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MAEblfefcr & msrnuj gazeite. Up-to-Date Â!"VU..t..IH,<&. iwi turning out every class of work at competitive prices, at the Glamorgan Grai«tte" Printing Works. Paper.-A rerv interesting meeting was held at Tabor Hail last week, when Miss L. Evans, Gelli-lenor Farm, reaa an ex- oellent paper on Cartref." The paper was exceedingly well written and delivered quius fluently. Calfaria.—A very interesting lecture was delivered at the above place last Wednesday week (under the auspices of the Young Peo- ple's Improvement Society) by the Rev. Ben Jones, FontrhydycyfF, on "Christmas Evans. The chair was taken by the pastor, Rev. Robert Allen. Accident.—On Tuesday morning a young man named David Jonea, oi Gain wen Terrace, Nantyffyllon, received severe iniuri.66 t-o liio Colliciy. He was carried home on a stretcher by his fellow workmen, and appeared to be in great ^Breakdown at Caerau Colliery—On Tues- day morning an accident happened to one or the hauling engines underground, which raises journeys of trams from a deep, caus- ing a stoppage of that particular part of the colliery for the rest ox the day. The num- ber of men working ill the deep is about 4U. Tabernacle. — Ou the 15th inst at Tabernacle Vestry, and under the presidency of the Rev. W. R. Watkins, B.A., the sub- ject of "Protestaniaeth Anllhydffwrfiol" was dealt with by Mr. L. D. Joshua in a mas- terly manner. Miss E. A. Griffiths read a very interesting paper on Gwragedd da y Beibi. A.C-.V.—At a recent examination held at Cardiff in connection with the London Col- lege of Violinists, the name of Mr. p. VV. Brans, of Treherbert, appears as having passed the diploma of Associate. Mr. h/vans is a pupil of Professor Gomer Jones, G.G.V., and his name adds another to the long list of Mr. Jones' pupils who have obtained cer- tificates. Obituary.—We regret to record the death of Mrs. Lewis, of Church-t»oreet, Maesteg, mother of Mr. Joseph Lewis, rate-collector, of Biynmawr-place, which occurred at her residence on Sunday after a long illness. The deceased, who was 83 years of age, was the oldest member in Bethania Welsh Baptist Ohapel, and one of the oldest and most re- spected inhabitants of Maesteg. She leaves six ohildren, four daughters and two 6ons. Entertainment.—One of a series of enter- tainments was held at Zoar Vestry on Wed- neaday last week, having been very ably or- ganised by Messrs. John Rogers and Tom Davies. Solos were given by Messrs. D. R. Isaac, John Rogers, Stephen Howells, Mald- wyn Evans, Misses Sarah A. Thomas, Edith May Evans, and Madame Edith Llewellyn; recitations by Mir. John Andrew Davies, Mrs Rogers, and Mr. John Jenkins; gramaphone selections by Mr. W. Griffiths, Coegnant House; flute solo by Mr. Josiah Thomas; and violin solo by Mr. David Davies. The Rev. S. Williams proposed a vote of thanks to those who had taken part; Mr. Zaohanah Jenkins seconded, and the vote was heartily carried. Mr. Maldwyn Evans terminated a most enjoyable evening with "Hen wlad ty nhadau." Carmel.—Operations have been commenced in connection with the renovation of Carmel Welsh Congregational Chapel in Commercial- street. The members and congregation of Carmel, who have for some time had this question under consideration, have decided to oa.rry out extensive alterations and im- provements, and the work is being carried out bv Messrs. I nomas Bros., of Plasnewydd- street. There will be a uew elate roof, fixed on steel girders and frame work; the in- terior of the edifice is to be practically re- newed, and a floor will be laid on a gradient rising from the pulpit to the entrance. The work is estimated to cost about £1.500, and the church is expected to he re-opened tor service about four months hence. During the alterations the services will be carried on in the veetry, which is sufficiently large for the purpose. Children Lost and Found.—The two little children of Mr. Jenkin Morgan and Mr. William Thomas, both aged 4 years, oi Bridge-street, Matsteg, who had been seen playing in the street together about mid-day on Sunday, weie suddenly missed. The parents, under the impression that they were in some neighbour's house or in one or the adjoining streets, were not concerned at first, but failing to see them coming went in search of them and looked in all places where they were most likely to be found, but their search was in vain. As night was drawing near the parents became alarmed, and the news that the children were missing was cir- culated. the information being published in some of the chapels at the evening service. About 8 o'clock in the evening the welcome news reached the parents that two little chil- dren had-been found in John-street, Nantv- ffyllon, and subsequently the little ones were brought home safely, much to the ielier of the anxio-s -arents. Male Voicc i'-rty.