Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

1 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



1 TO BE LET, A GOOD HOUSE, garden, and out-officeu, with four acres of Land, within a field's breadth of a fine beach for bathing and 5 miles from Amlwch. Apply to W it I.I AM WILLIAMS-, Wylfa, near Ceuimaes, Anglesea. C4RN ARVON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION. At the Crown and Anchor, on Monday, the 3d day of July, 1815, at four o'clock io the after- noon J** THREE-FOURTHS part or shares of the SLOOP JENNY, of this ft* Por?' Thomas Owen, at present, Master, burthen about 80 tons, sad now lying within this ha hour? her Inn, S.vils, Boa!, and other Materials, are in mod v. ?Bditioii. Farther PIt,i'tic:J1.r>8Y be had by pnIYÍ>rat vt$v«s* or at the of Mr. Ju. R. WJLLJ- wa, solicitor, Carnarvon. BISH's GOLDEN PLAN CONTINUED. THE unprecedented demand for Tickets and Shares in ihe late Lotteries, 'sattribut- ed to the introduction of Golden Prizes, which is highly flattering to T. BISH, as he was the first inventor, and had the good Fortune to share and sell Two of them at his own Offices, besides Eight other Capitals, including All S Prizes 0 f £ 30,000! in the Lottery which ended 19th of April. The present Lottery is an improvement on B I sa's plan, as there are i2,(,00 Guineas in Eighteen Golden Prizes, besides Prizes of =640,000, s £ 30,000, a £ 20,000, &c. &c. Schemes with Parti- culars to he had (gratis) at BISH's Offices, 4. Corohill, and 9, Charing Cross, London, where Tickets and Shares are now selling, also by the following Agents, hy most of whom parts of the above Câpllals were sold. '\V. EVANS, Auctioneer, Dolgelley. R. TAYLOR, ivlustK Warehouse, Chester. ills. OAKELEY. Library, Swansea. 'Î'. COX, Bookseller, Aberystwirh. J. POTTER, Bookseller, Haverfordwest. J SANOFORD, Bookseller, Shrewsbury. J. DA WSON, Bookseller, Stockport. R. PARKER, Bookseller, VVhitchurch. T. KAYE, Bookseller, Liverpool. Begins Drawing 19th JULY, (next Month.) ANGLESEY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Bull's-head Inn, in Llangefni, in the county of Anglesey, on Friday the 7th day of July, 1815, between the hours of three and fhe in the afternoon, subject to such conrii I» .Y .».?A-V.V; #.W eel of in themeai) lime by private contract," of which due notice will he given ALL thai MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, with the A ppurtenanres, situate, and being, in the parish of Llanrhyddla t, in the said county, commonly called rind known by ihe name of Ty-mawr, containing 13 acres or thereabouts, and now in the occupation of Thos. Owell. The above Farm is pleasantly situated, and lies within half a mile of the sea and at all equal distance from the market towns of Holyhead and Amlwch there is also a good prospect of copper ore on the premises. And all thai, other MESSUAGE, TENE- MENT, and LAN OS, with the Appurtenances, situate, lying, and being HI the parish of Bol- edern, in the said county, commonly called and known by the name of Pen y bout Cymynod, con- taining 27 acres or thereabouts, and uow in the occupation of Evan Griffith. The abov-s farms lie in very convenient and igible parts of (be county, and are well worth > attention of persons wishing to purchase free- id property in Anglesey. For further particular^ apply at Mr. Evan;'s ffice, Carnarvon; or of Mr. Wm. Jones, Star, near Gwyndu, who will also shew the premises. ¡' J FIRE AND LIFE IhmxrartetCExjttt^attt) OF LONDON. JM Payment of Rent in case of Fire; and a rea- sonable charge allowed for ihe removed of Goods. 11 ECEIPTS f. the renewal of Policies fall. JLv_, à. U<t the 25th day of JUN E, are now ready for delivery at (lie several Ageiiti of the Company, and should be renewed within Fifteen Iiuys (hereafter. Fire Assurances maybe effected with this Com. pany, on terms corresponding with their several risks.