Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

5 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



LONDON. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13. It appears that a Pamphlet has appeared in Paris, having for title The lleclamution of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem— A paragraph to this effect has found its •- way into thff Etoile, one of the French Newspapers. A short time since, pro- spectus's were put forth at the Foreign Stock Exchange in London, relating to a Jjoan for the Jerusalem KnigMs," but that humbug did not then take John would have nothing to do with it.- ;') lIe had not forgotten the Poyais hum- 6"1.1" We should not be surprised if the pamphlet we have alluded to, had been Pt up with a view to fee! ihe pulse again John Bull on the subject of a loan to "Icle Kiiightv. When schemes are afloat in London for getting possession of peo- ple's property, it is a very common prac- tice first to publish a pamphlet, and .then to send out pamphlets to the Newspapers with particular passages marked for in- sertion. \ye hPar ;;|at the same game-is now piaying "m Paris. The Press is tb'js made the instrument for cramming things of this sort down the people's tnroat. All the harm thnt we wish the latter is, that if they mcddic with such things, they may lose whatever money they embark in them. In our opinion, some of these things are more iniquitous than either the lottery or the Pall Mall gambling houses They are also more barefaced. We won- der the City Common Council do not take up the matter; it would be an excellent subject for a speech from the patriotic part of the civic body. Bayonne, Dec. 4.—The necessity of in timidating the turbulent and ill-disposed .at JVladtid, and deterrfug them from further excesses against the French troops of the Army of Occupation, by inspiring them with a salutary terror, has induced the Severe and prompt punishment of the authors or accomplices of the tumult of the 26th of last month. Seventeen of the persons concerned, not in the plot-fbr it was not one—but in the riot, have been shot. It is to be hoped that this military execution; will have the effect of prevent- ing similar occurrences in future. Ma. o drid is tranquil but gloomy. The troubles in Galicia become more serious, the bands multiplying in all quatlers, and Corunna is constantly on the aiert, iu apprehension of some blow being intended agaiast it, against which it cannot take all the pre- cautions that might be wished, because it cannot tell from what side an enemy may come. The situation of the French in that province and the Austrias, is very delicate; travellers are not safe, since they are stopped on the banks of the Bidassoa, and strong escorts will be henceforth necessary. The letters from Madrid of the 30th, speak of the organ- ization of the army; the King has ordered, in the first place, that all subalterns and privates who are married, as well a's those who enlisted voluntarily for the time, that the war should continue, shall he sent io their homes. Addresses in the spirit of the serviles, continue to arrive at Madrid. It is now said that the Empecinado has been restored to liberty but most peo- ple think he has never been taken, as it seems very unlikely that a Chief who has I shown himself so formidable, would be released if he was once taken. It is said "that the Redallrador is going to be sup- P ^8ed, an(] that only t he Gazette of Ma- flrid J Will be published. There is still Qine I th atl0n ab°ut the re-establishment nqulSItIOO, and abotu the final ie ^ip.ution respecting the Afrancesudos. etn IS 0P'mi°u f'iat thev shouhi consequenily the Decree oi )val *V 18 uot yel drawn up. The re- P(lhir ^-Minister of Police, ami she .;yri(}arl Corregidor of :'hH\( •act- ° fucceetl liicn gives much sa- ,I U \)1' D Jl II ;==- IIlfc~ran»MirlllPFBiMhiI— I—a j T he Ministers are expected soon to be changed. The Government persists in refusing to acknowledge the ancient loans. The clergy are making great exertions to recover all their old prerogatives to ob- tain an indemnity for their losses, which it is thought the King will be induced to grant then), because his Confessor has so ) »nifb influence (f!?¡>r htfu There is reason to believe that the light cavalry, which was to return to France, will remain in Spain at least it has received orders not to continue its march.

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