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• >|» ■ —-——— I &BAN id '%T III III wwm*a!tMwo ws@! M COMMENCING ,I -I 0 on m I Mil! =- EST D. W. PRICE'S Great Bargain Sale Of General Drapery, Millinery, Ladies' & Children's Outfitting-* M FVWTlllXV PI?nnrTTnW HF PPTfF^ and a Firm Maintenance of Values are the Leading Features of our Sale. What you GET for your money is more important than what you PAY. Tm DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND! But COME AT ONCE and secure some of the Greatest Bargains ever offered in Bridgend The entire Stock must be Cleared to make room for New Spring Goods. Value Never so High! Prices Never so Low! SALE EVERY DAY THROUGHOUT JANUARY. Need we ask you to come ? D. W. PRICE (Opposite Town Hall), BRIDGEND, JL JHD t OTJR PURE TEAS AT 1/6 and 1/8! These are much better value than Teas usually sold at much higher prices. G. SIMS & CO., 34, A dare Street, BRIDGEND. Edward Hughes r General Draper, Silk Merger, ,¡ "7 Clothier, etc. I Novelties in. All. Departments for t the Season.. Millinery, Mantle & Dressmaking IN THE LITEST STYLES. LONDON HOUSE, BRIDGEND. > Welsh Flannel Sale FOii 21 I) A Y S ONLY!! Al WffS Tfl^Tf?Ci^ 32, Nolton St. (Oldcastle), 'i. JUlvllU • BaiDGEND- A brge variety of Fawn > •! GrAY Shirting Flannels, Plain and Stripe Red, Pink,Green and o;¡oer FrtQcy Blouse and Dress Fianne'.s, ALL ONE PRICE- ONLY 1 PER YARD. Grand quadcv Whire Flannel. only Is. per yard. A latge assortment of Shawls, Turnoverd, Grey ami Fawn Shir: Grey, Fawn, and White Stripe Drawers, Skirtings, &c., AT VERY LOW PRICES. STOCKINGS—I Price 1, to 1?. 2d., all at 10-1d. per pair, or 3 pair for 2s. 6d. 2 T JONTH >es it t.n Y> understood that the Goods he is offering are of thoroughly -liable quality, and that all Flannels are Fall Width. 5242 ME,. J- KCOXJXJXXDJ^-2", OPTHALMIC OPTICIAN, Fellow Worshipful Company Spectacle Makers. Fellow Institute Opthalmic Opticians (By Exam. Lond.) 0 Scientific Sight Testing and Spectacle Fitting. 16, Dunraven Place (opposite Town Hall), Bridgend. Atten !*nce Daily, Ten a.m. to Seven p.m. MODERATE AND INCLUSIVE CHARGES 5226 FOR SALE, CLOVER SEED that will Stand. This Clover has been grown in the Vale for 50 years INSPECTION OF 100 ACRES INVITED. Seed Barley, Seed Oats (Black Tartarian), also Feed Oats. STEAM BALED STRAW. Apply— Prices on Application. STEWART LANE, Broadway Farm, St. Athan, Near CARDIFF. P.o. Tvlt (jbOM—4, 86. Sale! Sale I Sale! GREAT DRAPERY SALE NOW PROCEEDING! AT pt R. JONES', Bridge House, Bridgend. I BARGAINS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. Drapery, Dress Materials, Blankets and Quilts, Floor Cloths, Hosiery, Gloves, Blouses, Umbrellas, Underclothing, Jackets, Inverness Capes, Skirts, Ladies' and Children's Paletots, Fur Stoles and Muffs, Millinery, Children's Pelisses and Costumes, etc. Remnants. Remnants. Remnants. ftHTFITTING Men's Overcoats, 16/11, 19/11, 24/11. Youths' Overcoats, 10/11, 14/11, 16/11. Men's Black DEPARTMENT. 88 Trousers, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 6/11. Youth's, Boy's and Juvenile Suits to be Cleared at a Great Reduction. Shirts, Pants, Ties, etc., Greatly Reduced. I THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE THE SALE I Ben. Evans' B ulis a Winter Clearance SALE Daily throughout January. I ¡ THE FINEST COLLECTION OF =B.A.:r, G-AI nsrs in General Drapery, Show-room, Fancy & Furnishing Goods ¡ IN WALES and the WEST. Send for Catalogue 37 (36 Pages), Full of Bargains, which will be forwarded Post Free on application. Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd. (^p^ceTtfe"), SWANSEA. hopping Centre I '1- -J I t' I- HOW TO U TT1? MOl JLj MONEY! Purchase at late Buckley and Co. Ltd's premises, which are to be Cleared Goods Regardless of Cost. 1 6 VERY IMPORTANT. W.