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Anglesey Hunt. riihg Comptroller hopes to be favored JL with the Company of ihe Members, at the Bull's If end Inn, in Beaumaris,on Monday Even. 3d of November. WruLlA.W BOfcAELEr BUaHfifi, COMPTROLLER. platcoch, Oct. 21st, 1823. N. B. Balli oo Tuesday & Thursday Evenings. FURNISHED LODGINGS, Corner of Bath Street, Carnarvon. MRS. EDWARDS, REFLECTING with grafilnde on Ihe, de ciiled preference she has experienced from thp. liru families, in letting her Lodgings, re. spectfully announces, that she has fined up, with ornamental and useful Furniture, separate par- j lours, kitchens, and pantries, with two drawing- ronms, and five excellent bed-roouis, Any per- looor family desirous of lodgings for the Win-j ler, will be treated with on the most liberal terms. The House being situate contiguous to the Baths now erecting, affords superior advao- tages to the invalid. Plas Bowman, Oct. 22d, 1823. MONTGOMER YS HIRE. TO BE LET, IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, AN EXCELLENT MANSION, situated npon the Banks of the Di.vey, near the Post Road from Shrewsbury to Aberystwith, distant 2 miles from Mallwyd, and 9 from Macb. julleth, called Dol-y-corslwyn, The House consists of an entrance hall, a dining. room, and drawing room, large ki'cheit, nash- house, pantry, IIfJd dairy. pood cellars and brew- botise. five lofty bed rhainhers,-and breakfast- room above itaire. with servants' rooms. Also a good fruit 8Qd 11 garden, with cow- house, slabliug for itise bois'-ii, large batn, t inl coach house. The Tenant may he wifh several articles of furniture, uow ii the S.ouse, ¡thO with fjt»-.pUly-il 11"( 1'1 acres. •. t The surrounding country abounds with giwle. and the nver J.>nvey is cgiebrat^d lor iis excel- lent Salmon aid Trout fishings The exclusive right of sporting over severai hundred acres, may be had, if desired. prr par ioulars, apply to the RBV, WILLIAM WILLIAWi. Carnarvon, or to Mr, H. HUGHES, ()/.1IIce thla. ^.Office, B.L. Albion Hotel, BANGOR. .1 THE under-mentioned Royal Mails and Post Coaches, arrive at, and depart from, the above HOTEL, daily. Royal Mail to Spencer's Royal Hotel, f-lo. lyhead, every Morning at 1 o'clock. I Royal illail to Spencer's BOllalllolel, fIo- lyhead. every Morning at 3 o'clock. Royal Mail to Pwllheli, Every Moving at 6 «»'cloek, through Carnarvon, and Clynnfl** iiiiti arr!Ves t the Crown aud An rhor (Oil, pwilheii, al II f> clock, and returns the name eveoiog 10 tilne fut (tie Chester and London Mails. Royal Oxonian Express Post Coach to London, fcverv Morning a' 1 o'floek, through CapdCurig, forwen Lla0g""e,^Ch,rk'Osw'38,ry'UrriveS at the Lion Inn, Salop, by S the same Evening, whpr* it rem»'"8 two hours, and then proceeds on I FNRTON. by »»>' »♦ Wolverhampton,,R. h Onlorii, and 'he Bull and Mouth, BoTl'amt Mouth Street, London, by 8 o'clock the fttllowing Evening? IhlS IS the most Expeditious Travelling between Holyhead and London. By this Coach it is oplinual with the Passenger to sleep at Shrewsbury, and proceed on the next Morning by the UNION POST COACH. The Pilot Post Coach, Leaves the Goat Inn, Carnarvon, every Morning for the above Hotel, and returns in the Evening. Marquis of Anglesey Post Coach to Holyhead, Every FjVl"v 1 ?' 4 "'clock.aar! arrives atSPEN- ■CER'S ROYAL HOTEL ,ai 8 o'clock the same Evening. Royal Mail to Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester. Every Eve"'0? at 7 o clock, through Conway, Aber £ e'e' St. Asa", '!o'ywHl, and arrives at the Feathers l»n, Chester, the followiug Morn- ing at 4 o'clock. ing at 4 Coaelin teaw thsjnn daily to all parts of Co Ueliingdon- Royal$ia*l lo London-. „„ ij.