Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

11 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN-, f¥^0 the proprietors of Lands and Estates 1 jn the parish of Llandisilio, in the county of Anglesey, and to all others whom it may con- cern, that at the next Session of Parliament, a Petition will be presented to the Honorable IT olh" otCommons, for leave to bring in a Bill in or-ier to obtain an Act of Parliament for dividing-, al- lotting, inclosing, and improving all the common- able Lands and waste Grounds, in the parish of Llandisiiio aforesaid. Dated the 25th day of August, 1813, O. A. POOLE, Solicitor GENERAL POST OFFICE, LONDON, AUG. 25, 1813. CAUTION, Against sending Letters otherwise than by the Post FKS \LTIES lo the Amount of EIGHTY- A FIVE POUNDS, with costs, have been recovered in an Actioll hronght hy order of the Postmaster-General against a respectable Mer- cantile House in the Country, for sending Seven- teen Printed Circular Leiters hy a Stage Coach. By command of the Postmaster-General, FRANCIS FREELING, Secretary. ANGLESEA AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. r"B E Annual Meeting of the Society, wil! il be held at Llangefni, on .Wednesday the 8th of Septemher instant, when the various Pre- miums proposed by the Society, willbcawanled. The Sweepstakes entered into, to shew thc best Bull, and the best Yearling Heifer, will also be decided, and the time will he fixed for the October and February Ploughing Matches. Gentlemen possessing any improved Agricul- tural Implements, not commonly used in the country, are requested to send them for inspec- tion—hose imported from London by the so-I ciety, will also be exhibited. As there is much business to he done, Gentle- men are requested to meet at eleven o'clock exactly. — Dinner to he on the table at three. SIR ROBT. WILLIAMS, Bart. President. TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Eagle's Inn, in the Town of Llanrwst, on Tuesday the 14th day of September, 1813, at 5 o'clock in the a fternoon. LOT 1.-2-19 Oak. LOT 2.—19!) Birch and Alder. The above Timber are ready felled upon Kyffdû and Ty-mawr farms in the parish of Llanrwst, and about three miles and a half from the port of Trefriw oil the river Conway, where they may be shipped at a small expence. The Oal. are particularly worthy the attention of Ship-build- ers, bcill mostly well calculated for keels, beams and planks. For further particulars apply at Kyffdfi, or to Mr. JONE% Auctioneer, at Llanrwst. N. B. Thirty Tons of good Bark to be Sold by Pri vale Contract. (ONE PROPERTY.) Merionethshire. TO BE SOLD BY HT(,TION, At the hotise of Mr, Owen Davies, in Mamtwrog, on Thursday, the Wth of September instant, at j o'clock in the afternoon, subject to condition— rTIEIR FARM and LANDS railed CAE.-GI.AS, JL in the parish of Llanfrothen, in thecouutv of Merioneth, four miles from Tlln-j-bwlch anZI the like distance from Beddgelert. There is a great quanlily of thriving young Oak growing on part of the tand,an.d several acres more of it would produce Oak, if fenced in, and preserved. The premises are situate in a very picturesque j part of the county, at a small distance from/he •sea» hut commanding a ifne view thereof, and of the Meriouelhshire and Carnarvonshire hills. The tenant will thew the premises. and further particulars may be had of Mr. HUMPHREY WIL- I"IAIils,DoJi!;eÙey. This Day was published, Price 6. TME EDINBURGH 11 EVi EW, No. 42, CONTAINING Correspondence Litcraire el Philosophique de Grimm—Lord Byrou's Giaour-Measllremcut of an Arch of the Meridian in the peninsula of India—Phetii Lexicon Her- mann i W hitelaw, Tighe,&nd others, onlhestale It-eliiid-iii,ja Gajit)jta, or the Algel)rij of II)e ill(! Totii- in (o¡m's Sketch of the Sikhs-Clarkson's Life of IVilliani Penn—Seventh Report of the African InstItution-Quarterly List of new Books, and Index to Vol. 22. Edinburgh printed for Archibald Constable and Co. Edinburgh White, Cochrane, and Co. London and to he had at the Noith Wales Ca, zette Office, Bangor; Broster and Sol,, Cliestel-; Roberts, Carnarvon; Pugh, Dolgeliey Saun- den, Bala Roden, Denbigh and to he had of every bookseller in the united kingdom. Of whom may he hatl, The EDINBURGH REVIEW, fro!» the commencement, twenty-two volumes, in boards; or any volume or number separately. TO RICHARD RICHARDS, ESQUIRE, ■Chief Justice of the several Counties of Chestei-, Flint, Denbigh, tind Montgomery, ^%?|TE, the High Sheriff, Grand Jury, Ma- V f gist rate?, and Gentlemen, of the county "Of Montgomery, request your Lordship's permis- sion to cxprs I be peculiai gratilicat ion which we have received from the promotion of a native of the Principality, acquainted witlvits lan<niap-p aud experience in the practice of ifs Coorf* preside in its highest judicial situation W ^congratulate the county wluei, we inh- T upoh the appointment of a. Ciiicf JUSiU;e, wt f' learning, ta'-euts, and integrity, We have lot^ known and respected, and whose progress thrt5 life affords an additional proof, that in this hap- py country, eminent merit cannot fail to receive its due reward. Pool, Aug. 23d, 1813. W. Pugh, Sheriff Clive Catkin Williams Wynn Richard W. Price C. W. Williams Wynn ■y- W. Williams W/nn *i°hn Edwards ♦Tohn Humffreys Y* D. Owen O- Herbert D. Pug-h )l,es p. ^aj;l Jones, Clerk •Ki.chard Gnffithes Joties Jt Jones Devx. iVlytton, Clerk Lloyd Jones Plilard ^dye >>■ Price J J. Morris John Prvce J. Stephens Richard Owen Evan Stephens R. Farmer C. Dallas Joseph Hayes Lyon R. J. Davies John Hill W. Parry Richards William Owen Evan Jones Richard Edmunds W. Brown Gilbert Ross John Williames George Sparrow Pryce Deveieux H.R.Jones TO BE SOLD BR AUCTION, On Saturday the Wth instant,, at the Royal Oak, in the of Carnarvon, THE BRIG E uK.jf"OUR, Burthen per register 100 tons, with all her Materials, now lying at Carnarvon Quay. SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KM WOLEDGE. A 1*1, persons who have sent m their name* /H as Subscribers to the New Family Bible," i .« publishing hy he Socie y, are informed iha> I they must apply for the same through their re- spective Booksellers. J. H, COTTON, Secretary of the Diocesan Committee, Bangor.

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