—About 60 members of this excellent party, which is conducted by Mor. Saul Rees, were entertained to dinner at-the Carmarthen Dairy on Monday even- ing. Mrs. Davies, the manageress, had pro- vided a mosu excellent repast, which was ap- preciated by all present. After supper a concert was held presided over by Mr. Wn Griffi+ius,, and the following pro- era--> <b ibiough:—Chairman s ad- dreL pr^^v-rte solo, D. E. Jones; selection by the party (" Roman Soldiers") song, Isaac Davies; song. Mr. T. Lloyd; grama- phone selection, Mr. Wm. Howells; song, Mr. Maldws:: ,yjis; song, Mr loan Davies; "Crusaders." the party; song, Mr. David Isaac; duet, T. Davies and Maldwyn Evans; gramaphone selection; song, D. Thomas; song, T. Williams; trio, Messrs. M. Evans, W. Thomas, and W. Jenkins; In the sweet bve and bye," the party. The meeting tein.. >tcd with the singing of "Hen wlad fy ;:h-\<l."U." Serious Acciaeut.—A young man named Idris John Bowser, age 18 years, of 7U Maiden-streec v. v, mielin, met with a serious accident at .c Garth Colliery on rriday morning. Bowser was employed as a collier but was accustomed to do other work when necessary. lie IV as engaged on Friday as rider, and was bringing a journey of loaded trams from "h- double parting to the pit bottom, the road being on a down gradient towards the pit, when two loaded trams ran wild behind the journey. In getting off, Bowser, who was riding behind, was caught by the two trams and his leg was mangled below the h- -'s brought home on a stretcher by his comrades, and Dr. Bell Thomas was immediately in attendance. It was found necessary to amputate the leg. Dr. Kirkby and Dr. Morley Thomas assisting in the operation. Much sympathy is felt with the family, the father having been ill for many from the effects of an acci- dent at the same colliery. The injured man, who is an 0111\ son, was the mainstay of the family. ilifle Club.—A Rifle Ulub has been inaugu- rated and nrnntice is being held nightly in the Drill-hnll. Rifles of .22 bore are pro- vided by the club, and some excellent scores have been put o". A fine performance has been accomplished by range superintendent D. J. Gri" hen he scored a possible, putting eifht shots n the ;n11er bull, all of which could bf covered by a threepenny bit. To hit a thir < bit eight times running a.t 15yds. is •••'orement which makes the stage trick u. k;.j.. ing a pipe out of a mane hand at three :vds look rather more than silly. Other orformances nearly equally meritorious huen accomplished, four other possibles h-wimi been scored, and it is possible for a novice to Quickly learn to shoot up to the -1, -t .T.u'd with the instruc- tion given by i he range superintendents. A newly-joined me ruber spoilt his first card, im- proved the s'-ce.nd, and scored one point short of a uh-ibk- on his third! Moving targets hn>— imnrovised and excellent sport is enjovod ench evening. A club han- dicap is being promoted, and the arrange- ments for fhn pocsion provide a full programme of sport and prizes. Fatal Accident.—Thomas Evans, aged 38, a. repairer, of 81 Bethania-street, Maesteg, met with his death at the New Pit, Coegnant Collieries, on the lfith inst. It appears that he and William "Keefe were in the act of putting an old arm out on the Dowlais parting on the east side, when suddenly there WRQ « fall of roof, which com- pletely covered EVRns. Keefe got assistance but it took two hours to release him. When .:drioated he was found to be dead. On Fri- aay air. xiowtii uumuoiwuu, uisuiuk wiu- ner, and a jury of which Councillor Thomas iii. Hopkins was foreman, held an inquest at the Maesteg Police-station on the body. There were also present Mr. R. G. M. Pritchard, inspector of mines; Mr. David Daviferf, manager of the Coegnant Colliery; Mr. Joshua Davies, overman; Mr. Ben RQes, surveyor; Mr. E. E. Davies, solicitor. Evan Evans, a brother, gave evidence of identifica- tion, and said deceased was 43 years of age, and was a repairer at the (Joegnant Colliery. William Keefe, 14 Park-street, assistant re- pairer at Coegnant, said ho was working with Thomas Evans on Wednesday night. They were taking old timbers out to widen the road on the double parting. By the in- structions of the fireman, they tried the top before taking the timber down. It sounded good, and he notched tho arm of the timber to reduce the strength, and