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BY COMM iND OF THE ARCH DRUID. f|pIIE Companions of the QRDEll <>* l',(' 1 DRUIDS, are desired fo take notice* ,iiat the Anniversary Meeting will be held at the IS nil's Head luti, in Beaumaris, on Thursday? the 9til day of September, 1813. JOHN JONES, SECRETARY. Custle-street, Beaumaris, Aug. 23d, 18UL The Earl of Oxbridge, Arch Druid. Lord Paget, Sub-Druid. rTTiOBHiirs, GOLDSMITH A S D J FJV ELLER, IflSDOff, (Late of Cheapside,) BEGS leave respectfully to.inform his nti- f-fv.rous friends and the Public., thai he has upend.1", No. 29, within—where he hopes foivi contir iw; of j •their favors having laid in *Super*- -j' '1 of j the most. Elegant and Modern Jewelle '» Plate, ? and Plated Goods, with Silver Edges, &e. of the ) very best quality, and where he solicits their future Patronage and Support. liishopsgate-street, within, ljt/i August, 1813. A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE IN THE COUNTY OF ANGLESEA. TO BE LET, f"grinAT Capital MAN:-ON ROUSE, called j jlL CROMLLEGH, with about one hundred! and fifty-one Acres of CXcelllnt arable, meadow, and pasture Land, appurtenant- thereto Pos- session of which may he had at Allsaiuts next. J These premies arc situate in the parish of -Y, ""f, to Ceiiiiijacc; Ba I- within fue or six niiies of the market towns of Amlwch and Llannerchymedd. From tile conti- guity of these Premises to the sea shore, they a:e admirably adapted for improvement, as time and shelly sand can be readily procured for that, purpose, within a. mile oi the Farm, at a (rifling expence, and in every point of view a more de- sirable Residence or Farm, has not been offered in this county lo public notice. in this county 10 public notice. For TERM? and particulars, apply to Mr RI- CHARD OWEN, Plus Llanyngencdl, Anglesey, Land Surveyor, or Mr. ROBERT WILLIAMS, Tyn-y-ffriild, near Bangor, Carnarvonshire, (if by letter, post paid ) TO CLERGYMEN. I rglHE Incorporated Society for Ibe Projiaga- ton of the Gospel in Foreign Paris, hav- ing experienced some difficulty in obtaining Cler- gymen fo settle as resident if) (lie province of Nova Scotia, think it their duty to give this further notice of the new advantages to be derived from the liberality of Government, to such Missionaries. The salary to each Missionary from the Society will be :£2ÓO sterling pe annum, free from all deductions. The income from (lie parishes is un- certain aud variabte; but the Society generally requit-e from the parishioners, an engagement to supply the Missionary with a House and Glebe, and with other advantages, where they can be obtained. The Society are accustomed, if it he necessary, to advance haIfa year's salary to each Missionary going abroad, and an allowance is made towards the charge of the. voyage, from L250 to £100, according to the size of his family. The Socnty have also founded four scholar si) t,y ships at a chartered College in Nova Scotia, and six scholarships at a Grammar School, connected with the College, for Students in Divinity, with a Salary of £ 80 per annum, to each, and with a preference i() the sons of Missionaries. And as a further encouragement, his Majesty is pleased to grant, during life, a pension of C 100 pr annum, to tlio-e Missionaries, who,, affcra service of ten years, slial] he considered by the Society as disabled, by age or infirmity, from the performance of their duty and likewise a pension or £.ljll per annum, to the Widows of such Misionaries as die in the service of the Society. All applications must be addressed to the Rev. Dr. Morice, Secretary to the Society, 53, Gower- strectf Bedford-square, Loudon. London, July, 1813. