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WANTED, L careful actiVP MARINER, as Master of the Briga'nt'ine Mary,"of 121 tons, now re- iritix at Beaumaris, and will be ready for sea a Ri'wtv, A ;;opliratioo to he made to Mr. JAMES HARRIS, iir3 Head, Beauniaris. i, ISIO. I G. LOWE, GOLDSMITH, AND JEWELLER, CHESTER. IMOST, respectfully informs the Ladies and WIL Gentlemen of the above oty, his numerous 'ends in the country, az)1 the public ia general, he has received a valuable assortment of dies' and Gentlemen's GOLD WATCHES, -atift an extensive collection of- th" aewest 'icles in JEW for elegance and ;te he can recommend iPem (hem as eminently Irthy of BOtice, which aee su* open for 1\ fresh supply of T. Riirge's NIAGNETIC "ZOlt TABLETS, -and Ponkiu's PATENT fiNs. $ridge-si rest row, 31ay 3, 1880. NEW STATE LOTTERY, I To. fee Drawnin June. V MESSRS. HAZARD, BtfRNF., anil Co.i Stook-firrokers, London, respectfully in- rli ttie Public, that Tickets and Shares for the :jent State Lottery ire an «a4eat their Office, .93, Royal Exchange. Phe Scheme is on the same Improved Plan as last, as to number of Tickets, mode of Oraw- > Sec. aud preseuts in addition to the-j £ 200,000v of Prizes, OUR EXTRA BENEFITS, a -Of 100 Whole TicMts^edcTit tfch are to be given to the FourTicket* of the| First Number drawn a Prize above £ 15, tters, post paid, duly answered, and Schemes gratis. Ilk, India, and South Sea Stocks, witb their eral Annuities, India Bonds, Exchequer Bills, 'every description of Government Securities, bought and soM by Coejinission. ;.). yl ANGWESEA REGIMENT OF Local.Afilitia. BY ORDER OF THE LORD LIEUT EXTANT. LT. PERSONS swore and enrolled to v serve in the Royal Anglesei Local Militia, required to appear at Beaumaris, on Nifittilay, 4th day f)f June next, at 12 o'clock at noon, be trained and exercised for twenty days, ex- aNe of the (lays of ariving at and departing. In the Head Quarters of the Regiment; and whole of the serjeants, corporals, and drum-J rs, are to be aseeiiibled at Beaumaris on the 'ceding Monday, the 28th day of May insitant; seven extra days exercise. JOHN PRICE, lerk to the General Meetings of Lieutenancy" Ha Lodge, Anglesey t May 1th, 1810. ,County qf Carnarvon, LOCAL MILITIA. | ivestice i's helpto Given, r HAT at a'General Meeting of hip Ma- jesty's iLieutenaony -of the said County, 'tden at Carnarvon, on (he seven'h day of May tO, for putting tnto execution the Acts of Par- nient relatingto the Local Militia. tt was ordered, that the Regiment of Local "•tia of the said County should be called out litied and exercised, for the space of twenty en- e days, exclusive of the (iays of arriving at, departure from* ;and matching to and from e- place appointed for exercise, and that the tn shall assemble at tfee place and times folio w- g, that is to say, in the Town of Carnarvon, in Ie said County, on Thursday the Thirty first rt¡ of May Instant, by twelve o'clock at noon, that theSerjeants, Corporals, and Drum- tt! belonging to the said Regiment, are to as- at Carnarvon aforesaid, on Thursday the •wry fourth Day of May Instant, by twelve q?Ck at noon, for seven extra days of exercise Vious to the Meeting of the remainder of the Regiment, of which all persons enrolled to ;J"ve in the said Regiment of Local Militia, are HUested to take Notice and to attend at the ^es and place aforesaid, for the purposes in said Acts of Parliament contained, as they answer for the consequences. By order of his Majesty's Lieutenancy, O. A. POOLE, fHVARrON) 1,1 May, isio £ (Jlerk of Geoaral Meetings. STATE LOTTERY, TO BE DRAWN IN ONE Djr, | 8th JUNE, 3810. S! WIFT & CO. beg leave .to call the atlen- tion of their Friends and the Public, to the Scheme of the present,State Lottery, which, ill: addition to the usual Chances, presents the Afl- venturer With FOIJR EXTRA PRIZES OF TICKETS-, by which one Ticket may gain a Prize of £ 100,000! and even a Sixteenth ma) realise upwards of Six Thousand Pounds I I Tickets aud Shares are selling in great variety, at their London Offices, No. 12, Charing Cross, No. II, Poultry, aid No. 31, Aldgate High Street, where Schemes may be had gratis also by tlieir Agents. .2 of £ 30,000 19. ,of.