-en-v'i-' 11 0'ci;u"k« 'brooch Salop, WolverhamfXO. ^rmmg.hau,, Cov*„,rv# st. A i- at tne 8 warn with two Necks', bans, iirect, in h",irs. Lai Line, V1-?* r Ffu i an to London. r '„nj TbiKsdilV Mornings, at sevien Kvery Mou: 1?), VfMVcrh«mpton, Bir- o clork, toro.u arrives ftt live Castle ;ihd mtngham. Cov, nu. jQ 3 Falcon, Aldct>g'i!e 'l,c THE ORIGINAL CHEESE WAR EHOUSE, China, Glass, and Earthenware Repository, SHREWSBURY. j T. broTCAS, GRATEFUL tor the dislioguUhed Prefe rence his Establishment has for many Years experienced, begs > inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Public at iarse, he has just received his Winter Supply of Derbyshire, StalFor/isi.irf, and Gloucestershire TOASTING CHEESE, from (BE different Dairy Districts; also CHJO- DER, R I PFCRF AM, ST I LTON, BBRKELHY HUN- DRED, HO NVCOMBB.PA RMKSA N',N ORTH WILT- SHIRE, prime old CHB«HIHB, &c. of ihe finesi Flavour, of the richest Qualities, and sold on the most reallonable Terms. In his CHINA, -EARTHEN «V A RE. and GLASS ROOMS will be found an endless Varie ty of the newest Shapes and most approved Pat terns, in Table, Dessert, Tea. Breakfast, Toilet, and Ornamental Services, all of which he uni formly sellf at the Manufacturers' Prices,— DOUBLE TABLE SERVICES, of between 200 and 300 Pieces, of the improved Patent Iron Stone China, as low as Ten Guineas, and which for Du rabilitj is excelled by none. T, B, has also on Sale PATENT WINE GLASS BOTTLBS, Quarts and Pints, wwh double Necks and Shoulders; Stone Spruce-Beer Bottles, Sic. A great Variety of French, Table, Sideboard, Bracket, aud Hall Lamps. (;1r Patterns sent for Inspection to auy Part of the Kingdom, on the shortest Notice. Old Patterns of every Description match- ed with Crcs's, Arms, &e. to order. + T Credit ziuen to regular Families. A NEW ),. J.. <I L;,¡ n, ♦ SECOND EXP E R1 ME NT. A MONKEY—who shaving first tried 00 himself, And cutting his jowl-Ihe mischievous elf, ltesolv,(i to elibrace OI)t)ortliriily 1);it, And operate next on the heard of the Cllt! The placo of a mirror adapted to suit, There stood in :he room then a high polished BOOT, [n which WARREN'S ./?< of pre-eminet hue, DisplayM the fine forms of reflection to view.— Now SEIGIIIG poor PMSS, to the bright BOOT he bore her, The Monkey, her shadow then gleaming before her, And answered her struggles with chatter and blows, rIcr pÍli while he soap'd from her ears to her nose! The Cat, thus essaying in vain at resistance And mewing, in pitiful plaint, for assistance. Wiih wonder the same operation now saw Verforixild in, or shewn bv the Jet of tclal In front of the BOOT then, as if to explain it The method of shaving, bow best to attain it, Act iuterspersing with ,e,im and grimace, And Jpe dear'd the G<^ of each hair on her face! And strange though it seems, yet the frolicsome I etf- „ Was much more successful with I uss fhan him- self, The SH A VRR adroitly concluding his scraping— The SFIAV'I) Willt the loss of her es, ca j > i n S The MONKEY, in triumph, the- Parlour now sought, I Arid Cat and height BOOT to a company broughi, Who saw what this harlter had then been about, And haiI'd his essay with a rapturous shout Of rairthiul surprise the strange incident back- ing— The merits of WARREN'S unparallefd Blacking, 2 his Easy Shining and Brilliant B I (i c k- i n g PR UFA R-ED BY 30, STRAND, London; B Hvr.uns DK SMAN Beaumaris f> RO V HUE A » RoWftitTS ,] <> N T: s r. lUi t'lTH nodethrn.. ROBP.RTS Carnarvon OVVKN JONES Ito it r iLT F. Lr.ovi) I-A It It V- TUFFS Amlwch.ROBERTS ROYSSTON Holyhead., .TONES O W K ;V HUG HISS RtcuAitus Pwllheli. WILLIAMS Denbigh EOWARDS ? FORSYTÜ mead. ) lAaurwst,THOM AS EDWARDS Conieay GA RN EU ROBERTS JONES 1) It 11 R T i Yi c, H r, n A V I ES Si. slsnph.. D A VIus OWEN JIur.HEs ROBERTS I