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Trade Address. i PRINTING! PRINTING! PRINTING! THE I, 6GLAMORGAN GAZETTE' .a. ,0' ,C' PRINTING WORKS, B RID G END. I ESTIMATES BY RETURN OF POST. J POSTERS of all Dimensions and in any Colour. CIRCULARS of Every Description executed Promptly and Neatly. BUSINESS CARDS in Every Style. r' MEMORIAL CARDS in all the most Tasteful Patterns. A Large Assortment to Select from. GENERAL PRINTING ORDERS of Every Description, both for large or Small Quantities* receive Immediate Attention. 'I GENERAL PRINTING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION EXECUTED PROMPTLY, AND AT MODERATE CHARGES. PROOFS AND ESTIMATES SUBMITTED. PUNCTUALITY AXD EXCELLENCE MAY BE RELIED ON. ,t' FRIENDLY SOCIETIES' BALANCE SHEETS, CONTRIBUTION CARDS, RECEIPT FORMS, ETC., ETC., ACCURATELY AND PROMPTLY PRINTED CHURCH SERVICE NOTICES, SPECIAL HYMN PAPERS, }." CHURCHWARDENS' ACCOUNTS, RECEIPT BOOK", AND PAROCHIAL WORK OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. SEND FOR ESTIMATES. PROGRAMMES OF SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENTS, Tastefully Printed in any Colour desired, at Reasonable Rates. ';1..1 TASTEFULLY GOT-UP CIRCULARS AND CARDS FOR TRADE SPECIALITIES. ALL REQUIRING PRINTING •• I" • i'v "• SHOULD SEND TO THE I; I'.c 1 "GLAMORGAN GAZETTE" OFFICES, ;:d BRIDGEND. I' i.. ,( "'f j' NOTICE TO CYCLISTS.-Come and read for yourselves your RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES and study the riding regulations, and therefore be i der no doubt as to what are the PENALTIES. 1 all information to be had in our windows.—Brown and Williams, official repairers to the Cycle Tourist Club, Wyndham-street, Bridgend.— Advt. NOTICE TO CYCLISTS.-Come and read for yourselves your RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES and study the riding regulations, and therefore be under no doubt as to what are the PENALTIES. Full information to be had in our windows.—Brown and Williams, official repairers to the Cycle Tourist Club, Wyndbam-street, Bridgend,—Advt, Trade Addresses EADE'S PIL L S. EADE'S PILLS. EADE'S PILLS, EADE'S PILLS. EADE'S PILLS. EADE'S PILLS. All who suffer from Gout or Rheumatism, should immediately have recourse to EADE'S PILLS Hundreds of testimonials have been received from "all sorts and conditions of men" testify- ing to the wonderful power these Pills have in giving relief in the very worst cases. The Pills are purely vegetable and perfectly safe in their action. INSTANTLY RELIEVE AND RAPIDLY CURE THE WORST FORM OF GOUT. RHEUMATISM, RHEUMATIC GOUT, PAINS IN THE HEAD, FACE AND LIMBS, And have the largest recommendation ever given tc any Patent Medicine of its class. REMA ARABLE TESTIMONY FROM WALES. Could not Sleep for Pain. GOUT RHEUMATISM GOUT RHEUMATISM GOUT RHEUMATISM GOUT RHEUMATISM GOUT RHEUMATISM 2, Dewinton-terrace, Llwynypia, RhonddaVaBey, S. Wales. Dear Sir, -Your Gout and Rheumatic Pills are a famous remedy, and one of the best I ever came a-eross. My wife has been troubled with Gout in her hands for twelve years, and the pain was almost unbearable; some nights she couid. not sleep for pain. I resolved to try a bottle of your Pills, and to my surprise, after she took three doses, the pain left her hands. They are a great boon to mankind, by the blessing of God. You can make what use vou like of this.—Yours ruly, "CHARLES WAKELIN. Mr Genrge Eade, 72, Goswell-road, London." EADE'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS are sold by all Chemists, in Bottles, Is. ltd. and 2s 9d, or sent post free for Postal Order by the Proprietor, GEORGE EADE, 72, GOSWELL-ROAD, E.C. Ask for, and be sure to obtain, ADE'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS. E A DE'S PILLS. F; BARTLETT, Painter, Paper-hanger, Glazier, &c., I", 17, NORTH-ST., BRIDGEND. All Orders punctually attended to. 195, High Street, SWANSEA, (Three doors below Railway Station). ^ILLIAF LEWIS, (LATE OF MR. T. YORATH, DRAPER Has opened the above PREMISES with a large Assortment of Hats, Caps, and Gents' Mercery Of every Description. tar A visit of Inspection is earnestly solicited. "Ð Please note the address :— 5317 195, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA. WESLEYAN AND GENERAL I ASSURANCE SOCIETY. ESTABLISHED 1841. Chief Offices-Birmingham. Accumulated Funds exceeds £ 239,183. Annual Income— £ 233,843. Amount paid for Claims— £ 1,391,055; District Superintendent-Mr L. German, 18, Wind- sor-road, Neath. Assistant Supôrintendent-Mr R. Rodda, 4, Sea- view-terrace, Aberavon. Just the Book for Mining Students. GUIDE TO MINING EXAMINATIONS, WITH ANSWERS TO EXAMINATION QUESTIONS. PART I.— Mathematical Questions with full Solutions. PART II.—Prospecting, Sinking, &c. PRICE, Is. 6d. EACH, OF HENRY DAVIES. COUNTY MINING LECTURER, TREHARRIS R.S.O. 193 TALBOT STREET BOOT & SHOE WAREHOUSE (Opposite the Welsli Baptist Chapel), ABERAVON. Proprietor — Griffith 0. Jenkins Large and varied Assortment of Boots & Shoes kept in Stock, to suit all classes. BBIUG 3TOTJ:ES EEPAIES One Swallow does not make a Spring." BUT H. AbbotT; NOLTON STREET, BRIDGEND, Is again prepared to SUPPLY you with gPRING Q.ARMENTS, Which for Variety, Style, Price, and*Quality, defies competition. One glance at our immense Stock will reveal Thousands of Yards in variety, while as to Style and Fit we guarantee satisfaction, and also (which is the great desideratum) the Price will certainly Astonish others besides the Natives. Our 10/6 and 12/6 Trousers stand the test of wear and competition, while our 40/- Suits are a marvel. Special orders in Black, Dustcoats, Breeches, and Mackintoshes receive prompt attention at Lowest Possible Prices. 6004 LITCHARD GARDENS, NEAR BRIDGEND. Q-EORGE COO KE, (Late Gardener to Mr. SINGER,) BEGS to inform the GENTRY and INHABI- TANTS of BRIDGEND and District, that he has TAKEN the above GARDENS, as FLORIST AND MARKET GARDENER, And Trusts by strict attention to Business and Moderate Charges, to merit a share of their patronage. • Plants for the Table, Window, and Flower Garden Thousands of Bedding Plants now ready prices reasonable. Orders by Post punctually attended to. PROTECT your FRUIT and FLOWER BEDS from the trost, Blight, and Ravages of the Birds.-GARDEN NETTING, 35 square yards, Is. can be sent any width. Carriage paid on orders over 5s. Hundreds of testimonials.— Henry Robinson, Tent and Net Merchant, Rje, Sussex 3938H





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