put a chain around it. The fall resulted in about 20 trams of debris, and Evans was buried be- neath. Deceased was released in about I} hours. Evan R. Williams, 20 Glanavon- terrace, fireman at Coegnant, said he in- structed the men to put tho place right. He inspected it, and found the top strong. Double timber had been there for about two months. Dr. J. Harris oones said the cause of death was suffocation. It had been reported that the deceased was married, and in order to clear the point Mr. David Davies, colliery manager, appealed to the coroner to take the evidence of Jane Davies. who, after being sworn, said she lived at 81 Bethania- street. It was rumoured that she was mar- ried to the deceased, but there was no truth in the rumour. The jury returned a verdict of Accidental death." RESUMED WORK TOO SOON. Mr. Howell Cuthbertson (district coroner) and a jury, of which Councillor Thomas Hop- kins was foreman, held an inquest at the Maesteg Police-station on the 17th inst., touching the death of Margaret Davies, of 33 Garn-road, Maesteg. Diana Davies, daughter of the deceased and residing with her, gave evidence of iden- tification. She stated that her mother was a widow, and was 60 years of age. She acted as midwife. She had been ill a week with influenza, and told the doctor not to call again as she was all right. She went to bed on Tuesday night about 9.30, witness follow- ing her about 10.30. She woke about 2.30 &.m. and found her mother breathing heavily. She called her, but could get no answer. She then sent for the doctor. Dr. Thomas A. Gregg, assistant to Dr. Sin- clair, said he attended the deceased some short time ago to influenza. The cause of death in his opinion was cardiac failure, fol- lowing influenza, and was brought about by deceased resuming her work too soon. The jury returned a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence. YEOMANRY DINNER. The annual Yeomanry dinner at Maesteg was held at the White Lion Hotel on Wed- nesday last week. Lieut. Prichard presided, and there was a large number present, in- cluding Major T. B. Bouoher (2nd V.B.), Sergt.-Inst. Dyne, Col.-Sergt..Payne, Sergt.- Major King, Sergt. Gaul, Col.-Sergt. Griffiths, Sergt. Thomas, Sergt. Treharne (G.I.Y.), Sergt. Hitchings, Messrs. Gilbert and Daniels. Miss Davies, the hostess, had prepared an excellent table, which the whole of the company enjoyed. The musical pro- gramme was of an excellent kind, and inclu- ded songs by Sergt. Hrtchings, Private Elliot, Messrs. Morris, J. Jarvis, T. Thom s, and Treharne. The Chairman proposed the loyal toast, and Major Boucher gave The Army, Navy, and Auxiliary Forces." He said the Army at present was in a transmutive state, and the Auxiliary Forces were in such a condi- tion that at present they did not know what they were going to do with them. The Auxiliary Forces had done their duty, and would do so again when called upon. Sergt.- Inst. Dyne, Col.-Sergt. Payne, and Sergt.- Major King responded. Sergt.-Major King submitted The Officers of the G.I.Y. in an excellent speech in which he said they were delighted with the Colonel, who was one of the finest officers in the Force. Maesteg was the best squad of the Regiment, and Lieut. Prichard was such an excellent officer that they could not speak too highly of him. Lieut. Prichard, in reply, said that the discipline and conduct of the squadron was due to Sergt.-Major King. The regiment had been very successful ever since it was formed six years ago. He was proud to say that every squad was full, and no doubt this was due to their gallant Colonel. The speaker then gave some excellent advice to the trooper^ and especially with regard to their mounts. He then proposed The Non- Commissioned," which was replied to by Sergts. Treharne, Hitchings, Daniels, Gilbert, Laviers. and Corpls. Beynon, Jen- kins, and Horsell. Sergt. Hitchings proposed Our Guests, the Officers of the Maesteg Volunteers." Major T. B. Boucher, replying, said he was glad that good feeling existed between the Yeomanry and the Rifle Corps. When the Rifle Corps was formed 23 ago, the wiseacres said they would not exist more than five years, but he was proud to say they were going strong to-day. They had the Yoomanry now with them, and he hoped they would work well together. Sergts. Dyne, Gaul, Griffiths, and Thomas also spoke. Sergt. Rees Griffiths, the oldest Volunteer in Maesteg, complimented Sergt.-Major King on his work. A vote of thanks to the hostess was passed, and a pleasant evening ended in the singing of God save the King."


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