In! ywell.MORRIS f. iai,Saintf. WILLIAMS Bnla DA VIES Chester Poo LE And sold in every ,rovii if, II)e Kine(forn, LIQUID, in Bottles, 6d. iOd. I2d. & 18d. each. Also PASTE BLACK IN(i in Pols,6d. 9d. 12d. iild IS(l. et,ch. I hilling Pot of Paste is NJlIUlto Four Shilling Bottles of Liquid. (f:r Ask for IVAll REN's Slacking, THE Aberffraw Venison Hunt, WI LL take place on Thursday, the 30th of October, 1823. when the Comptroller hopes to be favored with the Company of the Friends of the Meeting.. To be Sold hy Auction, At Maenhvrog fnn. in the county of Merioneth, on Monday., the 3d day of Nor,ember, 1853. a! three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions, a LL that MESSUAGE or TEN EM 15NT and X*. LANDS,with the APPURTENANCES, CALLED CARREG-Y-ROE, G Situate in the parish of in the county-of Merioneth, in the holding of Henry Jones, Shipbuilder, as Tenant from Jear to year. ,t The above Tenement is delightfully st'ua'ed on the borders of Tra«*'fab«ch, anil possesses every convenience for ShipbuiidiuS- An uie ui Quay might-be built in front, at a very moderate e* pence, to whieh Vessels of considerable burl ien could resort. For other particulars, BPpJy 10 Mr; JOHN LLOYD, Solicitor, Pe Merionethshire, at who«e Office a Map of the Promises is left for inspection. TO THE High Sheriff OF THE COUNTY OF ANGLESEY. WWF", the under-signed, reqltest that you zoill cail a Meeting of the No- blemen, Gentlemen, Clergy, and Ftee- holders of the County of Anglesey, to con- sider of the expediency of opplying to Par- liament for an Act to continue the pozoet s of the Trustees of the -Hd Road, betzoeen Porthaethwy and Holy had. WM. PEA COCKE HO l/L A N 1)'-GIU I F1T1I II. WYNNK JONES J. SANDERSON H. HUMPHREYS J. l ">'V ■ i W. P. POOLE THOMAS EVANS 11. HERBERT JONES" EVAS WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS J. JACKSON W. WYNNE SPARROW R. WILLfAMS II. ROWLANDS J H. HAMPTON In pursuance of the above Requisition, I do h'Tcbi/ appoint a Meeting oj the No- ILL (LlLen, Clergy, and Free. holders of the County of Anglesey t0 be held at the Shire Hall, tnthe 1 oxon of Beaumaris, on Tuesday, the Fourth day of S'ooetnber next, at the hour of twelve I I o'clock in the forenoon, for the purposes above mentioned. JONlS PANTON, ESQ. SHERIFF. Plasgzsyn, 21st Oct. 1823, ;<r'ott: -4!1'1 MINING INTELLIGENCE. COPPER ORE Sold at REDRBTII, on Thursday, October 33. MINES. TONS. PURCHASERS. PRICE. Wh Abraham 61 English Co. 3 12 6 ditto 49 Williams, Grenfell fij" Co. Si Crown Co. 3 1 6 ditto 4 dUto 6 10 6 \Vh. Chance Ditto & Daniel Co. 2 6 6 'ditto 23 Mines Iio$al, Bir- mingham and Free- man Co. 6 7 6 IVh Sarah 30 Fox, Williams, Gren- fell Co 10 0 ditto 18 Williams, Grenfell, Co. and Crown Co.. 3 12 6 Outfield 41 Vivian and Sons 3 15 0 Crenver 38 Daniell, Sin, and Ne- vill 4 9 6 ffh. BllSY 98 Williams, Grenfell, & Co, and Crown Ca. 3 10 0 ditto 96 ititit) 31 0 ditto S5 ditto 3 3 0 ditto 66 dilto. 8 7 6 ditto 2 Fox, Williams, Gren- l' fell, and Co. 2 I 6 XVh. Butler 12S Williams, Grenfell, ty Co Sf Crown Co.4 14 6 d3lt( 100 Birmingham, Co. 5 9 0 If. Beauchp. 51 Williams, Grenfell, Co. fy Crown Co, 5 9 0 r,owe.y Cons. 88 Vivian and Sons ? 6 6 ditto 85 Danielt, Son, and Ne oill 6 10 0 ditto 79 Viiiian and 615 0 tV. Speedwell 114 Freeman and Co 7 6 6 ditto 43 ditto 8 13 6 Penb. Crofts 37 W illiaths, Gren fell, Co ana Crown Co, 3 10 0 ditto 36 Birmingham Co. 7 2 6 Et. Wh. Cock 72 Do and Vivian fy Sons 6 8 6 lfit. Bblidn 58 Danieil, Soh, and Ne- vill 5 5 0 If h Trahnack 54 ditto. 5 4 6 IV.1$.Fortune 50 English Co 3 3 0 Jt'.lVh, 1 If red 47 Mines llóYát Co. 6 10 6 Binnir Downs 30 Danieil, Sdhi and Ne- Vill 4 II 0 Tolail 829 Tons.—Sttodafi lis,



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