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Poor Curates. I hriHtf several Benefactions lo Poor Cu- ff will be distributed at Christmas next by the Co"p"Blioo )If the Sons of the Clerg by the Corpora be had CorporatioD Sou, \!> 2, Bloomsbur* Place, Btoomsbury te. ,h»%b»»" M" s-i •eery day (Sundays eicepted.) « To be Sold by Private Contract, 4TI that aUILLBT, Piece or Parcel of LAND, called CAE TAN Y GARREG, •ituste at the back of High «treet, in the Town of Bangor, containing by admeasurement 343a superficial yardq, or thereabouts. The above Quillet forms a desirable spotlo fcuild upon- Particulars may be had,on application to Ro* 'ABRTS & IIUGUES, Solicitors, Bangor. 4.. 1 • a, WANTED, A SCHOOLMASTER, at Towyn, Meliontj JTTL ethshire, acquainted with the. English ahi, ^V^Uh Language,and the usual routine of ScfcoWij, Arithmetic and Navigation, and capable ofteactyf Sng 'he children to sing in Church. w The endowment is but small, but the Master will he at liberty to rake more P,upils.i Port her particulars may JII had, bv letter, post paid, addressed to the Rev. J. M. Eo: ^No^pplicaMon will be attended to, unless ac- companied by ter) respeciable reference. IVHotel Hunt, IS appointed for TUESDAY, the Igth iiisi. JJt. when the Company of the Frieodor of the Meeting is requested. Dinner on the Table at 3 o'clock. The Hounds will throw off near the Four Crosses, at Ten. WILLIAM LLOYD CALDECOT, COMPTROLLER, s Cotlag«r\\thNoe.\8'i3, Bull's Head Inn, Aber. A GENTLEMAN, who called himself Mr. SHERLOCK, having about two years ago. left the abowe Inn, without paying the expenees be had incurred, and who left a Trunk & Packing: gesse, containing sundry wearing apparel, &c.&c. This is to give Notice^ That the same will be Sold hy Public Auction, ft* • Market-place, Bangor, on Friday;-the I 1th of December nex«v if 'he debt iucumd is not previously settled. J 1 Jber, Voli. I I if,, 1823. LEFT, J,. 1.. jfthe Liverpool Arms Inn, in this CtUij BY A GENTLEMAN, I. 'jk DARK BROWN MARE, 16 hands bigfiy rJ%, wi«h Saddle a«d Brirlle. ? NOTlC, IS HEREBY GIVEN, if the said Mate ;S hot taken away, and all *«, t, ej nances paid, IIn ur before t't o'clock at noonf on Friday, the 2Js» day of November inst. the same will be Sold by Pablic Auction, in the Market Place, in the City of Bangor, at two "riock in the afternoon of the same day.— Dated thisl*'b A*? of Member, 18^3' Notice to Creditors. 1>} *TfjgREAS JOSEPH HENRY DAVI- WW SON, of Gianrhyd, near the town of f-Irnarvon. •• the county of Carnarvon, Merchant,, hath by a certain Indenture, assigned over arl I Ibis est-lat and effects to a Trustee, for the equal benefit of himself, and all the other Creditors, who shall execute the said Indenture, or signify their assent thereto in writing, on or before the first day of February next. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN* :1 ■ That the said Deed of Assignment is le ft at the OfBce of Mr. William JONES, Solicitor, CaeMawr, pear Carnarvon, (or the perusal and #iecufion of the Creditors of the said Joseph Henry Davison. WILLIAM JONES, Solicitor to the Assignees. Cae Maw* Nov. 12, 1823. ,I PUBLIC "j GENERAL ORDINATION. ..■■■■ —~ f-rsiin 10RD BISHOP OF BANGOR in-. :1 rends to holda PUBLIC GEN ERAL OR- TAIN ATION, in the Cathedral Church of Bau- 'Jor, on SaBiiay. the SOih day of November W>. Candidates for Holy Orders, who bnt? n«t already sent their Papers, (viz. Title. Cerji- fica'e of Age, Siquls, College Testimonials for "uree years, or Country Testimonials for three-1 jean,. <iened by three Beneficed Clergymen and if applying fo* Deacon's Orders, Certificate of having'attended Divinity Lectures) are reqwst^ -5 •<,„ torward the same, addressed to his I.oldshtp: m the Poil-ce. Bangor, on or before the 2mh tn» jtant, and personally to attend at Bangor,at Aiqe t' 4>V|ocki on Wednesday morning, preceding the • Ordination. JOHN HUGH19, Secretary. ? 8angnr, UfA liov, 1823., è- •— -— t; NYCT FRIDAY-Finish of the Lottery and Grand Last Day-when all the Ca- pital; £10.000£500 £ 300, jP^OO, &c* Bn^ £ Tery^^ other Prize must be di-itz Such A ^IC« WHF.ET,, with only one (IlIJ) not been pre*, lea ted for many Lotteries. The few re- e i)ee B)»ining Tickets and Shares have been fqaaliy distributed among the diflert-frt Lottery Oniees, ndan on sale, ranted undrawn, hy the Agents in this, and the other principal Towns. Those, persons whose Tickets or Shares have been drawn small Prizes, slioutd renew tlielr Chance for a Great Prize, by exchanging them (before Friday Next) for Uudrawn TwtktHs* • CIRCULATING LI BRAHMA ,—— BEAUMAiUS M. YOXJ>NGf, HAVING just opened the above Library.5 consisting of nearly 800 volumes of the latest and "Lost popular Novels, and other emi- nent Publications, begs to solicit the Patronage I of IheLadies and Gentlemen of the Tow;) and licioity-r-airjetters to be post paid.

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