&J.PALFERY (Late W. EDWARDS), Emporium, Bridgend. I;il%Ip ci L E EXTRAORDINARY PRICES. ON SATURDAY, Oddments and Remnants of the late W. Edwards' Stock. HALF-PRICE! I ,id; flAKB BREECHES. EIGHT PRICE El GrHT QUALITY! GIVE US A TRIAL! LEVINE, TAILOR, JVFARKET BUILDINGS, GRIDGEND. Musical. PIANOS! PIANOS PIANOS I BEST PRICES AND TERMS IN THE WORLD Write for our Catalogue of Pianos and Organs, with complete information of ALL THE LEAD ING BRITISH and CONTINENTAL PIANOS, to be seen at our ehowrooms. TUNINGS and REPAIRS on the shortest notice. Estimates Free.-Thompson and Shackell, Ltd, 1, Wynd- ham Street, Bridgend. PIANO by Collard & Collard, walnut case, incised gilt panel and sconces. Equal to when new. Good practising Instrument. Only 10 guineas, payableat 6s. per month.-Thompson ft; Shackell, Ltd., 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO.-by Burling and Burling, rosewood P case, incised gilt panel and sconces. Check action, &c. A bargain. Price 12 Guineas payable at 6s. 6d. per month. Thompson & Shackell, Ltd. 1, Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PlANO.—by Tolkein. 40 Guinea Instrument P Bun walnut case, Ivory keys, full compass, incised gilt panel and sconces, &o, reduced to 17 Guineas, payable at 9s. per month.-Thompson & Shackell, Ltd., 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PIANO —by Thompson and Shackell. 36 Guinea Instrument. Walnut case, incised gilt panel and sconces, full compass, check action, &c., only 16 guineas, payable at 8s. 6d. per month. A rare bargain.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. ORGANS.—Returned from Hire. 5 stops, guineas, payable at 4s per month. 7 stops, 6 guineas, 5s. monthly. 9 stops, 10 guineas, 6s. monthly. 11 stops, 12 guineas, 6s. 6d. monthly. 12 stops, 14 guineas. 7s. 6d. monthly. All geuuine bargains.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1 Wyndham Street, Bridgend. PHONOGRAPHS GRAPHOPHONES J. We stock all standard makes of Phonographs, and Gramaphones, Graphophones, Records, Ac- cessories, &c., and supply at lowest possible prices, Clients calling can see, hear, and compare all kinds. Cash or easy terms. Fully illustrated catalogue sent free.—Thompson and Shackell, Ltd., 1, Wyndham Street. Bridgend MR. T. DAVIES, Mus. Bac., A.R.C.O., A. Mus. T.C.L., ORGANIST, ST. MARY'S, CARDIFF, VISITS BRIDGEND and PENCOED Weekly to give VIOLIN, PIANO and SIN LESSONS. Apply on Saturday mornings at 45, PARK STREET, BRIDGEND. i Address—MR. T. BAVIES, 15, Westbourne Crescent 6 5188 Cardiff. i jflUGH NO more. For every time vnu do so you |u aggravate the already-inflamed tissues M you weaken the bronchial tubes, and |] you excite and make your complaint jj] worse. What you want is something II! to ease, soothe, and cure. So take m RICH'S "BROKCURO," 1 1. j and I guarantee you immediate relief and a quick and pleasant remedy. It allays all inflammation, removes that tightness of chest, loosens the phlegm, and in a very short time banishes ALL the annoying symptoms. Don't delay, get a bottle to-day and CURE IS CERTAIN. Price 1/1 a bottle. E. T RICH, M.P.S., CHEMIST, R 1 TOWN°HALL, BRIDGEND i 5036 LAURENCES PIANO AND /1T /"fcQCJ FURNITURE (REGISTERED). To remove Dirt and Sweat" and produce a lasting and brilliant Polish to Pianos, Polished and Varnished Furniture, &c. Invaluable to owners of pianofortes. No housewife should be without it. Price 6d. per bottle. Post free 8 stfunpo. Sold everywhere, or direct from the Manu- facturer- F. W. LAURENCE, 4023 BRIDGEUD (Glam). "1 BARGAINS can be obtained by adver- il tising for what you want in this paper No cheaper medium-or as good. 18 words for Jd. Address, Glamor,; xn Gazette Queen-street Bridgend. Glamorgan Beekeepers' Association.! ANNUAI, NIEFTING. BRIDGEND TOWN HALL, FEBRUARY 9th, 1907, at 4 p.m. CHAIRMAN ALDERMAN T. J. HUGHES. CONVERSAZIONE at 5 (Light Refreshments). Short Public LECTURE (with Lantern Views), at 6, on Bees and Flowers," by MR. WILLIAM RICHARDS, First "lass Expert. All Beekeepers will be welcomed. Members only have the privilege of voting at the meeting. 