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LONDON, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1. tHE Ganges 84, the Genoa, 74, and the Superb, 78, have been already called into service five frigates and the Menai 13 sloop were fitting for connnission at Ports- rsjfa st vreeJr, These nine ships of war have been thus added to the active naval force of the country, notwithstanding that there lie, or lately lay, in the Tagus, five vessels fully sufficient to carry out any reinforce- ment that can be required for the internal tranquillity of the West Indies, or, in- deed, any military reinforcement which can be spared from the British Islands.— The vessels in the Tagus arothe Revenge, 78; Hussar, 46; Active, 46 Seringapa- tam, 40 and Naid, also of 46 guns. The late events in Portugal render the presence of those vessels in the Tagus quite unnecessary; and that they are not required in the Mediterranean is abund- antly proved by the mission of the Sybilla to that sea in the course of the last week. and the orders given to the Alacrity to follow her without delay. It is impossible to believe that with a ship of the line and four frigates, already available to convey the three regiments under orders for the West Indies, the Government would wantonly incur ibo expence of commissioning nine additional ships of war for that purpose, even were it designed to use ships of war as trails.. ports, contrary to the known policy of our naval service. But without this, the nature of the stores (which are for two years) and he character of the hands (all picked iiien,) taken on board the newly, commissioned vessels, place it beyond doubt that the preparations lire designed for some more protracted and important service than the conveyance of troops.— What that service may be, we are unable to say. It may be to the cession of the Spanish colonies to France, or to enforce the observance of the convention '.( of last March; and it is ctireinely pro- bable, that the promptitude and extent of the preit'llt demonstration may cause the point to remain for ever undecided, by deterring the French and Spanish Go- vernments from any step which would render necessary the employment of ac- tive measures. The effect produced upon the Stock Exchange of Paris by the announcement of these preparations sufficiently shows how justly they are appreciated by our neighbours. On Friday the Rentes had sunk to 89f. 85c., and on Monday the shock was very sensibly felt in Loudon, the 3 per cents, having declined nearly two per cent. upon the week. The French Government has, it is said, resolved to continue a force of 30 or 40,000 men distributed among the principal fortresses of Spain, until the throne of Ferdinand (and we presume the Inqui- sition) shall have been firmly re-establish- ed. The necessity of such an arrange- ment must be clear enough to every one who considers the tendency of the mea- sures which the restored King has so sternly pursued since his release from Cadiz. Th,, mode of providing for the army of occupation, will, however, be a question of some delicacy. Spain, dis- tracted and exhausted, cannot furnish the means; and however lavish the French Government may. wish »o be in support of despotism in Spain, which it would willingly imitate at home, it may find sosne diiiicuUv i<> obtaining the sanction of the lower Chamber to such a scheme of pro. digaiit) • The rnmour that the French and Spa- nish Governments meditate an effort for the recovery of the Spanish colonies in South America gains ground daily and it is added the King of Portugal would not take a step so hopeless of advantage, so I obviously displeasing to the British Go- vernment) to which he must always look for protection and, otherwise, so, little conducive to the independence of his European kingdom. Perhaps this unlike- lihood of Portugal's joining the alliance to be regretted; for nothing can be i,gilled more directly tending to unite and strengthen the Southern Republics than such a triple alliance of the enemies of their freedom in Lurope. The naval preparations ill our Ports, to which the suspicious conduct of the French and Spanish Government have given occasion, proceed steadily. Several more frigates of the largest class have heeu called iOio si011, A great number still, and of i:,r(T<»r shi')S is expected to be addtd, and ih*i>ffctvve strength o the navy g t0 be WfI:it!5dd by five thousand men. > t Madrid, Oct. 20.