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MARKETS. Com Exchange, .Monday, November 28. The arrival of foreign Wheat last week was T I ,0-25 quarters—This morning there is a large supply of hear at market, ivhieh cau-es great dullness ill tile trade, and the prices are 2s. pe:: (lit irter lower, wilh a still greater decline on the ordinary qualities. Barley sells freely at r,tl)er hgher prices. Beans are mcuh as Ia. t we(.,k- Tile supply of Oats is short for this season of the year, and the rates of this article are fully main- tained—Flour is expected to sell al 05s. per sack for the best. GENERAL CURRENCY AS UNDER. %Vlle,it 45s 70s • Grey Pease, ,44s 50s 0 Fine —65» 76s t Small Beans.r.S- 40s 0 il) c 40 s J Ticks S5s Ms 0 Barley —'28s 38s Oats 20, 6s 0 Aialt -—60s 74s Polands. ,,18>t29sO White Peas— 50s 60s I Rape-seed.. = £ 28 30 AVERAGE PRICE OF CORN, By the Quarter of liig-ht Winchester Bush.-■Is. I II heal J Rye. Barley Oats, s. d. s. d. s. d. I s. d. Anglesey. 70 0 ———— 40 0 I v0 5 Caruarvonsh. 72 0 ———— 40 S 21 0 Denbighshire 74 6 48 7 i~-l 0 Flintshire. 74 0 15 0 28 6 Rlerionethsh, 75 4 46 4 29 0 Montgomery, 79 2 ,— 47 0 27 0 Cllester 80 0 — 50 0 SO 0 Liverpool, 79 oj- 50 830 0 PRICE OF MEAT AT SMITHFIELD. Per Stoue of Slhs. Monday. Nov. c28. Beef. 5?. 0d. 6s. 0d. Veal.. 7s. 0d Ss. Od, Mutton. 5s. Od. 6s. Od. Pork.. 6s. 0d- 7s 4d. Head of Cattle at Smilhficld. Beast. 2,93 Sheep 11'640 Pigs. 420 (Calves 100 LIVERPOOL. Curn bxchctn^e, Nov. 22. Although the importation is again large, yet from the continued tegular demand durin" ihe week, the inCI ease of ampIes ar to day' market was not so great as apprehended—'The enquiry was principally for Wheat antl Oats of the finest quality a partial advance may he noted on the former of 3d. per bushel; the letter sold readily thougu Id. per bushel dearer, and a lew extra line parcels obtained Id. above the quotations- Flour was again very dull sale-Barley, Malt and Beans ex pc rienced no chance. 1:TT" wneat. us. ua. a lis. 6 I. per 70 lbs. Barley 4s. 6d. a 5s. 6d. per 60 lbs* Malt 10s. 6d. a 12s. 3d. 9 Oats 3s. 7d. a 10d. per 45 Ins. Pease White.50s. Od. a 063 Od. per quarter. Beans. 42s. Od, a 48s. Od. per qr, Flour Eng. ifne 62s. 0d. a 63s. Od. per 280ihs. Seconds. 56s. Od. a 581S. Oct.ditto




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