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MENAI PtTT CLUB. I THE Annual Meeting of the Members of the Men.-ii Pin Club, will be held at the Sportsman Inn, in (he town of Carnarvon, on Sa- turday, the 28th day of August instant. Dinner at half past three. RICE THOMAS, JuN. Esq. in the Chair. Coedltclcn, 12th, 1813. FLINTSHIRE AUXILIARY BIBLE SOCIETY. il U, Inhabitants of (he county of Flirt -&. are respectfully informed that :he under- having declared (herrsciies Friends to the design of instituting a County Society, Auxiliary to British and Foreign Rible Socie'y, a jjubitc AJeeting will be heM for that purpose, at. he ':¥t; Horse Inn, 111 Holyvo, I/ >n I lien's? inst at. 12 tie R'ght Hi • • A R i, 'UROSvr':Non, Lord Lieutenant of the county, havins accepted the office of President, will take ••the Chair. Sir Thomas Mostyn, Bart. M. P. Sir E. P. Hoy' Bart. M. P. Sir S. R. filytine. Bafr. Edward Lloyd Esq. eefn. Rev. J. C. Potter, Sough ton Half. liev. Hugh Jones, Vicar of Northop. Rev. John Roberts. V icar or Tiemerchion. Mr. W iiliaii'son, Greeniielit. Richard Sankey, Esq. Holy well. Rev. Edward 11überrs.. Vicar of Whitford. —— P. Whitley, Vicar of CWIn. Robert Davies, Curate of Rhyddlan. -——- J. Lloyd, Curate ol Tremeirchiori. —- Llewelyn Lloyd, Rector of N'annerch. 1 Henry Parry, Vicar of Llanasa. Ran. Crewe, Rector of Ha warden, Thomas Thomas, Esq. Downing. John Douglas, Lsq. Holt well. James Ewer, Esq. Bryn madyn. A?r. J. B. TipUm, Flint.. Roger Ellis, Esq Cornist. Edward Ellis, Esq. Cornist. William Righy, Esq. Ha varden. "William Hancock, Esq. ii kwarden. i IIi I/aruonsltire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. At the Hotel, in the town of Carnarvon, on Tues- day. the 7 th day of September, i t5 13, at four o'clock in the after man, {unless dispos; d oj in the mean lime by private contract, If which no tics will be given ) ■ — LOT 1. LL THOSE TWO DWELLING JlL HOUSES, situate in Pepper-lane, in the said town of Carnarvon, now in the occu pation of William Roberts, and Mary Prichard. LOT 2. All those DW ELLi NG-il 0 USES, si- tttal.c iii kl,)Ie VV iill s; i-eei, in lie still io,% if '01' Carnarvon, nON fit the occupations of Evan Jones, labourer, Ellen Jones, widow, Hicham Jones,mariner, Mary Ellis, widow, Din Id W d- liams, rope-uiaker, Evan Roberts, bell-ringer, Catherine Williams, widow, and Johu Morgan, gentleman, subject to lease for one lite now in being, aged from 70 to SO years, the lessees he- ing subject to a covenant for leaving the pre- mises m good repair. LOT 3. All that PI ECE of COMMON, in the -parish of Llanddeniolen, allotted under an Act >>. Parliament, as Appurtenances to Tyddyn lien, containing Jr. or thereabouts, bouiuico on the north-east side h) lands laiely belonging PenSir on the south-west side by a new rolia yd lands of T. A, Smith, Esquire on the south 'end by ihe public road from Carnarvon to Pen- ttr; and on the north end allotment made to Rice Thomas, Esquire. LOT 4. All that FARM, calleil Trcgamedd, near the turnpike gate, in the parish of Dwy- gytylclli, in the occupation of Jane Roberts, containing about Witt) a right of near Peii- niaen-bach sands, being a very convenient spot for sea-bathing, and wiii he sold in one or in two lots, (viz.) Dwelling-House and Buildings, one Quillet above the turnpike road, one below to Caeiusdwii, Dryll y Pupur, Yr Erw, Tauy Pon- oyn, and Coed Adda, coutainiiTg 9a. r. 29p. or riil(,i,tlat)(itit.,i, (jowl, to tile lower road. And Cae Newydd, Werglodd, and ilivil yr Erw (awr, hel ween the lower road and sea shote, containing 1. 3r. Bfjp. or thereabouts. LOT 5. All that FARM, culled Tyddyn lien, in tie paiish 01 Llanbebiig, in the said county, containing 47a. 2r. ISp. or thereabouts, in the occupation of widow, situate within about two miles and a half of Carnarvon, on both sides of the road from Carnarvon to Pentir, and on both sides of the road from Crug to Liauiug. This iot will be sold in one, or the three follow ing lots, (viz.) Dwelling House and Buildings, Croft adjoining, Erw Wen, Erw Issa, Cae Tios v L611. and Quillet, containing 13a. sir. I7p.