Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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BRITISH WINES, OF YERY SUPERIOR QUALITY* SUN RAISIN MALAGA SMYRNA FRONTINIAC ORANGE RASPBERRY COWSLIP ELDER TENT SHERRY CALCA VELLA. RED CURRANT WHITE CURRANT 11 GOOSEBERRY London Bottled Porter) IN GREAT PERFECTION. For SALE, apply at EDWARDS'S VAULTS, CHESTER. MA VOR ABBREVIATED, EBy the Application of a new Principle to his -stem of Universal Stenography, 1his \xay teas Published, price Is. 6rf. Boards. m N entirely NEW and COMRLETK BOOK of SHORT HAND, perfectly Legible, dis- J Sinct in all its Parts, and adapted to every pur- pose of neat and expeditious writing-; illustrated by fifteen plates, containing forty-six sets of sprogressive examples. By J. CLIVE. By this improved system, nearly one-half -of the words of any subject may he written, each, witirThe single stroke of the pen; and it has but one-simple rule of contraction, which is suffici- ently concise to enable the practitioner to follow a speaker. -Loudon, piinted for B. and R. CROSBY and Co. Stationer's Court, Ludgate-street, and may be had of all booksellers; and may be had at this Office. Merionethshire. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the house of Mr. Owen Davies, in Maentwrog, on Thursday, the 30 th of September instant, at 5 o'clock in theafterltoon, subject to condÛzolts- I THE FARM an<5lLAN DS called CAJV-GLAS, in the parish of Llarifrothen, in thecouuty of Merioneth, four miles from Tau-y-bwlch, and the like distance from Beddgelert. There is a great quantity of thriving young Oak growing on part of the land, and several acres more of it would produce Oak, if fenced in, and preserved The premises are situate in a very picturesque part, of the county, at a small distance from the .sea, but commanding a fine view thereof, and oC the Merionethshire and Carnarvonshire hills. The tenant will thew the premises, and further particulars may be had of Mr. HUMPHREY .titii,is, I)olgelley. DAY & 1\1ARTINj BEG leave to acquaint the Public, that by attending to the following particulars they; "Will avoid being taken in by the vile Composl-i tioils that are offered as thegenuine H LA CK lNG; prepared by them at 97, 11)GII-IIOIBORN, Lon- don. After the word BLACKING in the first line of the Labels the Counter/cits have a small (as) some have the same before, the word MAD/J An the next lijne, and others put a small (nr) im- mediate ly before the Number 91. Purchasers Srhoaid observe that the whole Address is clear ,iiad distinct. solln DV J. R ASBROOK, Ba ngor. H. STOOD ART, St. Asaph. :-r! TIIOMAS. Llanerchvmedd. I WILLIAMS, and ) ROBT. THOMAS > Caniaivon* Price Is. 6d. a Bottle. Valuable Coal Mines in Anglesey TO BE LET ON LEASE, kvi) ENTERED UlOli IMMEDIATELY. rjpi,E.,jEMiiies are tnosl advantageously si-, tuated for exporting Coals to many parts; -«f the coast of England, and of North and South Wales, and many parts of the coast of Ireland, -as well as for supplying an extensive inland dis- trict, now furnished with coals imported from -distant places. Three seams of the coals have already been opened, and an Act of Parliament has been oh- tained for making a railway for the conveyance ot the coals to an adjoining sea-port For further wformatioll apply to Megsrs J. and W.LOWE, of the Temple, London; Messrs. POOLE, at Carnarvon, or their Office at PêJJ- era lg, Anglesey; 1,JONES, Esq. Bryntirion,near Bangor; Mr. C. J. Ilonsov, of Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire; or Mr. W. W. BAII.RY, Engineer, of Polcsworthj near Tamworthj War- wickshire. EVERYONE OF THE FOLLOWING TWENTY-ONE CAPITALS, WERE ALL DRAWN LAST LOTTERY, AND every one SOLD- by T. BISlI, i A-N D HIS AGENTS. 3.237, a Prize of ,€20,000 .3,190, lo.OSf) IS,131..