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rpHA 1 application is intended to be made Ja_ to Parliament in the ensuing Session, for an Act or Acts for building a Bridge or Bridges over the River Conway, from near Conway Castle, in the parish of Conway, in the county of Car- narvon, to the opposite shore, in a small island in the said River Conway, in the said parish of Conway, in the same connry, and for making convenient ways or approaches thereto, through lands in the said parish of Conway, and in the parish of Fglwys rhos, in the same county, and also for forming nil embankment or embank- ments over the said river Conway, from the said small island, in the said parish of Conway, to the opposite shore, in the said parish of Eglwys fot, the purpose of making a road leading to the said bridge, and for erecting a toll care, or (oil gate:; thereon, and taking Tolls thereat, and also for forming embankments in the said parishes of Conway and Eglwys rhos, and in the parishes of Llangwsfenin and Gynin, in the said county of Carnarvon, and in the nari >h >f lilansaintlFiaid, in the county of DenhiVh 1 of/»hem, for the improvement of the Tvi^ o¡ the s;w! river, and for het1('r drainÏ1w Iba, IOn the said parishes of Conway, Gyffin,b Eglwys rhos, Liarigv steniii, and Llansainrffraid, or 0*e of them, and for preserving the said lands from the effects of the tide, and for vesting the sands I which may be reclaimed by the said embank- ments and means aforesaid, on either side the said river Conway, within the parishes afore- said, in Owen Williams, Esquire, and also for I shortening and improving the navigation of the said river, by its present course, and forming a new ehannel in a more direct line from, or from near a certain place called Cymryd, to or near ro Conway Castie, through lands in the said parish of Gy llin, and also for making a rait- *ay, or railways from, or from near a certain place called Marl, in or through the said parish; of Kglwys rhos, to or near a certain place called the Ferry-house, in the said parish of lgJwys Thos, for the purpose of conveying stone, and other materials for erecting, forming, and com- pleting the said bridge, embankments and works, and f ,r increasing the existing tolls at (he pe- sent ferry fro re Conway Castle to the said Island. until the completion of the intended bridge. 7J R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor. l«?«umaris, 16th Aug. 1813. > R. WILLIAMS, Solicitor. l«?«umaris, 16th Aug. 1813. A nglesea. TO BE SOU) H Y AUCTION, At fViiawr Inll. III Amlwch, in the county of Anglesey, on J-atuniav die 4th day of Septem- 1 ber, 1813, between the hours of three and live in the ai einoon, subject to such condition' as | shnil be 1 ben produced (unless diposed of in the mean lime hy private contract, of which clue notice *ill be g veni ;— THE FOLLOWING SHARES OF VESSELS. OA E-E;G ti ir! oi the brig Elizabeth, John llugjies, master, burthen per register ID; 12 94 ions, oiie-eigimi of the Dublin, (late one of his Majesty s (Jackets at Holyhead) Will, Francis, master, burthen per register 102 tons 1 Also one-sixteenth share of the said Vessel, called the Dublin. One eighth of the sloop Providence, Hugh I Morgan, master, burthen per register 66 ions. One-fourth of the sloop Harriel, tiijgti Lewis. master, burthen per register tons One-fourth of < he sloop Samson, R. Hughes, master, burthen per register 48 28-94 tons. And i I 10(J share of ihe interest ot the Alii- lweb. Snipping C< in fhe Brig Maria, John Timberleak, master, tiiiw(-h, John Owen, master, Bri^ Viary, iViilsaui Foulkes, master, Sloop Portland, William Owen, master, I Galliot Uiu i i, VV i11iam Roberts, master, All of, and belonging to the Port of Amlwch. Tuese V-'sseu are weil found, HI excellent con- dition, and are commanded hy S'C;U1) an 1 experi- enced sticti an opportunity ofadvantage- i ously ea»,>i->ynig a eapiiai u shipping in itie I coasting trade, has not oifered itself for many year", Also. the sloop Diligence, John Roose, mas. ter, bur-hen per register ions.—This vessel is admirably adap'ed for the eoru and coal trade, between the Island of Anglesey and Liverpool, Chester, &e. and is in most capital order. Also one-sixteenth shaieot Meplin Adda Mills, near Amiw h For fllllher particulars apply to John Price, Esq. t\f/I:wdl. or to Mr. Rob! Prichard, Soli- j citor, Liwydiarth Esgob, Anglesey. I al riat vonshirc. TO UK SOU) liV AUCTION. 