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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



CARNARVONSHlRE AND ANGLESEY DISPENSARY. 0- WANTED, A N APPRENTICE at the above Institu- t=,.n __i_Applicatiou to be made to Mr. PIJGHE, Apothecary. March 8th, IS2-1- ALL Persons who have any claims upon the late Mrs. SIDNEY GREEN, of Plasissa, in trie county of Flint, at the time of her decease, are requested to send in an account thereof, to her Trustees and Executors, (the Reverend Ri- chard Newcome, Warden of Ruthin, and T. Trevor Mather, of Pentrehobin, near Mold. in the county of Flint,) at Pentrehobin aforesaid, in order that the same may be ^pacted^ and all Dersons who stood indebted to the said Mrs. Sid- KyGr.ene^ requested «o pay «,e Sam, u, ,he said Richard Newcome, and T. xxevor Mather, at Pentrehobin aforesaid. BANGOR-NORTH WALES. TO BE LET, FURNISHED, And entered upon on the 1st day of May next, THF HOUSE and PREMISES, called TAN-Y-GRAIG, in this City, late in the n of John Roberts, Esq. deceased, with kS« Gaf<to,t- S?Mes>Co,ch- house and other suitable Outbuildings. The House is pleasantly situated on a rising ground, on the South East side of the Turnpike Road leading to this City, and consists of two flours a drawing-room, seven good lodging- rooms, two commodious kitchens, pantry, sculle- ry- good cellars, &c. &c. The House and Grounds will be let for six or twelve months, as may be most agreeable to the taker; and the Tenant may be accommodated with any quantity of Laud, not exceeding 23 Acres. Further particulars may be had on application (post-paid) to Mr. J. HUGHES, Deputy Regis- trar, Bangor. Bangor, 17th March, 1824. TUBNPIKE TOLLS, TO BE LET. t t NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, TIHAT the TOLLS arisingat the Toll Gates the of Richard Roberts, the Druid Inn, on Monday manner directed by the Act- passed in the third year of the Reign of his Majesty King George the Fourth, "for regulating Turnpike Roads," which Tolls produced last year as under, above the expences of collecting them, and will be put up at that sum. Whoever happens to be the best bidder, must at the same time pay one month in advance (if required) of the Rent of which such Tolls may Vifi Let and give security, with sufficient JSure- t" « to' the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said ™„'ike Road, for payment of the rest of the money monthly, or in such other proportions as shall be directed.JOHN JONES, I niorlc to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road. £ S. D. Croes stryd Gates. i Croes stryd Gates. J o o plas ya Bonwm, March lOth, 1824. CARNARVON. :{ I ELIGIB& Freehold Property TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, At the Goat Imn, in the Town of Carnarvon, in the rounti/ qf Carnarvon,on Saturday,, the Fith day r April, 1824, between the hours of tIwee and tire o'clock in the afternoon, subject to such ~LMAitions as shall be then and there produced: disposed of in the mean time by private contract, of which due notice will be given— LOT I, AT T that good and substantial Brick-built hoUSEV SHOP, and PREMISES, situ- Miirh-street and Castle-street, in the said ate m ill8r arVon, now in the possession of MrrJohn Lloyd, Shopkeeper. LOTII j „n that other good and substantial Brick- v Chouse id PREMISES, adj0imng the U rit situate in High-street aforesaid, now above Lot, situa Mr>8Evan Lloyd. m the occup of this populous and Lot one lies in tne ecu r ana prosperous Town, and consists of a. la o spacious Shop, fronting the two' P"n P. wj[j and f.-om its contiguity to the ■-p » The always ensure the Tenant a good J. raa • House is large and commodious, consI" = two kitchens, and pantries under Srotied, two parlours, and the shop, on the ground floor, tw ]arge sitting rooms, and two bed-rooms, on tne first floor, four large bed-rooms on the second floor, besides very extensive Attics. The situation of these Premises ps well wor- thy the attention of any person wishing to em- bark in an extensive trade; and should the Te- nant be desirous of letting Lodgings, by which more than the Rent might be made, he is sure to have a preference, the House being close to the Parade, the excellent and commodious Hot c It) and Cold-haths and Billiard-rooms, which are now about being completed. Lot. two adjoins Lot one, and consists of a kitchen parlour, sitting-room, ami three good hed-mom^ and is a House verj well adapted for the residence of a genteel Family. I For further partieimii s, apply to Mr. WILLIAM \V.1jLIVMS, Solicitor, Green -Gate-stree1, Car-I Xarvon. CARNARVONSHIRE. To be Sold by