— 2,aOO "4Sô. 000 7 s 8,931 1,{liL\ 10,407. IMM I 6,680. 500 500 15,388 500 1 Sill 7 son £ 300 900 7,sai' I.V.285 is^-ai— gj° 10,3b 3 OQ0 Ac. ~UU The above unparalleled Success for I the extraordinaryclemand experienced a-t BlSH's Offices for the preeeet Lottery, ilvh; ist, of tout 12,000 Tickets, yet has Two Prices of £20000 Two of 610,000, and not any Prize less than £ 20: added to which* the First 1,000 blanks will be entitled to £ 20 each. The whole Xottery will be drawo in Two Days., commencing 171h September, on which day the lirsf Ticket (\rawn above X20, will be entitled to an addition- al Prise of 410,000. Tickets pnd Shares are sdilpg by T. K YI „ Bookseller, Liverpool. .t,. PARKER, Bookseller, Whitchurch. £ SANDf ORD, Bookseller, Shrewsbury. R. T A Y LOB, Music Warehouse, Bridge-street, Chester. PARKER, Grocer, Ellesmere. I AJS D BY T. Bish, Slock- Broker, I 4 Corahi.11, and 9, London. T. ROBERTS, GOLDSMITH AND JEWELLER, LONDON, te (Late of Cheapside,) BEGS leave respectfully to inform his nu- merous friends and the Public, that he has opened Premises, No. 29, Bishopsgate-street, witliin-ohere he hopes for a continuance of their favors having laid in a Superb Stock of the most Elegant and Modern Jewellery, Plate, and Plated Goods, with Silver Edges, &c. of the very best quality, and where he solicits their future Patronage and Support. Bishopsgate-street, within, llth August, 1813. OAK TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Wednesday the 15th day of September next, near Gwydir. Llanrwst, North Wales. A Large Quantity of Good O AK TIMBER. Boat and Cord Wood, and Pales in Lots, as laid out. The Sale will begin at 10 o'clock in the fore- noon. Any person .wishing to view the Timber, may apply to Mr. D. iVpLaun, Gwydir Veha. August, 18, 1813. HORNSBY and tjo. Stock-Brokers, re- spectfully acquaint fheir Country Corres- pondents, that they are selling Tickets and Shares in great Variety, and at ihe lowest Prices, at their old established Office, 26, CORNHILL, LONDON, where all Prizes are paid on demand. THE SCHEME CONTAINS 2 Prizes of £ 20,000 2. of 10,000 Besides many other Capital Priaes. Oniy 20;P,00 Tickets, and no Prize less than £ 20 The First 1,000 Blanks will he entitled to £ 20 each. The First. Prize ab-sve £ 20 on the First Day will he entitled to £ 10,000. The First Prize above = £ 20 on the Second Day will he entitled to £ 20,000. Letters by Post, or Parcels by Carrier, will be executed with Fidelity and Dispatch. Drawing begins on the 17th (September") NEXT MONTH. Tickets and Shares arc Selling by Mr. T. Poole, Bookseller, CHESTER. Agent to HORNBY and Co. Anglespn. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE FOL I/O WING FREEHOLD ESTATES. ALL that, the Messuage, Tenement, Lands, and Hereditaments, called Gors-lwyd-bach, situate lying and being in the parish of Amlwch, in the said county, now in the tenure or occupa- pation of John Williams, as tenant at wi'll. Also all that, the Messuage, Tenement, Lands, Ileridetaments, called Cae Fadog, situate lying and being in the parish of Bodedern, in the said county, now in the tenure or occupation of Hugh Lewis, as tenant at will. Also all that, the Messuage, Tenements and Lands, called Cae Ddafydd, situate lying and being in the parish of Bodedern, in the Jiilid county, now in the tenure or occupation of John Williamsas.tenant at will. The above Estates are very compact and in a high state of cultivation, all standing in a very pleasant and central part of the county of Nn-j gtesey, within convenient distances to (lotl I Markets, well watered, and lie convenient for manure. Also together or in the following or such other Lots as may he agreed upon, Tyn-y-Pwit, in the parish of Llanfaelog in the said county Acreage, •more, or less. :1\. R. P. Lot 1. Qiiillc-t 1 0 5 Lot 2. No. 2,-A Quillet containing.. 