1 At the Hotel, in the town of Carnarvon, on Tues- day t h; 7 th day of September, bio, at four o< lock in tne a) temoon, (unless disposed of in I the J/U'IW itnz e by private contract, if which no- tice will be e-weil )- LOT I L, 1'iiOMi TWO D WE I. LING A HOUSES, situute in Pepper-lane, in the said own of Carnarvon, now in the occu pation of Willi.nii Roberts,ant Niary Prichard. LOT 2. All those DWELLING-HOUSES, si- tuate oi il.iie in-the-VVall street, in itic sliikl town of Carnarvon, now in the occupations of Evan Jones, labourer, Ellen Jone widow, Richard Jones, mariner, viary EllIS, widow, David Wil- liams, rope-maker, Evan Roberts, bell-ringer, Catherine Williams, widou, and John Morgan, gentleman, subject to lease for one life now in being, aged from 10 to SO years, the lessees be- ing subject to a covenant for leaving the pre- mises I1J gooa repair. LOT 3. A If that PI fi.CE -of COM M ON, in the parish of Llan denioien, allot ted under an Act of Parliament, as Appurtenances fo Tycldjn Hen, on the north-east side by lands lately belonging to Pen fir OH the south-west side by a new road and bud, of T. :t. Smith, Esquire; oil the south etui by ihe public road from Carnarvon to Pen- tir; and on the north end by an allotment made to iLee Thomas Esquire. LOT 4. Ail that I* ARM, called Tregnmedd, near the turnpike gate, in the parish of Dvvj.- gyfylchi, in the occupation of Jane Roberts, containing about 17a, zr. 25\>. with a light of common, and adjoining the sea-shore, near Pen- maen-hach sands, being a vc") conveniens spot for sea-bathing, aij,1 will be sol in one or in two lots, (viz.) Dwelling-House and Buildings one Quillet above the turnpike ioad, one below diiio Caehisdwu, Dry 11 y Pnpur, Yr Lrw, Tuny Pon- cyn, and Coed Adda, containing Da. r. 29p. or thereabouts, down to the lower road. thereabouts, down to the lower road. And Cae Newydd, Werglodd, and Pwll yr Krw tawr, between the lower road and sea shoie, containing 7. 8r, 36p, or thereabouts. containing 7. 8r, 36p, or thereabouts. LOT 5. All that FARM, called Tyddyn Hen, in the parish of in the said county, containing 47a. 2r. 18p. or thereabouts, in the occupation of —— Jones, widow, situate within about two miles and a half of Carnarvon, on both sides of the road from Carnarvon to Pentir, and Ion both sides of the road from Crug to Llaurug. This lot will he sold in one, or the three follow- ing lots, (viz.) Dwelling House and Buildings, Croft adjoining, Erw Wen, ros y Loti, and Quillet, containing 13a, ^r. I7p.— Cae Pwll, Buarth gosa, Gors, Tjddyn Hen, Ca- nau, Cae Crin, and Buanh Belial containing 23a, 2r. 26p. and l.lain y Groeslon, Werglodd, and Llatn Bella, containing 10a. I r 15p as shall he agreed upon at the time of the sale. LOT 6. All that FARM, called ( ac Maw, in the parish of Llanheblig, in the county oi Car- narvon, in the occupation of Grimth Jones, con- taining about 47 acres of good, will-watered lauds, situate on the left, and near to the road from Carnarvon to Pwllheli, on a rising ground, about, a mile and a half from Carnarvon, This lot forms a mos; desirable spoi for a Gentleman's house, commands a most beautiful and extensive view of the Caruarvonshirehills, from Penmaen- niawr to the rivals at the back, and of the town and castle of Carnarvon, with the river Menat, Carnarvon bay, and Anglesey to the front, and is equal in point of situation to any spot of ground in that. ncighhilurhood. There are three detach- cd Pieces of Ground belonging to this Farm, which will be sold, either with it or separate, as maybe agreed upon at. the sale. POnTH YR AER, in the said town of Car. J nan-on, with the Tower and Buildings, Yard and Garden, containing about 22 yards in front of the street, with extensive Premises at fin- back, is well adapted either for building two ex- cellent Houses, or for building two rows of Cot- tages, or for a Warehouse and Merchant's Yard for timber, coals, &t-. one of the buildings hav- ing a large cellar for the use of a wine, ale, or spirit merchant. This lot is subject to a quir rent of one shilling per annum. LOT 8. All that FIELD, called Cae Slryd Lljli., in