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CARNARVONSHIRE AND ANGLESEY, BMPUNSIARY j AT a Genendfeeting of the Governors of the CARNARVONSHIRE and ANGLE- SEY DISPENSARY, held at the Dispensa- ry on the 25th of October, 1823, being the Fourteenth Anniversary of the In- stitution- THE RIGHT REV. THE LORD BISHOP OF BANGOR, I IN TIH: CHAIR. The Accounts of the Institution were examin- ed and approved. RESOI-VSD, That the thanks of the Governor* he presented to the Ili il-iit,'rreisiti Chairman, and Gen- liemen of the Committee, for rheir support and attention to the interests of this institution. That the thinks of the Gpernors he presented to Dr. \1 A"01ll, for his <!i«ititere*'ed and lonz continued attention lo this Institution, and sfcil- fill and huin.iiii'- tie-ittuent of the numerous Illedi I ca! patients applying for relief. A-iso to" Mr. ROBKRT*, SurgeoB, fnr his con- stum em.1 prul'essional assistance. I And to Mr. PUGHE, House Apothecary, for his careful and punctunl discharge of his duly. That Mr. Roberts., the Surgeon, he requested (.1 accept" the sum of Fifteen Guineas, all a token of (.pprnbatiou. That Thomas Asshefon Smith, Esq. His h, jesty's Lord Lieutenant for the County o Car- L„L, i, i.. ««p< .*> President for the ,en,t:ing year, and that he Lard Bishop he requested to communicate the same to him. That the H>n. Spencer Barley Wyan* be. •requeued to accept the appoiistwent of 1,ei surer. That the'Gentlemen of.the be con- tinued in rheir office. That, the names of-the fallowing (?pn'nna added tf> the Committee — Colonel Pairy* Wynne Sparrot, Esq, That the names of the tinder-ment timed tip i.tub nsertcl ift "Pales Ga1.eU." "s r C ■: -J" thank of the Governors be returnttcl to thern- .G, S, J), The Hon. Spencer BuJke'.ey Wynne.- ■f JJ Saniuet Priestiy, lisq X a () William Wynne Sparrow, Esq.«■••• John Esq Wiliiam Prichard, Esq • That the sincere and ,n3! Meetins; he ciF-red to (tie Very f v" t' of B:ingor, for the «n»etnift«-* e 1 *s giwen to the interest of tl,e fhe ability with which he «»»» ,h,s lU> ,et'0rted its present state. Th« Lord Bishop having left the Chatr- The Thanks of the Meeting were presented to his Lordship, for his attendance upon this occa- and for his cdotant ttxertious (()r the beiie-. fit qf the InsiifUrioo¡ which have so (really con. (,r-Ititlie(i to ir- tireselit fl,)Uristiitt,, state. Th-^t these rtesotutions be inserted twice ill the North (Vales Gazelts. Signed, by order of the Meeting, ROBERT PUGHE, SECRETARY. State o f the Dispensary Account, on 25th October, 1823. 3 per Cent. Red. Stock, ^*600 0 0 Arrears of Subscription* J <> o Amojinr of Balance of fast Report.62 9 3 Donations & Subscriptions reeved? m since-25'h of October, 1822 S Dividend or Sroek rece.jed Apnl) J5't: uid 18th of October, Received from .Sale of 'trusses 6 6 Apprentice Fee. a0 0 0 Total 4 9 DISBURSRMENTS. «FC« S. D. [ Medicines 20 16 9 Coals 6 8 5 Attendant 9 3 6 Truge9- 21 4 6 j Apothecary.. 80 0 0 Donation to Mr. Pa/rhe, Apothecary.. 10 0 0 Printing and Advertising 15 3 6 Purchase of £ 400,3 perCent. Red. > „ Stock S •4- ,U 0 A new Store 3 1,5 0 Sundries.. 22 7 5 aC5tl 9 t Balance in the Bank. 24 15 8 Total a £ 536 4 9 I State of the Medical Register, from the ,f Hblh of October, 1822, to the 2bth of October, 1823, Patients on the Books 25th ofOctober,) .„ 1822 J Medical Patients since admitted 1091 Surgical ditto. 130 Supplied with Trusses 74 Vaccinated. 579 Totat. 2017 Discharged since last return 1836 itemaiti on the Books 181 Total. 2017 Though this Stock w included in the £1600 mentioned in last year's Report, it wag paid for Jlt of tbe eceiptl of tb!s year. nut of the <eceipt« of this year* Llanrwst Hunt, ITS hxed for WEDNESDAY, (he 19'h Tnstant, H w'jen the Comptroller hOlle. to be Ivnurnl witit q. Company nf the FrieUIls in the Meeting. GEORGE OR IF FITH. CoMPTROLI.Ktt. Garn, Nov. 1st, 1823. £ dr" Ordinaries aod Balis to he on Thursday and Friday as usu.ii. TO BE LET, A lid entered upon immedia tely, for a Get)teel A MOST Eligible Residence ft»r a Genteel 1-\ Fa,nily. being 11 commodious good 1 ¡¡nsinn House, with suiuhie Out h\lildin(, Gife LocJ^p, Gardens, Orchard, nd any quantity not. exceed- ing 60 Acres of excellent Laud. The House consists of an Entrance Hall, din- ing parlour, study, drawing room, two kitchens, itall, -,il"(i cellars, dairy, &c, on the ground (Joor; and the bed rooms, and good at- tics above. Oiir-honses, "fahling for nine horses, eo.