5302 WM. RICHARDS, Hon. Sec. „ BRIDGEND AND COWBRIDGE UNION. I, the Undersigned HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that the AUDIT of the ACCOUNTS of the said Union for the Half-year ended on or about the 29th day of September, 1906, and of the several Parishes therein for the Half-year ended the 30th day of September, will commence at the Board Room of the Guardians of the Poor of the said Union at Bridgend, on Wednesday, the 13th day of February, 1907, at 10.15 o'clock in the fore- noon. Dated this 22nd day of January, 1907. (Signed), W. G. COX, District Auditor of the Monmouthshire Audit District. 5290 PENYBONT RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. NOTICE OF AUDIT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Accounts of the Penybont Rural District Council for the Half-year ended the 30th September, 1906, will be Audited at the Union Workhouse, Bridgend, on Wednesday, the 13th day of February, 1907, at 10.15 o'clock in the forenoon, by William George Cox, Esquire. District Auditor. The said Accounts, duly made up and balanced, together with all Books, Deeds, Contracts, Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipts mentioned and referred to in such Accounts, will be deposited at the Union Workhouse, Bridgend (the office of the said Council) on Tuesday, the 5th day of February, and will be open during office hours to be inspected, examined and copied by any person interested. R. HARMAR COX, Clerk to the said Council. Thursday, January 24th, 1907. 5301 TO the OVERSEERS of the POOR of the PARISH of LLANGYNWYD HIGHER, in the Division of Newcastle, in the County of Glamorgan; to the SUPERINTES[DKNT of POLICE of the District in which that Parish is situate; to the CLERK to the LICENSING JUSTICES for the DIVISION of NEWCASTLE aforesaid, and to ALL OTHERS WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I, EDWARD DUDSON, now residing at the Heart of Oak Inn, Nantyflyllon, in the said Parish of Llangynwyd Higher, in the said County of Glamorgan, Licensed Victualler, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that it is my Intention to Apply at the Next General Annual Licensing Meeting for the said Division of Newcastle, to be Held at the Police-court at Bridgend, in the said County of Glamorgan, on SATURDAY, the 9th day of February. 1937, or any Adjorunment thereof, for a Provisional Order sanctioning the Removal of a License ;now in force and held by me, the said Ed Nard Dudson. for the sale of Wines, Spirits, Beer, Porter, Cider, Perry, and other Intoxicating Liquors at certain Premises situate at Nantyffyllcn aforesaid, and known by the sign of the Heart of Oak Inn," from the last-named Premises to certain Premises now being erected on a site eighty yards or thereabouts to the North of the said Heart of Oak Inn and on the same side of the road as the said Heart of Oak Inn, and on the West of and Opposite the Railway Bridge, which Premises now being erected as aforesaid are intended to be known by the sign of the Heart of Oak Hotel," Nantyffyllon aforesaid, and of which License when removed I, the said Edward Dudson, desire to be the holder. The Owner of the Premises now being erected as aforesaid is Thomas Williams, of the Llanharran Hotel, Pontycwmmer, in the said County. Given under my hand this Seventeenth Day of January, 1907. 5289 EDWARD DUDSON. rro the OVERSEERS of the POOR of the X PARISH of LLANGYNWYD HIGHER, in the Division of Newcastle, in the County of Glamorgan: to the SUPERINTENDENT of POLICE of the District) in which that Parish is eituate; to the CLERK to the LICENSING JUSTICES of the DIVISION of NEWCASTLE aforesaid; and to ALL OTHERS WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. I. EDWARD DUDSON, now residing at the Heart of Oak Inn, Nantyffyllon, in the said Parish of Llangynwyd Higher, in the said County of Glamorgan, Licensed Victualler, HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that it is my