Carnarvon aforesaid, lying between Pool street and Love lane, in building or other lots, as deserihed in the map or plan thereof, as m, y be agreed upon on the day of sale. The respective tenants will shew the premises, and for further particulars apply at the Office of Messrs. Pooles', Carnarvon, or of Mr. Roberts, Attorney and Notary Public, Bangor, where maps of the respective premises maj" he.seen, I'Aitricii ARs OF Sundry Lois, pari of Ihe Common and Waste Lands, allotted and sel out for Sale, on the days and ut the piaces hereafter specific:! by the Commissioners, appointed by an \CI passed in the 5:¿d .)-earof the Reign of bis present viiijesty ititittiled, an Act for inclosing Lands in ibe parish of Neviu, and other parishes and places therein mentioned, in ihe county of Car- narvon in order to defray the expence of car- rying the said Act into execution. At the house of Robert Roberts, in the village of Llanllyfni, in the county of Carnarvon, on Monday the 6th day of September, 1813, be- tween the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the after- noon, subject lo conditions. In the iiii-ish of Llanllyfni. LOT 1.- A portion of the Common called. Bi-yitiati Cocliion, bounded on ifie iioi-tti bv ell- croachments made by Robert Grifliih and W iiiiaui Rowlands, on ihe south by 'he road leading to Rhoslas Turbary, and on ibe east hy tllat pttrlol the Common called PantyPadion un; croachment made by Henry Roberts, containing, 6A. OR. OP. LOT 2 portion of ditto called Braich-y- ffolt, bounded on the north by all encroach uent ma Ie by John J ones an I Rhosla.s Pinfolds, on the south by Lot 3, on the east hy the Common, and on the west by en toachments made by Wm. Rowlands, John Oavies and Joseph Thomas, containin' 22a lA.2<)p. LOT ;j —A portion of ditto called Gljliau- gleision, bounded on the north by encroachments made by Henry Owen and William Houlandsand also by Lot "2, and on Lie south east and west by liie Common, containi ;G, 96A. OR. On. In the carish of Ciijrtriog. LOT 4.—A portion of Mynydd Llwyd-mawr eallerl Nant-yr-yeh, f)oun(led on the north and east by encroachm nits made by John Williams and Ellinor Foulk s, on the south hy the Com- mon and on the mest hy the public road lead- ing from Carnarvon to Penmorfa, containing, 4A. ,'JIR. OP. LOT 5. portion of ditto bounded on the north by encroachments made hy Robt. Roberts and John Thomas, ,HK! extending from the upper corner of an encroachment made by J. Richards, to that of an eneroarhmenf made fiv the parish, and on the south by (he Common, containing, 9 A. I R. SOP. LOT 6.—A portion of ditto by Llidiard-Com- hran, hounded on the north by the Common and extending from Cwmbran Land, to Owen Jones's encroachment, on the soti,ii by Cwmbran Farm, on the west by ihe said road lo Penuiorfa, con- lail\ill, lOA. 211. 36p. At the hou-e of Griffith Roberts, in the of Chnnog, in the said county, on Tuesday the 7<h day of September, 1813, between the j hours of .3 and 5 o'clock iu Ihe afternoon, sub- j ject to conditions, j In the Parish rf Ch/nnng. j o,r portion of Bwlehderwiu Common, j called, bounded on the north by the I parish turbary, and Monachdu mawr, 011 f he south by encroachments and the public road lead- ing from Clytmog to Llangybi, on the west by an encroachment and the Common, and on the somh by the Common, containing, 18A. On 0I>. I LOT S.- A portion of Bwlehmawr Common, called Ralltfain, hounded on the north and east t hy oil the south by the Common, and on the west by an encroachment made by David ¡ Jones, containing, On. 01>. LOT 9.—A portion of ditto bounded on the norih bv encroachments made by Richard Jones an i; William R.oberts,on the south, east aud west by the Common, containing, 17A. On. Op. LOT 10.—A portion of Gryncoch bounded on she lJorth f;) eneroachmcnts made by Evan Hughes and Catherine Owen, on the south and east by the Common. and on the west by Panl-y-ffyniiun, containing, 3A. On. OP. In the-Parish of Llanndhaiarn. Lo r. I I.