Auction, IN LOTS, EARLY IN THE MONTH OF MAY NEXT, SEVERAL CAPITAL FARMS & LANDS, S situate in the parishes of Bangor and Llan- ddeniolen, in the said county. Further particulars, and notice of the time and place of Sale will appear in a future paper. "TiJuT7" .,$ OHASLES WRIGHT, Wine Merchant to the Koyal Family, Next to the King's and opposite the Haymarket Theatre, Opera Colonnade, llaymarkct, LONDON, HAS now on SALE, the finest; OLD PORT, 36s. per doz.; superior SHERR Y, 80s. per doz and CAPE MADEIRA, 16s. per doz. by way of sample. Two dozen of each of the above Wines will be well packed in an excellent sherry hogshead, bottles included, by a remit- tance of 10, or half that quantity in hamper, for t5 or Six Gallons fine PORT, from Pipe, vintage 1820, in Cask, casing, &c. included, for or Six Gallons superior SHERRY, Cask, &c. for .1:5, or Fourteen Gallons excellent Cape Madeira, t5. MADEIRA, VIDONIA, CAR- CAVELLA, LISBON, MOUNTAIN, &c. 42s. per dozen. Just landed (G. PRIS,) CHAM- PAGNE, vintage 1818, first quality, warranted, ^44s. per dozen; MARASHINO, 15s. Gd. per flask. Just imported, Florence Oil, cases of thirty flasks £ '2 2s. Old COGNAC BRANDY, 23s. fid. per gallon; Rum, 15s. Gd. CHARLES WRIGHT has contracted with G. PRIS, Grower of CHAMPAGNE, of Avize, near Epernay, France, for the whole growth of his Wines, now landing; some of the esteemed intage 1818, in high mantling condition, at 8ks. per doz. 1!1 price and quality unequalled in England Claret, St. Julien et la Rose, 63s. per doz; HERML T4.GESis.; BURGUNDY CLOS VOUGEOT first quality! 105s.; BARSAC, SAUTERNE, and GRAVE, 63s. per doz. and all other Wines, &c. in proportion. Letters inclosing remittances, post paid, (no unpaid letters will be received,) will be immediately attended to. CUSTOM HOUSE LONDON, mh March 1824. nnilE Commissioners of Ilis Majesty's Cus- & toms do hereby give Notice, that in con- sequence of directions from the Lords Commis- sioners of His Majesty's Treasury, founded upon the following Resolutions of the Honourable House of Commons of the 9th, and 1 Itli, and 12th instant, they have instructed their Officers at the several Ports in the United Kingdom,) and at the places specified in the margin, to receive into Warehouses under the King's lock, Coventry at the expence and risk of the parties, Nottingham all raw and thrown Silk, and all Macclesficld. Silk Manufactures, upon which the duties shall have been paid; provided the same shall be in quantities of not less than SOOlbs. weight, and in the name of one party, and provided that all raw and thrown Silk be depo- sited in such warehouses on or before the 25th March instant; and that all Silk manufacturer the same being new, uncut, and wholly of silk' be deposited in such warehouses on or before the 5th April next, in order to enable the several parties to avail themselves of the return of the duties on the raw and thrown Silk, and of the payment of bounties and allowances on Silk Ma- nufactures, in conformity with the said Reso- lutions. By order of the Commissioners, T. WHITMORE, Acting Secretary. Copy of Resolution: of the Honourable House of Commons, dated the 9th oj March, 1821. 1. That from and after the 25th of March, I S2,1, the sdveral duties and drawbacks on the Importa- tion and Exportation of the several sorts of Silk hereinafter mentioned, shall cease and determine and also, that from and after the 5th day of July, 1826, the prohibitions on the Importation of Silk Manufactures shall cease and determine, and that the following duties shall be paid in lieu thereof; that is to say- t s. D, On Silk, from and after the 25th day of March, 1824, viz. on Raw, or Knubs, or Husks of Silk, or Waste of Floss Silk, the lb 0 0 3 On Thrown Silk, not dyed, the lb 0 7 6 On manufactured Silk, from and after the 5th day of July, 1826, for every £ 100 of the value thereof 30 0 0 2. That from and after the 5th day of April, 1824, the Bounties on the exportation of Silk Manufactures shall cease and determine, save and except on any of such manufactures as shall have been duly shipped for exportation or shall have been warehoused for that purpose, on or before the said 5th day of April,dH24. 