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CARNARVONSHIRE AND ANGLESEY DISPENSARY. fJlHE GOVERNORS nf the DISPENSARY are respectfully requested tomcat there at y \VCf o'CLOCK, on Saturday, the 25tb of this }\f,011, to appaist a President, Treasurer, and Committee, for the ensuing year, and to inspect the Accounts of the Institution, HOBERT FUGUE, Oit. 8TH, 1823. SECRETARY. MONTGOMERYSHIR E. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, N EXCELLENT MANSION, situated "pon the Banks of the Dcvey, near the post Road from Shrewsbury to Aberystwith, glisteln, 2 miles from Mallwyd, and 9 from Mach- ydifeth, called Dol-y-coislwyn, The House consists of an entrance hall, a dining- roocn, and drawing room, large kitchen, wash- house, pantry, and dairy, good cellars and brew- house five lOlly bed chambers, and breakfast- room above stairs, with suitable servants' rooms Alsi) a goodfruit and kitchen garden, with cow- house, stabling for three horses, large baru, and coach-bouse. The Tenant may be accommodated with several articles of furniture, now In the house, and with auy quantity of land attached, not exceeding 14 acres. The surrounding country abounds with game* aod the river Dovey is <'t*U<brHted tor its excel- lent Salmon and Trout fishing. The exclusive right of sporting over severai hundred acres, may he had, if desired. For particulars, apply t0 nle [jew. WILLIAM Wii.u&ms Carnartou, or to Mr. H. HUGHES, Stamp Office, Bala. Sttlas FIRE AND LIFE Stssttrams OF LONDON. Instituted 1808, and empowered by an Act of Parliament of the 54 Geo. fit. CAPITAL < £ 1,200,000. FIRE DEPARTMENT. RETURNS TO THE ASSURED.-PER. son* assured with this Company from loss by Fire, whose Policies for X300 and upwards have been in force for five years ending at Christ- mas 1822, may receive at the Office in Cheap- gide Oft the London Policies, and of the several Agents ia ifia Country on the Policies effected in their respective Agencies, a return of 25 per Cent. on the amount of the Premiums paid for such period of five years, agreeably to the sys- telD of this Office, as fully explained in the Of- ftce Proposals. RENEWALS.—Receipts for the renewal of Poltcles due at Michaelmas Day are now ready for delivery at the Oflk-e in London, and by the Country Agents, and should be taken up within fifteen days thereatu-r. NEW POLICIES—New Assurances may be effected at any time according to the printed Pro- posals ol the Company, and no charge is made for Pohctes when the sum assured amounts to -C.q 0 0. ftENT.- An allowance is made for the loss of Rent of Buildings rendered, untenantable by Fire. LIFE DEPARTMENT. ADDITIONS TO POLICIRS.—Persons as- sured for the whole term of Life, will have an addition made to tbeir Policies every seventh year, on the principle so beneficially practised till lately at the Equitable Assurance Office- the amount thereof may be applied in reduel tion of the future payments of Premium. Policies may also be effected for the whole term of Life, by a limited number of yearly pay. teents. Tables applicable to this mode of As- hrlloce may be obtained at the Office. SEA RISK.-Tliii Company allows certain passage, by Sea in decked vessels, without extra offi'?'"?' as set forth in the Conditions of the e 1 r°posals. f t al\ej rale,; of thQ Iy explanatory of the principles he principal Office' i ?P8u}"' Wiiy bS r the several Arten.. -Cilea5's^t» London, and of thorized to take *K'B U,e Country, who are ati- l>Osed for Assurance a'!lM,ars,,t,J Lives Pr0" HENRY DES BOROUGH. JUI). r j Sp-crEtarv. Cfteapside, London,, 1823 AGENTS. ^anS"r Mr Robert HuGTIEs *'i'nnrtioR — «tOBERT (jo, to'nbuh "ichahd L ?OBERTS John G*. ••• Howard EDWARD. Ptollliiti J°HN Hi-Us R11J/¡in. 0" RoncftT JON E. Uelihpool — Ktov, ARI) Jos e, R0,5E, VACANT, Abergtlc-lj olyheafl-Hol)'% ell -& £ Asaph, and I Wrexham. '1- MONEY. THE sums of ^1000 and ^500 may be had on good security, by application to IVJr. G. B. ROOSE, Solicitor, Amlwch. To be Sold by Auction, At Maenfwrog Inn, in the county of Merioneth, an Monday, the 3d day of November; 1823, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions, AhL that M ESSU AG E or TEN EM BNT and LANDS, with the APPURTENANCES, CALLEi) CARRES-Y-ROE, Situate in the parish of LUnfihangel y-traethau, in the county of Merioneth, it) file holding of Henry Jones, Shipbuilder, as Tenant from year to year. The above Tenement is delightfully situated on the borders of Traeth bach, and possesses every convenience for Shipbuilding. An useful Quay might be built in front, at a very moderate ex pence, to wbieb Vessels of considerable burthen could resort. For other parricularg,apnly to Mr. JOlIN LLOYD, Solicitor, Ps>n-y-Glanue, Maentwrog, Merionethshire, at whose Office a Map of the Premises is left for inspection. V j. v J l WM'f >$4* R A N D -Jo.l.