- X port ion of Bw lehmawr, hounded on the north and east hy the Common, on the south by a Lot purchased by Thomas Jones of Brynlirion, Esq. and an encroachment made by John Roberts, and 011 the west hy the property of Mr. Griffith Owen, containing, 2 I .v. OR OP. LOT 12.— A portion of ditto called Cefn-Rhos, hounded on the north and south by the Common, on the east by Lot 13, and on the west ;>y the said Thos. Jones's purchase, containing, 17A 3R 17P LOT 13. — A portion of ditto situate on tlie 11aI between ¡y¡¡a-duou and Cly ppia, bounded on the north easf and west hy the COlnmon, and on the west by Lot 12, containing, 26.4. OR. 20p. LOT 14,-A portion of I feel) on the north by Griffith Owen's property,by I' tyiiiinn-eidy il, and extending to the property of Evan Evans, called Penbwleh, and on the west and north by the Common,containing,5A. I R. 30P. At the Crown and Anchor Inn, in the Town of Pwllheli, i„ die said county, on Wednesday the 8th day of September, 1813. hel ween the hours 01 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions. In the Parish of. evin. LOT 15.-A portion of My uydd-Nefiti, hounded on the north by an encroachment made by Martha Evans, on the east by Lot 16, on the south by an encroachment made by John Roberts, on the west hy the Lot purchased hy H. Charles and Owen Williams, containing,,3A. 3R. lOp. LOT 16.—A portion of ditto hounded ou the north by an encroachment made hy Thos. Daves, on the east by the Common, on the south by the Lot purchased by Robert Roberts of Caemawr, an l an encroachment made hy Mary Joues, on the west by an encroachment made by John Ro- ¡ berts and Lot 15, and contains the encroachment partly made by Lowry Pierce, cojitaiiiiaj- 6A. S I R 20p. LOT 17.-A portion of ditto hy the Mountain- gate next to Nevm, and adjoining the road from Nevin to Penpris, containi'iis, 1A. IR, 13P. LOT, 18.— A portion of ditto adjoining Lot 17, ¡ containing, T IR. 5p. In Ihe Parish of "islill I LOT 19 —A portion of Rhos-co umin* extend- ing from the intendednew road across the Common fowanis penpris, near to the gate to Llwyn* ysirfiw, live property of Lord Newhorongb, and is bounded on the south and nortii by the Com- mon, containing, 5A. 3R. 3,5p. LOT 20.— por ion of Eifls, bounded on the north by Abergarvan, 'he property of Lord New- borough, on the east by Cae'i eribin, on the south by the road leading from Nevin to Llanelhaiarn, on the west by an encroachment, containing, I 2A, 2R. 24P, 1 n the Parish of Carngiwch Eot 21. — A portion of VSynydd Carngiwchj bounded on the nor'h by a C<<"»;non, th,J caSI I bounded on the nor'h by a C<<"»;non, th,J east by au encroachment made hy David Roberts, ou tie south by the property of Lord Newhorongb, on the west by the Lot purchased by John Lloyd Esq. containing, 8A. IR. OP, LOT 22. — A portion of ditto hounded on the north by the property of Thomas Lewis, Esq. on the east by Carngiwch-fawr, the property ot ,VJrs. Humphreys, on the sonlh and west hy the Com- mon, containing-, 3A 3R Op. Maps of the different Lots may he seen, by applying to us the said Commissioners, or at the Offices of Mr. ELMS in Pwllheli,and Mr. EVANS at Carnai von, of whom, and the Commissioners, any further particulars may be had. Dated the 5th of July, ISI3 ROBT. WILLI A VIS,) „ RICHARD ELLIS, S OllHnlSSloners OAK TIUHKR. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION1, On Wednesday the 15th day of September next, near Gwydir, Llanrwst, North Wales. 4Lar<re Quantity of Good OAK TIMBER Real, and Cord Wood, and Poles in Lots, a laid out. The Sale will begin at 10 o'clock in the fore- n0011. Any person wishing to view the Timber, may apply to Mr. D. M'Laun, Gwydir UeÍla. August, I S, 1813. HORNSBY and Co. Stock-Brokers, re- AA spectfully acquaint their Country Cores- pondents, that they are selling T ckefs and Shares in great Variety, and at 'he lowest Prices, at ilieii- old established Office, 26, CORN HILL, LONDON, where all Prizes are paid on demand. Tll I,, CONTAINS 2. llrizes of £20,000 2 of 10,000 Besides many other Capital Prizes. Oniy 20,000 Tickets,and no Prize less than X20 The First 1,000 Blanks will be entitled to £ 20 each. The First