— Cae PWIl, Buarth gosa, Gors, Tyddyn Hen, Ca- natt, Cae Criii, and Buarth Bella, containing 23a. 2r. 26p. and Llain y Groeslon, Werglodd, and Lfaiu Bel!a, containing 10a. I r 15p. as shall be agreed upon at the time of the sale. Lot 6. All that FARM, called Cae Motor, in the parish of Llanbebiig, in the county of Car- narvon, in the occupation of Griffith Jones, con- taining about 47 acres of good, well-watered lands, situate on the left, and near to the road from Carnarvon to Pwllheli, on a rising ground ;about a mile and a half from Carnarvon. This lot iorms a most desirable spot for a Gentleman's Jiottse, commands a most beautiful and extensive view ( v he Carnarvonshirehills, from Penmaen- the rivals at the back, and of the town and castle of Carnarvon, with the river Menai Carnarvou bay, and Anglesey to the front, and is equal in point of situation to any spot of ground in that neighbourhood. There are three detach- ed Pieces of Ground belonging to this Farm, which will be sold, either with it or separate, as may he agreed upon at the sale. PORTH YR AER, in the said town of Car- narvon, with the Tower and Buildings, Yard and Garden, containing about 22 yards in front of the street, with extensive Pi enures at the back, is well adapted either for buiidnig; two ex- cellent Houses, or for building two rows of Cot- tage. or for a Warehouse and Merhat's Yard fOr timber, coals, &c. one of the buildings hav- ing-a large cellar for the use of a wine, ale, or spirit merchant. This lot is subject to a quit rent of one shilling per annum. LoT 8. All that FIELD, called Cae Stryd Llyn, in Carnarvon aforesaid, lying between Pool-street and Love-lane, in building or other lots, as described in the map or plan thereof, as may be agreed upon on the day of sale. The respective tenants will shew the premises, TX?1* ^or ^urtber particulars apply at the Office of Messrs. Pooles', Carnarvon, or of Mr. Roberts, Attorney and Notary Public, Bangor, where aaaps of the respective premises may, be seen. STOLEN OR STRAYED. ON THURSDAY NIGHT LAST, From the lands of Pen-jx-b yn, in the parish of LI amend a, in the occupation of TVni. Lloyd. A BL CK COW, with reddish hairs along Im. the back, a little white under the belly, white elder, and two sores on the tail: Who- ever will bring the said (ow to W illiamLloyd, or g-ive information by which she may he restor- ed., shal: receive Two GUINEAS reward, on ap- plication as ahove. ANGLESEY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At Tymawr Inll, in Amlwch, in the county of Anglesey, oil Saturday the 4th day of Septem- her, 1813, between the hours of three and five in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall he then produced (unless diposed of in the mean time by private contract, of which due notice will he 7ivenl THE FOLLOWING SHARES OF VESSELS. ONE-EIGHTH of the !>ri<j Elizabeth, John Hughes, master, burthen per register 10'2 12-94 tons, One-eighth of the Dublin, (late one of his Majesty's packets at Holyhead) Wm. Francis, master, burthen per register 102 tons. Also one-sixteenth share of the said Vessel, called the Dublin. One-eighth of the sloop Providence, Hugh Morgan, master, hurt hen per register 66 tons. One-fourth of the sloop Harriet, Hugh Lewis, master, burthen per register tons One-fourth of the sloop Samson, R. Hughes, master, burthen per register 48 28-94 tons. And 11-100 share of the interest of the Am- !wch "hipping" Co. in the Brig Maria, John Timberleak, master, Brig Amlwch, John Owen, master, Brig Mary, William Fotiikes, master, Sloop Portland, William Owen, master, GaMioi Union, William Roberts, master, All of, and belonging to the Port of A mlwch, These V essels are well found, in excellent con- dition, andare commanded by steany and experi- enced masters. Such an opportullily ofadvantae- ously em doying a caoi'al in shipping in the coasting trade, has not offered itself for many yenr- \No, the sloop Diligence, John Roose, mas- ter, I)tii,Tlion per register tons.