„ £ 20,000 52.of £ 9,000 33 of 10J)00 76.of 1,000 47 .of 5,'OOy ] 99.of. 500 1 HOR NSBY antf Co. Stock-Erokfrs, shar- ed and sold ihe above Capital Prizes, & :"airt the!HIJUC em cl,.mand. On JUNE the 8th, I tlTe STATE f.OTTER Y will begin and finish.- ,Extfii Chances are given, by which thn Holder or only a Sixteenth Share can obtain SIX THOUSAND GUINEAS. Tickets, Halves, iQnarterq, and Eighths, their several proportions. Orders hy Post or Carrier executed on the same' terms as if present, at fheir Old Established State Lottery Office, 26, Cortrhill, and St. Mar-' garet's IIill, Borough.— Also, at their Ageot. Mr. T.MOS.; POOLE, BooJiselier, Chester. TP SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Sportsman IHK, in the Town of Carnar- von, oil Saturday the t'Sth day of May, 1810, he! ween the hours of S and 5 its the afternoon, S'ICI (i) toll(litiolls, i,, will be'tiven pro- dueeil,-an-d i", such. Lots as shall be agreed upon the ti(-,Ie of itie sale:- A LL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and Pi. LAN DS, caned TY ¡) IJ Y N P EN G W E R N, otherwise TY YN Y RUOS, situate in the pa- rish of Lbitiwivda, in the said county of Carnar- von, aWi now in the tenure of William MORIUS^ as tenant at will. Also all that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT and LANDS, called GLANRAVtW, otherwise TYDDYN BA cn, sirllte in the parish of L!;ui- dwrog, in Ihe said county of Carnarvon, and now in the-leiini-e Of R. WILLLXAMS, as tenant at will. Also all that MESSUAGE, or DWELLING- HOUSE, called Ty i y I 6n, built, upon a part of GLANRAVON, likewise in the occupation of the said Robert WILI.IAMS. There is a valuable allotment of MOR FA OR.NLLAEN annexed to these Lots. The, taunts will stvew the premiesiand further particnters itilly I)e had at the Office ;6f Mr. H. H. 'W!' LiAMS, Solicitor, Carnarvon. TO BE SOLD BY FRIVATIS CONTR ACT. ALL that CAPITAL FARM, situate, lying and being in the Parish of LJanllechid, in the county of Carnarvon, called by the name of ,T.alyllynogwon, containing about 1461 acres, with one half of Og-wan Pool, which rs we I (Supplied with the best Trout in North Wales. now in fbe:, occupatsaon of Morris Jones, and Jane Howell, as teriarrts at will. And all'that valuable farm situate lying and being, in the said parish of.Llanilechid, called hy the name of Talywaun, containing abojiit. 652 acres, now in the occupation ot Owen Evaus, as tenant at will. The above Farms lie contiguous to the new, post road, deading rfrotn Holy head to Shrews. hllry, and within a few miles of the new inn, at CapdCerrig, about twelve miles from the market town of Bangor, and nhte miles of Llanrwst. The land is capable of great improvement at a small expellce; owing to the great travelling upon the,, new road, land near Cipet Cerrig is very nmeh: increased in value; these farms are well worth the attention of persons who are inclined to spe- culate in real property; a new inn may be con- veniently built upon one of them. an additional inn near Capel Cerrig will answer well. Further particulars may be had, by applying to Mr. J. EVANS, Attorney, Carnarvon. Valuable Freehold Estate in Flintshire, TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, The latter end of May, or the beginning of Jane nexTr IN LOTS. AVery Va!tiah!s FREEHOLD ESTATE, jLTML containing upwards of twelve hundred and fifty acres of arable, meadow, and pasture land, divided into several compact farms, with con- venient buildings, let to rcspectaWe tenants, and capable of great improvement; under several of the lots, there are seams of coal, one of which is now working to great advantage. Also one third of the royalty of lead ore hnd coal, uncTer