- NED CAPSTAN, OR, A LAND-Cn UISE POSTPONED. To CAPSTA IV a Sybil HAD kigilfi) prp«s»2;'d That shrJrtfy hi friend. DAVV JONES, or t/ic v I I., i Winild take him in loic — NED a seat' had EN • J!j'l For LONDON-Do roof of fhu Coach, then, the evil Predicted, approacl'd for, in active pursuit The DEVIL appeared,—in a high po'ish'd BOOT NED C APSTAN exciaim'd, while the vision seem'd beck 'ning, The I] A G d-m htr cuniting is i-iglit in her ,#,eck' "iF,g Both BOOTS now he eyed, by the Trav'ller diq- 1) 11 y (il In IVARITEN fine Jet of resplendanee array'd His image in each, and his journey each stage in't, Oppos'd by the DEVIL, he thought, -and an AGliNT He wisely sheer'd off, giving up, then, his trip,- And pleas'd at escape, sped his way to his ship. The story got wind of N RII C AVST A S 'S adventure, The illate on a fiolie. inclin'd then to enter; Two Boots, polish'd high with the luminous Jet, Were now in the cabin conspicuously set— Here, CAPSTAN i"—he came, nor his fears conld restrain. For DeVIL aid AGENT appear'd once again — They hung o"er a screen, the btight Boots, aud behind The Mute stood unsaen,—" Have you made up your mind" A voice from the Jet seeia'd to ft'k, TO BE D*D"— Aly MAs-i,r,,R," said Nr,,D, ifit is t0 be crttmmd "In gullet of old DAVY JONKS then, or You- To make up my milld-" I'LL BE D**N'D IF I Do The Ainte laugh'd alou(l,-O'ef the sliip ran the rumour That CAPSMAN the Devil had won to good hum(,iir And storm or foul wind when the vessel attac kit),, NED'S interest is ask'd with his friends in the Blacking. .r This Easy Shining and Brilliant Blacking, 6 0 PREPARED BY 1I:;hvn 30, STRAND, London; Bangor. B ROSTER I Pwllheli. WILLIAMS H v c; u ES Denbigh .Edwards DEN MAN Llanerchih) r> V lORSYTH Beaumaris BROADHBAB medd.y ROBERTS Llanrwst.THOMAS JONES EDWARDS GRIFFITH Conway GARNER r)o(ledern.. RoBrr.Tg ROBERTS Carnarvon OWES JONES JONES Abergele. ROBERTS ROBERTS ITCGUES LLOYD DA VIES PARRY S7. Asaph.. DA VIES TUFFS OWEN Amhocli.ROBERTS HUGHES ROYSSTON ROBERTS Holyhead., J on ES flolywell.MORRIS OWE N Llansaintf. WILLIAMS HUGHES Bala DAVIBS RICHARDS Chester POOLE And sold in every Town in the Kingdom. LIQUID, in-Bottles, 6d. IOd. I2d. & 18d, each. Also PASTE BLACKING in Pots,6d.9d. 12d. and ISd, each. kilting Pot of Paste is equal to. Four Shilling Hollies of Liquid. fcT Ash for [,V.IRREIY,s Blacking. ( Notice is hereby Given, THAT a Meeting of the Trustees of the Old Turnpike Road io Anglesey, acting under the 5'h, 151h. and 47ih of George the 3il, wi!! he held on the I8th instant, at Llangefni, tor the purpose of considering the expediency of conti- nuing the collection of the Tolls on the <aid Road, and for other purposes connected with the *,Ui W. P. POOLE. Pencritig, October P,, 1823. « Porthtliiiliaeii Road. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, r H T t he G K N E it A L A N N U A L M Si i ;T- § (G "f the Trustees of file Fosf District isf lite said Road, will he held at the Town Hall, in Pwllheli, on Wednesday, the 29'h day ot October io)ifant, to exauiine and pass the Trea- urer's Acconnt. and to traniact other business reUtive to the saul Trust afid the intended riO- plication to Parliament to renew the Act.- Dated illis flrrt (iay o( October, IS23. JOHN ELLIS Clerk to the Trustees. A VERY DESIRABLE FARM TO BE LET, For a Term of Year* (or for a shorter period) being a residue of" Leased Term, FaotvrOnen, Situated in the parish of Llangower, Merioneth- { shirej CONSISTING • of a large, commodions. j and modern-built HOUSE, and Acres of good. Arable, Mead.»w, and P^'ore L-;nd. with' n ve«y extensive Siieejiwalk on the adjoining liiMs. This Farm is delightfullf situated on the ("I ii well so'ted for the Resttienc-e of Geisiietnan s ta- nti|v.—Possession of tb- Lands lI1"f be had at Lady nest, and the House and Outbuilding.. at May following. The Premises are at present divided info two Farms, on each of which (here is a House. Further particulars msv be kn<>wn ot Mr, H. OWEN, Solicitor, in BaU, wlio is authorised to let the K«ute, and will direct a peisuu to shew rhf" S'(;Hj.. Ifi/A Srpt. IS-23. 11' (jii i m II 11 n II i hit* i ii i "n iBnn'iHiini'iiiii1' -TT1 i""


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