10 4 Lot 8. No. 3. and 4.—Two Quillets £ „ containing C Lot 4 No. 5. and Jo.—Two Quillets? „ It, containing f ly* Lot. 5. No. 6. 7. and 10.—Three? „ Quillets containing J 2 Lot. 6. No. 9.-A Quillet containing..0 2 14 Lot 7. No. 10. and 17.—TwoQuil-> •„ lets containing ■Lot S. No. 11.—A Quillet containing 6 0 27 Lot. 9. No. 12 and 14.—Two Quil- ) lets 'confining C The abewe Quillets-are very for any person to build npoo, they borderupon (he sea, Lots 1st. 2;i. and 14th. adjoin the heantiful pnol of Llanfaelog.—There is a good prospect of Ore upon all the above Quillets: and likewise of Slates upon 15th and I6(h Lots, and a safe bar- hour near the Quarry for Joadini; the same, for of the United Kingdom. For further particulars apply to Mr. JOHN EDWARDS, Solicitor, Llanerehymedd, Anglesey, who has surveys of the different Estates, and will direct a proper person to shew the premises CAKNAK VONSHIKE, A Oil Til WALES. CAPITAL FREEHOLD ESTATE. TO BE SOLITSY AUCTION, At the Sportsman Inn, in the town of '(krrnarvnii, in the said county, on Thursday, O!e Seventh day of October, 1813, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the after noon of the same dO/p, "subjectlo such conditions us shall be then and there produced, unless dÙ;jJosed of,in the -mean time by private contract, of which due notice jeiil be given, ihe following Capital Freehold Estate, Situate in the town and parish'-of Crickieth, in the'Count^' of Carnarvon. kn, Lots. -fr ?nore or -Uss. fri, 7enenunlTenants. A. R. j Xt.t.m rafon, consisting of two Dwelling-house's, Garden, and? i < two Fields i Wili.ain GrifTith, 2 1 2 2 Court, cmMis'ing of a Dwelling-housc^, Garden,'and "two Fields, William Jones.. 0 2 30 r I'his lot is in tease fof one life, at the reserved rtnt of SL 0^. a ,ece of Ground tor building, part of Ty-mawr Farun, ad -) ■i Tai yn y Ion, cont^i, in frollt «,;• tiiy s?reet ( Robdft TJaVie^ 0 0 0 ( >ds, and extending backwards 26 yards ) 4 \A P,iece of G("os,nfi for building, adjoining the last lot, ami > ( of the same extent _c Ditto 0 0 0 5 j A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining't!u: la's't lot, and > „. ( of the same extent. Ditto. 0 0 0 6 J A Piece of Gromii! for building, adjoining 'the last lot, and } j of the same extent. l),ll° 0 0 0 7 5 T«'i'yn>-Ion, containing tbffce Dwelling-houses, Smithy and<> T1 t if Garden > Robert Griffith.. 0 0 31 CTy-niawr House, Stable, Cow-house, and other Outhouses,) n ) 8 < together with four Fields adjoining thereto, and to the > 'tr'^ert Davies,f „ ( lands of Mr. William Watkin ) <lnnkeej)cr. ( A Piece of Land, part of Myria Farm, and two Fields, part) 9 < of Ty-niawr Farm, ad joining the last lot, and the land of C Robert Davies. 2 0 21 C the said William Watkin ) 10 5 ^w° Fields,part of'Ty-inawr,farm,adjoining tlte last lot, and ? n. ft 'he Turnpike-road leading to the town ot Pvsllheli. Di!o. 2 I 25 11$Three Fields, part of Ty-mawr Farm, adjoining the last lot, ? ( lot 8, and the said Turnpike-road Ditto ISO 12 ^'ece or Parcel oT f.and, part of Ty-mawr Farm, on the ? s r X north side of the said Turnpike-road Ditto 0 S 15|, 13 A Piece or Parcel of fi»nd, adjoining the last lot Dido o ?, 15^- 14 S^our I'ields, part of Myria Farm, adioiuins; Ihe lands of? w, 2 ( Mr. William W,,tkin. and Mr. Matfrice Jones Margei y W ill lams 8 1 39 15 House and Outhouses, together with four Fields ad-1 i joining Myria niawt and Myria bach { u,"° 3 0 26 16 J The capital Mansion House of Brynhir, together with the? T r T- 10 ) Demesne Lands T John Jones,Esq. 50 3 17 f Three Dwelling-houses, called Penpalefi, Gegin penj>aled,) Robert Jonp-i. 17 < and Tyn Gelch, together with three Fields, part orS innkeeper, and 2 1 4 ( Rrynhir Demesne others. ) i,«2 (A field, j)Hrt of Brynfiir Demesne, ami adjoining (he las ? > T T „ ? lot, called Cae 'rodvn Galch John Jones, Esq. 2 3 6 ori(i Ciir('(,tl, 19 (Two Dwelling houses, Store-house, and Garden, ■■ called^ S3 Iva WilliIMS.. 