several thousand acres,of land, within the said parish of Mold, in which are included the d valuable mines of Llyny.pand& and Peny fron,and the Nant Mawr co-al work. The estate is situate in.the parish and vale of Mold, within the distance of 12 miles of the city of Chester, and the town. of Wrexham, 9 miles from the town of Ruthin, and 6 from the port of, Flint, and the whole of the property lies con- venient for lime. Particulars will be, ready for delivery in the course of the mouth and in the time, any further information may be obtained at Mr. WYNf.E'sofRce in Mold. Mold, ) March 6, IS 10.) WANTEDTO PURCHASE, On any part of the Sea Coast of Carnaevon. shii-e or Tlcrioncilishire, A BATH IN G LODGE, with 30 or 40 acres of Land adjoining to il also an Estatebf two or three HUN DftD POUN I)S per annum contiguous to the Lodges or within a short dis- tance of it. Application to be made to the Printer of this paper. 7 FLOWERS O'F LITERATURE, VOL 7th. FOR 1808-9, I Tn IS day ivas publithfd, sprite Six ^tilling* extra boards, EMUBt-t-ISHGt) with Pakraitsof The Rev. I)h, MAVOH— SIR A. K. P(;R,,t,itR Miss TEMPS.k—Mit. DiMONO, JMnr. and Mil. ELPHINSTONE. THE FLO WEUS-OF LITERATURE, OR Characteristic Sketches of Modern Manners; Containing an I itteresting. Aleltuoir or the Lives and Writings of the above popular Authors. Att." numerous Anecdfttes, Narratives, Essays, &c. Ca!cu!,a'ed to illnose and Enliven the Imagina- tion. To which is added, A Yiew of Litera- ture fur 1808-9. London; printed for B. CROSBY and Co. Sta- tioners Court, where the former Volumes may be had. The Chancellor of the Diocese of St. dsaph, WILL hold his General Court of Visita- tion for swearing iu Churchwardens, proving of Wills, and granting Letters of Admi- nistration, and Tuitioll of Estates, upon the days, and at the places following, viz. Thursday, 24lh May at St, Asaph. Monday, Iliti June. Wi-exiiim. Tuesday, J2lh .Oswestry. "Wednesday, ISth.Welsh Pool. Executors and Administrators are hereby caulioned to prove the Wills of their Testators, and take out Administration to their Intestates, fo avoid the penalty that attaches for neglecting to do the same within six months from the death of the Testator or Intestate. E. WYATT, 1 111 May, 1810. "Deputy Registrar. 8th OF rEXT MONTH, •All the Stale Lottery witi be Drawn. 4 Prizes of £ 20,000 j 4 Prizes of £ 5,000 12 1,100 20 500 20 100 44 ^0 Str. Sic. &c. 5,000 Prizes, 5,000 Vumbers, Four Tickets of every Number, and FOUR EXTRA PRIZES of 100 WHOLE TICKETS each. Richardson, GoodiUck, 8s CG. RECOMMEND to the notice of the Public the above Scheme, by wuich improved mode of adventure A single Ticket = £ 24 6 0 may "gain L 100,000 Half 12 9 0 50,000 Quarter 6 7 0..i 25,000 Eighth.. 3 4 0 12,500 Sixteenth. 1 12 6 6-,250 Tickets and Shares are on Sale by F THOMAS ROBERTS, Carnarvon, JOHN KING, Ironmonger, Neath, JAMES GRIFFITH, HateriVrdwesf, \For R1CHAKDSON, GOODLUCK, and Co. LONDON, Who Sold and Shared in the last Lottery, Two Prizes of X20,000 3 734 n 20,000 3,734 D 20,000 Stlso 999 D. ^-1,000—2952 B. £ 1,000—3,436 C. £500. .A The LbElVENY ESTATE.—North Wain. BY AUCTION, BY WISSTANLEY AND SON, At the Auction Mart, near the Bank of England, London, on Tuesday and Wednesday the 29th -ant) 30th May, in 48 Lots, iiiileiii disposed of by Private Contract, previous to the 15til of May:— E very extensive and valuahjc FREE- -JL IIOLl) 'ESTATE, comprizing the noble Mansion of Lleweny Hall, wltich cfint"aiiii ample accoflimodation for a family of the first distinc- tion; also a colivenictit residence 'catted' Cotton Hall, together witit new erected and very com- modious bleatli vror-ks, water corn mitt. and iron forge (all well supplied with water) a public house and several improveable Farms, contain- ing in the whole near FOUR THOUSAND ACRES of extraordinary rich meadow, pasture and urable land in a high state of cultivation, and lying nearly in a ring-fence. The annual value whereof is upwards of X- 7200.