Intention to Apply at the Next General Annual Licensing Meeting for the said Division of Newcastle, to be Held at the Police-court at Bridgend, in the said County of Glamorgan, on SATURDAY, the 9th day of February, 1907, or any Adjournment thereof, for a Provisional Grant of a Full License to Hold an Excise License to Sell by Retail All Intoxicating Liquors to be Drunk or Consumed On or Off certain Premises now being erected on a Site eighty yards or thereabouts to the North of the said Heart of Oak Inn, and on the same side of the road as the said Heart of Oak Inn, and on the West of and Opposite the Railway Bridge, and intended to be known by the sign of the Heart of Oak Hotel," and of which said Premises Thomas Williams, of the Llanharran Hotel, Pontycwmmer, in the said County is the Owner. Dated this 17th day of January, 1907. 5288 EDWARD DUDSON. EDWARD BRAMLEY, Auctioneer, Land and Estate Agent Tenant Right, Timber, Hotel, and General Valuer. AGENT FOB LEADING INSURANCE COMPANIES. STATION HILL, BRIDGEND, and COWBRIDGE. FOR SALE OR To LET. Freehold and Leasehold Properties in and near Bridgend. Building Land (Freehold) in Grove Road. To LET. Lock-up Shop in Angel Street. Furnished Houses and Bungalows, Southerndown and Porthcawl. For particulars apply to above. 7391 twenty-fourth Year of Attendance Fl. GRA.RAMYOUNGs DENTAL LICENTIATE ROYAL COLLEGE SURGEONS, DENTAL SURGEON, P&rk V i a, Charlotte Street, Park Street, BRISTOL, PROFESSIONAL ATTENDANCE BRIDGEND.—Every WEDNESDAY, 11 a.m. tie 3 p m., at Mr. John Jones, Pharmaceutical Obemiat, 27, Caroline Street. OARDIFF,-First and Third WEDNESDAY in every month, 4 to 7 p.m., at 11, Station-terrace, Queen St. Efficiency with Moderate Fees. Consultation Free. Painless Operations by Nitrous Oxide Gas. BRISTOL.—-Attendance daily, except Tuesday and Wednesday If JOB un ANY difficulty in Mooring the write to the Read OAoe. ] Wanted. WANTED a bright Girl. not under 16.-Mrs. T V Roberts, Liileston Parsonage, Bridgend. WANTED, Young Lady Assistant, 17 to 20 years of sge.—Apply Johns, Coity Road Post Office. 52J8 WANTED, immediately, a good General Servant.—Apply Mrs. Lott, Nolton Studio, Bridgend. 5207 WANTED, a good General Servant; fond of children age not under 20.—Mrs. Thomas, Butcher, Coity Street, Bridgend. 5221 WANiED, Apprentices and Improvers to the Dressmaking— Appiy, Miss L. Goodman, Ammandale, Coity Road, Bridgend 5247 WANTED, good General; experienced two in family—64, Oakfield, Roath, Cardiff 5246 WANTED in February, respectable Girl as General; two in family references—Apply Tre Athan, Newton, Porthcawl 5248 WANTED, any quantity of Pigs' W ash Id. A bucket.—Apply, 16, Suffolk Street 5249 WA NTED. experienced General Servant for Cardiff family, two—apply first instance Mrs Walter Edwards, 32, Coity Road, Bridgend 5265 WAITED. Girl for general work (16 to 18) » must be clean, early riser, and fond e children.—Mrs Feather, Overdale, Coity Fields' Bridgend 5294 GROCERY.—Wanted, wen-educated Youth as Apprentice; outdoors. — Rhys Williams, Bridgend 5295 GROCERY.—Wanted Strong Lad to deliver and assist in warehouse. Thomas Powell, Bridg- end 5296 AN energetic and capable Man wanted for Bridg- end, Brynmenyn, and Pencoed. Must be re- sident and well connected with local, social, politic- al and sports institutions Sole agency offered,, whole or spare time. Good commission terms. Billiards, Bowls, Cricket, Football, &c. No stocks required. Applications marked, "Agency," to be sent in not later than Feb. 11th. Riley's Sporting Goods Manufacturing Co., Accrington. 5286 ANTED, experienced General Servant, plain f" cooking; four in family.-Apply Mrs. Rankin, Newcastle, Bridgend. 5303 TO LET.—Mill Cottage, Wick large garden J good supply of water rent 8s. per month.—* Apply W. Morgan, Mill Farm. 5270 WANTED at once, a respectable girl, about 16, two children.