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couirr OF COMMCXV PLRAS, CHEAP -CttO 01.IN G. — JONES 13. s It 4 W. Mr. Serge.itit Vaii^haii statetl the case, and ob. served, that it sel.loni fell to his lot to detail a case o fIII (Ire iiii I ie I) or importance. The plaintiff imputed to fh defendant, who is » schoolmaster ill Yorkshire, grOM, inattention untl negligence, II much, indeed, nseou Iii well be Committed. It appeared that Mr. Shaw kept a seminary at Howes, near (Ii ela-'bndge, York- shire, and a<!vrrtised hI tenth yr-uag fen-lemeu wf,ti,,Ir, with t)oarct, poolld per annum, The plaintiff being recommended hy Mr. Sea- too, the defendant's "I", st-IIt his t"\o SOliS. a,i W"ih, establishment at Bowes, where, as it.'would seem there were near 3DO scholan. Some time after being there, William^s was- attacked with bad eyes, and eventually lost his sight. The qui-stton was, whether this ardSp. from the uncleanliness of ilie school, (II from ? and then, whether sufficient attention had been paitl ? It would also (><■ ptnvtd that the de- fendant, though aware of the !>o)'s sit tut I i>m, oiri out inform the parents for a considerable length of time. The boy had totally hist his sight, and ennsiderahie expense had been incurred in curing rhe eyes of bis brother 11 ichard since his arrival in London. Edw. Jones, eldest son of the plaintiff, stated, that tii,; br,,Iiiers so ,ii the, IS,h ,I- Oct. 1S19. III Jannaq, IStl, witneo, .it!) hh mother, saw the defendant at the George and Biue HII,¡r. II ,lIhM", iii,,Itver had some conversation with Mr. Shaw on the subject of the boy's eyes, and she desired him to write nn his return home t)ii itie March follow- i iig. William was totaJJy blind, and has remain ed so ever since there was nothing- the matter with his eyes when he went away. R'chard was iua bad state, and could only see in a strong liZht.1 I],! hq,i sitit-.e been i (I M r. -S.'l ti w a q,jarter'g schooling. Cross-enamiiied by Serjeant Pell-William ,#jts afflicted with the «'iia!l-[;ox about 9ix weeks or twn,monlh« iti 1817, but it did not at all affect his sight. Willistn Jones deposed that he was 12 yefirn of age. Reeo'ileeted gotng to Mr. Shaw's school; went inside a slage coach. Witness could then see as well as any body had had lie smill-pox about a year before,bst it did not at j, 11 hffcct his sight. The first week nfter his arrival at school, he was used very well, & had toant for breakfast hut the next week he was turned among tbe boys and had hasty tudding for breakfast. Ttre witness- Ihen proceeded to state, that lie had meat hash and pofatoes for dinner live tityi in tbe week, and on tjje others ca kes. When genflemen or pareols came to visit the children, Mr.Shaw used to send the usher to make the boys, who had nof any coHtsor br?ech«"s on, get under (he tables; the-boyu had tb«;r clothes again whea they wcre mendi-d they all washed themselves in a long trough, snch as pigs have, and they had only two towels. There Wa« ao »Op|»er, oui me, w«.i ,„sin o..a 9.-1,, brend for tea. brtyther itnd three oiliersl*V itt one bed, in a room where therie were about IP bell ii Ihere were not five in etery bed; in IOllie only three or foun; there was one sbecf and a qlllll foretic-h bed; one ptrt of the sheet ttiey laid up t), and the other covered the, There V«s a tub in the middle of the room, which often used to run over. They were Iroublèdwith fW* ett'f} other morning. The boys used to hate qui!|« given thetn hy the usher to kill the fleas. There maggots, and the usher promised a penny for j every one that could he caught. W illlts, frcr being there about nine months, could ncr #nte a copy, and mentioned i! to M r. Sh» W who (Said he would heat witness, if he did not write. The witnesses were, cross-exat«iiK*;J by Mr. Serjeant Pell, but no material faefwas elicited. Verdict-Three Hundred Pounds D uufeges. -'I--


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