-the estate is in. tersected by the river Clwyd, most beautifully situate ill the well known and fertile Vale of Clwyd in the counties of Denbigh and Flint, North Wales, 3 miles from Denbigh^ 6 from St. Asaph, 8 from Ruthin, 10 from Mold, 12 froill Abergele, and 24 from Chester—to be viewed by applying to Mr. Huxford, at Llttweny Hall- Printed particulars with plans annexed may he had of Messrs. Manley, and J. and W. Lowe, Solicitors, Temple, London; of Mr. S. Lowe, Solicitor, Whitchurch, Shropshire; of Mr. Cal- veley, Surveyor, Stapleford, near Chester; Mr. Thomas Winstanley, Liverpool; of Messrs. Kay and Renshaw, and Mes;rs. Duckworth and Chip- pendale, Manchester; of Mr. Wynne, Solicitor, Mold; of Mr. John Jones, Ruthin; of Mr. Hughes, Denbigh; of Messrs. Pemberfon and Coiipland, Shrewsbury; and of Winstanley and Son, Paternoster Row; also at the principal Inns at Denbigh, St. Asaph, Aberconway, Car- narvon, Rtithii), IVrexh',ii;i,'Oswestry, Shrews- bury, Birmingham, Fliut, Holywell, and Chester. Feat fires of t-ife Vresciij JL Lottery are p!"e'se'lJicd to the Public lU the foliowing Sctieme, whioh contains Foiir Prizes of Tickets. Divided in the follQWing MONEY PRIZES. I 4prizes of £ 20,000 are EgfliOOO 4 5,000 ■ 20,000 I 12 1,000 12,000 20 500 v 10,000 m 100 9,000 I 50 '2,200 t ¥5 900 4^0 ,'i'& 72,900 fhe Foor extra 'Prizes of Tickets will be deter- mined in tile following, wunrier*To the first drawn Pri-ze above £ 15,(not falling to either of the undermentioned Numbers) will be given in addition the following j "C P. A N E) BENEFIT PRIZES: ,< ,I.r'the fortunate Number is of the Letter {. A, 100 Ticket j comprised in No. 1,251 to 1,975 B, 100 ditto compritedin 8,001 to 3,025 C, 100 ditto comprised in 4,751 to 4,775 D, 100 ditto comprised in 2,501 to 2,525 With all the Prizes that may be severally drawn against them by which means One Ticket may srain £ 100,000 TICKETS A-.N-O SHARES Are selling at all the Lottery Omeesio this County. KLANELIDAN INtLOSUKE. < I THE undersigned, being the sole Com iriissioner appointed-by an Act. of Par! la- ment, passed in the 49ih year of the reign of his present Majesty, intitled, "an Act for inclosin lands in the townships of Llan, Trewyn Bodlow. yild, and llryncymrne, in the manor of Llaneli. dan, in the parish of Ltaaf lidan, in the county of Denbigh" Do hereby give Notice, that under the -authority of the sisid Act, 1 will cause to be put up to sale by public auction, at the White Lion Inn, in Ruthin, on Monday the 18th day of June 1810, at 4 o'clock in the after- noon, subject to conditions to be then produced; (he following parcels of lands on the common catted Cefn Du, situate in the said townships acd uiasior. LOT I. An -Ilotwebt coi)iaiii;ii, lla. 2r. 36p. bounded on the north by Lot 2, on the south by the turn- pike road leading from Bala to Wrexham, on the west by Lot S, and on the east by part of ithe saidcommon. LOT 2. An Allotment containing I2a. bounded On the north by part of the said common, on the south by Lot 1 and 3, on the west "by a, Heairiage road leading from Rhawlfelun to the ttirbpTke road leadiii, froin BaAa to Wrexham, and on fht east by other part of the said caiulnoii. "LOT 9. An Allotnient containiftg t^. Sr. fSp. botinded on the north by Lot 2, on the south by the s'aid ftmlpike road leadingfrom1 Bala to VVrexharh, ou the west by Let 4, and on the Met by Lot L ( LOT 4. An Allotment-containing 9a. 0. 20p. bounded on the north and west by the said carriage road leading from Rhaol felun to the said turnpike road leading from Bala to W rex hem, on the south by the-said ttirnpike road leading from" Bala to Wrexbain, and on the eastby Lot S. LOT 5. An Allotmeht containing-10a. -Sr. -itp, bounded oil the north by a carriage road leading from Gwyddetwern to Wrexham, on the south by the said turnpike road teading from Bala to Wrex- ham, on the west by Lot 7 and 8, and on the east by the said carriage road leading from Rhewl fejuII to the said turnpike road leading from Bala to W rexham. LOT 6.. ■ An Allotment containing 8a. Or. lOp. bounded: on the north east by Lot ^7, and on the north west by the public road learlingJrom Llansainrffraid to Llatielidan, and on the soulh by the said turnpike roaii leading from Bala to Wrexham. < i.