—Policies in all cases free of expetice. On Life Assurance no charge is made for policy staiiiii, or fee of admission and the terms are lughly advantageous to the Assured. f £ Jf" A liberal Commission allowed to Solicitors and Brokers. HENRY DESBOROUGH, Jun. Secretary. Cheapside,, Loridon, June 15, 1815. AGENTS. Bangor, Mr. Rasbrook. Beaumaris, Mr. Jones. Caru'arvon Mr. Roberts. Farm near Abergele,Mr. Oldfield. PwUheli,Mr. Ellis. Llanrwst, .Mr. Griffiths. Ruthin, Mr. Jones, Oswestry, Mr. Edwards. Bala, Mr. Anwyl, Cefnfaesnear Maentwrog Mr. Lloyd. Wetshpool, Nlr.Biiiger. The Directors are desirous of establishing Agents for the Company in those Towns where appointments have not already been made. Ap- plications, accompanied with references, addres- sed to the Secretary, r t I INSOLVENCY. r 11HOMAS JONES, of the Black Horse, in I A the town of Conway, in the county of Car- I narvon, Shopkeeper and Innkeeper, having made an Assignment of his Estate and Effects to Ro- bert Williams, of Conway aforesaid. Merchant, and James Williams, of the same place, Joiner, I in trust for the benefit of his creditors. A alice is hereby given, That such Deed of Assignment now lies with the said Trustees, for the execution of such of the Creditors of the said Thomas Jones, as are dis- posed to take advantage thereof; and they are requested to execute the same, or signify their consent thereto by letter, on or before the JSfb day of September next, otherwise they will be excluded the benefit ot the said dividend, J. and E. OLDFIELD, Farm, 14th -fitne, 1815. SOLICITOUS. Cuvig Turnpike Rv;ad. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the next Meeting of the Trustees of JB this Road, will be held on Thursday, the 13th day of July next, at Capel Curig Inn, at 52 o'clock at noon; at which Meeting, the Tolls arising at the Gates erected on the said Road, will he LET BY AUCTION, to the highest bid- der or bidders; which Tolls produced last year the following sums, viz Dinas Gate £ 230 Bettws Gate. 250 Hendreissa Gate 220 Tyn y Ion Gate 2JO over and above the expences of collecting the same, and will be put up at the respective sums above-mentioned. Whoever happens to be the best bidder or bidders, must at the same time produce sufficient sureties, for the payment of the rents agreed for, and at such times as the said Trustees shall direct. BENJAMIN WYATT, Clerk to the said Trustees. Lime Grove, June 21, 1815. -=- ANGLESEY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Bull's-head Inn, in the town of Beau- maris, in the county of Anglesey, on Friday the 28th day of July, 1815, between the hours of 3 and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced, un- less disposed of in the mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be given ilUE following valuable MESSUAGES, _S_ TENEMENTS, and LANDS, siitiate, Iyog, and being in the parish of Llanfihangel tinsilwy, in th'- said county of Anglesey, viz. TYMAWR, John David. FARGAN WEN. Edmund Thomas. Ditto. Hugh Owen, TYNYLLWYN. Late W. Jones. Containing about 313 acres the three first are I held by tenants at will, and immediate posses- sion may be nad of ihe ia>o farm. J The above farms lie in a most pleasant part of the Island of Anglesey, within about four miles of the market, town of Beaumaris, and two miles of Redwhart sands they are in a riiig fence, and cllíIllllandau extensive and beautiful view of that fertile and much admired vale of Llangoed the town and castle of Beaumaris the picturesque range of Carnarvonshire hills, from the Rivals to Peninaenrhos, beyond Conway the Great Orais- hhead.and the delightful bay of Beaumaris.— This estate adjoins that ancient royal residence, King Arthur's Round Tabic, from whence may be seen the Isle of Man, the Westmoreland and Lancashire hills. This compact property is in a most desirable neighbourhood for the residence of a genteel fa- iiiify within about five miles of ihe public road Bangor-ferry to Holy hearL-The land is capable of great improvement at a moderate ex- pence there is au inexhaustible body of lime- stone rock, of superior quality upon these pre- mises, and most valuable sea-sand at Kedwharf for manure, and a good stream of water for a gorse mill. A part of the purchase money may remain upon mortgage of the premises, for a certain tune, if agreeable to the purchaser. For further particulars apply to Mr. Join, Evans, Solicitor", Carnarvon, at whose Office a Survey of the Estate may be seen. Manors,, Tythes, and