— This vessel is admirably adapted for the corn and coal trade, between the Island of Anglesey and Liverpool, Chester, &c. and is in most capital order. For further particulars apply to John Price, Fsq. Amlwch, or to Mr. Robt Prichard, Soli- citor. Llwvdiarth ES<roh. A np-lescv. no= TO BE SOLD BY PRl V ATE CO\TRACT, ",I .,It One-half of that Capital Galliot, called, THE GEORGE, Of Holyhead, of about 80 tons, David Jones, master. The hull, sails, and rigging of this vessel are fresh, and in good order, she is very handy tor the coasting trade. For further parri.uIars apply to Capt..Tnnes. at Holy head, or at Mr. EVANS'S Oiffce, in Carnarvon. PENMORFA, &c. INCLOSURE. I THE undersigned, 'heCommissioner, ap- 9 pointed bv an Act of Parliament lately passed, intituled, st An Act for inclosing Lands in the parishes of Penmorfa, Dolbenmaen, and Llanfihangel y Pennant, in the county of Car- narvon," Bo hereby give Notice, That T will attend, for the second time to carrv the said Act into execution, at the house of Ri chard Thomas, in the village of Penmorfa, in the said county, on the twenty-seventh day of August instant, at the hour of two in the afternoon, to receive accounts, or schedules in writing, from I all fwrsOIlS and hodies corporate or politic, who shall have or claim any common or other right', to or in any of the lands to be inclosed, under or by virtue of the powers contained in the said Act. or the General Iii(-Iosiire Act and that every such account or schedule is to be signed by them, or the respective husbands, guardians, trustees, committees, or of such persons respectively, and to describe the lands and grounds, and the respective messuages, lands, tenements, and in respect whereof they shall respectively claim to be entitled to any, and which of such rights in anf) upon the same or any part thereof, with the name or names of the person or persons then in the actual pos- session thereof, and the nature and extent of such rights,and for what estates and interests they claim the same respectively, and that every per- son, body politic and corporate, making default, and not complying with the above directions, will be barred and excluded of and from all lisrh t and tille in, to,, and upon the said lands to be i inclosed, and of and from all benefit anil advan- tage in or to any share or allotment thereof. WALTER JONES Cefn T!i<g, 1th Aug. IS!3, CAHNAHrO\HlHE. tOHTH WALES. CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATE. TO BE SOLlHTv AUCTION, At the Sportsman Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, in the said county, on Thursday, the Seventh day (I) October, 1813, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, subject, to such conditions us shall be then and there produced, unless disposed of in the mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be given, the following Capital Freehold Estate, Situate in the town and paiish of Crickieth, in the county of Carnarvon. Acrcagc, more 01' less. tols. Tenements. Tenants. A. R. p. j | HanVafon, consisting of two Dwelling-houses, Garden, and William Griffith 9 1 o 2 Court, consisting of a .Dwelling- house, Garden, and two Fields, William Jones.. 0 2 30 N. IJ. This lot is in lease foi one life, at the reserved rent oISt. 8s. 0d. C A Piece of Ground for building, part of Ty-mawr Farm, ad- ) 3 < joining Tai JI1 y Ion, containing in,fronl of the street 9ht Robert Davies. 0 0 0 ( yards, and extending backwards 26 yards j 4 S A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining the last Sot, and ) ana < of the same extent$ 5 j A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining ihe last lot, and ? 0 rt n ( of the same extent S g 5 A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining (he las! lot, and) f)jtto 0 0 n < of the same extent ♦ > 7 C°ntaining thrCe Dw«lli»^ouSeS, Smithy and Ro|.)Crt GriOilh.. 0 0 31 f Ty-mawr House, Stable, Cow-house, and other Outhouses, 5 Davies ? 