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LONDON, MONDAY, DECEMBER 12. FOUR mails from Halifax arrived this morn ing, But neither Letters nor Papers will be in town till to-morrow. But it is said that they have brought no intelligence of impor- tance. Two American privateers have been taken, and this, we hear, is the only news brought to the Admiralty. The Diadem is arrived from the Chesapeake, which she left on the 8th of October, and, of course, does not bring such late news as we received some time ago. When Sir Alexander Cochrane left Halifax in theTonnant, at the latter end of October, he bent his course for the Gulph of Mexico, to superintend the operations which have been commenced in that quarter, near the mouths of the Mississippi. A considerable body of troops from Jamaica, were expected to arrive about the same time as the Commander in Chief, to co-operate in the enterprize. A mail from Holland arrived this morning, and brings favourable accounts relative to the negociations at Ghent. Every party is said to have relaxed in his demands. There was even a report in the City this morning that the preliminaries of peace wereactually signed on the 3d. This report is without foundation. But the expectations of peace, in a quarter supposed to be the best informed, become stronger—and large purchases and policies with a view to peace have been made in the City. The French papers mention that a note of great importance has been preseuled bv Lord Castlereagh to Count Nesselrode, i r, Lordship complains of the delay interposed by Russia lu the arrangement of the fate of Po- land. Russia is said to have first proposed the union of Poland to her dominions. This was resisted and abandoned. Then, that Po- land should be erected into a kingdom under the contronl or influence of Russia. This was deemed equally inadmissible; and it is added, that Lord Castlereagh threatened if it were persisted in, to shut up the Sound, and inter- dict all communication with the Baltic. This was bold, decisive, British language* and we trust it is true that Lord Castlereagh made use of it. For Russia has co Reed of aggrandise- ment, and the placing of Poland in her hands, or under her influence would expose Ger many to as much danger almost as that from which she li-ss just been resetted. Tins snake would lhen be merely scotched, not killed." But we are not more averse to the aggrandise roent of Russia than we are in favour of the aggrandisement of Prussia. The former is tjuite powerful enough, if not too powerful the latter Is too weak. The Allies wiH fail k\ their duty if they -to m»t •covrcur in 'the project for .uniting Saxony io the Prussian territories. The Neapolitan troops are said to be ad. vancing to the Marches. The Austrians in Italy have also made some movements, which seem to be connected with those of the Nea- politan army. There seems to be a good deai cf ferment iti Italy. PRICF. OF STOCKS. 3 per Ot, Consols shut. 3 per Ct. Red 65f| 4 per Cents 81-7,12

Thursday, Decern her 15.

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