Prize ahne i'20 on the First Day will he entitled to = £ 10,000. The First Prize above £ 20 on the Second Day will he entitled to = £ 20,000. Letters by Post, or Parcels by Carrier, will be executed witÍl Fidelity and Dispatch. Drawing besms on the 17th (September-) NEXT MONTH. Tickets and Shares are Selling by Mr. T. Poole, Bookseller, CHESTER. Agent to HORNBY and Co. A nglesea. TO BE SOLD BY PRiVATE CONTRACT, THE FOLLOWING FREEHOLD INSTATES Li, the Mesitia,e, AH, that, Ihe Messuage, Tenement, Lands, and Hereditaments, called Gors-hvyd-bach, situate lying and being in ihe parish of Amlwch, in the sai I county, now in the tenure or occupa- pation of John Wilhams, as tenant at will. Also all that, the Messuage, I euement, Lands, Heridetauients-, called Cae Fadog, sima'e lying and being in the parish of Bodedern, in the said county, now in the tenure or occupation oi Hugh Lewis, as tenant at will. Also all that, the Messuage, Tenements and Lands, called Cae Odafydd, situate lying and being in 'he parish of f'xidedern, in the said coun'y, now in ihe tenure or occupation of Joha Williams, as tenant at will. The above Estates are very compact and in a hteh state of cultivation, all standing in a very pleasant and central part of the county of An- glesey, within eOlnenienr distances to suod Markets, well watered, and lie convenient for manure. Also together or in (lie following or such other Lots as may tie agreed upon, Tyn-y-Pwll, in the parish of Llanfaelog in the said county Acreage, lr.ore or (ess. A. R. P. Lot 1. No. I.-A. Quillet containing.. I o 5 Lot 2. No. 2.—A Quillet containing.. I 0 4 Lot 3. No. 3. and 4.—Two Quillets? containing £ Lot 4 No. 5. and 15.—Two Quillets? containing Lot. 5. No. 6. 7. and 1G.—Three? « Quillet3 coniain'ms; 4 Lot 6. No. 9.—A Quillet containing.. 0 2 14 Lot 7. No. 10. and 17.—Two Qui) ) lets containing ..J 3 3 10 Lot S. No. J I.-A Quillel containing 6 0 21 Lot. 9. No. 12 and 14.—Two Quit ? lets confining £ 3 30 The above Quillets are veryranvenient for any person to builtl upon, they border upon the sea. Lots 1st. 2d. and 14fh. adjoin the beautiful pool of Llanfaelog.—There is a good prospect of Ore upon all the above Qiiiifets and likewise of Slates upon 15th and I Ofh Lots, and a safe har- bour near the Quarry for loading the same, for any pari of the United Kingdom. For further particulars apply to Mr. Jonx EDWARDS, Solicitor, Llanerchymedd, Anglesey, who has surveys of the different Estates, btul will direct a proper peison 10 shew (tie premises. CARNAR VONslilii-OR 111 WALES. CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, Ai ihe Sportsman Inn, in the town of Carnarvon, in the said count}/, on Thursday, the Seventh day of October, 1813, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of ihe$ane d subject to such conditions as shall be then and there produced, unless disponed of in the mean lime, by private contract, of which due notice will be given, the following Capital Freehold Estate, Situate in the town aud parish of Cricliieth, in the couuty of Carnarvon. A • o more or less. Lols. Tenements. Tenants. A. R. P. 1 I William Griffith, 2 12 12 Court, consist nig of a Dwelling-house, Garden, and two Fields, William Jones.. 0 2 30 A. U. lot is in lease fot one life, at the reserved rent of SI. 8s. Oil l A Piece or (rouild for building, part of Ty tnawr Farm, ad ) 3 < joining Tai yn y Idn, containing in front of the street 9 £ > Robert Davies. 0 0 0 ( yards, and extending backwards 26 \arils ) 4 S A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining the last lot, an ? rvti- n « 2 ot ibe same extent J Ditto. 0 0 0 5 A P'cce of Ground for building, adjoining the last lot, and f r\ „ „ J j same extent V. 1 .$Dltt0 0 0 0 r 5 A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining the last lot, and.1 6 } of the same extent D,t'° 0 0 0 7 IT Robert Griffith.. 0 0 31 ( f'y-inawr House, Stable, Cow-house, and other Outhouses,) r h f r» • 2 8 < together with four Fields adjoining thereto, and fo tise> ? e!" av,es'C 6 I S8 ( lands of Mr. William Watkio ) innkeeper. (A Piece of Land, part of Myria Farm, and two Fields, part ) 9 < of Ty-mawr Farm, adjoining the last lot, and the land ot> Robert Davies. 