8 < together with foi:; Fields adjoining thereto, and to the> Innkeeoer Y ( lands of Mr. William Watk<n .) j (A Piece of Land, part of Myria Farm, and two Fields, part 9 < of Ty-mawr Farm, adjoining the last lot, and the land of> Robert Davies. 2 0 21 ( the said William Watkin > I 10 S r'Vo Fields,part of Ty-mawr,farm,adjoining thelasf lot.and } 2 1 26 ( 'he Turnpike-road leading to the town of Pwllheli 5 JJ Three Fields, pari of Ty-mawr Farm, adjoining Ihe last lot, ) Ditto 1 3 0 ( lot 8, and the said Turnpike-road > $A Piece or Parcel of Land, part of Ty-mawr Farm, on the? Ditto 0 3 tr j J north side of the said Turnpike-road 13 A Piece or Parcel of Land, adjoining the last lot Ditto 0 3 15:; 14 S ^our Fields, part of Myria Farm, adjoining the lands of? iw-tr^ervWilliams 8 I so" } Mr. William Watkin. and Mr. Maurice Jones.. Alar^t) i.uams a I 39 j^ < Myiia House and Outhouses, together with four Fields ad } pjtto 3 0 vr J joining Myria rnawt and Myria bach £ J 5 The capital'Mansion House of Brynhir, together with the £ John J()nt.9,Esq. 5G 3 Demesne Lands ("Three Dwelling-houses called Pen pa led, Gegin pen pa led, i Robert. Jones, j) 17 < and Tvn Gelch, together with three Fields, part ol> innkeeper, and >21 4 ( Brynhir Demesne others. j 18 5 ^eld, part rif Brynhi-r Demesne, and adjoining the last > John Jones Esa. 2 3 6 ( lot, called Cae 'r odyn Gulch f Two Dwelling houses, Store-house, and Garden, called^) 19 < Abergeraint, together with two Fields, part of Brynhir> Sylva. Williams.. 3 2 19 { Demesne, adjoining thereto, ant! to the last lot. j 20 A Dwelling-house and Garden, called Tal y Sarna Owen Jones 0 1 6 21 A Dwelling-house and Garden, called Tyn y Gwynt. Catherine Dories, 0 0 20 2t A Dwelling-house, and Garden, called Tyn y Ion Dinas John Thomas. 0 0 30 23 A Dwelling-house, called Pengwern Jolics, 0 0 0 (T V Piece of Ground for building, part of Ty-mawr Farm, 24 < adjoining the yard, containing in front of the street 91 Robert Davies 0 0 0 ( yards, and extending backwards I6 £ yards.) 2^ < A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining the last lot, and ? Ditto 0 0 0 of ihe same extent > qQ < A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining the last lot, and ) Dhfo ..000 ( of the same extent S 2^ < A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining the last lot, and? Ditto ..0 0 0 ( of the same extent S The Mansion House of Brytihir, cons-StiDZ of three parlours and excellent lorlgin rooms, with suitable outbuildings, coach-house, stables, lodge, orchard, and garden, is within seven miles or the market town of Pwllheli, and three of Tremadoc, and s'ands on a delightful eminence, commanding one of the most charming and extensive prospects in point of variety, of any in Wales. That much admired ancient structure the Castle of Crickieth presen's itself in front with Cardi- gan Ray, and all vessels trading to the ports of Crickieth, Pwllheli, Barmouth, Traethmawr, &c. The picturesque mountains of the county of Merioneth, skirting Cardigan Bay, are a striking fea- ture in the scenery commanded from this justly admired situation. I This property, which is very productive, and well supplied with water, calculated to be turned to the greatest advantage in irrigating, is close to the sea, which affords an easy access to lii"e an" manure, as well as the enjoymeut of bathing. The neighbourhood has most excellent trout streams, and is verv well supplied with fresh and salt water fish, and an abundance of arne.. The purchaser of lot 16 may at a month's notice have possession, and be accommodated in a considerable portion of the monev. The rest of the above property, which is of the best quality, lies within, and adjoining to the town of Crickieth, and is rendered peculiarly valuable in various respects, from possessing situa- tions commanding views of the adjacent country, and its contiguity to the sea and good roads. A herring fishery is carried on to a great extent under this Estale.. The Estate may be viewed on applYlOg to Mr. WILLIAM JONES, of Court, in Crickieth, and further particulars had of Mr. GLYNNE Gairrirll, at Bodegroes, near Pwllheli, or at bi* Office 10 ¡ Carnarvon. CARNARVON. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that modern-built and vveil finished MESSUAGE, or DWELLING-HOUSE, and extensive Premises thereunto belonging, si tuate 111 Castle-street, in the to v. 11 of Carnarvon aforesaid, and now in the oGCupatiolJQf Mrs Roberts, and Mr. Edward Griffith Roberts, as tenants at will. This is roomy and extensive, and from its situation (being in one of the principal s'reeis in Carnarvon) is well adapted either for the re- sidence of a genteel family, a lodging-house, or a stiol). For further particulars apply at Mr. Glynne Griffith's O'Kce, in Carnarvon. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, ^l^IIAT application is intended to he made A. to Parliament in the ensuing Session, for an Act or Acis for building a Bridge or Bridges Castle, ill the parish of t'onway, in the county of Car- to the opposite slioi-e, in a- siiiiii island in the- said River Conway, in the said parish of Conway, in file same county, and fir making convenient ways or approaches thereto, through lands in the said parish of Conway, and in the parish of Eglwys riios, in the same county, and also for forming an embankment or embank- i meats ever the said river Conway, from the said small island, in the said parish of Conway, to tfie opposite shore, in the said parish of Eglwys rhos, for the purpose of making it road leading to the said bridge, and for erecting a toll gate, or toll gate thereon, and takin Tolls ihereat, and also for forming embankments in the said parishes of Conway and Eglwys rhos, and in thc parishes of Llanwstenin ane! Gymll, in the said coullty of Carnarvon, and in the parish of Llansaintifraid, in the comity of Denbigh, or one of them, for Iheimprovcmcnt of file navigation of the said river, and for better draining lauds in •he said parishes of Conway, GyOin, Eglwys rhos, Liangwstenin, and Llansainiffraid, or one of them, alld for preserving the said lands from the effects of the tide, and for vesting the sands which oily t)e reclaimed by the said embank- inciiis aii(I means aforesaid, on either side the said river Conway, within the parishes afore- said, in Owen Williams, Esquire, and also for shortening and improving the navigation of the said river, by diverting its present- course, and forming a lIew channel in a more direct iine from, or from near a cerlain place called Cymiyd, to or near to Conway Castle, through lands in the said parish of Gytiiu, alldalso for making a rail- way, or railways from, or from near a certain place called Marl, in or through the said parish of Eglwys rhos, to or near a certain place called the Ferry-house, ill the said parish of Eglwys rhos, for the purpose of conveying stone, and other materials for erecting, forming, and com- pleting the said bridge,embankments and works, and for increasing the existing tolls at the pre- sent ferry from Conway Castle to 1)1 e said Island, until the cpmpletion of the intended bridge. R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor. 16,h NEVLV, &c. INCLOSURE. W-, E, the undersigned Commissioners, T V appointed by an Act passed in the 52d year of his present Majesly'.s reign, infilled, an Act for inclosing lands in the parish of Nevin, and other parishes and places therein mentioned, in the county of Carnarvon," DO IIi< RE!i V G5 VE NOTICE, That we have set out and appointed the under- mentioned carriage roads and highways, through and over the commonsnd waste laud, by the said Act directed to be iriclosed, as far as regards the lvillowing parishes. In the Parish of Nevin. One public carriage road and highway, of the hreadthofsevenyards,commencing at Llidiard Cae mawr, leadins: in all easterly direction, 101 lowing the present track of road to and ending it a place called Llidiard-how-how. One other public carriage road, of the breadth of seven yards, commencing at Llidiard Caemawi 'foresaid, and leading in a northerly direction. nearly in its present course to the Ruel ground, dill to he continued