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ST A V K OF RI W.VI L>LT A. Demeraru, Aug. 31A rifleman who Caine ilito George 1'0+\ II this morning with prisoners, says all is quiet, with the p.vceut'on of one estate, the negroes of which still remain in bash. There have been tied up and shot about 30 prisoners, besides three executed by Col. Leahy. The principal ringleader was brought in yesterday, the Negro who secured him will have a thousand guilders; ws still remain under martial law and severe mi- litary duty. A Court-mart al commenced on Monday last, and was adjourned until the following day, when two negroes were condemned and executed in the evening. The military procession to the parade ground where the criinitiHls-were executed was very Sillevyll), "Ild Calculated to make considerable impression on the negroes. The sits every day. On Wednesday two w.-re executed, iiiti the next day four. This last pre- sented a horrid scene; some neglect had occasioned the knots to be tied improperly, and when the dropdescended,three out of four fell to the ground. They appeared stunned by the sudden jerk aild height of the fall two never spoke, but writhed about oil thi? ground; OIN lay motionless for a moment or two, and titen sat up, but soon laid down again, at5,l on hauling him up agilin he exclaimed, Oh my God." The evidence given on the seve- ral trials has been productive of much im- portant information, all of which has tended to criminate Smith AS the author of the insurrection, who with his compa- nion, are confined ;u the guard-room. On Saturday six n!cfre.wt*fie executed.—- The extent of this.ínS'urœ(¡tion was to have embraced the two Colonies of De- merara and EssetjUiliOi On the Mouday night the negroes were to have burnt the tow", ft is said that there is scarcely a house where there is any coifis<ieufi,d ser- vant but what was to have been burnt by that servant There areahout 50U to be tried, which will continue the existence of Mjrtiiii law for some time. A report prevailed, which we are haupy to say- proved untrue, th:ii the tiegrors had tisen. A strong detachment marched out, (fie piquets were doubled for the night in town. We uleep with a,brace, of pistols loaded, and 'two dirks and a sword in our room. Should any thing happen to us in town, and 'we are obbged to IV foi. our Jives (whtcu God forbid we s'iall try '4!t ') to gel oti board the Steffhist. One day th^r<J wai on alarm that the negroes were 'I coining jitio town; no less than one hundred ladies went on r,i some of th" nio-; fearful were seen miming through thft to*'u wiih a jiillovv-case in each haud, coutaiuia^ wearing apparel, &c.



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