—The preparations for the reception of the Duke d'Angou- leme are carried on with the greatest ac- tivity. It is remarkable that the French belonging to the garrison have been obliged to act with force in order to be permitted to part in the labours that are going ^rvv ii vd.. Ha- 4s ■«« Prlwce-as wen as y„*»r's," say the faithful Spaniards t £ we will receive him as such-our King Fer- dinand wishes it." Triumphal arches are raised at the entrance of every street through which the Prince is to pass.-The women are preparing garlands, &c. His Royal Highness is expected about the 24th or 25th. Bavalona, near Barcelona, Oct 22.— On the 17th Mina sent to Sania after Marshal Moncey, General Monserrat This otficer offers the reduction of this place on conditions which cannot be ac- cepted. The Marshal rejected his pro- posals, and sent him his ultimatum. The Colonel returned about five o'clock, and demanded they should send to Barcelona a French General, who could treat with Mina on the conditions proposed. The Colonel was received hy the Marshal at dinner. On the IStli Geneiv.i Berg 'was sent to Barcelona, where he arrived at eight o'clock in the morning, They received him with distinction. returned this evening, bringing with him a project of the capitulation. Huron the 18th arrived a courier from Cadiz, bringing orders to the Marshal not to accord any particular conditions to Mina, and to demand that Barcelona should surrenders filie Cadiz. On the 19th General Br-rg transmitted the King's orders to the Spanish General, who answered he would defend himself; since which several flags of truce have ar- i-ived and the Marshal who refused to receive those that do nor bring the sub- mission without condition but yes ti., i- I evening Colonel Monserrat, was admitted, but we do not as yet know his mission; it is assured that before the 17th the a r, -Marshal oifeiuCl to Mitm very advantage- ous conditions, and at the same time a vessel to carry him, his family, and for- tune where he wished to go. Without doubt Mina will repent this offer. Dur ing all the time the siege is carried on with activity, 100 pieces of cannon are coming from Figueras, &c. Lerida, Oct. 22.-Colonel Tholose of the 5th division was sent to summons Le- rida. They demanded to send to Madrid a French officer and one of the garrison, to assure themselves of the reality of events, but they had departed, the militia re- volted and recommenced hostilities.- Marshal Lauriston immediately returned and surrounded the place, *»<{ he signil lied to them, that if one Frenchman was killed, the whole of the garrison should be put to the sword. This threat produced the desired effect, Lerida opened its gates, and our troops took possession of it. Marshal Lauriston proceeded for Tarragona with all his artillery. By the time you have received this letter, Cata- lonia will be subdued. Oporto, Oct. 10.—We have before mentioned that some persons had been arrested here for having sold or manu- factured daggers, prohibited by the laws of the kingdom the Magistrates made Z!5 the necessary investigation, and the per- sons principally implicated have been con- demned as follows :-the seller, as the owner of them, to six years' transporta- tion to Angloa, and 100 milrees for the costs; the cutler, two years' transporta- tion to Cape Verd, and 20 milrees costs; and the manufacturer of the sheaths to two years' transportation to Castro Ma- rion, and 10 milrees costs. Strict inves- tigations are making respecting the pro- pagators of the celebrated news which I was circulated ou the 28th and 29th of last month. Some of the persons arrested have been sent to Lisbon, and we are in- formed that others will be sent there to await the destiny due to their crimes. Seville, Oct. 18.—His Majesty and thp Uoyal Family continue to enjoy good health. The King has re-established in his functions, as Envoy Extraordinary to the Court of Home, Antonio de Vargas de Laguna. The following is the route of the King from Seville to Madrid :On the 23d of October at Carmona, the 24th at Eeija on the 25th at Cardona, the 26th, 27th, and 28th, he rests the 29th at Aldea del ltio, the 30th at Audjuar; the 31st, and 1st of November, rests; the 3d at Baylen, the 4th at Carolina, the 5ill at Santa Cruz, the Gth at Valdepenas, t lie 7t, ii at the Sth at illa- dridejo, (he 9th he rests; the 10th at llemplegue, the 11th at AranjueZj and enters his capital on the 19th.