Estates, IN THE COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, By Messrs. HAY DON, At the Auction Mart. opposite the Bank of Eng- land, at 12 o'clock, on Thursday the 6th Jul), 1815, comprizing A Most improveable and desirable LEASE- HOLD EST ATE, heid under the Bishop of St. David's, for three lives, aged 9, 4. & 3 years, renewable on the demise of a life. Of three Manors, or Lordships, and the great and small Tithes of the parish or prebend of Brawdy, and Chapel of Hay Castle, computed to be about twelve thousand acres, with a large Farm, advantageously situated, looking over St. Bride's Bay, and several Tenements. The whole is situated midway between Haver- fordwest and Sr. David's. The Estate is well worth the attention of Gen- tlemen desirous to provide handsomely for the younger branches of a family, extensive local in- fluence, or for a wide range of country to sport over. Printed particulars may be had of Thos. Swan, Esq. Solicitor, New Basinghall street, London; at the Offices of Messrs. Haydon, Surveyors and Land Agents, Auction Mart; and at the princi- pal Inns at Carmarthen and Swansea-All letters must be post paid. Also a very desirable FREEHOLD LORD- SHIP, MANOR, and ESTATES, containing about nine hundred and fifty acres, of highly im- provable and extensive Plantations, with handsome Residence, Farm House, Buildings, Cottages, and Mills, within a ring-fence, in the same county, tithe free, and well supplied with fine streams of water, and abundance of game, to be disposed of by Private Contract, to net five: per Cent. for Investment, part of the purchase ) money may remain on mortgage. Printed particulars of which may be had on ap- plication, if by letter, post paid, to Messrs. HAY- DON, at whose Office the Map of the MAY be seen. I CONWAY. TO BE LET, I And entered upon the 13th November, 1815, HE large and commodious INN, on the JL great Irish road, between Holyhead and London, through Chester, known by the name of the BULL'S HEAD, in the town of Conway, in the county of Carnarvon, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Read. The House consists of several dining rooms, bed rooms, and offices, with stahies,coach houses and yards, on an extensive plan, fit and conveni- eut for the accommodation of travellers. The tenant may be accommodated widl any quantity of valuable land, near the town, not ex- ceeding 140 acres, Vn reasonable terms. Apply at Mr. R. WILLIAMS' Office, in Beali- maris, Anglesey. 4NGIESEY, LLANGEFNI, LLANDDYFNAN, PEN- TRAETH, tV CERIllGCEINWEN INCLOSURE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Bull's-head lt)n, in Llangefni, in the month of June next, f BMHE several Allotments in Rhosymeircli, H Talwrn Mawr, Mynydd Llanddyfnan, Pen- traeth Marsh, Mynyddllwydiarth, Cors y wiber, Rhoscefnhir, Cors y bwlfri, and Rhostrehwfa, in the said parishes of Llangefni, Llanddyfnan, Pen traeth, and CerrigceinweH, respectively belong ing to all persons who have not paid the amount of the assessment made made upon them respec- tively, by the Commissioner, appointed under an Act of Parliament, for tnclosing Lands in the said parishes. W. P. POOLE, Clerk to the said Commissioner Pencraig, %3d May. 1815. N. B. The particulars of Allotments will ap- pear in a future paper, TO BE LET, Ready Furnished, and entered upon immediately, r| uiE MANSION HOUSE of BRYNHIR., JB. situate in the parish of Crickieth, in the county of Carnarvon, consisting of two parlours, drawing room, four excellent bed rooms, on the first floor, with suitable outbuildings, coach- house, stables, lodge, orchard and gardens, and about W) acres of land, of which immediate pos- session may be had, and of any further quantity of land not exceeding 60 acres, on the 25th day of March next. Rrynhir is situate within 7 miles of the mar- ket town of Pwllheli, and 3 of Tremadoc, and stands on a delightful eminence, commanding one of the most charming and extensive prospects, in point of variety, of any in Wales. The Castieol Crickieth presents itself in front, wuii Cardigan Buy, and all veasxls tTaiLijic 't(' ports of CricKieth, Pwllhely, Barmouth,Traeth- tnawr, &c. The picturesque mountaies of the county of Merioneth, skirting Cardigan Bay, ire a sti-ikixig feature in the scenery, commanded from tiis highly admired situation. There is good sea bathing within half a mile of the Mansion House, and the neighbourhood has most excellent trout streams, is very wel: supplied with fresh and salt water iish, (a herring fishery being carried on to a great extent undt 'he Estate), and an abundance of game. For further particulars apply at Mr. GLYNNe GRIFFITH'S Omce, in Carnarvon. Anglesey Freehold Estates. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the sign of the Bull's Head, in Llangefni, a. four o'clock in the afternoon of Friday rhe 21st of July, 1815, subject to the usual condi- tions. Lots. Parishes. Tenements. Tenants. Acreage. A. R. p.1 I Cerrigceinwea,Caer gog, .Owen Griffith, 5 0 17 o CGIanrafon, and an Allotment on > w,». 2 D,U° } Rncs Trehwlfa J John W.lhan, 4 110 3 Llangrisiiolus, Cerrig y druidion, William Williams, 29 2 6 4 Ditro, Yslym werrcklon, Hugh Williams, 17 1 7 r».Ai (House and a good Garden, called ? „ 5 D,tt0' } Tyn y Grisia ? W.lliam Parry, .010 6 Ditto, Caer Erw, David Evans, 307 All these lots are conveniently situated in the neighbourhood of abundance of lime, and within two miles of the market town of Llangefni, and the two first lie within half a mile of the Turn- two miles of the market town of Llangefni, and the two first lie within half a mile of the Turn- pike Road, leading from thence to tiolyhead,- There are good buildings and fences on all the farms. They are held by tenants from year to year, who are under notice to quit at Allsaints next, except lot 6, which is held under a lease for lives of two persons each aged 45. Furthei particulars may be had by applying to Mr. POOLE, at Gorphwysfa, near Bangor, or at the Office of Messrs. PooiEj at Carnarvon, or at Fencraigt in Anglesey, I PURSUANT to a Decree of his Mjesh's I iL Court of Exchequer, at Westminster, made in a cause 11 Williams, v. Fairlie, the creditors I and Legatees of John Williams, late surgeon oi the first battalion of artillery, in the honourable Eat India Company's service, at Cawnpore in the East Indies, deceased, are forthwith Peremp tory to come in hy their Solicitors, and prove their respective debts, and claim their respective legacies before Abel Moysey, Esquire, Remem- brancer of the said Court, at his Chambers in 'lie Exchequer Office, in the Inner Temple Lon- don. And in default of such Creditors so coming ¡ in, they will be excluded the benefit of the said decree. H.R.WILLIAMS, I Solicitor for the Plaintiff. í Globe Insurance, 1 PALL-MALL AND CORN HILL. FtSE, MFE, AND ANNUITIES. .4 LL Persons, whose Insurances with this jtSL Company become due at Midsummer next, are requested to take notice, t-hat Receipts for the renewal thereof are now ready for delivery at the Company's Offices, No. 80, Pall-Mall, and No. 5, Cornhill and in the hands of their re- spective Agents in the country. Insurances due at Midsummer must be paid oil or before the 9th day of July, when the Fifteen days allowed for the Renewal thereof will expire. By order of the Board, JOHN CHARLES DENHAM, SECRETARY. London, 20tlt June, 1815. Freehold Estates in Detwigh- siJ re. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Bee Inn, it: Abergele, at four o'clock, in the afternoon, on Saturday the 29th day of July, 1815, (unless sold by Private Contract before the first, day of that mouth, of which due noiice will be given) in the following or such other lots as shall be agreed upon, and subject to conditions. In lhe parish of Abergele. LOT I. A MESSUAGE and LANDS, called Tydtlyn Ucha, containing 77a. Or. 24p. in the hold- ing of Richard Williams. LOT II. A Quillet, called DryUia, containing 2 roods (being part of, but at a distance from, the above farm) surrounded by Lands belonging to the itev. Edward Hugnes, of Kinmel Park, and situate adjoining the road leading from Abergele to Bettws. LOT III, A Messuage and Lands, called Ty'n ytwll,con- taining 36a. ar. 34p. in tiie holding af iotiii Ellis. LOT IV. A Messuage and Lands, called Peny Marrian., containing 9,2a. Or. 9p. in the holding of Thomas Jones; ana an Allotment 01 tne laie CoLUt«o>. í