3 2 19 y (Two Dwelling houses, Store-house, and Garden, called^ 19 1 Abergeraint,^together with two Fields, |»art. or BrynhirX Sylva. Williams.. 3 2 19 ( Demesne, a.ljoioif.g thereto, and to the last lot ) 20 A Dwelling-house and Garden, called Tal y Sa.rn;i. Owen Jones 0 1 6 t) "P c'. 21 A Dwelling-house and Garden, called Tyn y CW%*ilt Catherine Davies, 0 0 20 22 A Dwelling-house, and Garden, called Tyn y ion Dinas John Thomas 0 0 30 23 A Dwelling-bouse, called Pengwem Margaret Jones 0 0 0 C A Piece of Ground for building, part of Ty-mawr Farm,} 24 < adjoining the yard, containing in front of the street 9j> Robert Davies. 0 0 0 I yards, and extending backwards I6| yards ) 25 5 *5'!ece °f Ground for building, adjoining the taut Jot, and ? 1 of the same extent f.J Dlfto 0 0 0 •?fi 5 Piece of Ground for building, adjoining the last lat, and ) I of the same extent ?.$I)itto v 0 0 0 qm 5 A Piece of Ground for building, adjoining the last io t, and ) n. i of the same ex lent D.tto 000 The Mansion House of Brynhir, consisting of three parlours and excellent lodging rooms, with suitable outbuildings, coach-house, stables, lodge, orchard> and garden, is within seven miles of the market town of Pwllheli, and three of Tremadoc, and stands on a cfeligbtful eminence, commanding one of the most charming and extensive prospects in point of variefy, of any jn Wales. That much admired ancient structure the Castle of Crickietl presents itself in front with Cardi- gan Rny, and all vessels trading to the ports of Criekieth, Pwllheli, Barmouth, Traethroawr, &c. The picturesque mountains of the county of Merioneth, skirting Cardigan Bay, are a striking fea- ture in the scenery commanded from this justly admired situation. This property, which is very productive, and well supplied with water, calculated to be turned to the greatest advantage in irrigating, is close to the sea, which affords an easy access to lime and manure, as well as the enjoyment of bathing. The neighbourhood has most excellent trout streams, and is very well supplied with fresh and salt water fish, and an abundance of game. The purchaser of lot 16 may at a month's notice have possession, and be accommodated in a considerable portion of the money. The rest of the above property, which is of the best quality, lies within, and adjoining to the town of Criekieth, and is rendered peculiarly valuable in va.rious respects, from possessing situa- tions commanding views of the adjacent country, and its contiguity to the sea and good roadi. tions commanding views of the adjacent country, and its contiguity to the sea and good roads. A herrinc fishery is carried on to a great extent under this Estate. The Estate may be viewed on applying to Mr. WIU.IAM JONES, of Court, in Criekieth, and further particulars had of Mr. GRIFFITH, at Bodegroes, near Pwllheli, or at his Office in Carnarvon.. v further particulars had of Mr. GL Y .N.NB GRIFFITH, at Bodegroes, near Pwllheli, or at his Office in Carnarvon.. v t TIMBER. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Eagle's Inn, in the Town of Llanrwst, on Tuesday the 14th day of September, 1813, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. LOT 1.-2,19 Oak. LOT 2.