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MinnLESEX SESSIONS MONDAY.—Thomas Mills John Williams, and Margaret Lansdown were indicted for removing and carrying away a dead body from the church-yard of Northall, in this COl"tappeared from the evidence, that the body of a man named King, had been interred on Palm Sunday if1 the above place of burial. On Tues- day the body was removed from the grave, and in consequence of diligent search being made by the relations of the deceased, traced the parties who carried off the body to a placein Kensington, and there they found, the three defendants in a eart, which also contained the body, wrapped up in a Mills declared he had been hired as a carter, & knew pothinsr of the matter. The WOIoan stated, that she had been invited by Williams to take a ride in his cart, and she did not know any thing of the contents of the sack. Her husband, who was in Court, exclaimed, that she was as innocent as a babe unborn, and that he was sure, had she known what was in the cart, it would have made herjumbout (if her skin.—(A laugh.) Williams acknowledged that he had removed the body. He did not dig it up, but went to a place where he got information it was lying, and fetched it away in the cart. Neither Mills nor the woman were acquainted with his purpose. Milts obtained an excellent character from se- veral persons. The Jury acquitted the woman, but found the other two Guilty* BOW-STKKET.—MR. HUMPHREY Dtioetit THB GREAT Mooti&Mr. Humphrey O0gglnv broad-backed conveyancer of vegetables la Ço- v<ynt*garden, was brought before G. R. MiusrhaM, on Saturday, charged with assaulting and beating Mrs. Mary Neale, and dislocating one walnut-tree beaufatte," her property. Mrs. Mary Neale is a dealer in second-htfud furniture, and she deposed, that in consequence wtf her having given Mr. Humphrey Daggin's laud- lord notice that he, the said Humphrey, wnscl, deatically removing bis household stuff with a view to leave his rent unsatisfied, hili, the said Humphrey, sallied into her shop, pushed her over a warming pan, called her every thing butaludj and upset a remarkable handsome wahiut-iiew beaufette." the frame-work whereof waf thu-reby materially damaged and deteriorated. Mr. Humphrey Duggin, in his reply, contract* that the" remarkable batidsonit) waluui-ire« beaufette" was neither more nor lead UMtt "t picture of the Greut Mogul," of soiue nine-peucu in value, or thereabout the pushing of Mr* over the warming pan he totally denied; 4W it.% to tile rest—if he cklled Mrs. Nealt: every thlll but a tafly, why she called him every th 'ing bitt. .gentlemavs; atid therefore htf iiubiuiut!fi that ther calling account ought to b coavioe'ttti ati ba- lanced. TjiiS reply was abundantly rebutted by Mrs, Neale and her witness,; and th» dawage l"°, waiaut-tree btitiiette," alias thi* Great MrSHumBfaVi"l,*ssea*ed at ten shmtogs, Humphrey Duggia was ordered topav the same, an<* a&d ta apologia# jo Mrs wLil having pushed St over b*r owft which order Mr. Humphrey Etuirrfa aad he was tkm dfraStrgJ. SSP wSll> Y"i. t

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