from thence as a bridle road. •n its present couise over Bwlcli can eg y U'fain, to Llidiard Rhos y coaunins. in the Parish of Pislill. One other public carriage road of the breadth of seven yards, over Ihe common called Rhos y Commins, commencing at Llidiard Bwlch y gwynt", leading in its present course, and ending at Llid iard Bryn lago One other public carriage road of the breadth of seven yards, over pair of the Rivals, com mencing ai Llithfaen, and leading in its present course to Nant Gwytherin One other bridle road, commencing at the gate in Bwlch land, and leading in its present course to and over Bwkh y Rinals, and ending at Lid iart, Caer Lavodty, in the parish of Lianael- haiaru. In the Parish of Cizi-iigituch. One public carriage road of the breadth of seven yards, commencing at Llidiard blaen y Mynydd, and leading in its present course to- wards Carngiwch Chapel. One bridle road commencing at Carngi well fawr Gate, and leading by David Roberts's en- croachment, crossing the last mentioned road by the old garden, and leading in Carngiwch land, and there entering the road which leads to Pwllheli. In the Parish of Clynnog. One bridle road commencing at Llidiard Brys- cyni, and leading in a southerly direction towards Crickieth, and ending at Brouerw gate. And we do hereby give Notice, That the said roads are marked out, and maps thereof, in which they are accurately laid down and described, are deposited at Mr. Ellis's Office, in Pwllheli, for the inspection of all persons con- cerned. And we do hereby also give Notice, That we shall hold a meeting at the Crown and Anchor, in the town of Pwllheli, on Wednesday the Silt day of September next, a' twelve o'clock at noon of the same day, at which time and place all" person or persons who may deem himself or themselves aggrieved, by the setting out of the said roads, may attend and object to he same Dated the 10th day of August, 1813. ROBT. WILLIAMS.? „ RICHARD ELLIS, S Coinmissioners. I ANGLESEY. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE FOLLOWING FREEHOLD ESTATES. 4 LL that, the Messuage, Tern-meni, Lands, juk. and Hereditaments, called Gors-lwyd bach, snuate lying and being in the parish of Amlwch, in hie sai:i county, now in the tenure or occupa- pahon of Johu Williams, as tenant a' will. Also alt that, the Messuage, Tenement, Lands, lleridetainents, called Cae Fadog, situate lying and being in ttie parish of Bodedern, in the said county, now in the lenureor occupalioll of Hugh Lewis, as tenant at will. Also all that, the Messuage, Tenements and Lands, called Cae Ddafydd, situate lying and being in the parish of Bodedern, in the said couiify, now in the tenure or occupation of John Williams, as tenant at will. The above Estates are very compact aiid in a high state of cultivation, all slanding in a very pleasant and central part of the county of Au- glesey, wittiin convenient dUtances to good Markets, well watered, and lie convenient ior llJan lire. Also together or in the following or such other Lots as may be agreed upon, Tyn-y-Pwli, in the parish of Llaufaelog iu the said county Acreage, mure or less. A. R. P. Lot 1. No. 1.—A Quillet containing.. 1 0 & Lot 2. JNo.2.— A Quillet containing.. 10 4 Lots No. 3. and 4.—Two Quillets ? „ containing J Lot 4 No. 5. and Id.—Two Qu.llets ? 0 1 ie containing > 3 Lot. 5. No. 6. 7. and IG.-Three, 4 3 2 Quillets containing$ Lot. 6. No. 9.—A Quillet containing 0 2 14 Lot 7. No. 10. ano 17.—Two Qui! ? „ „ lets containing..$ Lot S. No. I I.-A Quillet containing 6 0 21 Lot, 9. No. 12 and 14.—Two Quil-> lets confining 5 The above Quillets are very convenient for any person to build upon, they border upon ihe sea, Lots 1st. 2d. and 14th. adjoin the beautiful pool of Llaufaelog.