-190 Birch and Alder. The above Timber are ready felled upon KyflTdu and Ty-B»awr farms ill the parish of Llanrwst, and about three miles and a half from the port of Trefriw oil the river Conway, where they may be shipped at a smalt expence. The Oak are particularly worthy the attention of Ship-bnild- ers, being mostly well calculated for keels, beams and planks. For further particulars apply at Kyffdu, or to Mr. JONES, Auctioneer, at Lianrwst. N. B. Thirty Tons of good Bark to be Sold by Private Contract. (ONE PROPERTY.) RUTHIX, 28th August, 1813. WE, the undersigned OFFICERS of the late original iVestem Denbigh Loutl Militia, present our most respectful compliments to Lieutenant- Colonel FORCES, Commandant of that Regiment, and beg he will have the good- ness to publish in the North Wales Gazette, the Chester Courant, and the Chester Chronicle, the Address presented to him in June, 1812, by the Captains and Subalterns—as also the Address from the Aldermen, Commoii Council, and prin- cipal Inhabitants of the liorough of Ruihin, to shew the good discipline, subordination, and unanimity, which prevailed in the Regiment dur- ing the four years they were embodied Joseph Peers, Lieutenant-Colonel. John Holland, Major, John Phillips, Capt. J. Voryd Wynne, Capt. liobt. Nicholls, Capt. Thomas Ellis, Captain, Rich. Hughes, Capt. Tho3. Davies, Captain, { Edw. Old tie Id, Capt. Slit,—Under the impression that the termina- tion of the stipulated period of our service has '■ nearly arrived, We most respectfully tender you the fullest expression of our grateful feelings, I for your kind and correct discipline as Chief Oni(;"rf)feru-<. If the Regiment io which we have the honor to belong, has deserved credit, and derived commendation from authorised In- specting General OHisers, we do not hesitate to assure you, that we owe such -character to your unceasing exertions and instructions and we presume likewise to assure you, that through our whole military duty, we have experienced from 1 pu as au Officcr and a Gentleman, the utmost care, attention, and friendship. all taking leave of you in the former capacity, we request you to accept our best wishes, that you may live long, and enjoy health and every happiness and we trust, you will allow us to hope, that we may merit a continuance of yotir attentive politeness you have ever exhibited to those who have' iiad (be honor and good fortune of your acquain- tance. We take iii iibei-ty of entreating that }uu will suiter us to -associate with you in the above expressed •sensations, Lieut.-Col. Peers, Ai.ijor lloliana, and Captain and Adjutant Hol- deti, to whom we beg you to convey our senti- ments.— We have the honor to he respectfully, Sir, your abided &ud obedient servants, (For Oùicers & wY6df,) 5 J, L. W v k n c, Capt.-right lfank company, T. ELLIS, Captain left dank company. T.D.-vvins, 1st company. J. ROHBHTS, 2d company. R. HUOIIKS, 3d company. Oi.n! i 4th company. R. N ICII0 i.i.i, ,5th company, J. ii com pan >. To Lieut.-Col. Forbes, Commandant Western Regiment Denbigh Local Militia, Rodnod. June [21 h, 1812. i) Bodnod, Ititze 16th, IS 12. confess ntyseifat a loss for -utli.aent colouring of terms to convey the full- :ier.s of my thanks'for the' honor of your let lei his day delivered to me. The very peculiar and handsome expressions of approbatioll and goon will from so highly respectable a corps, tail of being: felt by me as the greatest honour. has ever considered that next to the appro-' Nation of his country, that of his companions in arm is the greatest reward which a soldier can ••itfain. ] am v.eii aware, however, that I owe; 'ot this to jjjy own deser f, for should there be any merit, every Officer fully-.participated, and I onl\{)-!e¡1Il in common with vou all, Gen'le- men, that, zeal and devotion which I feel for his Majesty's service. ] shall he proud to remem- ber, ;). anxious toacknovvledge this distinguish- cd mark ot yoisr consideration. That jou and yours may long enjoy health, and that vour hap- piness may be free from those vicissitudes which sometimes attend "mnian enjoyments, is the af- feci ionate wish of Gentlemen, your obliged servant, JOlIN FORRES, Licut.