—Apply Mrs Freednian, 17 Cowbridge Road. References prefei red. 5283 To be Let. rI O BE LET, Glanavon H ouse, with or without -I- stables f or all particulars apply to Mrs Wm. Cooke, 45, Park Street, Bridgend. 4235 TO LET, Bedroom and Sitting-room, wit h hot and cold bath.—16, Coychnrch Rd., Bridgend. 5128 HOUiSE and Garden to let at Apply JLJL D. David, Heolfain, Coiwinstone. 5186 TW O Front Rooms to let, sitting-room ami bed* room.—Apply 40. Sunnyside road. 5188 HOUSE and Shop, Strand, Best JLJL position. Grocery and provision trade carried 20 years; immediate possession: key next (ioor,—• Full particulars, W, R. Jenkins, Rojai Stores, l'engam. 5199 1^0 LET, Sitting Room and Bedroom.—Apply, Fern Villa, 97 Nolton Street, Bricgend. 5255. 1- nPO LET, at Ltantwit Major, a Lock-up-shop in X the Main Street.—Apply, Mrs. fettndlast, Ltantwit Major, 5224 TIIO LET, excellent front rooms, suit, oriices otf JL dentist.—Apply Roderick, Adarer .i< et. 5284 5284 For Sale, FOR SALE, Lease of Premises, lately occupied by VV. Buckley and Co. 14 ye*is to runj JB150 per year.—Thomas Bios., Ironmonger, Brid- gend. 5137 LT'OWLS for Sale, cheap 1905 htna, 1S06 pullets J X) good layers and sitters.— Kichaias, Rest Cottage, Porthcawl. 5204 FOR SALE—Two handsome Show Cases, 7x4} genuine bargain room wanted. —Apply Levine, Market Buildings, Bridgend. 5216 FOR SALE cheap, one Lean-to greenhouse* 24ft x lift—Apply, Charles Jenkins an<J Sou 28C6 GOOD Violin for Sale; splendid conuuiou; no reasonable offer refused.—Apply Kovul Oak, Kenfig Hill. ;217 FOR SALE, Bay Mare, about 13.4 hands. 5 old.—Apply D. Thomas, Five Bells, Bi iugend, 5219 T1/TH1TE Orpington Cockerel and 2 Pullets for Sale 15s. (Cook's strain)—Mrs Kuightj Tythegston Court, Bridgend 5254 FOR SALE, oak field gates, posts, larch fence posts and rails, also large btock dry ash planks, feiloes, shafts, and other coacfi building materials. —Roberts, Maindy, Cowbridge. 5227. -4 IT^OR SALE —Freehold premises, lately knowtt as the But< hers Arms, Maudlam, Kenfig. A tiue commodious house, containing 9 rooms and attic. and about halt acre of ground; suitable for's residence in a popular summer resort, also very suitable for summer boarding house on country club, in one of the healthiest spots on earth.—Apply W. H. Thomas, Ship Hotel, Bridgend. 5299 XT O DEAD CHICKS.—ARMITAGE'S DRY -il FEED CHICKEN FOOD, the original and the best, to insure success no other food should be the best, to insure success no other food should be given for first 14 days, chickens reared on this food weigh 20 ozs when 5 weeks old, pullets commence to lay at 5 months, in bags 4d. 8d, Is. 4d. 2s. 6cL 5s. Manufacturers, Armitage Bros., Ltd., Nottingham., sold by D. Williams and Son, Wyndham street, Bridgeud: J. Wybron, High at. Aberavon G. A. Loveluck, Central Pharmacy, Neath. FOR SALE, a smart jet black Pony, 13. 2 good mower.—Butcher, Caerau. 5300 FOR SALE, two pure bred white Leghorn Cockrels, 6s. each.—Apply Miss Pritchard, Bryn-Tirion, Bridgend, 5227 FOR SALE. 2 fat Pigs, II to 12 score each 10s, per score delivered within ten miles.—Apply, W. Moles, Aberkenfig. 4304 FOR SALE, bay cob, 14 hands high, four old.—Apply Thomas, Handel Hou se, 4 Coity Road, Bridgend 5305 R~ ENTS Collected and Property Managed Bank and other references.—Apply, "A.B.C," Posfr Office, Pontycyturner. 5285 Strayed. STRAYED to Whitney Farm, Merthyrmawr, at S Bay Cob star on forehead. Owner can have same on paying expenses. 5275 Lost. LOST from Bryn, Coychurch, Friday evening, January 18th, a light chestnut Pony with light mane, and tail short and newlv trimed, white faced, and white patch on right side of belly. Whosoever that can give information as to his whereabouts to Thomas Arthur, Bryn Cottage, Coychurch, will be rewarded.—Thomas Arthur, Bryn Cottage, Coychurch, Nr. Bridgeud. 5,,71 A -| A d I T C A T1 ON for SIXPENCE 1 m Hundreds of Situations have beea ob lined through a Sixpenny Advertisement in the Glamorgan Gazette. I words for 6d. —Address G arror'jan GaMtta Queen-steet, Bridgeud,