—There is a good prospec: of Ore upon all the above Quillets and likewise of Slates upon 15th and 16th Lots, and a safe har- bour near the Quarry for loading the same, for any part of the United Kingdom. For further particulars apply to Mr. JOHN EOWARDS, Solicitor, Llanerchymedd, Anglesey, who has surveys of the different Estates, and will direct a proper person to shew the premises. STAMP-OFFICE, LONDON, July 29th, 1813. NOTICE IS II Ell. EBY GIVEN, I] A'I' iii At:t was passed in the late Session A of Parliament, lor altering, explaining, and amending an Act of the toriy-eighih year of His Majesty telgn, lor granlill Slamp Duties in Gieai Britain, with regard to the Duties on Re-issuable Promissory Notes (commonly called Bankers' Notes) and on conveyances on the sale and mortgage of Property aiid for better enab- ling the Commissioners of Stamps to give relief in ca.sesof spoiled stamps and for better se- curing the duties oil stage coaches. -in regard to BANKERS' NOTES, It is enacted, that after the 10th day of Octo. her next, no promissory notes, for the payment to the bearer on demand, of any sum not exceed- ing two pounds and two shillings. shall be re- issued, by any bankers or others in England, at any time after the expiration of three years from die date thereof, under a penally of 501. bnr Ihat all such notes shall, on the payment thereof after that period, be forthwith cancelled, by the per- sons paying the same, under itte like penalty. 1 iie re-issuing of noles for larger sums is at- ready restrained by the former Ace-In regard to SALES AND MORTGAGES, Divers provisions art- made for removing doubts which occurred on the former Act re- lating to the ad valorem duties.—In regard to SPOILED STAMPS, The Commissioners are authorised to allow and exchange stamps Oil written instruments signed by any party or parties (except policies 01 insurance) which have or shall become inope- rative, unfn or insufficient for the purpose in- tend en, void,,or useless, in a variety of cases not before provided for But application for the al- lowance must he made within six mouths after the passing 01 the Act (on lOih of July instant) or after ihe date of the instruments, or within s;x months after the instruments become void, in case of their becoming void for want of inr olinenf, or within six months after the same shall be re- ceived back incase of their having been sent abroad And ail applications for the allowance of spoiled stamps, oil insirunients not fully wriiien, or not signed by any party, must be made, at this Of- lice, within six months a ter the passing of the Aci, or within six months after the same shall have been spoiled, if belonging to persons rcsi. dent in London or Westminster, or wilhin ten miles thereof, or within twelve months after the same shall have been spoiled, if belonging to persons resident elsewhere in England. And affidavits or solemn aifiimaiions in the case of Quakers, of all the (acts and circumstances re- lating to the spoilell or useless stamps brought for allowance, must accompany the applica- tion which affidavits 01 affirmations must be ma e belore a Co ninisssioner of Stamps or a Master in Chancery, ordinary or extraor inarj And any person making a false oath or affirma- tion will be punishable for J)etjut-y. -in regard to STAGE COACHES, The Net contains a clause for more effectually securing the duties, in cases of persons running stagecoaches without a licence. And it is enacted, that all licences for keeping stage coaches, which shall have been granted, wiihin six months pre- ceding the 1st August 1813, shall coimmie to force till the 31st July 1814, and thai all licences granted before the 1st February 1813, and being in force on the Slst July 1813, shall cease oil that day, and new lirences shall he taken out injieu thereof on the day following and all licences to be granted after the Slst July 1813 are to have effect and continue in force, from the date thereof, ulltil the Slst day of Jtil) following,aild no longer. It is r, commended to all bankers, solicitors, stationers, and others concerned, to make 1 hem- selves acquainted with the particular provisions of the Act, in order that they may avoid penal- ties, and intitie themselves to ihe relief given bj it, in the case of spoiled stamps. By order of the Comnussioners, WM KAPPEN, Secretary.