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-r- -< CA Ri-t) I HtJBLE S0CIETY MEETINGS. to 'Nie.pling took 'I;i(-e irA p .4peL ■of "this towfi, for the purpose of giving mature con- sideration to tii4, So-ciety. The advertisement courted the-attendance of men of. every religious "cretd,'fetid- the expression of their deliberate opinions upon the subject; and we accordingly recognised sortie respectable Pro- testants and fiissenters seated along the benches, and mifiglhig in the nave ahd side galleries of the chapel with their Catholic countrymen. The gallery in frcf!:tcrf the feltar was entirely occupied by the ladies. "At half-pa^t twelve o'clock, on tlie motion Of Thoma-s Finch, Esq.. George Lynch, Esq., of Everton, took the Chair and. the noticecon- vening the Meeting having been read, the follow- ing Resolutions were unanimously agreed to First—Proposed by the Rev. Mr. Clowry, and seconded by the Rev. Mr. O'Connell. Resolved, that the Pastors of the Catholic •Church have! 'h-en, Pit all times, anxious that their fiocf\S s'hould read the 'Sacred Scriptures but they have been equally ailxious that those flocks shoiild-avoid that rule of private interpretation, which is so destructive of unity of spirit in the bond of peace. Second-Proposed by the Rev. Mr. fairer, and seconded by the Rev. Mr. Cahill. Resolved, that the Scripture ALoifHCannot'be a s-afficieat guide in matters of farth—but requires the authority of tradition to expound their mean- ing. I ..11 Third-Proposed by the Rev. Mr.O'Connell, and by Mr. Thomas Finn. Resolved, that the right of private interpre- tation. as claimed and exercised by file Bible SoCi<*ties, and w hich encourages every individual 'to inveilt a religion, distinct from that of hi# neighbour, has been found, in all past ages, a ferttif source of fanaticism, error, and dissension, » and subversive of the peace of society." Fourth—Proposed by the Rev. Mr. Kinsells, and seconded by the Rev. Mr. Maher. Resolvipd, that Bible Societies are totally unnecessary In lteland-iitt-oiripv. tent to their pro- fessed object, which is the instruction of the insn poor—and will, in their ultimate conse- quences, prove to have been nothing more than au Exchequer, for the levying of taxes on the generosity and credulity of men, by idleness, ig- norance, and imposture." Fifth—Proposedby Mr. Thomas Finn, and se- conded by the Rev. Mr. O'ConiieU. Resolved, that It he referred to the present Committee to take into its serious consider- ation, whether any and what practical measure can be adopted, for the purpose of put- ting a final termination, as well to the mischiev- ous disspnsinns which have been created in (re- land by Bible discussions, 31.1 to the pretensions put forth by Bible Societies for the instruction of the Irish Catholics in the mysteries of the Christian rdigiou." Sixth—Proposed by J. Cnulfield, Esq. and seconded by Mr. Thomas Finn. h Resolved, that convinced of the wisdom and discretion of our pastors, and of their capabitity to regulate for their respective flocks the manner in which they shaH read the Sacred Scriptures- satisfied also of their compe'ency and zeal, we njust resrard any interference, on the part of the Sible Societies, with the religious tenetsof those flocks as an indirect libel on the Irish Catholic priesthood.*



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