-jch-house, ham, granary, cow-house, hovel, It is situated 8 miles from the Market Town <if P*ilbeii, and 7 from that of Tremadoc, upon an eminence, wnhin a short distance, and liom- manding a beautiful aijd extetssive "iew of Car- digan Bay, .which, with the ranfi- of inajestic Merionethshire Mountains, Harlech Castle, &c. form H tine and picturesque prospect from this delightful sj>ot, A tci,!ii ol,yearq itiay be ol-)Iaine(I-the Ilouse partially furnished, &c. aod further particulars, upon application (if by letter post paid) to J. E. Nmssy, Esq. or his Bailiff, Mr. G, M'Lean, Gwynfiyi>, Pwllheli. (tu-yt'/ryn, Nov. Isf, IS^S. I IIA -4- r Pat Cahir and his Visitants on, TIlE ° >"lIN 0 US SHllEN.1DE. (II Dunr.iN one morning the streets promenading, The ears of PAT CAUIR a strange voice then in- vading Begone dull CARE,—I pray thee begone from ,ne. Pat fumed in siirprise-and two visions he saw I" Warren's Jet Blacking of splendid eclat- Begone, tilill CARE,-ttiou and I shalllle,er ligi-ee." By the Powers," cried Pat, ona Mimic'sbright nOOTS An eye as be cast,—" your mysterious pursuits, Ye brats of the devil, now quickly declare, And what your demands are with me, PADDY CAHIR." His voice to the BOOTS then the Mimic con'e)"d, When forth from the Jet came this strange Sera. nade. A ir-St. Patrick''s Day in the morning. 0, nate PADDY CAIIIR, while now we declare Our roissioll-lhe truth be not scorning— Our reveli to share, then quickly prepare, Your presence our regions adorning Pat slrelch'li on the shelf, 0, then each dark elf Shall honor the hour you were born in The imps great and small, the Old One and all, To welcome PAT CAHIR then rliallol)eiiittte ball On Patrick's day in the morning. Pat fled in wild fear from each fell boding Speclri, And oft as in WARREN'S Jet Blacking pour- tray'd Appear'd of reflection each dark fleeting shade, His inlod was ahsotb'd in appalling conjecture. By the powers of Fate!" he would cry, all aghast, Thesectevill are come for PAT CAHIR then at last J" But now with high Fashion their presence Itill backing, And warm in their praises, delighted he raises The forms of reflection in iVarrtiCs Jet Blacking. This Easy Shining and Brilliant Blacking, PREPARED BY 30, STRAND, London; Bangor.BROSTER Pwllheli. WILLIAMS HVGU.GS Denbigh.EDWARDS D'SNMAW Llanerchy- } FoRsyTfl Beaumaris BRO ADH BAD medd.) ROBERTS Llanrwst.THOMAS JONES EDWARDS GRIFFITH Conway.G A R N E ft P, odedern.. Ro B r R TS ROBERTS Carnarvon OW EN JONES JONES Abergele.ROBERTS ROBERTS HUGHES LLOYD DAVIES PARRY St. Joaph..DAVIES TUFFS OWEN Amlwch.ROBERTS BUGHER ROYSSTON ROBERTS Hol_qhead..JoN Es Holywell.MORRIS OWEN Llansaintf. WILLIAMS HUGHES Bala DAVIES RICHARDS Chester POOLE And sold in every Town in the Kingdom. LIQUID, in Bottles, 6d. 10d, 12d. & 18d. each. Also PASTE BLACKING in Pots, 6d. 9d. I2d. and ISd. each. hilling Pot of Paste is equal to Four Shilling Bottles of Liquid. £ 3* Ask for IVARRENs Blacking. j To ecc. OS SALE, ABOUT xfcVEtf OR EIGHT THOUSAND FEET CAPITAL OAK. measr'f*- ff'MTi yb:j cuhit ttet 'iowowtirds,™—- AIM) from To to' 100 tons of EXCELLENT OAK n [t: — The whole lying on the banks of ftie 1 river Conway, most advantageously situate for Shipping. For oar'-irulars, apply p. p. to Mr. JOHNSON, Caerhun, near Conway. -7J- 4!?,^ To be Sold by Private Contract, THE SLOOP OF CARNARVON. Of the Burthen of T4 Tons per Register. The said Sloop it well worth the attention of Mariners, and she ie OOW in ood order and re- pair, and now lays at the New Quay, in Car. narvon. For further particulars, apply to WILLIAM EVANS, Pool-street, Carnarvon. Carnarvon, 5th No. 1823. OY" h-


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