- Commandant W. D. L. M. To the Officers of the Western Regiment, of Denbighshire Local Militia. ———. To FORBES, Commandant of the IVest, Denbigh Local Militia. We, the Aldermen, Common Council, and prin- cipal Inhabitants-of. the Borough of Ruihin, as- sembled ibis eleventh day of June, IS12, beg leave to acquaint-you that as the period of ycur militaiy service for the present year (heing the fourth) is at the eve of expiring, YVo cannot alJ- stain irom agaiwcs press ¡nf; the high gratification \Vc feel in observing the same perfect harmony and concord to have subsisted, which we have witnessed on every former occasion ill your Re- giment during its stay in this town We beg leave to observe, thatthecouduclofall the men, composing your Regiment, has been uniformlv exemplary that can only he attributed to that proper discipline which has been enforced with 1 so much temper, firmness, and moderation, and has been pioduciive of that perfect obedience so highly essential in a military life," as well as in civil society, and which does so much honour to you as Commandant, and the Officers under your command. Signed by order of the Meeting, JOHN PHILLIPS, ) RICHARD HUGHES,S AWermen. Bodnod, 23d July, 1812. GENTI-ESIEN,—I cannot sufficiently express the sense of acknowledgement I feel for your the sense of acknowledgement I feel for your flattering Address (and which 1 am proud to ob- serve, constitutes the fourth honorable testi- mony of the kind) which I had the honour pf .e. receiving this day through the medium of Cap- tain and Adjut?j»t Holdeu. I cntred you will do me the favor to be assured, that I shall he proud to remember, and anxious to acknowledge this mark of your consideration, and that I shall always retain a lively sense of the mapy polile and friendly attentions 1 have personal!; receiv- ed for these last four years, from the worthy and hospitable inhabitants of Ruthin Borough. I am elated to know that the West Denbigh Local Militia, are deserving of the encomiu bes-ow- ed on them, and 1 consider myself as most truly fortunate and happy, that my humble" efforts should have excited such expressions, from so hOllourahle a Body, that might [Jalter the proud- est individual. It. wolilfl he ingratitudes me, to every gradation of my Officers, were I here to omit remarking, that the conduct of the men in quarters, and their performances in the field, are the gained, and prove in a high degree theii assiduous attention and unceasing exertions since the institution of the Regiment. I beg Gentlemen, You will believe me to be, With every sentiment of regard, Your most obliged servant, JOHN FORBES, Lieut.-Colonel, Commandant West D. L. M. To the A ldermen and Corpora- tion of Ruthin. TO RICHARD RICHARDS, ESQUTRE. Clilcf Justiccof tile several Counties of Chester, Flint, Denbigh, and Montgomery. WE, the lligh SlIeniT. Grand Jury, Ma- V v gisirates, and Gentlemen, of the county of Montgomery, request your Lordship's permis- sioll to express the peculiar gratification whictt we have received Ironi the promotion of a native of the Principality, acquainted wiiJi its language, and experience in the practice of its Courts, to preside iii i(s highest judicial situation. I We congratulate the county which we iitliabiti upon the appointment of a Chief Justice, whose learning, talents, and integrity, we have long known and respected, and whose progress thro* life affords an additional proof, that in this hap-, py couuiry, eminent merit cannot fail to rcccin: its due reward. Poul, Aug. 23d, 1813. VV. Pugh, Sherifl" Clive Watkin W i 11iams Wynn Richard W. Price C. W. Williams Wynn li. W. WilliIIYIS WYiif) Joliii Edwards John Huuiffreys A. D. Owen J. O. Heibert D. Pugh P. joile; Edward Jones, Clerk RieliarLI Gi-ifliilitts Wythen Jones E. Jones Devx. Myfton, Clerk J. Lloyd Jones Edward Edye R. Price J. Ili)j-ris Johu Prjce J. Stephens Richard Owen Evan Stephens R. Farmer C. Dallas Joseph Hayes Lyotl R. J. Davies John HiH W. Parry liicftards William Owen Evan Jones Richard Edmunds W. Brown Gilbert Ross John Williames George Sparrow Pryce Devcleux 11. R. J ones NORTH WALES. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD, Pursuant to an Order of the High Court of Chan- cery, beariug .date the 14th day of August, 18i, malIc in a cause wherein John Sparrow, Esq. and others are Plaintiffs, and John Da- ij)tj others ;ii,e I)efetitlaiitq,- f'JHEeligibieFREEHOLD ESTATES, late the property of William Chambers, Esq. deceased consisting of DOLYCORSLWYN- H O L S E, and sever a I FARMS (possessing very extensive sheep-walks lor upwards of 2000 sheep, and valuable right of common), with all neces- sary out-buitilings, and about 1,100 acres of ara- ble, meadow, pasture, and wood land, cap-able of considerable improvement, and delightfully situ- ate in the rarishes of Mallwydd and Cemiues, ill the counties of Montgomery and Merioneth, commanding extensive picturesque views, and the rivers Dovey and Angel, which run through the estate, abound with fish the galrae has heen welj preserved, and the neighbouring mountains pro,, Juce gronc The said Estates will he sold by EDMUN D ALDERSON,Gentleman, the persoa appointed by John Simeon, Esq. one of the Mas- ters of the said Court, at the Unicorn Inn, in Machynlleth, in the said county of Montgomery on I huisday, the 71h day of Oclofocr next, at twelve o'clock at noon, in 23 lots. The said Es. tates may be seen on application to John Spar- row, Esq. at Dolycorstwyu and particulars had of him (gratis) and at the said Master's Cham- hers, in Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, London also of Messrs. Jones and Owei>,Macli- ynieth of Messrs. Jones and Williams, Dolgcl- icy of Messrs. W. and It. Whitton, Great James-street, Bedford-row and Messrs. Col. kt t, Wimhllru, and Collett, Chancery-hale, Lon dou, where a lIlap of the estate may he seen anti at Symond's Inn Coffee-house, Chancery-lane aforesaid. ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA. F IFTII EDITION. Tltis day was published, containing 50 sheets letter- press, and illustrated by 35 cngravings. price Iss. boai-fis, ° VOLUME IV. PARTI. OF ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, OR A DICTIONARY of ARTS, SCI1NCFS AND MISCELLANEOUS LITERATURP t -r JcfP,infLt,0r Archlf'^ Constable ami Co. and lho.nson Uonar, Edinburgh Gale, Cuit's, and tenner, Loudon; Wilson aud Son-, h ,i ° Dublin and to be had a., (he North Wales Gazette Office, Bangor (.rosier and Son, Chester; Roberts. Carnarvon { I ugh, Dolgelley; Saunders, Bala; tloden, Den- bigh and to be had of every bookseller in the united kingdom. (fdT This edition of the Encyclopasdia is to consist of twenty-four volumes, or lorty-eiglit parts, with a greatly improved set of engravings. A part,or half volume, will be published on the Jirst day of every month, and, as the printing is in considerable forwardness, the publishers can promise a more regular publication than has ever attended any similar undertaking and besides all other advantages attached to this work above every other Encyclopaedia, the proprietors pledge themselves that no additional charge of price shall take place during its progress. Such subscribers to the fourth edition of the Encyclopedia as may desire it, can be accommo- dated with the present edition in exchange, on paying the difference of price. Edinburgh, August?, 1813.