ^ry" the properties of G. H. "V aughan, Esq, an' y;j(' melyu'the property of Mrs.. E. 0'.ic"> 0' j |t' mouth, and on the north by the property ^ii? Richards, Esq. called Moel isfryn% and the pi Mrs. E. Owen's, called Maes y try Car ffO1^ oyu.hauaf, and on,the west by a road leading the saif) highroad towards lselgwnibacb- •he 4th day of May, 1S10. f if ItOln. WILLIAMS, Commi5ioeJI r Further particulass may be had I)y aPi' the Office of Jones and W ill'ani1-^ p. toi s, D(,Igell N oi- of ilic (.:ouii|iEssioner J gwrt uciia", where Maps, may be se«u of 1"«: Allotuicnts., j f

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