^t 7. An Allotment containing 13a. bounded on the north by Lot 8, oil the south by Lot 6, and the said turnpike road leading from Bala to Wrex- bato, OH the west by the said public road leadin"* from Llansaintti'raid to Dancitdan, and on the east by Lot 5. LOT 8. An Alloftneiit containing^a. lr., 301). bounded On the north by the s.,id carriage road leading from Gwy.ddeiwern to Wrv',' on the sour h hy 1.0,1 q., on the westhy the said public road leading from Llansaintffraid to Llanelidan, aud ou the east hy Lot f). LOT 9. An Allotment containing 10a. Or. 25p. bounded on the north west by the said public road leadin<* from Llansaitittfraiii to Llanelidan, on the south by part of the said common, and an ancient In- closure on Maes y Trayan, in the holding of it. JONES, and on the east by Lot 10^ LOT W. An Alldtment-<;ontainiug 12.1 Or, SGp. bound. eil on the north by the said public road leading from Ltiinsainttiraid to Lbitielidan, on the south by the said ancient Inciosure, on the west by Lot 9, and on l he c.¡,.t ,by _lm(l, of the said com- mon. The foregoing A Hutments arc marked out, and plans may be sevii at the Office o-f Mr. JONES solicitor, Rhus, Ruthin at Hie house of Mr*! Ai.LCJE. WILLIAMS, liiiikx#APVT-, at Llanelidan aforesaid and Mr. JOHN WILI.JASJS, of t)er Will $,'I-ew tile' LA)ti. KlCHARD JEBB. CM, ■ 7 ith April, 10.$ TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the House of Mr. William Griffith, called the Bull's Head Inn, in the town of Llangefni, iu the county of Anglesea, on Friday the 8th day of June, IS 10, between the hours of two and five in the afternoon, -under-and subject to such conditions as wiU be then ami here pro- (I t. ,ee d ALL that one undivided moiety or half I part of all that Messuage, Tenement, Farm and Lands, with the appunenances, called 'i f I YN Y COED, situa-e iii the parish of ftodedecitf in the said county of Ajiglesea, and now in tLti tenure or occupation of Owen Jenkyns, as tClI.t I at will. Add also all that undivided moiety or -It part-of bll that Messuage, Tenement, Fi-rn.. so I Lands, with the appurle itatices, calle(i T 7A, 1) ii V *4 Y CAPPEL, situate in the parish of I'em hog, in the said county of Angles, a, and no" in tire .fenure.or occupation of Richard ^Jwen, as tenant at will. The tenants will ghewth respective premiqep, and further particulars may be had at the OP iftf y of Mr. H. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Car»ar>a GARN AuyON. t t. TO iB'E LFT, • ■■ v AWD WTERKD UPON IMM e0IATF.LT, fllWO com mod if? is mo'dern-hiiilt DV. FXL- siteate iti High-S icet an.) Church-Street, in the town o( Car!)a:vo)). The House in High-Stseef consists of a capital entrance-, a diniug-parlour, and drawirsg-room, nearly 2C feet by 17 a breakfast-parlour 17 feet by to, a bed-room-of (he-same-size, withadress- iug-rooin attached, and two other bed-rooms on the first floor; five other bed-rooms in the attic story, with suitable garrets au excellent, kitchen, a housekeeper's room, and other suiiable offices. The House in Church Street contains a large breakfast-parlour, dining-parlour, and tea-room, (with a recess) also two lodging-rooms on the same story with the tea-room, four excellent bed- rooms ift the attic story, capital garrets, and a commodious kitchen. There are uncommon good vaults under each cf the Dwelling-houses, and each of the Tenants may be accommodated witlj three acres of capital Land, contiguous to the toww of Carnarvon. 'For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid) to Mr. H. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor Carnarvon. (ONE PROPERTY.) 9