Lands cllJed .vlarian, containing 9a. 2r. dp. held oy Johu Ellis anel Richard Williams. LOT V. Two Fields in Towyn, called Caear Yoelas. containing 9a. Or. j;¿p. held by Mr. Hughes, of eeotrc Mawr. LOT VI. A Fteld containing 2a. Ir. lOp. near the last iot, aud heid by the said Mr. Hughes. LOT VII., A Field lately divideo iito two parts, contain- iig in .11 2la. 21 ;:Wp. adjoining the sea shore, near fhe list lot,an(l. iield by the said ,Ur.Hughrs. LOT VIII. A Messuage and Lands, called Morfa, contain- ing 15a. Ir.Sp besng pari of the lately inclose', lands, on thtr marsh, and adjoining the new eu., ankment on the sea shore, held by John Jones, JS undertenant of Johu Ellis aud Richard W iJ tiams. LOT IX. A Field containing 19a Or. 36p. being part o tie lately inclosed lands on the marsh, and hel: ,'y the said Johu Ellis and Richard Williams. in the garish of Lianddulas. LOT X. A Messuage Lands, called Ty Gwyn, con taining 45a. 3r. Sp in the holding of [dward Gritrith.not including the fields called Caeabedw, Dryti bach, and Gwar y ilyn. LOT x I. K Field caHed Dry i! hach,containing 01. 2r. !Gp. being part of the said Farm called Ty Gwyn. LOT XII. A Field called Gwar y Llyn, containing i a I r. I p. being part of the said Farm called T) Gwyn. LOT XIII. A Messuage and Lauds called Llindir, contain. ing 13a 2r. 14p. in the holding of Williai.. Jones, not including the Cottage called Kindwm. with the Field and garden adjoining it, nor the Cottage called Glanrafon. and the Field adjoining it, called Cae tan y fibrdd. LOT IV. A Cottage called Kindwm* with a Garden and Field adjoining it, containing 2a. lr. 10,p being part of the said Farm called adjoining the sea shore and Llanddulas River. LOT XV. A Cottage called Glan'rafon, with a Fieid ad- joining it, containing la. 3r. 37p. being part of the same Farm Llindir, contiguous to Llanddulas River. The whole of the above property is delightfully situated near the sea shore, or adjoining it, within about one mile from the town of Abergele, which has a good market, and is much frequented in the seabathing season. Lots 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, are well J adapted for building Seabathing cottages. Lots 3 and 4 are known to contain veins of Lead Ore. Lots 5 and 7 will, at the option of a purchaser be divided into smaller lots. AnJ several Fields called Dol Gwyse, containing la. 3r. Op. Doi Gowarch containing 2a. 2r. i I p. and Cae Llan- ddulas containing Ga. Or.Op adjoining Llanddulas River, and belonging to lot 10, may be disposed of in separate iots, if sold by private contract. All the lots are held from year to year, and the tenants will shew the prembes. For further particulars appty to Messrs. WIL- LIAMS and EDWARDES, Solicitors, Denbigh, at whose OSce maps of the property may be seen. ■ I NORWICH UNION FIRE AND LIEF. INSTIl UTiONS. IN these Establishments ALL THE SAY- INGS ARE RETURNED TO THE IN- SURED. In consequence of this plan, the Mem- bers of the Fire Insurance Department, whose period of re-payment has arrived, have received J backflfty per cent, of the Premiums they depusited. I' The rates of the Life Institution are nearly ten per cent lower than those of other Establishments; I and its Insurers have the additional advantage of being entitled to aperiodiclIl bonus. Further particulars may be had, gratia, of Mr. Thomas Jones, Wind-street, Swans-a, or of any of the Agents who are appointed in the principal towns in this county. Ba order of the Court for the Relief cf Insolvent ueblors THE Petition of JOHN PARRY, mte of JB. Holyhead, in the parish of Holy he id, Ar,, glesey, North VVaies, Publican, but now pri- soner for debt, confined in his Majesty's (i.