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^eUctisng, The following is an extract of a letter received hy: the Ilussar triga'te. Lisbon-, Oct.- 3 ships which left Englalld with sealed orders, have, as wlsdghtly conjectured, anchored here. The reasons for our Government assem- bling a squadron in the Tagus must have been from a friendly attachment to the good fid King of Portugal and his family, who, from the violence pf the political parties, may again need such a sue(-our.- The present government ire greatly mor- tified at the ioss of the Brazils. General Maderia and Commodore Perevin- de Compos, were put under arrest, soon after their arrival at Bahia. It is alleged that the General ought not to have eva- cuated the country. The ships of war here art—Revenge, 78, Vice-Admiral Sir H. B. Neale, G C. -'B., Seringa pat am, 46, S. War 1e it, G. B., Active, 40, Capt. A, King 46, George Havris, C. B. and the Naiad, 46, Capt. Hon. U. C S peircer. King John was invested about a week since with the splendid decorations of the order of the Garter, and two or three days previous, with the French lfoly Order. The French conducted theirs in a very bad taste, whilst our's was accompanied with every appearance ot state and solemnity the caterer to the dignity of King, Sir George N,ityler could suggest. -On the arrival of the cortege in the King's presence, a neat and appropriate speech was made by our Ambassador, Sir G. Thornton, tracing the history of the order, and the con- nexions which King John's ancestors had with its early installation, the exalted characters who have been invested with it and the honour he was about to con- fer, and to receive, hy its acceptance — The whole went oil" with indescribable eclat. If the French Government in- tended by their sh<n$to run a race for po- litical ascendancy at this Court, with us, they havf- it is believed "ot isocceede(l. n The King of Portugal was seen on the following day with the garter tied round a pair of old t;owsers. P. S.—1 under- stand the Revenge is to go on to he Me- diterranean, and that the liochefort is to call here, on her way from the Mediter- ranean. The Hussar-goes to Plymouth and returns." jPortsmouth, Oct. 25 — Yesterday, the Ganges, 84, was ordered to be completed to her war complement (700 men,) and proceed out of the harbour. She was accordingly ruily manned this day, from the Queen Charlotte- and Albion, and in a few days she will be ready to proceed to sea. It is understood that sn", tSCgoing on an experimental cruiill the Atlautic, to ascertain the qn;ditips ofa round-stern line-of-uallle ship. bet that shéalld the Gs-noa, 74,.Sir Thomas Livingstone, Bart, which is put into MyrhOuth, will previ- ously take the 7th, regiment to the West Indies. The 42d ^nd 77th regiments, it is understood, are also to be sent out as a reinforcement to the troops in the West India Islands. On Sunday last the Thetis, 46, Sir J. philiimore, sailed from Plymouth for Mexico, with Mr. Lionet Harvey, and Mr. Ward, Commisioners; Mr. O'Gor- man, Consul-General, at that place; Mr. C. Mackenzie, Consul at Vera Cruz; and Mr. P. Stanley, Consul at Acapuleo. The following Commisaioneisattd Con- suls to the Free States of Sourh America, embarked this day in the Isis (which will sail to-in(,Yi-ow) :Coloilel ,I.I:tmitton and Colonel Patrick Campbell, Commission- ers to the Colombian States; Mr. Hen- derson, Cousul-General at Bogota Mr. T. Tupper, Consul at La Guuyra Mr. II. Sutherland, Cousul at Maracaibo Mr Ma cgrigor, Consul at Panama Mr. Watts, Consul at Carthagena. Agriculture, #c.—Tlre Bank is pro- ceeding with its advances to country gentlemen, with a promptitude that does it credit. Although this ui-a-ure will save the latter one pound in fi-vi- ( the alillual sum 'hey may have tf) pay on their respective mortgages, we doubt whether it will much avail theii suffering tenantry. Did they pay norellt at all oil lands of (i moderate quahfu. the pre- sent prices would barely dtfri) expenses, and leave a subsistence for Muur families. Whoever is r.t all conversant with agri- culture, and he -various chang"* attend- ant on iI, must he aware that (is. per bushel must be a losing price for wheat. Take England throughout, 2' it,, Is per acre is more than an average crop; and where two vears' rent, and payments are to be made (which is the case on all those lands where summert; ne- cessary,) the sum of EC) 12s. will not more thitll cover the necessary charges. The last week has been invaluable to the occupiers of strong land, aft, the late heavy rains, nothing but the fi e weather we have experienc d could, hav.* got their fallows into that healthy stale in which they have now been !>n ared to receive the seed. Turnips do not gene- rally anxwt r tllc t-,xi e,at*l Ili of them, all the Laiter-sown to-king un- Jcind and stinted. Grass, however, cun. tinues abundant.



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