2 0 21 ( the said William Wafkin. ) .„ (Two Fields, part of Ty-mawr, farm, adjoining the last (of, and ? nittn <? l oc ( the Turnpike-road leading to the'own of Pwllheli. ) j. < Three Fields, part of Ty-mawr Farm, adjoining the last lot, ? „ ion lot 8, and the said Turnpike-road o. 13 0 j P'ccc or Parcel e.f Land, part of Ty-mawr Farm, on ihe? ry.tt0 n ( north side, of the said Turnpike-road § 13 A Piece or Parcel of Land, adjoining the last lot Ditto. 0 3 154 a$Four Fields, part of Myria Farm, adjoining the lands of? a 14 ? Mr. William Watkin, and Mr. Maurice .Tones Margery W,II,ams 8 I 39 i- S Myr'a House and Out houses, together with four Fields ad-) n>fl „ „ ,J 2 joining Myria maw, and Myria bach { D,tto 3 O 29 16 Theeapital iitisiot, House of Brynhir. tozether with Ihel John Jones,Esq. 56 3 IT ( t,aiidi. 4 S t f Three D welling-houses, railed Penpaled, Geg-in penpalecl. Robert Jones, ) 17 < and Tyn Gelch, together with three Fields, part of others. >214 ( Brynhir De!iit,iiie I. others. ) ,8 5 Field, part of Brynhir Demesne, and adjoining the last5 John j Esq. 2 3 6 I lo', called Cae r odyn Galch J i w w Two Dwelling housts, Store-house, and Garden, called) 19 Abergeraint, together with two Fields, part of Brynhir> Sylva. Williams.. 3 2 19 ( Demesne, adjoining thereto, and to the last lot. 20 A Dwelling-house and Garden, called Tal y Sarna Owen Jones 0 I 6 21 A D'eiiing-house and Gar-den, called Tyn y Gwynt Catherine Davies, 0 0 20 22 A Dwellina-house, and Gar leu, called Tyn y Ion Dinas John Thomas 0 t) 30 23 A Dwelling-house, called Peng;wern M-;rgarei Jones.. 0 0 0 C\ Piece of Ground for buildimr, part of Ty-ntawr Farm,) 24 < adjoining the yard, containing in fiont of the street 9j> Robert Davies. 0 0 0 ( yards, and extending backwards I6| yards ) 2. 0. ( A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining the last lot, and > «. f of 'he same extent$u 0 9fi S A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining the last lot, and) n. I of the same extent tj Ditto 0 0 0 a„ A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining the last lot, and ) „. j of the same extent Dltfo 0 0 0 The Mansion House of Brynhir, consisting of three parlours and excellent lodging rooms, with suitable outbuildings, coach-house, stables, lodge, orchard, and garden, is within seven miles of the market town of Pwllheli, and three of Tremadoc, and stands on a'delightful eminence, commanding one of the most charming and extensive prospects in point of varie y, of any in Wales. That iviij, li ad nired anejent structure the Castle of Crickieth presents itself in front with Cardi- gan nay, and all vessels trading to !Ie ports of Crickieth, Pwllheli Barmouth, Traethmawr, &c. The picturesque mountains of the county of Merioneth, skirlinc Cardigan Bay, are a striking fea- ture in the scenery commanded from this justly admired situation. This proper y, which is very productive, and well supplied with water, calculated to he fllrned to the greatest advantage in irrigating, is close to the sea, which affords au easy access to li•> e and manure, as well as the enjoyment of bathing. The neighbourhood has most excf-ilent trotit streams, and is verv well supplied wi'h ftesh and salt water fish, and an abundance of game The purchaser of lot 16 may at a month's notice have in possession, and he accommodated in a considerable portion of the money. The rest of the above property, which is of the best quality, lies within, and adjoining to the town ol Crickieth, and is rendere l peculiarly valuable in various respects, from possessing situa- tions commanding views of 'lie adjacent COllntn. and its coiriguity to the sea and good roads. Vherring fishery is carried on to a great extent under this slate. The Estate may he viewed or. applying to Mr. WILLIAM JONES, of Court, in Crickieth, and further particulars had of Mr. GLYNNE GRIFFITH, at Bodegroes, near Pwllheli, or at bis Office ia Carnarvon. .1 tat; At