-I of Beaumaris, in the county of Anglesey, wili be heard before his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the said county, either at a General Sesions of the Peace, or at an Adjournment of a General Sessions of the Peace, which shall be first hoiden next alter the expiration of twenty days at least from the date of this advertisement, and !hat a Schedule annexed to the said Petition, containing a list of the creditors of the said prisoner, is filed in (he Office of the said Court, No. 59, Millbank street, Westminster, to which the creditors of the said prisoirer may refer. GEO. GRAHAM, Solicitor, No 17, Trafalgar street, Walworth. Carnarvonshire AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. TFIE Sweepstakes of Five Guineas each, to shew in the year V8I5, the best crop of Swedish Turnips, growing on not less than six acres of land, in the counties of Carnarvon, An- glesey, and Merioneth, will close on the fourth day of the next Great Sessions, to be held for the county of Carnarvon, at which time the several Subscribers are requested to attend at the Hotel, in the town of Carnarvon, for the purpose of naming the Farms, and of appointing an Umpire or Umpires to inspect the different crops. THOMAS JONES, SECRETARY, Caslellmai, near Carnarvon, 25ih June, 18'5. v PRESENT SUBSCRIBERS- Lord Viscount Warren Bulkeley, Sir Robert W,iiiams, Bart. M. P. Thos. Asheton Smith, Esq. M. P. Colonel Edwardsy R. \V. Price, Esq. Mr. Worihington, Charles Wynne G. Wynne, Esq. Cynric Lloyd, Eqq. Hugh Davies Griffith, Esq. John Jones, Esq. W. P. Poole, Esq. Mr. George Bettiss. ANNUAL Shew of Cattle and Sheep, AT WYNNSTAY, OK Friday the 15th of September, 1815. Sir WATKIN Williams wynnk, Bart. proposes giving the following Prizes for the em-or-ragemeir of Agriculture, ia North Wales, and the Hundreds of Oswestry and Pimbill, ia Shropshire :— A PIECE of PLATE to the person who shalL produce a swing-plough, with two horses abreast and one man to ai tend 11,which shall plough haif an acre of ground in four hours, in the best and most husband like manner. To the ploughman holding the same, TWO CUI N EAS; the ploughman holding the second- oest ONE GUINEA; due consideration will be paid to the merit of the implement, labour of the Worses, and cleanliness of the furrow, should vhey )c equal in the time of performing the work.— Notice of their intention to claim the premiums, to be sent to Air, Ormiston, Wynustay, on or be- fore the 1st September, 1815, tliar the parcels ot land to be determined by lot, may be prepared lor tlte candidates, The ploughs to be at Bod- yIIton farm, W YilDstay, by nine o'clock in the uorniug, when the men will draw iots for their ground the ploughs to start at ten o'clock pre- cisely. A premium of TEN" GUINEAS to any person who shall invent, and produce at W yunstay Shew, ISI5, (he best Agricultural Implement, the cost of which shall not exceed twenty-five pounds simplicity and cheapness of construction being deemed essential parts of its merit. I'he above premiums are open to any person whatever. A SILVER CUP to the person who shall breed and produce at Wynnstay, 1815, the best pen of three one-year-oid short wool ewes. A smaller SILVER CUP for the second-best, the same person noc to have both premiums. Khe candidates to produce certificates, that the sheep have been regularly kept with their flock" until the ti-k-ne they were sent to be exhibited. A SILVER CUP to the person who shaii breed and produce at Wynnstay Shew, 1315, the best three-year-old heifer, which shali have pro- duced a calf this year, and be in milk at the time of shew due attention will be paid to the qua- lity of flesh and milking. A smaller SI LV ER CUP to the second-best; the sane person not to have both premiums. A SILVER CUP to the person who shall breed and produce at Wynnstay Shew, 1815, the best one-year-old sow pig. The stock intended to be shewn for the pre- miums, mud have been bred by the claimant himself, who must be a resident of the above districts, or a member of the Wrexham agricul- tural Society, and be at James's farm, Wynnstav, the preceding evening, or before nine o'clock oa the day of shew, A few Devon Cattle, and about two hundred Ewes, will be Sold by Auction before dinner, acd the Tups Let in the evening. No person to be admitted to dinner without a ticket, which will be given to gentlemen and agriculturists in the morning. No premium whatever will be awarded, unless in the opinion of the judges there appears suffi- cient merit. All stock intended to he shewn, intimation of ihe same must be given to Mr. ORMISTON, one week previous to the meeting, that peus4 &c. may be prepared.