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Hon&ott, SATURDAY, AUGUST 20. NOTHING CAN be more digusting than he and -intlecent tirades (we had said, the seditiona ribaldry) with vhich some of the itinerant orators in Ire- íludcontinually load the DUKE OF YORK. According to these people, who are iuch wordy lovers of liberty, the Heir Ap- )arent to the throne is the only person in he kingdom not entitled to think for him- elf: and in proportion as they claim and sxcercise unbounded liberty of speech for ;hemselves, would they deny it to those who differ from them. The Catholics com- )lain too that they are accused of holding t divided allegiance between their own So- vereign and the Pope. This they deny jut to disprove it, they evince a divided tllegiance at home, more mischievous to -liemselves and to their cause than the ;o reign one with which they are upbraided; ior while they speak in terms of occasional idulafcion of the KING, the sentiments they ise towards the Prince who may to morrow- )e their Sovereign, are such as nothing like thcspirit of allegiance can for a moment be coupled with. But, luckily, experience has shown that violent talkers are not to betaken at their word and we dare say that should the DUKE OF YORK, in the course of nature, ever ascend the throne, he will find his present vituperators in Ireland, as ready to laud him to the skies, as they now are. to vilify and misrepresent him. THE sudden rise of the. Greek Scrip gives great probability to the report of an expedition which is to be undertaken under the command of Lord Cochrane and Sir R. Wilson, for the assistance of that people. It is stated that the plan was finally agreed upon at a dinner at Sir F. Burdett's: that a sum of E300,000 is to be put at the en- tire disposal of his lordship and a corps of 3,500 men to be armed, accoutred, and plat-ed under the- direction of Sir Robert.— Some versions of the report go so far as to assert that two cut-down 74 gun-ships have been purchased of a northern Power for this expedition: and that, in conjunc- tion with them, two steam vessels are to be employed. The following is the Proclamation is- sued bv Gen. Colocotroni on Ibrahim's re- treat from before Napoli di Romania 'Bra vecotin try men and brothers stationed at Dierveni, Klii, Arcadia Pirgo, and Gastani and all my fellow citizens—We yesterday succeeded in inclosing Ibrahim Pacha, the most dangerous enemy of the Peloponues- sns, in the position agreed on. The day was rendered still more glorious-by the fire ol" the Greeks, which that haughty man had to sustain. However, as he is not en- tirely destroyed, but only surrounded, I call on you as brothers, but especially on such of you as are stationed at Chiussa, Gaski- ni, and Pirgo, to hasten and march day and night in order to arrive here in time. On this depend both the success of Greece, and the lives of your wives ,and children! Has- ten confidently and fearlessly to crush the enemy with a single blow, and to free us ior ever. i f you are Christains and Greeks, if you value your lives and your country, hasten to give your assistance. On you de- pends this day our deliverance or our des- truction. Those who are at present sta- tioned at Patras must remain there but the others should make no delay in coming whither they are called."

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