3. That upon Silk Imported, upon which the duties shall have been paid, and which shall be warehoused on or before, and remain warehoused Tn afier the 25tl1 day of March, 1824, there shall be granted the following allowances, viz.:— £ s. D. On Raw Silk imported from any part, except the British Territories in the East Indies, the lb 0 5 3 On Silk thrown from Raw Silk, so imported, the lb 0 S 10 On Raw Silk imported from the Bri- tish Territories in the East Indies, the lb. 0 3 9 On Silk thrown from Raw Silk, so im- ported, the lb 0 4 11 On Foreign Thrown Silk imported, not 2 dyed, the lb. 0 7 2 Copy of Resolution oj the Honourable House of Commons, dated the lIth and 12th March, 18i4. I That one half of the Bounties on the Expor- tation of Silk Manufactures, shall be allowed on all such Manufactures as, having been ware- housed, shall be taken out for home consumption, within 30 days after the day of April, 1824. A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE. TO BE LET, TO BE LET, Ancl may be entered upon immediately, or on the 12th day-of May next, ALL THAT MANSION-HOUSE AND OUT- BUILDINGS, CALLED BRYNGOLAj In the County of Anglesey, With two Gardens, well stocked with Frtiit-trees, •• -ii 10 to 30 Acres of, most excellent LAND. THE House and Outbuildings are extensive, JS_ in good repair, and lit for the reception of a genteel Family, and situate within about two miles of the Town of Llangefni, and will be Let for a Term of Years if desired. For further particulars, apply to Mr. JOHN OWEN, Heram, Llangwyfan, or at the omcc of Mr. G. B. ROOSE, Solicitor, Amlwch. Glh March, 1S24. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, BY the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, that all Persons desirous of sig- nifying their Assent to receive £3 lOs, per Cen- tum Annuities, in lieu per Centum Annuities, directed Lo be paid off, in pursuance of a Reso- lution of the House of Commons, of the ;31th February, 1824, in the manner therein -specified must signify such Assent on or before Ihettlh April, 1824, to the Governor and Company of the Banks of England, or of Ireland, according as the Di- vidends may hé payable. Forms for expressing such Assent have been sent to the several country (Bankers in Greill Bri- tain and Irelaud, and may also be had of the Post- masters of every Market Town in Great Britain and Ireland, as well as at the Banks of England and Ireland respectively.. N. B. The Assents addressed to the Banks of England and Irebad respectively, will be deli- vered free of Pc bus. care must bs taken that they are put into the Post-Office in sufficient time to be ii, London or in Dublin, as the cas"- may be, on or before the&h Apnl, 1824. 1 ANGLESEY. To be Let by Public Auction, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, At the Bull's Head Inn, in the Town of Llangefni, in the county of Anglesey^ on Friday, the HQtii day of March, 182! between the k-onr.* of three andjivc o'clockin the afternoon, snbjeel to such conditions as shall be then produced; A I, I-, that Capital MESSUAGE, TENE- 1Y. MENT with the Aj>p«rte- nanees, f,iiuaie in the Parishes of Llaugristiolus and Cerng Ceinwen, in the said county of An- glesey, called CEFN y CWrllMVD, Late in the occupation of Mr. William Griffith Williams, containing by acres or thereabouts. „,T-n«r.vrn And all that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, with the Appurtenances, sumue. m the said parish of Llangristiolus, called T,i-yi-i- y-coed, containing by admeasurement 45 acres, or thereabouts. For further particulars, apply to Mr. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Solicitor, Green Gate-street, Car- narvon. IMPEDIMENTS of SPEECH-con. firmed STUTTERING or STAM- MERINO, BAD ARTICULATION or HESITATION in spealcing, and Ilic GENERAL ACQUIREMENTS of an EASY and FLUElfT mode of EXPRES- SION. MR. B ROSTER having made these subjects his study for the last five and twenty years, and received the FIRST IMPRESSION of a system from the experience and personal suggestions of that late EMINENT TRAGEDIAN G. F. COOK, has occasionally, when a proper case o eied, GIIA- TUITOUSLY adopted his method with invariable success. J ,T „ It has been long suggested to Mr. B. that a plan so essentially beneficial to society should be brought into active operatfon-and a person (Mr. D. Stafford) who had received, as an act of kind- ness, perfect restoration of speech, by only ONE short lesson, from ONE BRANCH of his system ap- plicable to his peculiar case—having, in \iola- tion of his word, previously given, formed an es- tablishment at Nottingham Mr. B. now feete it his dutv to offer his FULL EXPERIENCE, by receiv- ling pupils at CHESTER, or attending individuals for this purpose-one week's instruction will he fully sufficient for the general cases of impedi- ments. References of the HIGHEST RESFECTAXU- LITY will be given in the Principality of Wales, County and City of Chester, and town of Shrews- bury. Chester, March 4th, 1S24.

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